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New chatroom for Kissu's #ec
Connected in relay to Sageru #vt


[URL] /ec/ - New chatroom for Kissu's #ec | Kissu.moe


test test


mfw pissurians are furfags and jannith encourages this degeneracy


the pissuteens..




tell the #jp janny to stop kicking me


i WILL SHIT down T*noc's throat.


.wa 457567656/335435


testing 123 testing


that's a good april fool's


i think he was talking about the fact that all i see is a blank image


@seen notschizo


NotSchizo (~NotSchizo@Rizon-F55F88E3.prw.net) was last seen quitting on Fri March 31 13:37:51 2023 UTC ( hours, 32 minutes, 12 seconds ago)


a /jp/ pro like pomu probably knows the ins and outs of mgs


she's a big fan


it's an april fool's stream see


man Tanoc




why don't you tell us about your cooking anymore?


you used to post about your cooking all the time


i haven't cooked anything in months


what do you eat?


chicken wraps from the store


I see



[URL] Twitch


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJu3WiTZnXA sorry we're watching raifu-sensei eruden ringu


[YouTube] 【エルデンリング】ラダーン祭りってこんな感じかな!!楽しそうだねぇ!!【ELDEN RING】 #伊東ライフ (00:00:00:00) by 伊東ライフ on 2023-04-01 - ↑592 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 8,982 Views.


he's drawing sex again...


poor raifusensei assaulted by two tree sentinels...







where's my friend stone


[Stream] "Nishino" Cyclist Virtual Youtuber  has a scheduled stream in 1 hour, and 11 minutes!!! - Stream title: 作業配信(多分スカート飾り) - https://youtu.be/szgtQxfWWaE




[Stream] Finana Ryugu 【NIJISANJI EN】 has a scheduled stream in 15 hours, and 23 minutes!!! - Stream title: 【SUCCUBUS ASMR RP】 eternal love curse 【NIJISANJI EN | Finana Ryugu】 - https://youtu.be/BXf7dYYHipw


^^^ Tanoc, NotSchizo ^^^


[Stream] marimari_en has gone live!!! (Playing: Just Chatting) - Stream title: my wiener felled off (!throne, !discord) - https://twitch.tv/marimari_en


[Stream] "Nishino" Cyclist Virtual Youtuber  has gone live!!! - Stream title: 作業配信(多分スカート飾り) - https://youtu.be/szgtQxfWWaE


thank you based feesh




i will now forgive her for murdering zaion in cold blood


.yt raspberry heaven remix


[YouTube] Raspberry Heaven - Azumanga Daioh [Moonbase Alpha TTS Singing] by TheMordent on 2021-01-04 - https://youtu.be/I6FvDYxjYfc


.yt raspberry heaven dubstep


[YouTube] CatPiss (Raspberry Heaven Remix) - NaotoNekoCutie~ by NaotoNekoCutie~ on 2009-08-25 - https://youtu.be/a4rBu630LWM


here you go tanoc


here chicken_nugger


.yt yuuhei satellite strawberry panic


[YouTube] Touhou - Strawberry Panic (Dubstep Cover by Infinnacage & PalmMute) by PalmMute on 2015-10-30 - https://youtu.be/oNBCPTAheDk


NOT that


.yt 幽閉サテライト strawberry panic


[YouTube] 千華 by フランダースの犬 on 2012-08-15 - https://youtu.be/vKKAA450ZOM


no tanoc think about it






osaka from azumanga would be the perfect vtuber


that's yuuhei satellite at leawst


she has the right personality for it


very appealing


oh it was strawberry crisis



[YouTube] 【オリジナル・ボーカル】 幽閉サテライト - いちごの悩み 【Subbed】 (03:43) by Mayumi Sugihara on 2016-03-05 - ↑485 ↓0 - 13 Comments, 43,284 Views.




ur dum tanoc


what was the radical on the left of 悩 again chicken_nugger


is it 小






tbh im not sure


tanoc i cant stop eating


i can't eat meat, i have no interest in eating meat


wtf is wrong with me


some days i have 0 appetite


sounds worrying


other days im voracious


it's 心 chicken_nugger


i like 悩


its completely inbalanced


no tanoc


look at this












those are some ugly words


idk tanoc the right portion of it kindal ooks like a ornate soap dispenser


what's with the rock though


its solid


now as to why liquid soap is


what about liquid soap






that makes no sense




why not just make it




this is the worst


no chicken_nugger why aren't we eating soap right now?


no killsushi


im peckish


get it


because im a chicken


i peck








how do i tell this girl ive been on like 3 dates with


that i spend most of my time spewing gibberish on irc


when she asks me how is spend my free time


be blunt about it, maybe slightly apologetic


no tanoc help


what is it chicken_nugger


how do i tell this girl ive been on like 3 dates with


that i spend most of my time spewing gibberish on irc


when she asks me how is spend my free time


i like how i get pinged on 3 channels now


no tanoc dident you realize


i want to be a german


its like the same 5 users


on all 3 channels


simply tell her chicken_nugger


chicken_nugger just show her the logs while giggling like a retard and pointing at all your funniest moments




if by funny you mean humiliating




no killsushi im convinced there are no women who have the kind of retardation we have


it just isnt something girls would understand


only men



[Twitter] Sara_Hoshikawa: 終電逃しちゃった💦 都内で今から会える人いませんか? 相性良かったら定期も可⋆⸜🙆🏻‍♀️⸝‍⋆ ちょっとお金には困ってるけど…😖 見た目とか年齢気にしません☺️ 経済的に余裕のある方、DM待ってます〜❗️ #都内


#エイプリルフール #自撮り界隈さんと繋がりたい #RTした人全員フォローする



my apex oshi has truly fallen...


idk chicken_nugger I showed my ex-gf some of my (highly curated and censored) irc logs


she thought they were funny


i bet


.tl 荒らしする


Translation from Japanese to English: troll (e.g. a web page)


Tanoc: I sent her all of atechan's best moments




very glad she's chosen not to blackmail me with all that


that brings up a question


has killsushi ever said -s on irc




i cant say i recall he ever has


yes chicken_nugger, near daily




he's clean






stop it


this is an anti-racist channel


we're trying to deradicalize edelweiss


killsushi„ im really glad that irc flies under the social media radar


if you said -s anywhere else online




youd get dogpiled and canceled


they dont even care that we pass around pirated content on irc


you are now banned from #/g/tv


because normies are too retarded to know how to get on irc




you can say naughty words literally everywhere online that isn't reddit


well i suppose other forums are pretty strict on it too


but twitter/4chan does not care




twitter gets more mad about it I'd say


>4chan doesn't care



[Twitter] SheriffChitwood: ><@VolusiaSheriff> Another 4chan user who posted an online threat to kill @SheriffChitwood has been arrested in California. Tyler Meyer, 30, was arrested by @SanDiegoPD at the home he shares with his mother. https://t.co/h51nBXizAI Anyone noticing a trend with these losers? Other than being brainwashed


by hate https://t.


co/9LINFlsQ32 - RT: 22 Favourited: 227


yes edelweiss


>twitter dosent care


yelling death threats at people is actually a bit different


you get banned on 4 if you use too many outside of /b/ and /pol/


are we in different worlds


than saying haram words


youd get banned in like minutes





[Twitter] nissin_u_f_o: U.F.O.と剣持さんってどことなく似てますよね。 #来週発表 https://t.co/SSthYACjzx - RT: 33,908 Favourited: 138,423



