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How many monitors do you actively use with your computer?


1 for media, 1 for internet browsing, 1 for chats


Fast response! I have three monitors and use them the exact same way.


File:[Beatrice-Raws] Kuzu no Ho….jpg (275.5 KB,1920x1080)

What really would people use their 4th monitor for? Maybe I guess programming nerds that work or something would need it since I remember those sysadmins with like 15 of them.


Technically it doesn't count as a second monitor but I use my iPad with a wooden stand as a complementary screen for reading books and papers at the library. Laptop is for taking notes, replying to emails and browsing YouTube when nobody can see my screen. It's like a dual monitor setup I can carry around in my backpack.


Maybe streamers? I've seen them have the typical triple monitor setup, but then one above the middle with their camera/webcam situated between them, and then they use that top monitor for dedicate stream stuff.


I just got my second monitor and I can tell this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship.


File:1628671446231.png (2.05 MB,1520x1836)

2 monitors plus a tv. the tv is just for youtube. the middle monitor is for games and internet while the second one is for chats or any sort of information I need on the game im playing.


File:4a5cd4f8b4b291151fff62a200….png (2.75 MB,1778x1000)

I have a 4K monitor, a 1080p monitor, a CRT monitor, a projector, and 3 laptops, so that's 7 "monitors" in total.
However I hardly ever use multi monitor setup because I can just use the laptops for dedicated tasks, and connect to one of the external displays when the laptop screen isn't good enough.


I only use a laptop, so just the one.


I have a single giant screen with a tiling window manager and have never felt the need for more screens. Workspaces are more than enough.


I had two monitors for a long time but I always focused on one so I downsized to one


2 monitors at home 3 at w___.


I was thinking of getting another computer instead of a monitor. A Windows machine and a Linux machine.


70 responses?... I refuse to believe some people haven't responded twice or something... there's no way...


File:[mottoj] Tsukuyomi Moon Ph….jpg (174.77 KB,576x576)

Kissu is inclining.

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