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File:anim2d-380.mp4 (935.57 KB,760x380)


Solar eclipse soon! Anyone here in a position to see it?


Not even close...
Still, what a bizarre path it follows. It's really no wonder that people would go on cruise ships just to see it since it tends to cover large areas of land and wilderness


In the jaypee state, so I may just be able to catch a glimpse of it.


File:globe.png (81.72 KB,458x458)

>Still, what a bizarre path it follows
Not really, that's just an artifact of the map projection. It makes a lot more sense if you look at it on a globe.


how do i view this without burning my eyes out?


File:1452235136987.jpg (38.58 KB,640x480)

Get some cool as HELL sunglasses.


If you don't have eclipse glasses, you can use a pinhole or lens to project an image of the sun. Sometimes gaps between leaves in trees will do it for you.


File:7dd0b63cf5c5dbb68c741a885a….jpg (367.05 KB,1416x2048)

smash a beer bottle, pick up a shard and burn it with fire, it will turn black and you can see through that


could i just use my fingers? if leaves do it then wouldn't that


Yes, your fingers can also work for making an image of the sun on a surface.


bleh, eclipse should be around now but the sky is covered in clouds


File:IMG_20210610_053134751~2.jpg (1019.52 KB,4032x2937)

guess this'll be my memento for the eclipse


it's too sunny, I can't look at it
Also minor cloud cover is distorting the light. Looks a little less bright outside


I... I dont understand that video...


the yellow and stuff is the moons position over the earth


The yellow is where there's a partial eclipse and the red is where there's an annular eclipse.


It's too cloudy here :c


Oh. Yeah, that does make a lot more sense.

Don't look, feel.


File:72689401007-vpc-april-tot….webp (5.28 KB,660x371)

Bumping a three year old thread to say it's happening again! I'll be in uhh... something like 80-95% totality so I'll try to take a picture. Its peak will be in about 48 minutes and temperatures are expected to drop around 3 degrees Fahrenheit which is something I never thought about before, but normally it's the hottest time of day so that's pretty interesting.
If I were to get in a car and travelled for 5 hours (and 5 hours back) I could have seen a total eclipse, but that's not worth it to me.


Went outside to take a picture and I barely see a difference. I'm not going to run back and forth to upload an image every 5 minutes here, but I'm taking pictures and I'll dump them later


Montreal has 2 min of totality in 50 min or so


File:20240408_142405.jpg (1.38 MB,2992x2992)

Not sure if I'm accidentally burning my camera lenses but these glasses do block UV


File:17126007804521920171243779….jpg (1.77 MB,2992x2992)


File:20240408_142800.mp4 (4.17 MB,1440x1440)

For comparison


Not really noticable in pictures but it's eclipsing from 4 o'clock


File:20240408_132732.jpg (525.93 KB,4032x3024)

I'm in the path for the total solar eclipse! Best I can do with my phone camera


Dark or is that a low ISO


The sun is really, really bright.


File:20240408_133623.jpg (237.39 KB,4032x3024)

Through a filter. At 1/1000 F2.4, 400 ISO


File:20240408_144032.mp4 (10.03 MB,1440x1440)

Not sure how to make my camera take better pictures of a 1/4


File:VID_20240408_144901.mp4 (15.24 MB,1920x1080)

Apps are handy


File:20240408_134357.jpg (8.88 MB,4032x3024)

Clouds right as it was hitting total eclipse -_-


File:20240408_134245.jpg (5.82 MB,4032x3024)


File:20240408_134312.jpg (2.35 MB,4032x3024)


File:VID_20240408_145126.mp4 (37.8 MB,1920x1080)

Messing with shutter speed mid video


File:20240408_134605.jpg (1.65 MB,5312x2988)

Darkness has fallen. People are panicking. The sounds of gunshots and shattering glass punctuate the cries that Ra has abandoned us. The bleeting of crows gives testament to the unnatural state of the sun's disappearance. Stability has decreased by 1. We have entered the end times, may the gods have mercy on our souls.


File:1438903975797.png (440.4 KB,1600x901)

I'm from Europe and I can't see anything. I'm jealous. I read that some Brits/Irish might see a partial eclipse though.


It'll only et really spooky once the second eye opens in >>2904.


File:1448420609518.jpg (13.18 KB,400x300)


File:IMG_20240408_150219.jpg (754.13 KB,4000x2252)

Apparently my camera is lying about 50 and 1/10000


File:IMG_20240408_150054.jpg (329.57 KB,4000x2252)

Should be more like this


Is an app though


Well... Your camera is focused on the foreground, not at infinity to focus on the Sun.


File:Screenshot_20240408_150936….jpg (341.21 KB,2298x1080)

Doesn't seem like focus problem


File:w4eeioye.jpg (409.37 KB,4032x3024)


File:Honeyview_20240408_145733.png (806.79 KB,1200x1080)

I basically didn't see anything eclipse-related, at least not directly. A bit cloudy so I didn't even notice the shape of the sun change (I was like 90% totality or whatever). I guess the pictures caught a sun dog-like phenomenon, though


File:20240408_151619.jpg (2.14 MB,4000x3000)

It was cloudy, but made for a cool pic


Luminosity does drop off a lot ... Like 7 min until total here


Oly... It's so easy to accidentally glance at it


trying to upload a 200mb video. will have to directly upload



you can actually see it shift easily through a camera


Man, that must have been really cool. People say it's something you'll remember for the rest of your life, so do you think it's true?


I remember back when I was kid, on our family home's roof garden, observing an eclipse along with the rest of the fmily. But not so much because the event was so impressive and memorable, but because I felt that all the excitement and effort that we had put into the observation had been completely wasted.
I might think differently today. But back then my opinion was "okay, so the sun was eclipsed. That happens literally every night."


it's neat to see the sun doing something strange.


File:1712608027451.gif (9.51 MB,408x344)

it's strange how it looks like the eclipse happened in a span of two seconds, but that dimming must be just how much darker everything gets with 100% that suddenly the camera can record it properly
at one min before at 95% or so odd, you can accidentally glance at the sun and have to consciously realize you're doing something bad

I think it's pretty memorable because you go your entire life without seeing the sun be something more than a giant ball of fire


File:1687735982499.jpg (1.33 MB,3968x2976)

what was also pretty neat last year was seeing the sky turn red and have a sun which was so blotted out by smog it looked like a moon. >>>/sum/2215


File:G16_fd_GEOCOLOR_24fr_20240….gif (57.3 MB,1808x1808)


wonder how it looks literally in space and not as a shadow


No atmospheric effects without an atmosphere.


I don't think it would work. If you were in space between the Moon and the Earth, the Moon would take up more of your field of vision so you wouldn't see the Sun's corona like you can from Earth. You'd still be able to see the partial eclipse happening though. The type of orbit matters, however. You would have to be in a geostationary orbit, orbiting the Earth at the same rate that it spins, for the eclipse to happen at the same time as it does on Earth. Otherwise you could probably observe the Moon eclipsing the Sun pretty often. The Internation Space Station, which is in low Earth orbit, for instance, makes 16 orbits around the Earth every 24 hours.


If you are going to space for an eclipse, there is no reason why you should have to stay between the Earth and the moon. All that is required is that you find a circular body that you can use to just obscure the sun with, (meaning you need to be the right distance from that body).
That could be the moon, it could also be Earth itself.

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