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File:[aRMX] Maoujou de Oyasumi ….jpg (354.42 KB,1920x1080)


How is your sleep routine? I'm thinking I need to improve mine. Strangely I've found that having my little tablet thing playing a youtube speedrun history video helps me get sleepy faster. My theory is that it interrupts my thinking and allows my brain to turn off faster. It doesn't increase the amount of sleep I get, but at least it starts earlier so there's less wasted time doing nothing in bed.


File:[anon] The Idolmaster Cind….jpg (127.56 KB,705x967)

It's alright. I wake up at the same time everyday for work so there's that but I go to bed a bit later than I probably should for getting the requisite amount of sleep for proper brain function.


Pretty messed up right now because of an accident involving my bed.

Also, they say you shouldn't use any electronics before sleeping, but I'd be damned if I said watching Bob Ross doesn't make me feel sleepy. You can even learn how to paint while you're at it. The techniques he uses for painting landscapes are pretty simple and easy to follow. I used most of them in my art classes I think.


There's his Japanese version as well.


File:[SubsPlease] Shuumatsu Tra….jpg (282.17 KB,1920x1080)

>Also, they say you shouldn't use any electronics before sleeping
Oh, my screen is VERY dim for this reason in its settings and I also use f.lux to dim the screen even darker and heavily reduce the blue light when it's dark. You can feel the difference in your eyes, but it's also supposed to have an effect you can't really feel at the time by affecting the uhh... chemicals or something. Melatonin?
I've tried watching anime in this setup but it's terrible because I have to pay attention while also reading subs at a pace provided by the scene itself so it's not good. It's a shame, but at least I know what to do if I don't want to sleep.


File:1376386826456.png (114.29 KB,400x400)

That's why I'm learning JP so I can watch seasonals and fall asleep to them in bed.


I am going to sleep late. Like, right now. Having to do things at night sucks, my sleep schedule always gets fucked.


File:77159373_p0.png (2.15 MB,2976x4210)

I have mostly given up on trying to fix my sleep routine. I just go to bed when I'm feeling tired, which is usually early morning to noon.


mine constantly shifts around the day, but most often i get up between 2-5 PM and sleep around when the sun rises


i heard taking magnesium glycinate + apigenin + l-theanine will allow you to fall asleep within 30 minutes guarantee and works much better than sleeping pills


File:__kirisame_marisa_touhou_d….jpg (219.25 KB,1720x1840)

I stay up late and wake up early. This time of year I tend not to sleep much since I live in a northern country and there are only a few hours of darkness.


i generally sleep 8 to 10 hours in good part it depends on whether i take my quetiapine early or not, if i'm staying up late doing something, and how much do i care about going to the office


File:38449555_p0.jpg (205.5 KB,600x800)

I had a normal routine for like two days but then I just had to go and sleep for 12 hours straight.


Have created a sleep routine and have been able to stick to it for the past month:
12:00AM - 6:00AM, at least 6 hours of sleep on weekdays
Sleep as much I want on weekends.


>accident involving my bed
did you wet it?


File:arms_crossed_sigh.jpg (227.09 KB,477x616)

It's awful.


Used to do the same with playing a YouTube video in the background trying to sleep. Recently though, feel like I've come to a realization on (my) sleep.
1. As long as I'm not thinking about something that's plausible in the future or a regret of the past, it does not count as a thought that keeps me awake; have been able to fall asleep within ~10 minutes of turning off my phone recently.
2. Used to think alarms didn't work for me, but seems like as long as I haven't accumulated any "sleep debt" the past 2-3 days, and as long as my sleeping hours for that session is >=6 hours, the alarm wakes me up. Have had cases where only sleep debt was the factor; but haven't tried that theory because sleeping <6 hours is already a cause of sleep debt. Also, have somehow trained myself to wake up after exactly 6 hours.
Think I've been getting my sleep schedule under control recently, 10 minutes give or take.
For waking up, the 90 minutes cycle seems to be true/working; hence my sleep time of 6 hours (90 * 4 minutes).


File:[Serenae] Wonderful Precur….jpg (255.45 KB,1920x1080)

Well, if you're able to choose what you think about you're far more advanced than me. It would require conscious effort on my part which is probably even worse. I've been doing the youtube nonsensical documentary/review thing now for a while and I think it's working pretty well. The key is that it can't be too exciting or interesting, which I guess does count for most of youtube.

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