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Favorite streamer dropped out of University I graduated from to play AoE full time


Heard AoE2 is getting a new expansion with no-name """"civilizations"""" in it like Sicily and Burgundy. Those are at most medieval states, not civilizations. A civilization has cultural identifiers that may overlap on occasion but are clearly distinct. The spanish are as good a composite of latin chhristian civilization as you can get, contrasting with Byzantines. You could make an argument for Italians as they're the remnants of rome at least from a strict geographic standpoint and the whole point of AoE2 used to be about the tribes and kingdoms that came after the fall of (western) Rome. Something like Burgundy is the product of the fall of the Frankish empire (which is rightfully already a civilization choice). There is no direct relation however you want to paint it. AoE2 is becoming a mess and instead of properly patching the game to make things as balanced as they can with the already bloated civ options at the players' disposal, they're adding even more.

Soon enough, AoE2 is going to become like tf2 in the sense that so-called "pros" will dictate what is and isn't allowed or take steps towards changing the game as they see fit. AoE3 is becoming more attractive with every new AoE2 snafu.


Aren't they patching it, trying to balance? The other day I read they nerfed mayans, I think it was.


You can balance all you want, but it certainly becomes a more difficult affair the more civilizations you add.


All the tech trees are the same with some branches removed from others. It's just number tweaking.

The patch is about adding new mechanics from other games though, which will become an issue.


There's a lot more than that to think about with the unique bonuses and units that come with each civ.


The most ridiculous balance issues come from adding crazy mechanics.

One of these is Mayan's being able to melt building with archers,
The other being Cumans early advantages being able to get an overpowering economy lead before anyone else has a chance.


What are these new mechanics, if I may ask? Haven't actually heard anything about them yet.


Cavalry trample mechanics.


just watch a video about the patch notes...


Must have been a pretty bad university.


die tard


Clearly they did not teach punctuation or rhetoric.


it was german


They still use punctuation in Germany, didn't you finish elementary school? This university must be worse than I first thought with standards like that.


if you like punctuation so much why dont you marry it




I actually don't see the Franks as a good civilization choice. They broke apart way too early, they really would not get past the Dark age in the game and certainly they should not be using throwing axemen in the imperial age or existing at all at that point.

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