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File:20231201_145521.jpg (663.96 KB,1400x1400)


Anniversaries are always a good time for reflection. So how about thinking of yourself, /qa/. As the years have gone by and you've gotten older, do you feel like you've become a better poster?


File:1541273873433.gif (498.18 KB,640x360)

I've never been particularly outgoing whether in real-life or online, but as I've gotten older I've become even more like a hermit crab. I still lurk a couple forums and various imageboards since I enjoy reading other people's thoughts on topics, but by and large I stick to myself these days and avoid associating with others. I find it gives me more time to focus on the stuff I enjoy, and a large portion of the internet and society in general has become overly argumentative these days -- thankfully Kissu's largely avoided that.

When I do post though, I do have an easier time expressing my thoughts which I'd assume is because I've had so long to talk with myself and sort them out.

Happy birthday Kissu!


Yeah, I think I've regressed in a way into being more reclusive than I used to be. Kind of want to break the habit so I can talk more with my /qa/ friends but at the same time I also want to do more of my hobby stuff.

At least /qa/ is always here to listen to me for that.


File:F84t4VLboAAFtCu.jpg (219.99 KB,874x1240)

I make more shoops and stuff now, but I think that has more to do with Kissu rather than me "evolving" as a poster. It feels good to post something I spent time making on an imageboard that doesn't discourage fun and OC making.


File:[SubsPlease] 16bit Sensati….jpg (304.38 KB,1920x1080)

I don't think I've changed much at all, but I guess it's imperceptible since it's me. I think I'm a bit better at photoshop stuff, but my video editing kind of fell off since I got sick of the UI navigation


File:25ce4e113c434cf6bbf34ace8f….png (160.45 KB,639x768)

After running my own imageboard for a bit I have to recant everything I've ever said to Vermin along the lines of "judge the post, not the poster."


this sounds like it has a story behind it


File:3F0BE427F9F945C5BA972CB841….png (222.94 KB,496x384)

I've certainly mellowed out, but I've also lost a lot of my passion, neither posting nor creating things as often as I once did. Whether I am a better poster? Probably not. I've probably become a worse poster if anything.


Just an observation. I run a Tor imageboard and even though everyone ought to be anonymous, the most obnoxious behavior comes from easily recognizable personas, and it's easier to have a policy of moderating their posts than it is to come up with a good rule based objectively on the contents of their posts. At at least one point in the past I've criticized Vermin for trying to keep particular posters off the board, but I can't hold that position anymore. Kissu is very lucky to have a lot of good people here.


this is a super cute butt


I got scared off of tor boards after the first thread I saw was about underage gravure


File:[SubsPlus ] Dark Gathering….jpg (317.92 KB,1920x1080)

I think it varies person to person, or your environment might be different due to the tor thing. Sometimes people have bad days and they seem like a bad poster when really they just made a mistakes or a misjudgement. It definitely helps to have multiple people looking at it before taking action.

>Kissu is very lucky to have a lot of good people here.
Strongly agree!


The people I'm thinking of would probably get banned here on their first post. On a Tor board with no accounts, mods can't ban anyone; they just have to clean up the mess when it happens.

To give an example, there was one guy who would repeatedly post threads where he would rant to himself over multiple posts about his political enemies, talking about how he wanted to kill them and their children. Rules like "no identity politics" just meant that instead of rants about "anti-White" people and "Israelis" he would post rants about "racketeers."




File:Undead.Unluck.S01E09.1080p….jpg (215.78 KB,1920x1080)

Oh. Yeah, proselytizing stuff is definitely something that has to be rooted out. I think those people probably calm down eventually, but no one wants to be the board that holds them until then. It's like the "do your time on /b/ before moving to other boards" thing that was once there on 4chan. Maybe.


File:1701109072866570.jpg (219.96 KB,2048x2048)

No, I actually became even a bigger shitposter over the years. I no longer seek deep conversations with people, I just want chaos and confusion everywhere. This is a reflection of my mental state.


File:42780119_p2.png (517.89 KB,800x805)

Yes, I actually became even a bigger funposter over the years. I no longer seek deep conversations with people, I just want fun and tomfoolery everywhere. This is a reflection of my mental state.


I think I've become a better poster, but mods think the opposite.


File:676958e7f29ed6ce4e546d77c2….png (1.84 MB,2800x1800)

I think I've become more boring with every passing year. Kind of sad when I think about it. I used to be a fountain of OC in my teens, but that is long ago. I certainly shitpost a lot less and less likely to let my emotions get the best of me so hopefully I am less obnoxious and more or less just noise.

I used to think having clearweb boards that allow Tor posting was ideal because it lets me feel truly anonymous and being clearweb it's more likely to have a moderation team that actually cares about getting rid of illicit material or discussions of it, but I've come to terms with it being a horrible negative that only hurts the site. I'd rather miss out on a few real legal and taboo conversations than deal with the trolls and the unbannable. It also makes it a lot easier for mods to figure out which posters are only a fountain of negativity scaring posters away when you can attribute 9 out of 10 such posts coming from a single location.


There are some good tor boards but most arent in english. Like boards about drug use in countries like Korea


I understand this man. It feels wistful.


File:[AonE]_Hidamari_Sketch_x_S….jpg (189.43 KB,1280x720)

Is this Vermdication?


File:c8ff328f97ba0c2685d07b8df8….jpg (634.49 KB,2508x3360)

Well, since returning here after a year and some change I think, I think I've become more stable.
I'm still laconic in my words though, and I feel like I come across like an asshole everytime I post.


File:S01E03-INSTALL [61FA37C6].….png (2.68 MB,1920x1080)

This is something I wonder about a lot. I've certainly become a more active poster but I'm not so sure about a better one. Even after years of being here I don't think I've properly assimilated into kissu's culture. Worse, it may actually be the inverse, with others being influenced by and taking after my own kimo/kusoposting. /secret/ being the board I'm probably the most active on should say a lot.


i'm doing way better now and i'm very happy with where i'm at
especially throughout this last year it was great
kimi ga kimo


File:1702004273355306.gif (594.26 KB,332x540)

happy for you anonymous!



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