You forgot tiktok


chicken_nugger, it's great, vtrelay isn't just bridged to sageru irc now it's also bridged to an imageboard


everything you're saying is showing up in a thread right now


see now we're connected to the wider web


we did it we can cancel chicken_nugger


no tanoc


 File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (270.11 KB,1920x1080)

true, but no names are attached unless you specifically mention them


why dont we have a irc discord bridge bot yet


[URL] 404 Not Found


the discord server would get banned nigh-instantly chicken_nugger


and if not the server, then the bot used to bridge to it


just put a naughty word filter


its fine


Did you know if you became a tranny, Discord will pay up to 20,000 dollars for your neo-vagina surgery?


i like edelweiss tanoc


this channel was becoming a echo chamber hugbox


but edelweiss brings a new edge to the channel




say something racist~~


here you go tanoc



[YouTube] I thought Filian was innocent… (0:06) by strawtorchplus on 2022-12-19 - ↑859 ↓0 - 38 Comments, 26,876 Views.


wtf is 炭治郎 chicken_nugger


prob a name


oh it's the main character from demon slayer


[Stream] kson ONAIR has gone live!!! - Stream title: VSHOBRO introducing our k"son" #VSHOBRO - https://youtu.be/uhejEN5VYH4


.tl 炭治郎


Translation from Chinese to English: Tanjiro


https://twitter.com/clearusui/status/1641772262205587457 my rocket gf's tweet is making the rounds killsushi edelweiss chicken_nugger


[Twitter] clearusui: ミライアカリちゃん程のVtuberから、自由じゃなくて、企業のお人形でした やりたい事は出来ないと思ったって言われるの...個人勢Vtuberとしては...ひぇぇ...って気持ち - RT: 1,903 Favourited: 7,791



it's just a joke, no way you could do that without being a faggot


yes killsushi


AI art truly is the future


there were those who said this day would never come


where are they now?


damn kson got a new live2d model for april fools


was it really worth it...


.ud everypony


[1/2] everypony: A word that would [instantly] [kill] a [pilgrim] [ 21↑ 1↓ ]


[2/2] Everypony: Everybody, used in the [2010] hit [tv show] [My Little Pony]. [ 265↑ 76↓ ]


man tanoc


remember merefable


I'm just gonna say it. It's a pretty cool series that should be watched.


@seen merefable


MereFable ([email protected]t.online) was last seen quitting for "Quit: Connection closed" on Fri August 28 18:27:19 2020 UTC ( days, 13 hours, 51 minutes ago)




@seen merefuckhole


I have not seen merefuckhole


I hope merefable's okay


last I heard of him he was threatening to do a DIY penis chopping using some shit he bought off amazon




<killsushi> I hope merefable's gay


chicken_nugger pls




[Stream] ビートまりお / beatMARIO has a scheduled stream in 3 hours, and 20 minutes!!! - Stream title: 【プロセカ】フルコン220曲耐久!絶対に皆伝20粒とる!!!【ビートまりお/プロジェクトセカイ】 - https://youtu.be/9OkglOJ0auc


^^^ kalekale, Skyzzerz, Tanoc ^^^


fuck you


thanks chicken_nugger




.tell tanoc wtf is she thinking hello worldo, I'm your hacker neko waifu Cyan!


Consider it noted.


.tell tanoc wtf is she thinking hello worldo, I'm your hacker neko waifu Cyan!


Consider it noted.


.tell tanoc wtf is she thinking hello worldo, I'm your hacker neko waifu Cyan!


Did you guys see Pekora's new 3D model? https://youtu.be/FkuDnUYLq6c


[YouTube] 超美麗!! 兎田ぺこら新3Dお披露目!?(3D SHOWCASE) (03:45) by Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら on 2023-03-31 - ↑30,686 ↓0 - 1,363 Comments, 498,561 Views.


Evening, gents


good evening stone


tanoc: [01/04/2023, 08:58:41 UTC] <chicken_nugger> wtf is she thinking hello worldo, I'm your hacker neko waifu Cyan!


tanoc: [01/04/2023, 09:17:45 UTC] <chicken_nugger> wtf is she thinking hello worldo, I'm your hacker neko waifu Cyan!


Hi, Tanoc




do you happen to know whether 日本語でもOK has some kind of a special meaning on 5channel stone


lol yeha


lol yeha






what does it mean


Tanoc did you see Pekoras new 3D model?







[YouTube] 超美麗!! 兎田ぺこら新3Dお披露目!?(3D SHOWCASE) (03:45) by Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら on 2023-03-31 - ↑30,909 ↓0 - 1,374 Comments, 500,502 Views.


to be precise




Pekora's new 3D model.


i see


what is the implication


very cool model Mikoolo i like it


oh i see


it means


"i don't understand, you are incomprehensible, please rephrase"


i figured it was something like that...


You're a fucking idiot.


Tanoc, that's a kind of Internet slang, a phrase meaning "speak in Japanese" or "speak in Japanese." It is mainly used to make fun of people who use unintelligible discourse and katakana words.


i see


this is very good to know


Is one speaking japanese and the other one is being inside the japanese language and speaking, stone?




no stone


it is










ogey rrat


https://dic.pixiv.net/ here let's study japanese using the definitive japanese dictionary


[URL] ピクシブ百科事典 - 同人・漫画・イラスト・二次創作に関する辞典


stone wat dinner do


karaage and rice & miso soup


not a chink dish for dinner today


but stone


karaage is literally


chinese style fried chicken


Uh oh
























chicken_nugger, my chigga, chill.


calm down 下さい


ay yes typical healthy japanese food


of salty miso soup, refined white rice, and fried chicken


white rice is not meaningfully unhealthier than brown rice


if you want more fiber eat beans


it's a fiber supplement


tanoc youll never do anything meaningful with your life


it's ok chicken_nugger


the goal of life is not to make it meaningful


[Stream] Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ has gone live!!! - Stream title: 【重大告知あり🔥】この日を待ってた!✨歌うぞ~~!🎤【猫又おかゆ/ホロライブ】 - https://youtu.be/h36Icoot0-0


it is to enjoy it


^^^ Tanoc ^^^


[Stream] G.I.N has a scheduled stream in 2 hours, and 55 minutes!!! - Stream title: 【重大発表】がおがおがお~~🐲🔥※エイプリルフールネタです【G.I.N / #ぎんぎらいぶ】 - https://youtu.be/tmdFTQeTiJ4


^^^ Tanoc ^^^


@seen killsushi


killsushi has privacy enabled; their seen data is not available.


tanoc i have 2 avocado


wat do


no stone make this stop


avocados have even caught on in japan now


stop importing meme foods


avocado doesn't really taste like anything


it's like a flavorless paste


eh it tastes kinda green




You greeted the Sphinx!




A Emp approaches. Type hi to greet.


chicken_nugger, my chigga, don't you like avocado?


avocados are okay



[YouTube] インターネットやめろ ベース弾いた (04:02) by H.J.Freaks on 2023-03-23 - ↑7,358 ↓0 - 301 Comments, 90,374 Views.


i'm not sure what you're supposed to do with them i just eat them plain


its alright i guess tstone


but its a meme


i like how hj freaks has been posting videos for like 15 years and he's still relevant


here you go stone



[YouTube] it's time to stop (0:20) by TooDamnFilthy on 2015-12-24 - ↑524,147 ↓0 - 26,801 Comments, 18,217,989 Views.


