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 File:99306438_p0 copy.png (1.06 MB,939x1005)


Did you know that kissu's UI (and the old vichan version) supports a mascot system similar to the old oneechan extension that people used for 4chan?
If you go to [Options] and then 'Style', you can specify an image url to spice up your browsing experience with a cute girl or something else.

There's a couple things to note, however.
First, mascots should definitely have a transparent background. It's weird if there's a big solid block of another color. Maybe your tolerance is better than mine, however.
Secondly, you'll usually you want some kind of semi-transparency. My default for CSS stuff is 50%, but your preference may vary. I'll demonstrate this with two version of the same cleaned image.

This is the first image


 File:99306438_p0 copy semitrans.png (1.06 MB,939x1005)

And here's the same one at 50% opacity. You can tell that there's a pretty substantial difference in the impact it has on the screen.


 File:99306438_p0.jpg (671.28 KB,2600x2200)

But mascots can be a pain to create. I chose this image to start this thread because it had a simple color background that photoshop's magic selection brush could mostly take care of.
Unfortunately there was no good way to preserve her antenna tentacle thingie. I had to redraw it and I'm not very happy with it, but I'll probably position this Lala so it's offscreen anyway so it's not a big deal.
Maybe I should have powered on the tablet and tried to draw it by hand, but I was in a hurry.


 File:99306438_p0 copy semitrans….png (374.66 KB,516x553)

Hmm, I think a smaller size would be better


 File:mascot.png (62.65 KB,256x299)

Here's what I use as my mascot.


 File:mascot-60percentopacity.png (62.5 KB,256x299)

Slightly transparent version.


 File:night bed.png (330.85 KB,815x468)

I guess if anyone wants to use my current 5 minute crop thing I made of Nazuna here it is before I edited it


 File:Untitled-1.png (176.52 KB,546x366)

...and here's the mascot-ifying thing I usually do with them.
I like to use the 'stroke' effect that I mentioned in the photoshop thread for a simple border >>>/qa/87041


 File:kuonmascot.png (1.59 MB,1650x2200)


 File:puniru-60.png (154.43 KB,238x500)

dopnt wanna lose my mascot hosting

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