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File:[MATSU] Maria Holic Alive ….png (618.88 KB,808x880)


Can you stand the sound of your own voice? Whenever I hear mine I can't stand how high it sounds it should be a lot deeper and not make me angry like it does when I hear it in my head.


You know I can only identify threads by the OP image and you made a duplicate one anyway.


I don't think I've ever made a thread like this before...



File:[SubsPlus ] Urusei Yatsura….jpg (336.1 KB,1920x1080)

No, not really? I haven't actually heard it in recorded form in like 20 years. I remember hating it, but that's kind of normal I think.


that's an ENTIRELY different thread
the image is just good so when i saw it again i had to use it


I sound like this


i love my voice and i'm very happy to have it
every couple months someone new tells me i sound like a radio host or sports commentator and it feels great


I miss the high pitched voice I had when I was a kid...
I could scream really loud. There was a short space of time during puberty Infront which my voice was a real pain to hear, but thankfully my ear filter always made it at least bearable. My voice now is fine, there's no problem with it. But I do miss being able to do these loud screams.


File:1619712086903.png (226.55 KB,480x679)

My voice itself sounds fine but I sound like a tard because I mumble and have a lisp.


File:2c88a77603a90ada43f19dc4ec….png (6.63 MB,2713x3005)

I don't know what to think of my own voice. It's like a creaking door or a purring cat and people have imitated it before. It's not high but not particularly deep either. I can make it deep with some effort though.


I keep noticing this "vocal fry" thing everywhere now. Alucard in the English version also 'suffers' from it. I always thought he sounded badass though.


the crispiness adds texture to the voice and also it feels nice


Several times in my life I've had people think I'm an immigrant because of my apparent accent. I had hearing problems at the time when I was learning to speak, which messed with how I picked up sounds - I went to speech therapy for a time as a kid, but I feel like there must still be some lingering effects on how I talk.


File:ba-ka.jpg (84.92 KB,1040x1040)

Do you still have hearing problems or was it just a temporary thing?


Do I still have the what?


Nah, it was something called glue ear, where fluid builds up in the ear canal. I had grommets inserted to drain it out, and that resolved it.
Don't really remember much now, given how young I was, besides for having to go to the hospital for hearing tests.


File:1301839720218.jpg (8.64 KB,246x250)

this thread make me record my self and I just found out I sound horrible and stupid


It's okay, Anonymous. We all sound horrible and stupid to ourselves.


I like my voice overall. It is higher pitched than would be ideal but it's also very clear and I think my manner of speaking is reasonable enough as well.




File:1487305250485.png (1.23 MB,960x1080)

It's ok, the /qa/ mansion will have a voice counselor ready to help all of the #qaeers fix their voices so we can speak during movie night without feeling embarassed.


I have a deep voice and accent. People either tell me they love it and that I should sing country music or be radio host. Or they think I'm dumb because the accent has been so stigmatized in the media over the years.

I'm actually not aware of how deep my own voice really is. So whenever I get recordings of myself I assume it's someone else speaking.


hi tohru


opinions on deep voiced shabs?



File:[SubsPlease] Akiba Maid Se….jpg (126.99 KB,1280x720)

They're the best. 1000x better than loli stuff. That's right, I said it. They're sex in auditory form.


/jp/ - hag lovers anonymous


File:1038921010403086407.gif (41.58 KB,75x75)

I'm reminded there was a weird trend not long ago with a website called Voicecel which would record the user's voice and funnel them into chad or voicecel category based on how low the frequency is -- ofc I saw some users getting upset, but for them to take it seriously was just as hilarious, kinda like horoscopes imo.

As >>72873 said, we all sound ridiculous to ourselves. If only I could keep my morning voice for the whole day


CanNOT believe they called Ranko too old to be a maid


Never realized but her (family) name is "Oikura"
perfect name for bullying


File:20240321_140826.jpg (694.04 KB,1200x900)

Heard my voice while going through cat videos to edit and it was so gay I had to remove the audio to continue


I think the proper term is an "alto"

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