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File:2b653abd3e1c68d62c0d010a42….jpg (2.44 MB,1500x1875)


What tales have your minds woven while you lie in slumber?

As for myself, I just had a dream in which I died. It started off with my father taking over a trip I planned out with a friend and making the experience somewhat uncomfortable. During said trip I uncovered a trait about them I hadn't known amd also apparently they had a medium sized youtube channel they'd mostly put behind them. Apparently it was discovered by a background check my father ran. Which is odd considering they were concealing themself within a black cloth the whole time. This did strike me as odd as the person in question doesn't really seem to care much. But, after that revelation I wad able to connect with their reasoning and appreciate them a bit more.

Then the dream shifted over to me and my family at the shore. We were going to enjoy the beach and also get some food first. I was looking at the donuts in a display case wondering why we weren't eating those but they insisted on going out to the downstairs breakfast bakery that I don't think would work in real life given that it'd be so easily flooded. But back on track, I'd decided to stay home and just sit in one of our trucks. Which is when another family showed up and started putting stuff in the house starting to treat it like they owned it. I told them to stop and that they didn't have any rental here at the time, but they didn't listen. The head of the house, some wicked lady I presume started to get really aggressive with me and yelling at me telling me to get lost. I was trying to tell her that my family owned the house when one of her relatives came after me and I defended myself with a wooden plank, bashing their skull. I don't quite remember the rest of the altercation but afterwards everyone was under the beds in the house and fairly injured. One of the younger children clearly had enough as she desperately reached for the shotgun besides her loaded it before firing it into the vicinity of the matriarch. Right after this she fired the second shot at her too. The matriarch keeled over and died as she asked her daughter how did she know she should've shot twice to make sure she finished the deed? The echo reverberated throughout the town and siblings/relatives of mine came to check on the situation.

I tried guiding them in or calling out to them however they mysteriously ignored me no matter how hard I tried to get their attention. I found out why soon enough as I saw my lifeless corpse on the ground, having been killed in the scuffle long before. I was depressed at first, but soonafter overwhelmed by curiosity at how I possessed my consciousness still and to what extent I could affect the world around me. To my surprise I could manipulate pretty much all physical objects as if I weren't even dead, but still I couldn't really talk verbally to anyone.

In the next condo over for some reason was Vermin working on the site in a candlelit room. Tried talking, punching him to get a reaction but nothing worked, so then I elected to go with the next best thing and just throw shit around until I got his attention. In the notebook I had picked up I finally had gotten his full attention, and then within the opened pages I wrote, "i died lol" before chuckling to myself over the absurdity of my ghost announcing that news in such a manner, but to me death had just been another thing since at the end of the day I could still do whatever. He seemed to take it well enough and then I headed over to my PC where I proceeded to watch anime and play games without the need for sleep. I felt safe and secure until I needed to go to the bathroom, where something felt off since ghosts don't need to take dumps. But I went anyways. Where upon sitting on the toilet urged me to start taking one, but then as time crept on it was still going and going. At that point I realized I'd been trapped in a hell of endless poop, and that's when I woke up.


File:Screenshot_2022-08-06-01-5….png (1.32 MB,2160x1080)

i've just woken up from an oddly realistic dream; it felt like something that happened in a parallel version of my life
my family--various aunts, uncles, cousins that i'm familiar with irl--and i are all sat around and watching footage of some concert on TV, and the camera focuses on all the different people in the crowd, and there's just this group of scene kids in the middle of everything, at which point, i say something "i miss when people like that were more common, i hate how much everything has changed".
and then one of my aunts--i remember specifically which aunt it was but i don't feel like giving her a name--and i get into a verbal spat for no real reason, over what, i don't know, but it ends with me just flipping her off and her getting really mad. my younger cousin interjects--again, i remember specifically who it was, we were actually really close irl up until ~5 years ago--and goes "You can't talk (Anon), you don't even have ONE dad!" and everyone laughs and that's where the dream ended.


