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Vote for the shows you want to keep in the stream. Keep in mind the total runtime for the stream, as it is currently a little less than seven hours long if every show is available every week.
Utawarerumono isn't listed because there's no episode this week and also I'm abusing my authority to keep it in the stream


Based on preliminary votes, I'll hold a poll tomorow to gauge any disinterest. This will be for a Losers Bracket containing shows I personally think have worth and aren't being taken by Cool's stream.
Items will be Buiscuit Hammer, vermil, lycoris, Prima doll. Maybe strike witch. Could change with more votes


File:1443745552269.png (93.41 KB,235x257)

>I personally think have worth
When did we enter bizarro world...


File:QUALITY.jpeg (165.13 KB,1024x461)

>Hataraku Maou-sama (the fast food demon boy) : 1


the most recent episode gave off good signs


File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 03 (….jpg (146.75 KB,1280x720)

That one vote is from me. The art is different and inferior, but the humor is still good. But I also voted for Teppen...


File:[SubsPlease] Hanabi-chan w….png (1.4 MB,1920x1080)

I think Hanabi-chan should be added to the seasonal stream, it's super cute and short too.


I updated the polling UI and it seems more nice. I'd encourage you to vote and see it.


File:66083253_p8.png (910.29 KB,1200x1200)

At least 6 people have no taste whatsoever


How so, because of yakuza?


File:[SubsPlease] Lycoris Recoi….jpg (258.89 KB,1920x1080)

No, because of リコリコ

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