Shalom, killsushi


Bonker tov/


Oy vey


hi stone


You greeted the Emp!




chicken_nugger, do you drink?


A Goblin approaches. Type hi to greet.


how are you doing today?


killsushi, man, it went great today.








chicken_nugger drinks every day


how about you, killsushi?


his doctor told him he has liver cirrhosis and needs to stop




stone do you drink white women pee






.tl 聖水プレイ


Translation from Japanese to English: holy water play








yes stone


very funny


i'm doing fine stone


in eigo we say


golden shower


very tired it's 6 am and i haven't slept




what if instead of 聖騎士 it was 性騎士 and she looked like this


.images uesugi kenshin sengoku rance



uesugi kenshin (rance and 1 more) drawn by shingo_(missing_link ... - https://cdn.donmai.us/original/a8/9a/a89af04dbf894ad979e30df5c1870e1c.jpg



[Stream] Kiki Ch. has gone live!!! - Stream title: THE MEGA MAN X FINAL BOSS! - https://youtu.be/baMAVjrEut4


^^^ [ ^^^




yes chicken_nugger?


sleep when u r dead


killsushi: how did you know


ie now


thx chicken_nugger




in other words


kill yourself


[Stream] Koyori ch. 博衣こより - holoX - has a scheduled stream in 1 hour, and 28 minutes!!! - Stream title: 【Minecraft】カワイイ♡モノ作るよ♡【博衣こより/ホロライブ】 - https://youtu.be/6zlCU2GcWsg


.gtl 聖水プレイ


Translation from Japanese to English: holy water play


yes n0s3y|afk


sokka sokka




@seen Mikoolo


Mikoolo has privacy enabled; their seen data is not available.




no tanoc what does sokka sokka mean in finn fong






sokka is the thingy you pull out of a grenade


i forgot what it is in english








sokka sokka


right sure


man Tanoc.


anyway it's pronounced exactly as it is in japanese


didn't you serve in the Finnmacht?


how do you not know that?


shamefur dispray.


they don't actually speak english there


what the HECK.


n0s3y|afk„ speak some nazi for me~~






[Times] Holywood: 3:41 AM PST | New Amsterdam: 6:41 AM EST | Bong City: 11:41 AM GMT | Grand Prix de la Baguette ville: 12:41 PM CEST | Lichtenberg: 12:41 PM CEST | WW3: 1:41 PM EEST | ISIS: 1:41 PM AST | Microsoft Tech Support: 4:11 PM IST | Republic of China: 6:41 PM CST | Nintendo land: 7:41 PM JST | Prison Island (Adelaide Sector): 9:11




.tl fi=>de sokka


Translation from Finnish to German: Schock


.tl en=>fi shock


Translation from English to Finnish: shokki






p l s


ja hallo.


.tl fi=>en perkele


Translation from Finnish to English: damn


I love the way you make these conversations.


you know what japanese needs stone


it needs some cool swearwords


糞 is doing too much carrying








jiwojiodw iojwd jiod id d21i n3jn k12 onf23 AA


.tl ニッゲリ


Translation from Japanese to English: -i (star in the constellation Lyra)






stone don't you feel like 業 and 糞 have similar energy


haha could be




]what about 糞






how about


.tl ニガー



Translation from Japanese to English: -




hahaha im gay stone


ty, ty.


yes indeed chicken_nugger.


you're also brain-damaged.


and a schizo


what's "schizo" in japanese stone


.tl 統合失調症


Translation from Chinese to English: Syndromic Disorder




that's a bit of a mouthful


.tl 精神分裂病


Translation from Chinese to English: Schizophrenia


hahaha im gay stone


hahaha im gay stone


hahaha im gay stone


hahaha im gay stone








what a typical chink move






how about


take out the concrete.




for "schizo"






now that's more like it





[YouTube] 【雑談】サヤ✖ナマ【コメ絡み】 (00:00:00:00) by ちゃんねるサーヤ on 2023-03-31 - ↑103 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 379 Views.


ACTION is now playing: King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man




great song


you're great~


man Tanoc I should do stuff but I don't wanna.


you should do groceries for me to :bee: desu.


i've been doing great in mahjong recently





[URL] 雀魂牌谱屋


nice virus.




those entries are over a month old......


click jade


instead of gold


man i riichi'd when i should have damad


that's a lot of third places.




doesn't look good.


ippatsu tsumo'd




god i'm so skilled...


night, gents


gj making him leave, Tanoc.


hope you're HAPPY.


i'm sorry



Consider it noted.



why are women like this, Tanami?


Tanoc too.


seems like an american problem




why did he go to bed so quickly


what do you mean chicken_nugger


<stone> night, gents


* stone has quit (Quit: Leaving)


he does that every time


im fartt and poop


Tanoc: im farting


im annoyed killsushi




chicken_nugger I am tired


and also sleepy


arent they the same


they aren't.


if you're just tired but not sleepy, falling asleep will be very difficult.


also hunger and appetite are not the same.


?frilly dress


for some reason americans don't understand this.


n0s3y|afk„ you are being german again




i wonder if ryu77 is back in nazivile


@seen ryu77


Ryu77 (Ryu77@Merry.Xmas.Ryudolf77) was last seen messaging #tinychan saying "Ingot airplane wifi nao" on Sat April 1 01:13:10 2023 UTC ( hours, 21 minutes, 24 seconds ago)


.tell ryu77 ingot is that stuff to make weapons and armor with in skyrim, right?


Consider it noted.


nab I'm dehydrated.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-R56oQPg4Y she's live get in here n0s3y|afk chicken_nugger


[YouTube] 【雑談】チョコレートを食べますよお♪【スマホ配信】 (00:00:00:00) by サンドバッグ実験施設 on 2023-04-01 - ↑9 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 8 Views.


she's eating chocolate and vomiting


no Tanoc I'm grocerying.


no tanoc i dont feel good at all


it disconnected....


why don't you feel good chicken_nugger


[Stream] ビートまりお / beatMARIO has gone live!!! - Stream title: 【プロセカ】フルコン220曲!絶対に皆伝20粒とる耐久!!【ビートまりお/プロジェクトセカイ】 - https://youtu.be/9OkglOJ0auc


^^^ kalekale, Skyzzerz, Tanoc ^^^


[Stream] Koyori ch. 博衣こより - holoX - has gone live!!! - Stream title: 【Minecraft】カワイイ♡モノ作るよ♡【博衣こより/ホロライブ】 - https://youtu.be/6zlCU2GcWsg



[YouTube] 【ド★初見】人生初の『巨人のドシン』あそぶ【GC/ゲームキューブ】 (00:00:00:00) by Korone Ch. 戌神ころね on 2023-03-31 - ↑6,021 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 53,878 Views.




i dont have rovlan-big-feet s sister


on my lap


its the only thing that will make me feel better


I doubt it


>can't spell "confusion" without "fun", can ya


wow those subs sure are excellent.


what was the original line n0s3y|afk




play neo: twewy and find out.


getting some artifacts.


tanoc filian is psychotic


sure hope my graka isn't dying.


what's wrong with filian chicken_nugger


so adhd


she's a true zoomer entertainer


she talks so fast and has like way too much energy


man tanoc everyone says im so quiet and low energy


try being more like filian


its simple really im taking in information


also how is that possible in nippon the land of autism


no tanoc young people in general are annoying to deal with


alright, we're back.


man Tanoc.


can you believe my groceries still haven't done themselves ..


