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It all comes down to this! Vote for shows you like the most!
7 hour streams are just too much, so we've got to vote for the shows that we love and some, if not many, of the losing shows will be moved to Sunday. We won't be voting on the shorts since they're, well, short, and it's unlikely people will vote against hamster cars and Dejiko.


File:waterfox_h8LBOvc6O1.png (22.99 KB,832x258)

Results of first elimination poll


File:waterfox_IBz7HIiDVz.png (21.11 KB,608x510)

Results of second elimination poll. I'll delete that thread soon so /poll/ doesn't fill up with so many seasonal stream poll threads.
This one will probably stick around


File:peter-grill-2.png (662.51 KB,1920x1680)

My sunday.... or maybe I'll put it at friday... stream is going to be ecchi themed with:

Otome last boss, Immoral Guild, Peter Gril(12 minute show, 2 ep a week from season 1) and Renai Flop

I just don't have the motivation to put in shadow or anything else that's airing. The best shows that the stream is missing out on... in my opinion... are ecchi.
So, making it an ecchi themed stream for this season.


File:[Rom & Rem] Urusei Yatsura….jpg (494.45 KB,1920x1080)

I finally got around to deleting the previous poll thread.
Shows with at least 5 votes have been approved for the stream, but the two 5s will be at the end (but before Precure). Utawarerumono is very story heavy and people might not be able to stay for 4 hours every week so it's important they see every Utawarerumono episode whereas the others are far more lighthearted and independent.
So, show order will be:
[other autumn shows]
Urusei Yatsura

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