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File:71565edd4765b240879fab7513….jpg (847.71 KB,940x1200)


Is anyone still interested in playing minecraft? Noticed that my computer restarted today and I forgot to turn the server back on.

In any case, it's back up again on


I learned from the last thread that microshit does indeed index your past usernames and when I asked support they refused to remove it so I'd need a cracked version. For posterity, what version/mods are you running?


>Starting minecraft server version 1.16.3
That version and no mods.


Nice server


Set firetick to true and sorta burned down the /qa/ mansion because the fireplace caught on fire. It's mostly fixed now though I think.


``accidentally'' do t-dawgs house next wwwwwwww



Also if you have an account and just need to change your username, you can just use the regular MultiMC and do this:


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (203.77 KB,1280x720)

Once you guys are done with poopcraft I think we should try to do a terraria thing again, but take it easy and slow and build stuff. Unfortunately, tModloader or whatever it was called wasn't updated for the big 4.0 update even though it's been out for months, and it's certainly not updated for the 4.1 version that's now out..


I accidentally said no to Hitler...
Thank you for the diamonds tho.


Can we remove or limit the 7-11 so people have to build functional stuff for a change instead of more oversized decorations?


Guess I could limit its use. I'll see what I can do.

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