I'd be happy if I could find a place that sells these. I'd even settle for the cheapest, cheapest of them.


it's the future n0s3y|afk just order them by delivery




it's saturday.


what does that mean n0s3y|afk


it means: tomorrow is sunday.


which means: no delivery.




what do you mean n0s3y|afk


this is fucked up


I think I found the best thing about this conversation.


no Tanoc, this is germany.


what was i going to tell you Mikoolo


Nothing important if you forgot it Tanoc.


i bet it was though


.gtl ドイツの科学は世界一


Translation from Japanese to English: German science is the best in the world






rude Murasa !!!!!!!!1


i just want to play it again


did you know that


化学 and 科学 are both read as かがく


.tl 化学


Translation from Chinese to English: Chemical


.tl ja=>en 化学


Translation from Japanese to English: chemistry


isn't that confusing n0s3y|afk


doesn't seem like there's much of a difference except one being a noun and the other one an adjective.


if those two words were antonyms of one another, that would be confusing.


no n0s3y|afk


.tl ja=>en 化学


Translation from Japanese to English: chemistry


.tl ja=>en 科学


Translation from Japanese to English: science




here's your confusion




it's kagaku.








I mean.


it's pretty obvious misaka isn't a chemical railgun.


so all's daijoubu.


[Stream] Selen Tatsuki 【NIJISANJI EN】 has a scheduled stream in 11 hours, and 10 minutes!!! - Stream title: 【PEPPA PIG: WORLD ADVENTURES】where we going peppa?【NIJISANJI EN | Selen Tatsuki】 - https://youtu.be/EAkVWj_jfmU


^^^ Ella ^^^


but n0s3y|afk


what if when you are introducing yourself


you say


.tl 化学の学生です


Translation from Japanese to English: Chemistry student.




dumb translation


.tl 僕は化学の学生です


.gtl 化学の学生です


Translation from Japanese to English: I am a chemistry student




Translation from Japanese to English: I'm a chemistry student.


then they ask you


.tl そうですか!どんな科学?


Translation from Japanese to English: I see! What science?


then you answer


then you would read 化 as bake https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ばけがく


.tl 化学です


Translation from Japanese to English: Chemistry.



[YouTube] [1520] Getting Into A Woman’s Kitty (05:29) by LockPickingLawyer on 2023-04-01 - ↑2,868 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 11,118 Views.


i see


thanks anonymouse.




thank you for the education


Tanoc needs to be put in his place.




always making things as complicated as possible.


true autism.


ばけかがく sounds cool


wait uh




.tl 化物の学


Translation from Japanese to English: the study of monsters






thoughts on stroheim?


i haven't watched jojo


i believe he's a nazi


very disturbing




.yt doitsu no kagaku wa sekai ichi


[YouTube] 7 Page Sekai Ichi (Stroheim defeats Kars) by ST Pro Studio on 2021-02-11 - https://youtu.be/OeSuHhL-CB4


i know this one


seems like a nice fella to me.


could it be you're just harboring negative stereotypes of nazis?


man, when did laptops become so expensive.


remember that one nazi who was in china during japan's offensive there who saved a bunch of chinese civilians from being massacred


I just want an rgb keyboard, a 3080 and 144 hz, is that so much to ask for ..


what was his name again


surely you as a german know n0s3y|afk





[URL] John Rabe - Wikipedia


The most famous finnish scientist is doing another experiment n0s3y|afk. https://youtu.be/MGtc84gFWfo


[YouTube] How Small Hole Can Oranges Be Pushed Through with Hydraulic Press? + Channel update! (10:44) by Hydraulic Press Channel on 2023-04-01 - ↑922 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 10,288 Views.


as a matter of fact, asia is practically non-existant in german history lessons, Tanoc.




very interesting, Tanoc.




>Nachdem die Stadt wenige Monate nach Ausbruch des japanisch-chinesischen Krieges am 12. Dezember 1937 eingenommen worden war, richteten die japanischen Truppen ein Blutbad an. Über mehr als acht Wochen hinweg kam es zu Massenexekutionen sowie systematischen Vergewaltigungen. Schätzungen gehen von mindestens 300.000 Todesopfern aus.


rookie numbers.


[Stream] G.I.N has gone live!!! - Stream title: 【重大発表】がおがおがお~~🐲🔥※エイプリルフールネタです【G.I.N / #ぎんぎらいぶ】 - https://youtu.be/tmdFTQeTiJ4


^^^ Tanoc ^^^


[Stream] Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ has gone live!!! - Stream title: 【カスタムロボV2】完全所見で参る!!🤖👍 #02【猫又おかゆ/ホロライブ】 - https://youtu.be/pwj_Q_iHRsQ


^^^ Tanoc ^^^



[YouTube] A-Chan Wishing She Could Have Senchou's Size After The New Outfit Reveal...【Hololive】 (01:23) by Vtuber Addict on 2023-04-01 - ↑137 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 1,154 Views.



[YouTube] When you're overqualified for the job (02:41) by AreYouNotEntertained? on 2018-10-02 - ↑497,672 ↓0 - 20,299 Comments, 11,765,767 Views.


Monkt have you seen the rest of the band?



[YouTube] Charametal Charamel (Japanese mascot metal) (05:31) by Lord Stompy on 2020-12-02 - ↑12,668 ↓0 - 856 Comments, 317,560 Views.


this is bullshit


this is bullshit


Have you been into a cow pasture again Tanoc?


you are bullshit tanoc



[YouTube] Suichan's body got taken over by Super Idol Comet-chan [Hololive Eng Sub] (01:25) by PuniPuniClips on 2023-04-01 - ↑259 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 3,011 Views.




explain wisconsin


Man I wanted to share some VODs on April fools in /lig/ but my computer busted


notschizo: [31/03/2023, 15:59:35 UTC] <Tanoc> https://twitter.com/Sara_Hoshikawa/status/1641824755572707329 this has gone too far




My condolences, NotSchizo.


NotSchizo here have Pekora's new 3D model as consolation for your broken computer. https://youtu.be/FkuDnUYLq6c?t=51


[YouTube] 超美麗!! 兎田ぺこら新3Dお披露目!?(3D SHOWCASE) (03:45) by Pekora Ch. 兎田ぺこら on 2023-03-31 - ↑33,353 ↓0 - 1,432 Comments, 572,366 Views.


Tanoc wtf did she mean by that


it is exactly as it says it is NotSchizo


it's over


she really took gundou's firing hard


I suppose the Japanese like April fools too Mikoolo


You don't need to be an idiot to get it.


What do you mean?


What does NotSchizo mean, Tanoc?


psst NotSchizo






So what's the deal with the GPT-4chan posts?


that is all


NotSchizo„ its a psyops


its a ai pretending to be a 4channer


trained on 4chan data


it has no agenda




.yt gpt-4chan


[YouTube] GPT-4chan: This is the worst AI ever by Yannic Kilcher on 2022-06-03 - https://youtu.be/efPrtcLdcdM


I see



no NotSchizo hoshikawa is being a literal prostitute for april fool's help me


We always knew it would cum to this


Send her money, see if she sends you nudes back, Tanoc.


she's replying to dms


[Stream] 星川サラ / Sara Hoshikawa has gone live!!! - Stream title: 【APEX】だんごうめえ! w/白雪レイド【にじさんじ/星川サラ】#StarReiDogs #SRDWIN - https://youtu.be/ccZQ5COW8ho


^^^ Tanoc ^^^


it's her......






why is shondo so based


She's heavily damaged


three first places in a row in mah jeong


i'm so good....