Death dreams are always the best.
I was in a really bad time when I had a dream that I died. I could see everyone mourning for me. I saw my mother crying alone in her room, and it made me heartbroken. I was floating a bit above her, and even though I could see her I could not say anything to her. Even then, I didn't feel grief or sadness at being dead, but only an empty feeling.
After leaving her company, I was in a journey to the land of the dead. The sky was pink, purple and orange, while me and one friend were in a small canoe that moved itself in a pink-purple ocean. We stopped at a small stone pier with a sign, and we asked a denizen of the land of the dead where we could meet the person we're supposed to meet. He pointed at a big city above the waters, not standing on land but on pillars, made of rounded cylindrical buildings in a pseudo-arabic style that stretched far into the sky. We continued in the canoe, going towards the biggest building, but before I could reach there my dream ended. When I woke up, I was genuinely surprised that I was still alive, I really had felt like I was dead. I cried for some minutes and that dream was a changing point in my life


I dream of rugby.


dreamed of work
talking to my coworker over microsoft teams about designing some bit of code that we both work on irl
he said "Maybe, maybe" and it sounded crackly/warbly and I woke up with a start realizing that was actually a crow outside my window.


I had some really crazy dream a month ago where i was flying through space.


Had a dream this morning where someone said SHAB like it was a normal thing, did not like it at all.


Oh yeah, my dream from last night has still stuck with me, although not as detailed. It was a weird dream because it began with me waking up from a daze in which there were weird, harmless, traps that were planted all around the house. As I tried to look for who it was I felt more and more disturbed by how well some of these were placed as it implied an extensive knowledge of the house Finally I was able to nail down where the person must be and headed out to confront them. But when I went downstairs I saw my late cat sitting still on the couch. I tried approaching but they disappeared, only to pop up shortly elsewhee, still stiff and facing a certain direction. Again and again I chased whilst being led somewhere, until I was at the sunroom with him facing out into the empty black void. When I opened that door, I woke up.


had a bad dream where ota went down and didnt come back up the next day


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (259.21 KB,1920x1080)

Surely Yume will fix your nightmare eventually, someday... maybe!


File:i_would_make_the_deal.jpg (54.41 KB,850x638)

Best2hu, bestgirl.

I'll dump some of my own dreams in case anyone wants to read about them. I used to discuss my dreams with an IRL friend because we'd have very similar ones but I don't anymore. When I told him about the dream below he acted stand-offish towards me.

Since a couple of years ago I've been regularly having dreams where I'm other people. I can't remember most of them and usually wake up upon discovering that I'm not myself. But an incredibly vivid one happened around this time last year and I'm going to share it here because I can't really discuss it with anyone else. For context I'm a 30-40 year old man that lives alone and people that don't know me well describe me as "country" and never suspect I'm into geek habits or that I'm an otaku. I'm also the oldest of 3 siblings and never really had a childhood. Been playing the role of parent for my siblings since I was 4-5 years old.



I'm walking through a large mall with my older sister. The mall seems to be underground or within a very large building that stretches on forever in all directions. There are mobs of people wearing strange clothing and fashion. I can't really describe it but it's like early-2000s fashion meets 80s cyberpunk. Everything is very colorful but it's a muted kind of color. The girls are dressed semi-modestly while the men are dressed in upscale/upper class type suits. No t-shirts and jeans to be found.

Anyway I'm walking through the mall with this person that I know is my older sister. I'm nervous about being out in public and I feel like I'm hiding behind her skirt everywhere we go. I feel like I've been forced to come out with her and she's trying to get me used to being out in public. I know that I'm somewhere around 14-16 years old and I shouldn't feel this type of anxiety by simply being out in public. Something feels _very_ wrong but I can't put my finger on what.

We visit some kind of clothing store and later on some kind of photo booth type place. I don't really remember the details of what we did there. I just remember feeling embarrassed about the entire ordeal.

