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File:SWANSONG_20240125_025910.png (794.2 KB,800x600)

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File:SWANSONG_20240125_025941.png (793.04 KB,800x600)



File:[EMBER] Oroka na Tenshi wa….jpg (266.58 KB,1920x1080)



File:1496909079805.jpg (43.83 KB,640x480)

jokes on them


File:SWANSONG_20240115_153650.png (821.06 KB,800x600)

I seriously hope you're not one of those gayboys.


File:yuki2.jpg (84.22 KB,640x480)

This has been sitting in my backlog for a while now.



File:co3dhg.jpg (18.44 KB,264x352)

anyone know where to download swansong for free? I have the english patch but not the actual game.


just torrent it like a normal person
it's well seeded


please forgive my ignorance, but I've never torrented before. the wifi where I live is heavily restricted. would it be visible to my internet service provider or whoever if i did?


It caries a risk mostly with western stuff and there are some logs that people make to see how much you seed. As a light torenter and pretty low risk person the only time I recall getting a warning was pirating civ6


File:Screenshot_20240128_182445….jpg (438.58 KB,1080x2340)

I guess I actually do use torrents a lot but it's mostly action RPG Games and other hentai


File:jumping at the opportunity….png (98.92 KB,569x569)

Torrenting is not inherently illegal.
Yes, it's visible, but only a very foolish ISP would give you trouble just for that. (you are a paying customer, and they hold no stake in any software - all they can accomplish is lose a customer)

There are other parties that might be interested in what you are doing, and contacting your ISP to tell you to stop. Depending on where you live and what copyright is enforced in your region, you may be careful regarding certain stuff. Your local music industry probably is on the lookout for local pirates. Hollywood in general has a pretty good coverage. Japanese stuff? In most of the world, it's not persecuted at all.
If you are still worried, you can set your client to remove the torrent as soon as it is finished. That mitigates the risk somewhat. This is because while your ISP can always see what you are doing, the people who would actually do anything about it have to lurk the trackers and pay attention to the activity there. Mind, this is not foolproof. If you want to torrent safely, get onto a private tracker, or download stuff that no one cares about (Japanese stuff).


Do not use utorrent
Transmission is good
Transmission-qt is good too but I heard Deluge is better.


File:deluge is fine too desu.jpg (121.69 KB,489x433)

I use Transmission on my laptop for quick hit and runs, but qBittorrent is great for long term seeding and categorizing on desktop.


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File:mpv-shot0077.jpg (185.46 KB,960x720)



File:8378f26f-e9dd-4f18-8586-29….png (135.85 KB,531x803)



The irony is that anime inspired me to spend more time outside, not less. I liked shows like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh that featured characters going out on adventures in the wilderness, and I wanted to emulate that as much as possible. I'm still a pretty out-doors-y guy to this day!


Iyashikei shows give me hope that the environment is a place where valuable memories are made, then I remember I live in an agglomeration with sirens piercing the air every ten minutes and my realistic options of evading trouble(and people altogether) are nightwalking or taking the train for 2.5h in one direction to a rural mountainous area.


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File:[SubsPlease] Sasaki to Pii….jpg (232.3 KB,1920x1080)



File:canvas 2.png (2.27 MB,1920x1080)



File:canvas.png (2.13 MB,1920x1080)



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File:jp.jpg (191.81 KB,1520x1080)



File:apathy club.png (250.94 KB,872x436)

Sorry, I'm part of the apathy club. Can't be a sad fuck if you don't feel anything most of the time.


To the brain, lack of stimulation is a form of torture.


File:1667076438473.jpg (148.34 KB,847x1077)

According to psychological studies, people who are unemotional improve their coolness by 50%. Look at how COOL this girl looks for reference.


Apathy is Death!


Didn't ask. Don't care.


File:shijima warhol.png (1.7 MB,2232x1792)

That's the spirit. 7 points for apathy.


File:1679849034977.jpg (254.62 KB,2048x2048)

I wouldn't say the digging club is as much about apathy as it is a literal exercise in futility, they're still putting in the effort to dig things and come across a lot of stuff while doing so, particularly with their later experiments. Apathy is more when, y'know, that happens.


File:Voter Apathy Party.mp4 (341.89 KB,480x360)


File:schizoid-chan.jpg (604.45 KB,2328x1646)



I have often suspected I am a schizoid, and a lot of anons are, but most users are not emotionally flat or have a restricted affect.
If we're doing this, I think a lot of IB users have Avoidant PD or poorly managed ASD.