>rating 75


but still won




flow king....




admit it you play majong on a cringe site with a anime skin


uh yes chicken_nugger


this isn't exactly a secret



it's my anime skin


cost me $15


just die tanoc


what's your problem chicken_nugger


who is this slut in the pic


i want to lick her brisket tanoc


it's onjouji toki from saki


time to look for rape doujins


I'm guessing he's a faggot.



[Twitter] otsujikanako: JR大阪駅の御堂筋口。こんな広告が…。2022年の日本、女性の性的なイラストが堂々と駅出口で広告になるのか…。 https://t.co/nsNlJCMiEr - RT: 4,903 Favourited: 11,853



can you believe they censored her butte in the first pic


fucking puritans....


Ohao fwens


Tanoc san ohao


Tanoc nice butt






<Tanoc> ty[ul][/ul]


.ud postsexual


[1/1] Postsexual: Having [sexual attraction] only [affiliated] towards [Jordan] J. Post. [ 0↑ 0↓ ]



[URL] umekichi, onjouji toki, shimizudani ryuuka, saki, saki achiga-hen, 10s, 2girls, animal ears, bare shoulders, bed, black hair, blue eyes, blush, breasts, brown hair, cleavage, couple, covered navel, fa…


wtf is her problem tanoc


stop using gelbooru


fuck you tanoc


dont tell me what to do and not to do


why is chicken_nugger such a pleb


why do japanese people hate サニージャーニー so much chicken_nugger


Tanoc did u know that chicken_nugger fap to this https://twitter.com/kaminokefusa/status/1641035765881753601


[Twitter] kaminokefusa: シャワーズのシャワータイム🚿 https://t.co/dj2RsSmKrW - RT: 686 Favourited: 3,251



here you go tanoc


answer me chicken_nugger


>no loli


>no rape


>no nothing


he doesn't, kokonoe.


n0s3y|afk ohayou, take a look at me irl:




[YouTube] The Philosophy of Vtubers | Video Essay (12:02) by Accented Cinema on 2023-04-01 - ↑2,135 ↓0 - 327 Comments, 15,370 Views.






that food is drawn very oddly, kokonoe.




watch or ban tanoc


check out me on the right and Tanoc on the left, kokonoe:



man tanoc




why dont we have a helicopter vtuber yet




n0s3y|afk you on the right, me on the left https://i.imgur.com/Sj3D48v.png


c-cute ..


who is 富澤たけし chicken_nugger


watch or ban tanoc


watch or ban tanoc


watch or ban tanoc



[YouTube] The Philosophy of Vtubers | Video Essay (12:02) by Accented Cinema on 2023-04-01 - ↑2,169 ↓0 - 327 Comments, 15,442 Views.



[YouTube] The Philosophy of Vtubers | Video Essay (12:02) by Accented Cinema on 2023-04-01 - ↑2,170 ↓0 - 327 Comments, 15,442 Views.


are you awtching tanoc






again why dont we have a helicopter vtuber yet


What is it sayig, Tanoc?


Is the chicken_inseminator being coherent?


uhh something about vtubers being helicopters


.tell notschizo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXf7dYYHipw it's time to forgive her for killing zaion in cold blood ruthlessly


Consider it noted.


[YouTube] 【SUCCUBUS ASMR RP】 eternal love curse 【NIJISANJI EN | Finana Ryugu】 (00:00:00:00) by Finana Ryugu 【NIJISANJI EN】 on 2023-04-01 - ↑230 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 0 Views.


I only know one vtuber being a helicopter.


i fucking hate you tanoc


this was a qality video




fine chicken_nugger


i'll watch it for you and let you know if it was good


how did she know giri does cocaine at 0:37






<Tanoc> how did he know giri does cocaine at 0:37


[Stream] Kiki Ch. has a scheduled stream in 10 hours, and 15 minutes!!! - Stream title: WAARGHHHHHH | Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War - https://youtu.be/tI3TSrhFjMo


^^^ [ ^^^


see tanoc this is what a quality video looks like




he's ignoring the filians of the world


its fine tanoc


filian is very menhera


filian is literally the normiest ass vtubber alive chicken_nugger


Tanoc heres your vtuber helicopter https://youtu.be/NppbuE8WNuk


[YouTube] KroniiCopter (0:09) by Bavs on 2021-08-29 - ↑4,330 ↓0 - 73 Comments, 62,921 Views.






no tanoc tell me how filian isnt basically the sterotypical american


very obonoxious and adhd


it's hard to believe that the people who have to work to support their wives are actually this stupid


https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ngypGx69TiM here chicken_nugger why are japanese men like this


[YouTube] Why You Shouldn’t Marry a Japanese Man #Shorts (0:58) by Let's ask Shogo | Your Japanese friend in Kyoto on 2022-05-31 - ↑619,455 ↓0 - 8,770 Comments, 7,799,148 Views.


this is like that one japanese comedian making fun of small japan penis in eigo


what happened to national pride chicken_nugger


[Stream] snuffy has gone live!!! (Playing: Just Chatting) - Stream title: snapril SNOOLS | ( ᵔ︠ ᴗ ︡ᵔ) !donate !merch !links !tts - https://twitch.tv/snuffy


^^^ [, NotSchizo ^^^


man did you know derpixon apparently has a twitch channel


shits crazy


no tanoc why dident you like my video


why you gotta be like this


well chicken_nugger


the reality is that it hardly applies to everyone


for some streamers they're really just streamers with anime avatars because they don't want to use facecam


now chicken_nugger


witness some quality vtuber videos instead


.yt おしがまvtuber


[YouTube] 【おしがま】手違いでお漏らし音がダダ洩れ【穂香てまり/切り抜き】 by PPPえちかわVtuberの切り抜きCh on 2022-08-03 - https://youtu.be/lPM4fVywjWk


HELL yes


no tanoc why dont we have a helicopter vtuber


here chicken_nugger


.images ouro kronii





Hello! I'm a 24-year-old living in Tokyo. I graduated from a well-known art and design university in Japan with a departmental award and am currently working at my father's small real estate agency, where I focus on advertising and sales.


My studies encompassed the Philosophy of Design for humans, Modern Arts, ad design, graphic design, and more. I'm eager to connect with new friends who share my interests in Design, Art, technology, and other engaging subjects.


During my free time, I love to create my own artwork and immerse myself in various aspects of Japanese culture, such as manga, anime, techno music, and jazz. I have a deep appreciation for philosophical perspectives and enjoy understanding different people's thoughts. Politically, I lean towards liberalism, and I'm passionate about


cutting-edge science.


I mostly work from home and prefer quieter, indoor activities. High fashion culture, especially avant-garde concepts, also fascinates me. I'd be delighted to learn about your background, so please feel free to reach out! I'm looking forward to getting to know you!