After that my sister says we're going to meet up with her friends and eat lunch with them. I'm very nervous about it. We meet them at some type of cafeteria/arcade/game room. She introduces me to them but I can't get the proper words out of my mouth when I introduce myself. I decide to play some table game I've never seen before while my sister visits with them.

The game is kind of like billiards but the table looks like a pinball machine's play field. It was kind of like that game from Star Trek next generation where you knock the balls into bumpers that light up. I am playing alone. I play for awhile and despite never seeing it before or knowing the rules I discover I'm very good at it. I clear the table.

It's at this point that I reach down to get the balls out of the table to play another game when I catch a glimpse of my own legs and what I'm wearing. I'm in a knee length skirt with some type of leggings on under it. I'm wearing boots with heels or elevator boots (don't really know what they're called). I also realize that I'm really fucking short compared to my normal height. It's at this point that I notice that mirrors are everywhere on the walls. I look in the mirror and see myself. I'm a very young, short stack girl with long black hair down to my ass. I'm in a knee length dress. I'm dressed in what I can only describe as futuristic Lolita fashion. I have a large bow in my hair. The only normal thing about this body compared to mine IRL is the fact that I have piercing blue eyes. Which someone compliments me on because apparently this eye color is very rare in wherever this universe is. My sister pokes fun at me because I'm looking at myself in the mirror and implies that I'm vain.

At this point I'm in shock and wake up. But it was a long process. It was like I had one toe in this universe and one toe in another. It wasn't just my appearance that had changed it was my entire personality. I knew I'd been living this other life for 15 odd years and could remember the entire history of my life in this place. It was a very strange feeling. I _knew_ that I was this other person and their life experience was my own. For a few moments just before I woke I was flip-flopping between both personalities/histories/lives in my mind. They were both very different from each other and my weaknesses in one were the strengths in another. What I lacked in one I had in the other. For a moment before I woke I was sad that I was going to have to leave and tried very hard to stay despite the fact that I was terrified at the prospect of living as this other person for the rest of my (their) life.


This dream has stuck with me and I think about it often. It isn't the only time this has happened but it's certainly the one I most vividly remember. After this dream I started researching more about odd dreams on the internet and the multiverse theories and all that type of stuff. I'm convinced that I am that person and I'm simply not able to tune into that reality that often. That I'm living multiple lives in different places at the same time but can only concentrate my full attention on one at a time. If my multiple lives are happening at 60 frames per second I'm only able to experience that life say every 1-2 frames each second. It's hard to explain.

The fact that everything from my body to my mannerisms and life situation being different was really jarring. It wasn't just the fact that I was the other sex with a meek personality and a frankly very weak body. It was the fact that I was the little sister instead of being the oldest brother. The fact that I was terrified of being in public instead of walking through the bad part of town like I own the place. The fact that I could remember 15+ years of this other life and could recall everything that had happened up until that day. It wasn't like most dreams where I am watching a show or my usual self in an odd situation. It was REAL. That's the only way I can describe it. It's really happening and somehow I managed to tune-in to that reality for a time.

Since I've had that dream I've dreamed of being that person a few more times. I've never been able to become that aware of it like I did the first time though. Instead I'm just going through a normal life while I'm there until suddenly I wake up and remember "oh right, I'm back over here now". I think I dream of it far more often than I remember. I dream about living other lives as other people to. But I can't remember the details like I can with this one for some reason.

I also can't explain it but my dreams became far more vivid and frequent since about the year 2019. They felt more real. It's hard to explain. But having talked to other people they report similar things happening to them.

For what it's worth I can lucid dream and astral project/go oob from time to time. Those experiences felt very different from this. During lucid dreaming I know the other people in the dream are just characters. While during this dream the other people felt like real people with their own back stories, lives, and personalities.
The fear I felt when I saw myself in that mirror is something I'll never be able to properly put into words.


sounds like it's just your subconscious desire to be the little girl




I must want to be a lot of other things and people then because it isn't that unusual for me.

