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File:1664675283604.gif (4.24 MB,359x465)


Gonna make a stream for kage right now with ep2&3 and have a vote for if it deserves another shot in the seasonal stream you better flippin watch it



nooooo but i was gonna sleep you chaotic dick


kinda sudden


File:[NC-Raws] 4-nin wa Sorezor….jpg (273.1 KB,1920x1080)

but I guess I'll try


but i'm watching renai flops


let it flop


File:fatefull_encounters_with_….webm (2.87 MB,640x360)

it's impossible for a show of this caliber to flop


floppy boobers


File:1499130175952.gif (1.54 MB,500x411)



For myself, I already posted my thoughts in >>>/jp/43567



Could be good, I still can't figure out what they're doing with it


Not sure if it's called theme or genre or what but the first 3 episodes have all been markedly different in their presentation. First one was more of a serious shounen. Second was the more stereotypical seasonal isekai starter. Third was more a romcom setup. The show has my interest and I hope it keeps up this trend of making each episode it's own distinct thing but I don't have faith. Will probably still watch it for the girls and power fantasy in a fantasy world though.


I agree, and that's what's really caught my interest with it. I haven't really been able to tell what it's going to do next yet, so I'm excited to see where it'll throw me around. Eventually it's probably going to settle on a theme and maybe it'll be a bit less exciting then, but for now it's very enjoyable. Also it's got great chuuni representation that I have to applaud it for getting so well.


I assume it'll be the cult that kidnapped her, and that he'll reunite with the alphabet in the next episode

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