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File:71Yv5RqdmxL._AC_UX679_.jpg (57.26 KB,679x849)


50% off to keep you warm during summer!


It's 30 degrees here right now I don't need a heated coaty-coat.


smart shoppers buy them now instead of waiting for winter when they mark them up double or more


I'll buy one next summer.


I remember a thing on discovery channel or science channel back when it was learning focused and they had a sniper in freezing temperatures in shorts and a heated vest (or something). Since the torso was kept warm the body never sacrificed heat in the extremities so he kept his dexterity and everything. It was pretty cool


Must've still felt pretty frigid regardless I'm sure.


It's probably something to do with being able to keep the torso warm enough so that the blood that the heart pumps through the rest of the body is war and that warms the rest.

The opposite can happen too, in cold winter whether some animals will go into a more lethargic state where the body does not pump blood through the body as much in order to save energy. If something then spooks the animal and it has to run blood circulation speeds up again and the cold blood from the extremities floods the system and can actually kill the animal through shock.


These seem like a gimmick, massive overkill, needing to keep a power supply on you somehow, and I don't trust them not to burn me.

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