Last week I had a dream where I was in some kind of warehouse or retail store. There were three or four other people with me. We were jumping from shelf to shelf using a super power that allowed up to fly and control the direction of the wind. I felt like the others were training me because I kept lagging behind and they were waiting up for me.

At the end of the dream I caught up to them and they told me to pick up something on the ground. I couldn't move my fingers. I realized my hand was like a doll's. My fingers could move at all because my hand was solid hard piece of material. I managed to hook this doll hand into the item and pick it up. At which point the others scolded me because I didn't pick it up using my mind.

In other dreams I've been an old man on his death bed surrounded by my 6 children and old wife. In another I was a young boy getting beaten by my abusive father. There are more but I can't remember them clearly.

Since about 2019 most of the dreams I can remember are like this. I'm always someone else living another life.


that reminds me a few months ago I had one of those stupid academic fail dreams
signed up for four or five classes and for some of those classes decided to stop coming to any of their lectures for some reason


I've been having strange dreams again the last few nights. I forgot the first one. But the one from this morning stuck with me. Going to write it down now so I don't forget.

I was working with a bunch of other people in some large factory building. It had unstable metal stairs. When I would walk up to down them it felt like they were going to fall. Building was very tall with a lot of floors so this was worrying me a lot. I tried to warn other people about it because work was letting out soon. Most ignored me then plummeted to their deaths when they all tried to exit using the stairs. I managed to get out safely along with a girl and another person by climbing down a rope.

When we got outside we all got in a car together. I wasn't driving the other guy was. We had to cross a large river that was flooding. The girl and I got out of the car while the driver decided to go for it. He tried to jump over the river by gaining a lot of speed first and launching off of a hill. He didn't make it and ended up drowning.

The girl and I crossed the river on foot using a small bridge. On the other side of the river was some kind of restaurant. We stood outside for awhile talking and started getting the hots for each other. I held her for some time and she was squishy in all the right places. She said she was hungry so we went in to eat.

We got the last open table and started to order food. She went first and ordered something expensive that I can't remember. I ordered a cheese burger. Then I remembered that I had no money but was too embarrassed to mention it to her. I was digging in my pockets to see if I could afford the meal and when I discovered I had nothing I woke up.

Insanely random dream that normally would have allowed me to go lucid or woken me up sooner. For whatever reason this morning I was sleeping pretty good and didn't catch on until the end.

Never seen the girl before. Which isn't unusual. I often times have random women show up in my dreams like that. I sometimes wonder if I have a succubus following me around or something. I used to have dreams where I'd run into these hot women and end up having sex with them. Only for them to transform into trolls or demons. Then they'd laugh in my face before I woke up sweating and upset.

I once had a dream like that where the troll was sitting on my dresser laughing at me after I'd open my eyes. It slowly faded out of reality over the course of like 30-60 seconds. Vanished like a puff of smoke. At the time I was having these dreams every night going on two-three months. They really bothered me and it was really odd because I'd never had sex/wet dreams before. They stopped about 2 years ago now. But from time to time I see these random women in my dreams still but I always wake up before I start having sex with them. I guess I'm too suspicious of them now. For those three months or so I felt like a demon was milking my semen any time it got the chance. Incredibly odd because I didn't even have wet dreams when I was going through puberty as a teenager. Of course I was fapping so often back then there probably wasn't anything left to milk by the time I fell asleep.

The dream I had yesterday was very disturbing but I can't remember any of the details of it at all now. Which is unusual for me. I think it was an end of the world/flood dream. Which I've been having pretty often since 2019. My friend IRL is having them fairly often to.


