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File:80638852_p0.png (502.37 KB,800x1357)


Incest. Do you think it's okay?


File:just had sex.jpg (439.15 KB,800x600)

Why wouldn't it be?


Never really had an opinion on it, but it's a nice eroge path when it appears, especially if it's semi-hidden. Selfcest can be more erotic, although it's obviously very silly


File:6143fd9cc10f1c23e25aa4f0b….jpeg (495.29 KB,708x1000)

Mother x son is good for ero while brother x sister is good for both ero and romance.
NBR sisters are fine too if they are beaming with imouto energy.


Incest is erotic, too bad it's a bad idea genetically.


I'm not sure this is really such a big deal now that there's genetic testing easily available in first world countries.


The tsun sis often acts the same as a tsun classmate would, doesn't she? I do think that going for incest makes sense if you want to set up situations inside their home, but I feel like it'd have more weight if they acted more like brother and sister rather than having the same dynamics as a generic MC and his love interest. Just my 2 cents.


File:1600115355947.png (159.99 KB,550x415)

the only issue is if the couple had children, even then the likelihood for first generation defects isnt that high
overall since little sisters are by nature cute, and often erotic, it is a great idea. the only downside is social repercussions, theres always moving to a different place where no one knows you


One generation is fine.
But also, incest can actually be used to make better genetic specimens, that is how modern dog breeds were made. Though some modern dog breeds have issues.


File:3734dceb486f11fbb0e4c758ed….jpg (605.17 KB,1280x720)

Incest is wincest.


kissu: we defend the virtues of wincest here!


File:i_171.jpg (1.21 MB,2040x2880)


File:284.png (388 KB,1046x1500)

What does /qa/ think of onee-chans?


Imouto, twin, onee-chan, I love them all.


File:kirino punch.gif (980.07 KB,480x270)

yes of course it would be ok to punch Kirino
why wouldn't it be?


File:imouto netori.png (730.63 KB,960x1364)

it's NOT okay


>Mother x son is good for ero while brother x sister is good for both ero and romance.
You forgot father x daughter...


File:1479845800356.jpg (189.81 KB,700x585)


File:twin.jpg (684.54 KB,2091x1067)


the ero-est


what happened to the kita


If you mean the キタ───(゚∀゚)───!! that's only for /jp/


i swear it was on /qa/ as well


t-this is fake, right?
no way anon is so lucky to be molested against his will every night!


Personally, as long as there's nothing forced about it. I really don't care. Clearly, all members of the sexual act needs to be an adult with a mental state of being able to consent to the act with full knowledge and understanding of the act they are about to engage in.


File:yande.re 534217 business_s….jpg (1.35 MB,1200x1727)

Adult Kiririn...


traditional otaku values


File:1618157835201.png (453.33 KB,1280x720)

Personally, I think anons should aim for the coze zone.


cute looking sis


File:bonk1.png (288.03 KB,1058x594)

>don't hurt your little sister
Watch me do it twice, dork


File:1474325607054.webm (1.69 MB,960x540)

The "coze" zone.


File:1502194764079.gif (1.51 MB,480x360)

Kirino is the greatest ever and a goddess, so there's really no question as to whether what she believes in is true or not. It's simply fact. Incest is wincest!


But anon, we're not her brothers. Cute girls deserve to be shared, not hogged by their family!
Nice numbers BTW.


I have not seen it, is it one of those where it is revealed that she was a step sister all along?

If that's the case then no, it's not okay.


No, Oreimo is one of the rare blood-related incest series.

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