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File:__sakura_miko_hololive_dra….jpg (122.41 KB,850x1200)


i want more excitement and drama in my life and im just accumulating money without anything to spend it on so im thinking about developing an addiction to opiates
it would be kind of cool to wake up in a dumpster or under a highway overpass looking like a ghoul from fallout. also I'd meet tons of interesting characters like drug dealers, other addicts that we could talk about how our life took this direction and stuff
and there's even the possibility of getting into running dope and getting in gun battles and chased around by unmarked police cars and feds on some dark street

Ive seen enough movies on the subject, and being a heroin addict just seems pretty freaking COOL! Also the main character from trainspotting is super hot in those mega skinny jeans. it's freaking cool..

And all of this is before we even get into the simplest benefit of becoming a opiate abuser. It's literally the best feeling in the world. Life is like a big video game trying to get the most feelgood points with your resources. Well most people are retarded because we already invented the cheapest and way to get these points and its just to inject them directly into our brain. People who will tell you otherwise are just like weird autists who refuse to use glitches, or even the most effective items in an RPG. Yeah bro okay, spend hours and hours grinding level 1 zombies or whatever. I'm just going to skip directly to the endgame. You're never going to get as many points as me raising some shitty family with a wife that comes to hate you, or working a corporate job.

does /qa/ have any tips and tricks about becoming addicted to opiates?


heroin is cool


have you um, tried not?




File:__hatsune_miku_and_megurin….jpg (175.62 KB,850x1139)

I'd also like the mention that there are many many legal avenues to gaining a heroin addiction....
There are millions of legal painkiller addicts in the US, and infact MOST opiate addictions are caused by entirely legal presciptions from a doctor

if you want to get into opiates I recommend going to the doctor for back pain


Sleep deprivation is my opiate.


I don't need drugs because I'm already high on life!


Don't do this! It supports the US health care industry!


>does /qa/ have any tips and tricks about becoming addicted to opiates?
just try it man


moving the thread for no reason just lost my 800 word post about opiates in Philadelphia and i am seriously not about to retype all that shit


no one wants to hear you blog about your aunt's addiction to opiate, but the feds might want to know about the dealers


I want to hear about your aunt, her dealers and whatever else you have.


this doesnt really mean anything, because the money from the insurance company was going to circulate through heroin companies anyway. the only difference is that you're tricking them into giving you fentanyl instead


All my old games were sold by my brother for pills, and I had hundreds of dollars stolen by my sister for heroin. It's most certainly not cool


File:lens.png (804.08 KB,989x814)

maybe not for you, looks like you got owned
all these terrible stories about heroin, about how people will do any depraved fucked up shit for it just shows how great it is
all those morals, and feelings, and empathy and everything in the final calculation we can see from this real life experimental example they are not worth as much as the feeling of 1000000000 simultaneous orgasms from heroin


Rats. Heroin.
You and me, baby, we can increase the net happiness of the world.


rats dont feel as good from heroin as we do


I see your point, but if we drug all humans, who will drug the rest of life?


I'm not advocating for some kind of autistic utility monster program to inject every life form with heroin. i just think it makes sense for individuals to procure and inject heroin themselves in the current world.

as for that kind of movement. just read david pearce

he has a much more thought out program than me...
reading his website makes me want to kill myself tbdesu


I'll check it out.

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