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File:[anon] Star☆Twinkle Precur….jpg (177.78 KB,1280x720)


Lala Lala Lala!! Her voice so sweet!! It's been over a year since we've had the pleasure of seeing Lala here on Earth.
Well, the Starscape alliance is always working tirelessly to protect the universe.
In the name of all the magical girls around the world, our top secret ally Lala has returned from her mission on earth.
On top of that, our beloved friend Lala has been taking pictures of the magical girls for the Starscape alliance. (She's on the left side)
I hope to see many more pictures soon!!

And there's that magical girl friends are so awesome. I wish I could make magical friends like them!
And so there you go, the reason why I love Lala and why I'm so happy to see her around every time.


File:91776138_p0.png (1.38 MB,1280x1463)

When will Lala finally be uploaded in 1080p for us Lala lovers to appreciate? It's not fair! IT'S NOT FAIR!
I want to take a million screenshots of Lala and share then with other Lala lovers! But... I can't just spend a thousand dollars to be the one to upload them! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH IT'S NOT FAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRR!


File:91173058_p0.jpg (670.86 KB,733x550)

Laura and Lala are both the best precures and both come from seperate worlds from humans, coincidence?


lala? more like haha


File:[CommieRaws] Star☆Twinkle ….jpg (117.06 KB,1280x720)

this is the only lala thread on /qa/ or /jp/


more like lalame


File:08.png (188.32 KB,385x440)

heh, more like lame anime.


File:sad_lala.png (794.74 KB,1920x1080)

i'm sorry...


File:Star Twinkle Precure 02.mk….png (2.54 MB,1920x1080)

Do you think the uploader on nyaa saw this post and went to buy the BDs and uploaded them? I bet that's what happened.
I'm just glad to do my part


File:download.mp4 (4.97 MB,1024x576)

thought this was cute >,<


sasuga lala weirdo


File:Star Twinkle Precure 02.mk….png (1.38 MB,1920x1080)

Horrific compression and watermarks aside it's a pretty good edit.
Actually that reminds me of something, I want to make a thread where we learn how to video edit and we can try to make our own stuff.


File:Snaptik_703758579320830699….mp4 (1.63 MB,1024x576)

i love sneaking a peak at the mirror universe
the western tween precure culture

>I want to make a thread where we learn how to video edit and we can try to make our own stuff.
yes! there are some fun ways to make anime amvs
surely if all these 13 year old girls can work it out, us nerds can do it too!??


Well, that video is horrific. I'll never understand the appeal of joining an absolutely horrific ugly culture into a cute one.
Video editing with programs will certainly be a bit more involved, since social media stuff is streamlined it into their closed platforms. I still need to learn davinvi resolve- I downloaded it a year ago but haven't even launched it...


i think cure peace is super cute!!!!!


I really don't get it either, they are completely opposite to each other, I would think it would almost be impossible to like them both. But you know how it is, maybe they are just mememing and don't actually care about it, that seems to happen a lot now. Or maybe they are just black that might make sense as that way they would probably feel differently about that kind of music.


I'm pretty sure that video is ironic, going by the blown-out audio.

That aside, I think you forget that the sort of people who use a site like kissu tend to have much narrower tastes than the general public.


File:Snaptik_698480621762537395….mp4 (1.75 MB,576x1024)

> I'll never understand the appeal of joining an absolutely horrific ugly culture into a cute one.

I think ill defer to the actual precure fans, which is the middleschoolers making tiktoks about it and collecting all the merch
rather than the obese kissu posters


> I would think it would almost be impossible to like them both.
Is having varying tastes that strange?


File:download.mp4 (1.47 MB,656x576)

Lala is default dancing noooo!!!!


File:Snaptik_705267603346361886….mp4 (2.14 MB,576x576)

Lala and Hikaru AREE lucky so lucky lucky so lovely lucky!!!


This is the best, and only good one one so far.


File:Snaptik_701066519429256320….mp4 (2.1 MB,576x576)

yes i think ill keep posting these gehehe


the stp transformations are so incredible


clearly you don't understand gap moe


"gap moe" is just an excuse for something clearly not moe to be liked by people who can't deal with the fact that something isn't completely moe.


File:91173058_p9.jpg (460.27 KB,580x720)

I like this one a lot, synced up visuals and sound!
It has that one music "genre" that is just speeding up music so they have that high pitch voice, it's a very 00's internet kind of thing. Shoot, what was it called?
And I think "gap moe" is an in-universe thing. It's when a character itself has conflicting traits like that, not when they're applied afterwards by edits.

I wonder if this all goes back to those K-On NWA edits. You know what they say about irony.


>Shoot, what was it called?


File:20220211_134233.jpg (112.82 KB,1334x750)



It's going to be ages until I catch up to Star Twinkle... god damn it


File:who.jpg (75.59 KB,267x411)

literally who


File:lala.jpg (109.93 KB,1363x1136)

lala loves all her fans


File:dekomori-cry.gif (1.14 MB,498x357)

its true


File:20220215_141313.jpg (108.13 KB,1280x720)




glad to see that channel is still going


File:aca5f2f2cf5d77838de8d265a8….mp4 (1.76 MB,576x1024)


File:22a816b763a4fe2005c53253b2….mp4 (680.31 KB,576x1024)


File:[Over-Time] Star☆Twinkle P….jpg (183.62 KB,1280x720)


File:1571354607199.jpg (118.09 KB,685x715)

dont mind me its just lala back on the front page


File:95350547_p0 scaled down.png (868.2 KB,667x931)

I'm minding it a lot!


Lala is my magical girl friend.


