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tis the season

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Merry Christmas !

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File:00036-3979350744.png (2.48 MB,1152x1536)


Merry Kuonsmasu, Kissu!https://mega.nz/file/tWsk1QjA#KXanXmnr9xpkS-Dv-mg_7hq06LVkfS6ASGzIQfaL0T0

This year, let's wish for even more great years of funposting on kissu!


File:[DameDesuYo] Utawarerumono….jpg (251.02 KB,1920x1080)

WOW! Thank you!
Merry Christmas!
I was certainly not expecting anyone to go buy it and made that /jp/ thread as a joke. (You'll be able to earn some good points if you share the BD itself on AB or something, too, since people have been wanting both for about a year now)

Do I finish DT2-2 or interrupt it with this. Well, it's a "mini VN" so it's probably only a couple hours, but... hmmmm.. I have to bust out the OCR translation thing, but the font I saw on /jp/ there is normal and wouldn't have issues like the stylized Switch Nosuri game. What do do, what to do...

(And good work on the Kuon AI image, I still need to retrain both the Kuon and Utawarerumono style ones so an image like that isn't too hard to make)


>couple hours
Maybe an hour at most, it's really short. (But also untranslated so maybe more if you need to tl it.)


I figured it would be short, but not THAT short. They originally had a BD OVA planned but scrapped it so I was hoping for more VN content. Aquaplus really seems mismanaged sometimes and I think I said that recently, but I do like their stuff a lot!


Merry Christmas! I plan on watching all of my favorite animu Christmas episode specials starting with Kiss x Sis. Got my coffee brewed and ready to have a grand night. Ohohoh YEAH!


What do christmas cakes taste like and can you buy one like you buy candy from Japan??


What is the coffee flavor?


anonymous, human trafficking is bad


I almost always only drink just a standard medium roast with some extra thick creamy milk based creamer. I'm not really into all sorts of other flavors of coffee. I used to drink it black from time to time when I was younger and I also used buy some pumpkin spice almond creamer during the fall months when it was stocked in the stores near me. Didn't get any this year as I had to take a few months away from drinking coffee due to getting very sick. Once it started getting pretty cold at night and I finally had fully recovered from being seriously ill, I couldn't resist and had to make some. Luckily I haven't had any negative results from drinking it again other than running to the bathroom a few more times which is normal while drinking coffee.


love how dumb-dumb ai gets the simplest stuff wrong
it's snowing indoors


File:05217-1boy,__gloves,_lace,….png (1.08 MB,960x1248)

He probably didn't prompt snow there.
That's actually a specific strange interaction between multiple LORAs and my merge which is already prone to noise. I think I've talked about this somewhere before, but as it concerns SD (or at least my merge experiments) as you increase the amount of small detail you increase the likelihood that the detail will somehow get "corrupted" and morph into unintended larger objects. Sweat drops are the other common form.
Or not. This stuff is a big black box even for experts that have spent decades doing programming stuff so I'm just going by my own anecdotes with experimenting.
Generating images without errors (or cleaning them up afterwards) is too much work, anyway.


File:output.mp4 (3 MB,864x1152)

Dungeon Travelers 2-2 is taking longer than I thought to beat (which is awesome!) and my brain is focused on keeping its maps inside my brain, but I WILL read through this and make a thread for it with OCR stuff so non-Japanese readers like myself can also experience it without needing a gaming GPU setup.
I'll probably take over the Detective Nosuri thread since it's the same basic premise, although the font looks less stylistic this time so it should be far easier to do. (plus the text is in a single location)

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