A lot of schizoid traits sound like long-term SSRI users too


This is literally me


I got a schizoid diagnosis back in '11. But later I got an Asperger's diagnosis, and that fit me much better.
I warn you against identifying with a diagnosis. Ultimately, it shouldn't matter what your accumulated symptoms are called. You use them as a shorthand to explain your problems to friends or coworkers, and you use your official diagnosis to get benefits from the government.
As for yourself: You should of course take your problems seriously, but not by taking them from a spreadsheet. It's way too easy and tempting to just argue that you can't do X because of a diagnosis you've got. Avoid that. Figure out what you need based on your personal experience.


File:aspe-chan.jpg (149.5 KB,847x1200)



I was diagnosed as well


File:__alice_margatroid_touhou_….jpg (205.45 KB,1050x1400)

If this is accurate then I must look like a schizoid because of my "resting bitch face".


File:1374584358576.png (1.3 MB,1280x720)

Schizoids are basically kuuderes. The author made schizoid-chan smily for a more sympathetic depiction but you don't usually see kuuderes smiling.


Gonna use AI to make schizoid-chan and her sister ADHD-chan


File:hikki.jpg (125.46 KB,1024x576)



the hui guy


>Has no interest in sex
sorry imageboard users you are all disqualified from calling yourself schizoids


People with this disorder usually have little interest in sexual or romantic acts. They rarely date or marry. Sex often causes individuals with SzPD to feel that their personal space is being violated, and they commonly feel that masturbation or sexual abstinence is preferable to the emotional closeness they must tolerate when having sex. Significantly broadening this picture are notable exceptions of SzPD individuals who engage in occasional or even frequent sexual activities with others. Individuals with SzPD have long been noted to have an increased rate of unconventional sexual tendencies, though if present, these are rarely acted upon. Schizoid people are often labeled asexual or present with "a lack of sexual identity". Kernberg states that this apparent lack of sexuality does not represent a lack of sexual definition but rather a combination of several strong fixations to cope with the same conflicts. People with SzPD are often able to pursue any fantasies with content on the Internet while remaining completely unengaged with the outside world."


I think you underestimate the number of anons that are genuinely disinclined to pursue sex. Volcels, by modern terminology.
The mass appeal of the modern internet is diluting the original population of social recluses. But they haven't left the internet. Where else would they go? Small image boards are some of the best places to build their sand castles, away from the youngsters who are just killing time on their phones.


File:are you trying to impregna….jpg (50.4 KB,853x480)

Looks like I still fit the criteria then. Sure, I discharge my fluids once in a while (if you don't, I read that you have an increased risk of prostrate cancer, that take NoFappers), but I don't really care about trying to purse a sexual relationship with someone.


>increased risk of prostrate cancer
Dude, sitting down and eating meat increases the risk of cancer, it's fine. All the stuff said to be carcinogenic makes me less concerned to the point I dabble with smokeless tobacco


>but I don't really care about trying to purse a sexual relationship with someone.
i dont put any effort towards pursuing one either but if i could magically have a pet shab irl i would take it


File:1f9c609d100faa1caba2458ce4….jpg (287.74 KB,1280x960)

I don't think anyone here would deny that opportunity, but 3DPD aren't anything like two dimensional maidens, so it's not something you should waste your time thinking about. I maybe gave an ounce of shit about that when I was a teenager, but not anymore. Getting older only decreased this 'need' for me.


i waste my time thinking about how nice it would be to have a pet cat again
maybe even two cats


>Sex often causes individuals with SzPD to feel that their personal space is being violated
Isn't this basically saying they're weird for not liking it when they get raped?


Not really.


Not at all, no.


An AI type girlfriend who is unconditionally devoted to me because she is programmed to be, maybe. I don't think I could deal with anything else.
And then I ask myself if I want to have a slave like that, even ignoring the ethical aspect. And I don't think so.
Even with friends, I am troubled by the intricate diplomatic gestures and using them to navigate the multidimensional field of affections, expectations and needs. I require frequent breaks from social interactions.
With a sexual partner, in a relationship involving the intermingling of private spheres to extreme degrees, I don't see myself surviving for more than a few hours at the most.
My head would explode.


Train yourself to be a prejac to minimize the time you need to spend in contact with a woman.


