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File:1585142503722-0.png (186.48 KB,540x784)


Do you abuse pharma amphetamines for qualityposting?


I get high on life


How do you do that?


File:[SubsPlease] Shiro Seijo t….jpg (292.77 KB,1920x1080)

I don't know what those are, but sometimes I'm the most creative when I fail to get enough sleep so maybe that's related


he explains in the video. You cut out all distractions, suppress any desires, and just do the thing without any distractions



File:1673841654487.jpg (199.28 KB,1426x1080)

I would like to. Used responsibly of course. Many substances are useful and we should have access to them. Denying ourself the fruits of what is all around is, in a way, denying ourself our best life filled with discovery, understanding and variety.





Substances detract from ones experience of the real world and eventually turn them into a dependent husk. No longer able to be a part of or enjoy the world for what it is but having to find chemicals to make them even feel something.


i AM the amphetamines


File:Neurochems.png (512.18 KB,960x720)

What are feelings? Responses to certain chemicals in your brain? Are chemicals created in response to substances any more "real" than chemicals created as a reaction to watching anime? Are all sources of escapism unhealthy and we should focus entirely on work and productive hobbies only?


File:Coffee!.png (6.22 MB,2480x3507)

I use them to low effort post faster.


diet cokeffee


File:loli stirner.jpg (50.44 KB,613x771)

Feelings are a spook.


Midwit loli

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