※My gender is fluid


why is she like this


she learned too much english chicken_nugger


it's over


imma message her Classical liberalism or leftism?


to upset her


what else should i put to unbalance her


maybe some quotes from actual lbierals






stop bothering good people


it's the weekend


go hang out with your friends


but that's what he's doing right now


this reads like the ken-sama copypasta chicken_nugger


but tanoc


you guys are my friendws


why are people like this Thespis



[URL] Anime New Type Vol.120 - E-Hentai Galleries


the new volume of newtype just came out




they've got some good articles about sasami-san@ganbaranai and vividred operation


dont take it the wrong way but i need to ask occasionally as a security precaution


are you a shitskin?


no chicken_nugger I am half asian half igbo


we have gone over this


we are the chosen people


@seen atlantic


Atlantic ([email protected].Sleeps) was last seen quitting for "Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in" on Mon April 4 14:54:15 2022 UTC ( days, 3 minutes ago)


well Thespis


as you can see






https://www.youtube.com/shorts/KdWreXFzKqw here chicken_nugger this could be you


[YouTube] The Hadza Tribe (01:01) by Raw Agent on 2023-03-03 - ↑1,507,577 ↓0 - 14,917 Comments, 24,110,951 Views.


but society made you an autistic it worker


can you believe it


asaffasf asfas saf asf asf


good virus


try again tanoc


maybe next time it will work


yes tanoc I am eating some paleo cookies I found at the store the other day


no Thespis


we're leaving this farce behind


I am well on my way to living in tune with nature like the hadza


we're going to africa


and hunting baboons with sticks




here you go


.yt clue speedrun


[YouTube] Clue Speedrun in 0:00.733 by Saradoc on 2016-06-09 - https://youtu.be/jpmR0oWvxkQ


https://live.fc2.com/74858630/ they're at it again chicken_nugger


[URL] 【フェラチオ】旦那のおちんぽ舐め【狼森うに/Vtuber】 [狼森うに] - FC2 Live Adult




dont you think this looks like a teacup on a saucer tanoc


it looks like a sunset chicken_nugger


uh is the one of the left the boy tanoc




it's her husband


you look like a fag tanoc


also it's on the right


that's not as good


im getting more and more pissed tanoc


im starting to overheat




simply relax


why must you be like this tanoc


holy shit fuck you


look chicken_nugger i'm sorry you were born in america and forced into autism


it could have been different


but it is not my fault


what if i was born in finlandistan


you would be even worse


leaving africa was a mistake chicken_nugger


yes but tanoc


do you bless the rains down in africa


man chicken_nugger I've been on hold for 3 hours




do you think hunter gatherers in tanzania have to deal with this


they all have cell phones now so I bet they do



Consider it noted.


quick Thespis


i'm going to bed


lets overwhelm rue with awful videos


about how china sucks


[YouTube] China: 5700 chip companies shut down in 2022/The fierce game of one lithography machine (20:52) by China Insights on 2023-02-22 - ↑4,332 ↓0 - 742 Comments, 237,222 Views.


Tanoc she's stucking his cock now


maybe it will drive him insane


its a good movie


yes Thespis


it's the ntrtuber


why are 630 people watching this


I see, she's the ntrtubre


that's right


here you go Thespis



[YouTube] How It's Actually Made - Soy Sauce (05:11) by Huggbees on 2021-01-13 - ↑59,758 ↓0 - 1,868 Comments, 1,887,010 Views.


no chicken_nugger I make my own soy sauce


3-4 times a day


it's plenty


kill yourself Thespis


I'll send you some if you want chicken_nugger


oh man its like i'm reading a book in my head


damn almost 700 now


she's very popular


sadly her youtube channel got banned during an office rp ntr setting where the chat was the bull


do people just go on facebook and tell all their bros ,,dude she's sucking his chinchin right now get on stream bro''


oh she ntrs her husband too huh


I'm not sure I can believe that, but it's possible


p based




lol did you guys see this https://original.kissu.moe/ec/res/11076




april fools?


[URL] /ec/ - New chatroom for Kissu's #ec Connected in relay to Sageru #vt


very nice




remember that time when i fell asleep in the break room and caused my professor to get a reputation as a ruthless slave driver despite me literally doing barely any work


send tanoc a bomb\


again tanoc


how many times do you think you can pull this stunt


do you think you are clever


as many times at it takes chicken_nugger




i hate tanoc so much its unreal


do you get severence pay if you get dropped from a p h d program


probably not considering i'm not employed


you should unionize


there is a union




chinese reaction images are psychotic


in what context would you even use this


no chicken_nugger they are just too intelligent 4 u to understand



here Thespis


where the fuck would you even use this


[Stream] アルス・アルマル -ars almal- 【にじさんじ】 has a scheduled stream in 10 minutes!!! - Stream title: #04【クライシス コア -ファイナルファンタジーVII- リユニオン】CHAPTER 6 【アルス・アルマル/にじさんじ】 - https://youtu.be/E4Q9wqp2n_g


the shark guy is smug over fucking up someone else's game chicken_nugger


man tanoc


i think im going to bring that girl on


why do you think chicken_nugger is always so mad at me Thespis


stone will have to translate


you probably use it when you go into an RP server on wow and make everyone break character




this shit's pretty simple chicken_nugger


you guys arent going to tell her that im a racist pedophile


will you??


just takes some basic empathy to understando


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


don't worry chicken_nugger she already knows


no Thespis ive been trying to drag her down to my level


linking 5chan stuff


and asking if she knwos hiroyuki


and she still hasent left so




it's time to go back to her house


its all so tiresome Thespis


here chicken_nugger i can give you some energy


theres no way to actually meet more girls and shes very mid


just close your eyes and open wide


are you going to tell me to close




man tanoc


tell me about hiroyuki


why don't you tell me about hiroyuki


he was recently on the news


why dont YOU tell me about hiroyuki


hiroyuki is a shitty fag


you fucking piece of shit


you should offer her your manergy next time she has malaise from her japanese starvation diet chicken_nugger



[URL] How Good Smile, a Major Toy Company, Kept 4chan Online | WIRED


have some hiroyuki news


no Thespis


i think im going to ask her if she has her school uniform still


since she went to hs in japan


and tell her to put it on and meet me


or not meet me again




it will be great


if she says it dosent fit or she dosent have it ill just ell her to come naked


thats fine too


she hasent seen all of my psychotic behavior yet




man Tanoc what does a student union even strike for




better school lunches? longer recess?


it's not a student union


although there's a separate student union


here Thespis


.g tieteentekijöiden liitto english


Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) - https://tieteentekijat.fi/en/home/ - ... University Teachers and Researchers in Finland (YLL). Established in 1997, Acatiimi is published in print 5–6 times a year. Acatiimi articles in English ...


Turun yliopiston tieteentekijät - TURTLE info in English - https://tieteentekijat.fi/lahiliitto/jasenyhdistykset/tyt/turtle-info-in-english/ - ... and the second largest member organization of the Finnish union of university researchers and teachers (FUURT) (in Finnish Tieteentekijöiden liitto).


