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File:AreciboDishDamage_1280p.jpg (328.59 KB,1280x720)


Bad news for this telescope, but this looks amazing. I think I've fought in this area in a few JRPGs and seen it in a few anime


It certainly looks like something that wouldn't look out of place in FF7


File:dammit trevelyan.gif (Spoiler Image,7.22 MB,498x280)

For England....




What a shame. It was a good telescope. What a rotten way to die.


The worst part about this is that the US doesn't really invest in scientific research anymore, outside of universities, so there probably won't be a replacement that matches or exceeds Arecibo for something like a decade or more.


I'm not so sure about the space research field, but how advanced/useful was Arecibo compared to other countries' space observation devices?


Arecibo was unique in that it was capable of both transmitting and receiving radio waves. Most other radio telescopes are only capable of receiving radio waves. The only other telescopes capable of transmitting are much smaller and are lower power. The reason why that's significant is because it meant that Arecibo was capable of radar, which allowed it to accurately determine the distance between the Earth and the various celestial bodies within the solar system, which allowed us to accurately track the paths of asteroids and such.


File:1601765568680.png (1.04 MB,1920x1440)

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