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File:b66997a63d70de3434db0ff060….png (742.4 KB,579x819)


does anyone else feel really scared to share fucked up things about themselves on imageboards even when its completely anonymous?
i should be able to overshare all i want on these places but i cant idrk why


File:1395823406253.png (339.83 KB,539x635)

Get a therapist.


File:2f99d2503e7773cb544474b74d….jpg (178.82 KB,1200x1200)

sounds worse


because you'll definitely be judged


Ease yourself into it by oversharing things about a made up persona, and then sneak in a few real things. I'm convinced that's what everyone else does.


File:1113398710145.jpg (51.74 KB,510x393)

probably part of it yeah. i hate that i care even when theres no identity involved
lol ur probably on to something cause i actually tried that 3 or so years ago on a board, though it didnt really work for me just felt like utter shit


Religious counseling is free.


File:b397c466ef6235f1dc82504359….jpg (278.15 KB,600x849)

dont really have the social capability for it
either way theyd dance on my corpse where i live if i told anything about myself


if anything, i'm more scared of oversharing more general stuff about myself on anonymous imageboards
like i can talk about wanting to lick loli armpits on places like this with no issue but i'm scared as all hell to talk about what anime and games i've been playing/watching the last few days, i'm scared that people will get mad at me for blogposting or something


tell me what games and anime you've been playing/watching
i won't get mad at you for blogposting


i replayed Akiba's Trip 1 because the remaster for 2 is coming out soon. before that, i played Death End re;Quest and got into Etrian Odyssey 1 a little but got bored.
with anime, i'm trying to decide between watching the Akiba's Trip anime (which i didn't know was a thing until relatively recently lol but it looks cool), Code Geass, rewatching Mirai Nikki, rewatching Engage Kiss, or rewatching Kyoukai no Kanata.


Idk why, people heavily blog all the time here


File:82145266_p0.jpg (1.34 MB,1400x935)

ya iktf, probably cause it feels like youd be shitting the place up by doing it
if you need to spew your thoughts badly enough, from my experience its easier to do in a place that u think is shit already so it doesnt feel like youre pumping any more aids into it
though its probably not necessarily bad in the first place to blogpost as long as ur not making 200 posts with zero substance a day, id say the term is overhated


we have a thread here entirely dedicated to blogging


But actually I guess I cant fault you for it because I have a similar problem. I'm more comfortable posting on /jp/ because I feel like the standards aren't as high and people wont get mad at me for what I post. I try very hard to make sure anything I post on /qa/ is well thought out and I get more stressed when I post things here.

Vern, I know you're going to comment on how /qa/ isn't supposed to be some highbrow serious board and /jp/ a low quality shitpost board, and I know it. But it's the image I've constructed in my mind and its hard to break it.

I also will talk about licking lolis in great detail all day, though. Now THAT is some highbrow discussion.


blog away my /qa/ friends


Because blogposting is low-quality and needs to be locked away lest it ruin the rest of the board.


But at one point there was discussion about deleting the blog thread to force people to make new threads for their thoughts instead of posting them all there.


The blogging menace


File:[SubsPlease] TenPuru - 03 ….jpg (342.04 KB,1920x1080)

New threads are good. OP of this thread started a discussion and anyone can easily see it. It will be here for at least half a year after the last bump if anyone wants to read it again and possibly continue the discussion. Kissu isn't meant to function like those imageboards with one central active thread that everyone congregates everything into and which you need to look back to the previous 500 posts to "catch up" on Subject A after people have talked about Subjects B through F. Blog thread has survived as it has because thread moving has become so easy to do.
If it wasn't...


they should make a new blog thread the current one has over 1000 posts


Returning to OP's topic, I never know how to properly start a thread. I don't know what the norm is, but I feel my comment-to-thread posting ratio must be through the roof.


Just because the blog thread eats many good thread ideas doesn't mean that the majority of posts in it aren't complete wastes of space. There's a line between "something happened that made me think about x" and "today I saw a bird."


Usually if I make a thread I don't post in it again because I never feel like I know what to add without feeling like I'm just trying to bump it.


File:35344181_p0.jpg (304.95 KB,980x750)

I only know how to make jaypee-esque threads.


File:STL266413.jpg (55.33 KB,959x1500)

Blogposting and even general random thoughts are all fine with me. In fact I'd even encourage more people to put those random thoughts into /jp/ threads than into those big overused bloat threads. The argument I see that the former will fall off makes no sense to me since most of the time people never really check the older posts in the huge threads anyways. It's much easier to spark up a conversation about something with a thread than it is inside of a mega one, with the threat of it falling off unnoticed being something that should only be a small fear. Bloggers should be welcomed to make their observations on life until they start to talk about relationship stuff and then I kill the norms die die die die die die die die die

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