I had a dream where I went out to a restaurant with family and friends and we were eating a lot and I was the one paying for the meals and then I got a bit tipsy and ordered a bunch more stuff. Eventually I passed out and when I woke to it was just me and my father remaining, and I was very worried about how much I spent since I didn't know what happened when I was out. The dream ended with me agonizing over how big the check would be. However that wasn't the true end since for around half an hour afterwards I was anxious about the bill until it finally came to me that it was a dream


Woke up after a pretty weird dream last night where my high school sweetheart's younger cousin sent her and her little sister's nudes to some old guy who shared them with me. I don't know what to think of it.


File:1446654153522.png (43.82 KB,700x900)

Kimo. High school sweetheart kimo.


File:4fadbf2d3d.gif (1.3 MB,600x338)

My family went by train to an American town named Nokia which turned out to be a popular hot spring resort, it was sunshine and flowers and smiling people outside. As I arrived in the bathhouse with my father, I had to go change in the men's changing room which was full of naked men and before I could reach the only available empty room, I woke up.


I wish Nokia town were real now.


Had a dream where I was stuck in an enclosure with two tigers and one of them told me in a threatening manner to create a Switch emulator for Linux.


I had a dream yesterday where I got bitten by a venomous snake on my left arm. When I tried to pull it off it refused to let go. I wonder what it means.


I had a dream I was living with my parents in some weird hospital park because they were running from their past


all of my dreams recently have been nightmares. I try to forget them, but sometimes I feel like they have an important message, like warning me that I am headed to death if I don't change my ways.


I had an incredibly strange dream/borderline nightmare today that I wanted to share. It's one of the oddest dreams I've ever had.

I'm in my house. I can't remember how the dream started but I know something is outside that is trying to harm me and trick me into opening the door. It's trying to bait me out by pretending to be a human. At first it pretended to be a family member and a couple of other things I can't remember. I do vividly remember the last thing it did though.

I look out of my back window and there is a paramedic standing there. But it's like a cardboard cutout of a person. It was talking to me but its eyes were all messed up and were looking in two directions at once. Then it went crossed eyed. A crude fake that even a child would see through. Then it slide away like someone was pulling it with a fishing line or something. Imagine a cardboard cutout of a person getting pulled with a string. That's what it looked like.

I decided I'd had enough of this game and I wasn't going to hide from it anymore. I think at this point in the dream I'd been locked inside for days without food and water or something.

I get a rifle and multiple magazines of ammo. Then I burst out of the front door rifle in hand to confront whatever has been doing this to me. There was nothing there. There weren't even animals. I looked around for awhile and decided this was not going to work so I returned to my house.

When I come back inside I go to put the rifle away in the gun safe. There is a woman I've never seen before standing naked in my bedroom. I can't remember her clearly now. I just remember that I was overcome with lust. I picked her up (she was tiny) and threw her on the bed. Then I started humping her like a jack rabbit. The last thing I remember is sucking on her neck while I'm exploding inside of her.

Wake up to soiled shorts. Strange because I shouldn't have had much seed to spill this morning (I'd fapped just before bed). I went to the bathroom to clean up still disturbed by this very odd dream.

I put on some clean underwear and returned to bed. I slept for several more hours. IT HAPPENED AGAIN. The exact same dream played on repeat with the exact same ending. I soiled my shorts again.

I find it very odd that I didn't ever have wet dreams as a teenager or young man. But now that I'm an old fart I seem to be having them all of the time. I often wonder if something is visiting me in the night just to harvest my seed.

I can't begin to describe just how fucking odd the fake humans it was using to lure me out were. I think whatever it was managed to sneak in when I went outside to confront it and took the form of that woman. It's so strange that despite being overcome with lust more powerful than I've ever felt that I can't describe or remember her at all. I just remember she was tiny. I don't remember seeing her face. I know she was on the flat side. That's it.


had a dream that my brother and his fiance had a baby but the baby had a gigantic head and looked weird and almost seemed like an inflatable and i wanted to poke it because it looked wrong and when i did the head deflated to a more normal size but the baby seemed like a doll or something it was really weird

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