Tervetuloa Turvaan Tieteentekijöiden liiton jäsen! | Turva - https://www.turva.fi/henkiloasiakkaat/ammattiliiton-jasen/tieteentekijoiden-liitto - Tiesitkö, että Tieteentekijöiden liitto on vakuuttanut jäsenensä Turvassa jäsenvakuutuksella, joka sisältää matkustajavakuutuksen ... Read more in english.


man Thespis


that bottle of wine was pretty neato


i guess i will shower




i see


[Stream] アルス・アルマル -ars almal- 【にじさんじ】 has gone live!!! - Stream title: #04【クライシス コア -ファイナルファンタジーVII- リユニオン】CHAPTER 6 【アルス・アルマル/にじさんじ】 - https://youtu.be/E4Q9wqp2n_g


what kind of wine








here you go Thespis


.yt mikakunin ed


[YouTube] Mikakunin de shinkoukei ending ed full - masshiro world by AnimeTuneWinter14A on 2014-02-19 - https://youtu.be/iMdDmPjThlc


great show chicken_nugger


i think we had this convo before Thespis


the premise was good


but they could have done much more with it


the execution was poor


good example of how a good production can hold up mediocre writing


it was great 7/10


the writer is a hack


why are all LN writers such awful hacks Thespis


they cant write a decent plot worth a shit


they don't need to


no man, its like you're actually here


most pulp novels from hte 60s and young adult shit from now are the same


they just don't have anime made out of them


here Thespis


.yt mr anime is planning something


[YouTube] Mr. Anime is planning something by Orishgam on 2020-12-07 - https://youtu.be/sQBKw1ENtCg


why must it rain for 3 Thespis


why dont you go to a doctor, instead of asking them about it


the weather man is a fucking liar


fuck everything


i am so ready to exercise though


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG7GtPf2vs4 here chicken_nugger it's out


[YouTube] 【Podcast】日本語勉強 for listening/文化, ことわざ, 会話, 漢字【radio for pre intermediate #learnjapanese】 (09:56) by わさび Japanese Teacher Vtuber on 2023-04-01 - ↑5 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 6 Views.


i want to kill -sz






get this


here you go tanoc


.g muslim megumin


Pin on anime muslim style - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/584131014148335557/ - Megumin hijab muslim style Anime Muslim, Hijab, Family Guy, Guys, Fictional Characters. More like this. Muin. 2 followers. Megumin hijab muslim style.


Megumin is a Muslim - 9GAG - https://9gag.com/gag/ajX7Z6G - 25 Mar 17. Megumin is a Muslim. GIF. 31 10 4 SHARE. Tags. Dark Humor. Advertisement. Comments. 4. Related. Loading...


Pin on anime muslim style - https://id.pinterest.com/pin/584131014148335557/ - Megumin hijab muslim style Anime Muslim, Hijab, Family Guy, Guys, Fictional Characters. Lainnya seperti ini. Muin. 2 pengikut. Megumin hijab muslim style.


4月 is also known as 卯月


it's because 卯の花s bloom in april


no tanoc


cute image n0s3y|afk


wtf is that kanji


it looks like 卵


but without dots


what the fuck


it's not my problem you don't know basic n1 kanji


2400 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers


are you even trying chicken_nugger


im not a DUMB GOOK Tanoc


go to stone






just do air squats chicken_nugger


Tanoc my friend


yes animu


please change my favorite vtuber




me irl



not cute


tanoc you can remove pippa from mine just leave sava


wow you're kinda fucked up irl marblesurf




this is me irl



very cute, Thespis






<Thespis> ryuuji.....


I understand what an oshi is now


[Stream] LucyPyre has gone live!!! (Playing: Just Chatting) - Stream title: i am a god. your thigh slaps mean NOTHING to me [THIGH SLAP REVIEW] - https://twitch.tv/lucypyre


^^^ NotSchizo ^^^


https://www.wired.com/story/4chan-good-smile/ do you think goodsmile putting $2.4 million into 4chan was a sound investment marblesurf Thespis cheek animu


[URL] How Good Smile, a Major Toy Company, Kept 4chan Online | WIRED


please share your thoughts


sounds fake


yes Tanoc a significant amount of their business outside nipponistan is directly or indirectly associated with 4chan


i don't know Thespis


Disney, the source said, had been unaware of Good Smile’s relationship with 4chan. After being alerted to those ties by WIRED, they said, Disney has opted not to renew its deal with Good Smile.


sounds pretty bad




even if people aren't actually in buyf/a/g threads the wider cultural influence of 4chan on the web probably has some influence on a lot of their sales


this is a very complicated case Tanoc, you know a lot of ins lot of outs, lot of what have yous


you need to go back to /pol/


do you think the threads were sponsored all along Thespis


i don't really see what goodsmile is getting in return for their investment considering 4chan is probably extremely unprofitable


no tanoc imma ask that girl to come meet me in her old hs uniform


it will be super funny




yeah 2.4m might have been a lot




why don't you ask her to come stab you in the neck


could also be money laundering


why would i do that Tanoc






it will be super funny


it could be like the school days ending


9/11 suggestion tanoc


I know some of the people who would make the threads of their own volition but I can see some posters being GSC employees




it's the election day tomorrow


are you excited chicken_nugger


what election day


funland parliamentary election day


you know what you get for being a communist




i'm sorry i voted for the left alliance murasa ;;;;


I want to see the russians take over and conquer all of the world.


please don't execute me ;;;;;;




are you going to vote from the rooftops?


no chicken_nugger i voted during advance voting already



[YouTube] Silver discovers broccoli..... (01:18) by LIR Clips on 2023-04-01 - ↑25 ↓0 - 0 Comments, 199 Views.


are americans really like this




kanata mindbreak doujins when




yes tanoc our civilization is so advanced we no longer need vegetables to survive


https://nhentai.net/g/436630/ here chicken_nugger it's the best i can do


[URL] Just a moment...


can't believe nobody has translated it yet


it's very meanspirited chicken_nugger you'd like it


wait tanoc isn't this the chick that bullied the other vtuber to suicide


over harry potter or something


look Thespis


nobody has killed themselves over harry potter


and in fact this is the vtuber who was bullied due to harry potter


that's not true


for playing harry potter


here Thespis i'm sure something will come up if i type this


.yt silvervale harry potter


[YouTube] Silvervale plays Hogwarts Legacy | Episode 1 by Silvervale's Twitch Archive on 2023-02-10 - https://youtu.be/DdqhzNZmcT0


.g harry potter suicide


Man Commits Suicide After Learning Harry Potter Spoiler? | Snopes ... - https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/potters-field/ - Jul 18, 2005 ... A rabid Harry Potter fan took his life yesterday after inadvertently learning a plot spoiler from the soon-to-be-released J.K. Rowling opus, " ...






Harry Potter Actors Who've Died - https://people.com/movies/harry-potter-actors-who-died/ - Mar 21, 2023 ... Troyer, who was 49 at the time, died from sequelae of alcohol intoxication, according to a press release obtained by PEOPLE from the Los Angeles ...