File:1b99a5e02ce6abc7a529dc4faa….jpg (114.83 KB,738x900)

what are some lala-thoughts you've been having recently
lalathought is in a resurgence from what ive noticed


dear lala,

what if aliens laugh at us



File:176f3714922639a3b75ca3c82d….jpg (615.26 KB,1000x750)

Thought about going on a star trek accompanied by Lala.


lala's smile is legendary
its beaming with happiness!!!


File:lalahiku.png (1.28 MB,1200x675)

imagine coming home to be greeted by this
my heart would explode


I love my space daughters SO MUCH!


File:92d943dd7514a5697be28169d5….jpg (116.06 KB,611x900)

whenever something painful happens to me I just imagine lala I'd doing it to me as a funny little joke like if I'm getting blood drawn I imagine lala is pricking me with her feelers or something like that

and whenever I have to do something really hard I imagine lala is possessing my body and she is just beneath the surface inhabiting my soul and inside me. And she is going to use her invulnerable body to support me and power me forward and anything can rest upon her shoulders without difficulty

if something cool happens I make sure to tell lala about it because she's always listening and every night I tell lala 3 things I'm grateful for, 3 things I did well, and 3 things I wish I could have improved and review my day with her and also make wishes

I imagine lala is holding me softly in the clouds of a massive blue sky

how do you involve lala in your life?


File:Star Twinkle Precure 02.mk….png (2.2 MB,1920x1080)

>how do you involve lala in your life?
I watch her transformation scene once in a while when I need motivation. It's just so beautiful and happy and hopeful that it fills me with energy. It's why I was able to make the Kissu's Lala CSS theme- lots of time looking at text and organizing stuff that I probably wouldn't have been able to stay motivated for otherwise.
I still haven't gone back to watch the BDs to take millions of screenshots... I really need to do that!


can you get a screenshot of the parts where she's in her spaceship reading the UMA book with yellow socks on pls


I'd need the episode number. I don't really want to fast forward through 49 episodes to find it right now


File:illust_91320316_20221005_2….jpg (4.94 MB,2894x4093)

I'm going to be away from technology for a long time so I'm gonna make a lala visualization guide to help me

I think I'll go head to toes and list all her cute points. and then I'll just have to read it to accurately imagine lala in crisp detail


File:0dc34efa7caa9366dca4a8cbb6….jpg (1.03 MB,1984x1398)

I was getting my laundry and the lights were off and all the little blue sparks of static lightning reminded me of LALA

and that's my lala story


It was an exciting story. From beginning to end I was enthralled


File:illust_73328634_20221012_1….jpg (700.65 KB,699x1000)


File:[Over-Time] Star☆Twinkle P….jpg (179.35 KB,1280x720)

It's hard to forget her eyes. It immediately tells you that it's Lala


File:illust_91457132_20221012_2….png (9.74 MB,3810x5714)

I was fantasizing about lala imagining that the shoulder baubles on her magical girl clothes were incorporeal and you could reach through them or something even though they look cool


File:illust_96098045_20221012_2….jpg (265.24 KB,768x966)


this actually helped a lot
wrote about a page just describing her precure outfits details and how her ornaments and hair works
and my visualization is a lot more clear when I imagine her now

I can almost see her lounging on my bed with her feet up


>I can almost see her lounging on my bed with her feet up
what do they smell like


File:illust_91070515_20221027_2….jpg (893.72 KB,819x1093)

she's reaching out...... for me


Oh, here you go. >>>/win/1559


what a great post


i think the lala poster was eaten by the kuon poster


Lala poster works with Laura on a ship somewhere in the Pacific


that explains the gaps in internet access


File:C-1675205122304.png (1.02 MB,1024x576)

this one goes out to the haters
YES lala DOES brush her teeth


File:plala.jpg (259.11 KB,727x500)



I'd like to solve the puzzle!


File:Screenshot_2023-02-20 hsul….png (Spoiler Image,720.64 KB,720x687)



You forgot the third part.


you can't die someone else, it's intransitive


then add a comma


then, add a comma


what's the deal with lala anyway?


File:9073590d7e3f5239599b7748ca….png (1.23 MB,1400x1050)



Is Lala a member of Lum's species


File:Star Twinkle Precure 26.mk….jpg (268.49 KB,1920x1080)

Lala is an alien and she comes from a planet where supercomputer AI is in charge, and I can't remember much else about that plot. I think there was something about Lala disagreeing with the job the AI gave her, but I might be misremembering things. Everyone underestimated her, but she proved her abilities and resolve and also her cuteness and /qa/ness


i think i read on here something about lala being on the UN and killing people??? i dont really rmemeber


shes part of the shadow government's plan to eradicate neets by force and will swiftly stomp them to death upon encountering one (though only a single stomp is necessary the rest are personal)


i hope she takes her shoes off first


File:108705357_p0_master1200.jpg (853.73 KB,900x1200)

get back down here right now Lala!!


Thanks you made me lose my spooge


the biggest lala


File:1571626660824.jpg (66.7 KB,535x609)

upload your cutest lalas


cant believe she hasnt dug a hole to australia yet just from walking around on them excavators



File:f4972709d38f4ebd51d636da4e….jpg (92.54 KB,1280x720)

i believe....


File:Star Twinkle Precure 02.mk….png (3.65 MB,1920x1080)

I wanted to crop a bigger image for her for the birthday CSS, but cropping her is extreme hard mode due to all the colors and her tiny antenna and multicolored clothes and so on. As pretty as Lala is, she is NOT edit friendly.


File:1553460613552.jpg (204.87 KB,803x1199)

You cannot crop Lala because Lala is infinite.


File:b5d0510cf8aa7105f1020bd83b….jpg (1.32 MB,1300x1836)

lala stomping on my balls in 2024

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