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Remade because of a poll issue

Decider Poll for the new archive thumbnail.
This is used on archive files such as .zip, .rar, .7z


File:1637038103316.png (63.81 KB,255x255)

Remade because of a bug

#1 Nekobox


File:1637029560422.png (64.52 KB,255x255)

#2 Nekobox italic


File:1636341306519-0.png (58.33 KB,255x255)

#3 Nekobox Necozon


File:1637014832373.png (1.39 KB,255x255)

#4 Archive Folder(nyan)


File:1638747858870.png (103.13 KB,255x255)

#5 Confused Kemono



Oh this one was mine. I wasn't happy with it so I never finished it by giving it text to qualify it as a candidate. People can just forget it.


I can't decide between these two. I like both.


I like >>1650 and >>1651 because they look the least like regular images. You can tell at a glance that they're a separate type of 'thing' from other file attachments.


I want them all


Thought: rotating images


yeah that'd be great


I like the idea, but I feel like in practice it'd probably create a lot of confusion.


File:1638748138555.gif (149.22 KB,255x255)

I could get used to this.


me too


The consensus is to have these polls going for an extended period so don't feel like you can't change your mind.

When we've decided on a cutoff date I'll make it clear. At current time it's anywhere between after christmas and new years.


I don't think this suits the archive theme because its a folder.


What happens if there's a tie?


Admins will have to both agree on the better of the two. However, in this case the variants will be added together


>the variants will be added together
What does this mean?


Since #1 and #2 are virtually identical, I'll make the assumption that a person voting for #2 would vote for #1 and vice versa.

Under other tie circumstances it will have to be unanimous agreement among admins.
If people would prefer admin resolution to tiebreakers in this thread, then I'm all ears to the noisiest complainers.


I see, so currently #1 effectively has 6 votes for itself.


It's not entirely fair though and if others feel like an admin tiebreaker is better then I'll listen to those complaints.


File:111_InputForm.7z (605 B)

congrats to the creators of #1

I'll have to change the url on the kissu-ui to target this new image, but on original-ui it should show.


Um. That doesn't look like the nekobox one?...


oh, it didn't update.. looks like I have no rules for 7z



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