8 Harry Potter actors who have sadly passed away including the ... - https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/whats-on/film-news/8-harry-potter-actors-who-21097639 - Jul 21, 2021 ... Alan Rickman, who played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films, died aged 69 from cancer. Most Read. 1. Married at First Sight Australia.




remember when it was funny to yell snape kills dumbledore in lines for the new harry potter book


no i never went and bought the new harry potter book


fantasy is for girls


not bad tanoc


not good either but not bad


no chicken_nugger what do you mean


have you ever seen someone threaten to cum inside unless they get a condom out fast enough


and then they rip it apart accidentally


that's a unique plot device right there


that is pretty good


but theres too much dick in vagina etc


yeah that's kinda gay bro




there are alot of good mindbreak humiliation doujins which hardly have that


also I've seen that plot at least 4 times




then what about this Thespis


you know you have something special when it makes you go "what the fuck" but there hardly is any sex


cum in mouth but you're not allowed to swallow until he cums again or he'll do it inside


watch this


.danbooru uruha_rushia sex order:score


[Booru] [1/96] https://cdn.donmai.us/original/7e/61/7e618dfe6ccd9d357f8def7c0e701d33.jpg / https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/6085035 - Tags: 1boy 1girl ass_ripple blunt_bangs blush braid breasts butterfly_hair_ornament clenched_teeth clothing_aside feet_up folded full_nelson green_hair hair_ornament hetero long_hair


panties pa…


the best doujins tanoc are the ones that after you read them you go "what the fuck"


i'm pretty sure this should be it


sigh it wasn't


I think I've only seen that one once


pretty specific



[URL] uruha rushia (hololive) drawn by mamerakkkkko | Danbooru


what was the last doujin that made you go what the fuck tanoc


oh it's regular sex


I thought it was where she had to suck him off again without swallowing


I've seen this one before Tanoc




good artist


a lot of his stuff reminds me of asou



[YouTube] 【Inkya Impulse | インキャインパルス】Cover by Maria Marionette ft. Ike Eveland♡ NIJISANJI EN ♡ (04:38) by Maria Marionette 【NIJISANJI EN】 on 2023-04-01 - ↑22,701 ↓0 - 949 Comments, 8,148 Views.


here you go tanoc





Tanoc's fortune for the day: ""That hardly ever happens" is another way of saying, "It happens"." —Douglas Crockford


[Stream] fallenshadow has gone live!!! (Playing: Just Chatting) - Stream title: HEYYY BROS IT'S YOUR BOY. FIRST EVER STREAM! Come hang out at my debut ;) I'm playing fortnite with my harem later haha | !merch 🎀 vtuber! - https://twitch.tv/fallenshadow


^^^ Ella ^^^


Tanoc: Happy Victory Day!


i don't think that's today edelweiss


On April 1, 1939, Francoist Troops entered Madrid


what's with the spain obsession


i don't think they even like franco there though


Thousands of anarchists, communists, social democrats were execute d


at least stalin had some fans


Stalin was a pedophile, of course he has leftist fans - they're groomers too


no i mean like really old russians


I actually like Stalin because he killed gays, communists and Jews


look edelweiss


how about you start liking some nice social democrat instead


Why would I like crypto-commies? They belong in the ood chipper


how about roosevelt


he's a nice guy


The first social democrats were Marxist degenerates


He gave Stalin half of Europe, nice guy


He had a lot of Jewish NKVD spies in his inner circle


i see


that's crazy






Tanoc: There is one social democrat I do like though


im so fucking piss tanoc


Can you guess who he is?




Friedrich Ebert


isn't that a movie critic


No, he was the guy ent the Fredikorps to shoot Rosa Lux


That's the only social democrat I'll ever like


edelweiss my friend


stop consuming politics from the internet


ah yes the fredkorps


go out there and meet up with some actual nazis


fred's buds


this is ridiculous


.g ebert-gröner-pakt


Ebert–Groener pact - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebert%E2%80%93Groener_pact - On September 29, 1918, Ludendorff suddenly informed the civilian government that the Western Front could collapse at any moment and that a ceasefire had to be ...


LeMO Weimarer Republik - Revolution 1918/19 - Ebert-Groener-Pakt - https://www.dhm.de/lemo/kapitel/weimarer-republik/revolution-191819/ebert-groener-pakt.html - Ebert-Groener-Pakt ... Einen Tag nach der Abdankung von Kaiser Wilhelm II. kam es am 10. November 1918 zu einer Übereinkunft zwischen dem Sozialdemokraten ...


Ebert-Groener-Pakt – Wikipedia - https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebert-Groener-Pakt - Ebert-Groener-Pakt ... Von Seiten Eberts gedacht, um einen geordneten Übergang von der Monarchie zur Demokratie zu gewährleisten, führte er de facto zur blutigen ...


Tanoc: Republicans are consiered actual nazis and I have enough friends like that outside of the internet






<edelweiss> Tanoc: Republicans are [ul][/ul] actual nazis and I have enough friends like that outside of the internet




why is it so hot? ;~;


it's not that hot


imagine being friends with r*publiturds


bet they vote for drumpf


I bet you've voted for marin.


i did not


he voted for the commies who tried to overthrow Finnish Goverment in 1919




[Tarot] Five of Swords: This card represents selfishness, irrationality, and hostility. Five of Swords symbolizes Knowing when to bend the rules, and Refusing to go along with an unethical plan.




n0s3y|afk's fortune for the day: Do not judge a book by its movie.


hm ok.


I don't read books anyway.


@seen duds


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xe's soon coming back




<Tanoc> xe's soon coming [ul][/ul]


very true.




three times a day at least.


well i don't know


it's lent


you don't vote for a prime minister n0s3y|afk


of course you do


unless you live around where they do i guess




they have to be a member of the parliament




I intentionally said vote for instead of vote.


so if you don't vote them into the parliament


assuming vote for covers "in favor of".




they're not going to be prime minister




is that really true ..


I think he's trying to dox you tanoc


.g does the finnish prime minister need to be member of parliament


asking if you live in uhhhhhhhh


it's ok


Sanna Marin - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanna_Marin - Sanna Mirella Marin is a Finnish politician who has been serving as prime minister of Finland since 2019. A member of the Social Democratic Party of Finland ...


Paivi Rasanen: Finnish MP in Bible hate speech trial - BBC News - https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-60111140 - Jan 24, 2022 ... A former Finnish interior minister has gone on trial for hate speech against gay people, following comments which she says were based on the ...


Prime Minister of Finland - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Minister_of_Finland - If the second nominee also fails to gain an absolute majority, a third vote is held, in which any member of parliament can nominate a candidate; in this round a ...


.g where is sanna marin from


Sanna Marin - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanna_Marin - Sanna Mirella Marin is a Finnish politician who has been serving as prime minister of Finland since 2019. A member of the Social Democratic Party of Finland ...


Sanna Marin | Biography & Facts | Britannica - https://www.britannica.com/biography/Sanna-Marin - Sanna Marin, in full Sanna Mirella Marin, (born November 16, 1985, Helsinki, Finland), Finnish politician who was the youngest person to serve as prime ...


Sanna Marin: Finland prime minister who loves to party - BBC News - https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-50712230 - Aug 19, 2022 ... In more than two years as Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin has frequently been a target of criticism for her apparent love of partying.


chicken_nugger already sent all my info to everyone


.g finnish constitution full text


Finland's Constitution of 1999 with Amendments through 2011 - https://www.constituteproject.org/constitution/Finland_2011.pdf?lang=en - Apr 27, 2022 ... This complete constitution has been generated from excerpts of texts from the repository of the Comparative. Constitutions Project, and ...


she's running in the helsinki region


Constitution of Finland - Ministry of Justice - https://oikeusministerio.fi/en/constitution-of-finland - In Finland the Constitution is the basis of all legislation and exercise of government power. It details the fundamental rules, values and principles of ...


Constitution of Finland - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_of_Finland - The original Constitution Act was enacted in 1919, soon after Finland declared its independence in 1917. The current draft of the Constitution came into ...


asking if you live in pirkanmaa




i know this is the most retarded thing i've ever seen


god i wish notschizo was here


@seen notchizo


I have not seen notchizo


i don't think you get it


@seen notschizo


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