File:eroge.jpg (382.61 KB,1920x1080)





File:[ASW] Akuyaku Reijou Level….jpg (159.07 KB,1920x1080)

Reminder: we are NOT autistic. Schizoids are super cool and have cool songs dedicated to themselves.


don't let your dreams be dreams


File:Legend of Black Heaven - S….jpg (158.67 KB,636x480)



File:Legend of Black Heaven - S….mp4 (809.92 KB,716x480)



File:R-1709382880337.jpg (130.35 KB,1038x1728)



File:1587510622252.gif (947.01 KB,337x189)



File:C-1709512320239.png (1.24 MB,1280x720)



File:1586891570341.jpg (871.5 KB,1318x1418)



File:316201a7754d0783c6df538393….png (381.38 KB,1012x1433)



File:Ane Log OVA - 01 (US BD].m….jpg (671.79 KB,1920x1080)



I now think about this post on the regular


File:GIMILDmXgAEy1cW.jpg (127.04 KB,1125x632)



double pic


File:[SubsPlease] Mashle - 18 (….jpg (199.95 KB,1920x1080)



File:[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 05 (BD….jpg (986.11 KB,1282x1228)



File:Black Lagoon Omake 1.mkv_s….jpg (441.71 KB,1280x720)



File:[SubsPlease] Mahou Shoujo ….jpg (288.6 KB,1920x1080)

/jp/ on the left


File:Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu - Ras….png (2.74 MB,960x2154)



File:jp.jpg (180.54 KB,1520x1080)



File:sued.png (82.02 KB,349x456)



File:[Judas] Jormungand S2 - 08….jpg (812.81 KB,1920x1080)



File:Pokemon - 211 - Fly Me To ….mp4 (912.85 KB,640x480)



File:teacher.png (95.76 KB,407x322)



File:[HorribleSubs] Joshikousei….jpg (72.58 KB,1280x720)



File:tanuki belly.png (843.49 KB,1250x976)



File:[SubsPlease] Mato Seihei ….webm (461.46 KB,1920x1080)





File:C-1711257201945.png (42.37 KB,1625x945)



File:1629595021729.jpg (137.43 KB,640x480)



File:398f691a-6138-428b-8c73-0c….png (522.99 KB,1115x1600)



File:[HorribleSubs] Gabriel Dro….jpg (90.84 KB,736x720)


I don't think this China fella is a nice person


wolfRPG... nooooooooo


What's wrong with Wolf? I actually like it, it seems to offer more vareity than RPG maker.


File:[SubsPlease] Henjin no Sal….jpg (338.95 KB,1920x1080)



File:SWANSONG_20240113_162516.png (864.94 KB,800x600)



File:SWANSONG_20240112_145037.png (772.16 KB,800x600)



File:038.png (59.29 KB,288x214)



File:[SubsPlease] Madome - 02 (….jpg (395.43 KB,1920x1080)



my friends are here


File:24.png (235.6 KB,847x1200)



When I first read this I was surprised the Oshi no Ko artist would go this far but then I realized they were also the same author of Kuzu no Honkai and it all made sense.


Some of the manga, anime, vn, etc. trying to expose ¨the dark side of humanity¨ or whatever, try too hard. I think the authors who have been through something themselves are the ones who can say more about it than ¨yes this happens and it's ugly, look¨, it's hard to find a good balance. Also off-putting how some of them are clearly expressing their contempt for certain people in a condescending manner without offering an alternate worldview, at least.


File:jp.mp4 (442.32 KB,1280x720)



>¨the dark side of humanity¨
is a fucking stupid meme. I hate it.
I don't think there is a balance for it because as an accusation against humanity, it can't not ring hollow.*

There are important lessons about society or human nature to be learned. But that's not the same thing.
That said, is this really the right thread for that?

* That's actually not entirely true. Christianity for example (is it the root of the meme?) sees God as the origin of the value system and as the chief judge of humanity. With such a superhuman perspective, the meme can make sense.


It should be noted that >>74016 is from a collection of oneshots that are all about unfulfilled women doing things they know are bad. (Seems like that's something she really likes to write about.) And I mean "marrying a man I don't love so I can have an affair with his friend" levels of bad. What happens in the story Anonymous posted is that cosplayer-chan takes otaku-kun to a hotel and undresses in front of him, but when he finds the real thing to be not that pretty when compared to 2D she tells him to kill himself, with the later reveal that sadly she really did like him. He's unable to move on while the girl seemingly does after leaving their circle behind. On the other hand, a later oneshot is about a girl being inspired to become a mangaka by an amateur illustrator friend who ends up whoring herself to death (yes, really) and the stories are in general presented as more tragic than critical which casts a good deal of doubt on whether the cosplayer was in the right.


File:[SubsPlease] Kaii to Otome….jpg (122.44 KB,1280x720)


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