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Thoughts on KDE?


i use gnome...


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Ohh I'm actually interested in this..!

I used KDE a couple years ago when I was trying out all sorts of linuxes, but it was a little buggy at that time.
Eventually I settled on just a regular boring XFCE desktop but lately I've been feeling the urge to just uninstall everything and start over, there's a lot of unused packages and just overall trash over my system after a couple years of not changing anything and I don't feel like cleaning it up properly.

So, how's KDE now? Has it improved at any points in that time? I'm thinking to try that instead of just XFCE again


File:Libbie 5.jpg (375.41 KB,1780x2048)

never used kde or gnome, only used xfce for a year before settling on wm


It has improved, but there's still a lot of niggly bugs if you use a distro with newer software, it's perfect on Debian or Kubuntu for example.

It's very polished, probably the most of any GNU/Linux DE but it comes with a lot of (much higher quality than it used to be and also much less than before) software preinstalled, I generally like bloat as it saves me a lot of time getting work done, but just be aware of that before installing it.

I'm testing it out on my newer laptop at the moment, it feels kind of weird, given that I mostly use MATE on my tower toaster. The flow is kind of Windows like? A lot of programs will be launched from a start menu type thing but it's also very customizable.

I'm also curious about Deepin, which I might try today


Also, I think it's funny that KDE comes with a matching GTK theme installed, like they're expecting you to mix and match from the get-go.


I don't know if it's just me, but it's uncomfortable to use on smaller screens, I have a 1366x768 laptop and it just "feels" weird




same. I just use xfce


KDE and Mate are my favorite desktop environments and I would be using either if I wasn't using a tiling window manager currently. KDE looks nice, is very customizable and uses QT with good theme compatibility with GTK apps.


Why doesnt anyone use LXQt


For me personally the time I was using lighter desktops is when LXQT didn't even exist yet, I used the predecessor LXDE instead


File:mpv-shot0001.jpg (145.05 KB,1280x720)

i have used KDE for almost 3 years now on different distros, most notably on arch which is the one i've used the longest. i enjoy using it and have it setup just how i like it. though a lot can be said about KDE's feature creep, it has almost every configuration one could possibly want or need. as for its bugginess, this is something that is greatly exaggerated online: i haven't had any deal breaker issues while using the same bleeding edge installation for well over a year now. at most, some minor graphical glitches that usually get fixed on the next update. as for its memory usage, despite being way more polished than XFCE they share a similar memory consumption.


libbie !


Not a fan of KDE personally. I'm more of a fan of WMs. If I have to use a DE I usually go with XFCE, MATE, or Cinnamon.


The only advanced Linux topic I've ever needed to deal with is the OS's C libraries, glibc, because I can't compile software on Mint then move it to other servers.

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