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Providing a home to all the lost, carefree thoughts you might have.


America's Funniest Home Videos just isn't as good as I remember...


I threw a lot of stuff to the trash while cleaning up my room and now I'm regreting it. But why? I didn't even care about those things before.


It was a lot better before people could just upload all their funny videos to the internet. At this stage we're so over-exposed to the kind of content the series showcases that it has no real purpose anymore.


File:ImageGlass_2022-01-16_23-1….png (130.98 KB,460x366)

It's so easy to turn to spite when it does nothing but poison the feelings that led you there.


It's odd how prevalent the word sexy is even in environment with children or media for children, I think it might even be used in Shrek, I think somebody says something like 'I'm too sexy for my shirt'. If somebody put
'I'm too sexually attractive for my shirt' in a childrens' movie there would be an uproar, yet that is exactly what they are saying. The word Sexy even has the word sex in it, that should really alert people to what the word revolves around and why it should not be used as liberally as it is.


Spite is a natural consequence of dissatisfaction with the way something is going. On the one hand, I'd agree that negative emotions as such are very damaging, on the other hand, however, I think passivity represents an avenue for an opposing interest to railroad that of your own. It's very difficult to channel emotions like anger and disgust into something productive that does not contain those same elements. It takes someone of great willpower to ignore something that aggravates them and to instead produce something that illustrates the virtue of the interests. People just need to learn to take it easy.


It came out of the late-80s-early-2000s counterculture. Edgy humor was everywhere at the time, and it ended up trickling its way down into kids media. Things backed off a lot over the 2000s and 2010s, but you still see remnants of it like that.


File:725244f6d18ff613cc05b0a10b….png (41.8 KB,768x768)

That melancholy feeling when you remember a thread you want to reply to only to find that's it's long gone already... It hurts...


Out of all public servants, I think I like firefighters the best. Spaces agencies are cool too, I guess.


That's why you never let a reply wait, or else it'll happen for sure


There was a thread on /b/ where I did a ton of meta monologuing and it's GOOOOOOOONE.


File:1422848536368.jpg (146.63 KB,960x720)

Imagine a world where angry meta threads stayed up forever....


Not that kind of meta, you silly billy.


We should start spelling 'though' as 'tho' even in formal settings. It's spelled much closer to how its pronounced, and on a personal level I like how it kind of looks like middle-english.


I really dislike the American tendency to bastardise English.

It looks nothing like Middle English, though actually looks closer to that.


I just realized that I didn't know off the top of my head whether the green traffic light goes at the top and the red at the bottom or vice versa. I was able to guess it correctly after a bit of thought, but it still surprised me how little I could be aware of something I see practically every day.


interesting. what should we do about the words "thorough" and "throw" tho?


Throw is, IMO, fine as is, but you could probably turn it into thro. No clue what to do with thorough tho.


File:1555719061778.jpg (149.88 KB,716x541)

People talk about the dangers of climate change like having increasingly more dangerous natural disasters like flooding, or tornados, or hurricanes, and obviously droughts and heat, but something I rarely heard talked about -- that I think is far more significant -- is wet bulb temperature. At temperatures past 95F (35C) and greater than or equal to 95% relative humidity, humans literally cannot survive. Our bodies keep ourselves cool by sweating; as sweat evaporates off of our skin, it draws heat away and cools our skin. With high humidity, however, the danger is that it becomes impossible for sweating to adequately cool our skin, as the air is already holding as much moisture as is physically possible and so the sweat just stays on our skin, and no cooling effect happens, instead causing a person to get hotter and hotter until they die.

Drought, tornados, hurricanes, etc. sure they're bad, but it's not as if they're unsurvivable. Wet bulb temperature literally makes is so that the outdoors is unsurvivable and that people in affected areas would have to live indoors, which seems like a much bigger deal than just worrying about flooding or something.


Just don't go outside or maybe become nocturnal if it's such an issue. This is only an issue around the equator as well.

But related to climate change, apparently scientists are saying the doomsday ice sheet could disappear in 10 years and not 100 years like they initially thought.


you're telling me that Florida will disappear 90 years ahead of schedule?


Quick, start burning as much coal and gasoline and jet fuel as possible! If we're quick, the Floridians won't realize the state is sinking beneath the ocean, and they won't have any time to escape into other states!


Are NTR doujins ok, maybe even justifiable, when used in the case of herbivore harem protags that NEVER do anything with their girls?



No, Herbivores and Harems are not justifiable in the first place.


NTR is merely a vessel to express the maiden's corruption from a chaste shoujo to a slutty enkou. The justification doesn't matter as long as the maiden becomes a concubine.


What if it's the girl going to the clearly better support character?


they tend to make it so the support characters are morally worse people who treat her as an object and are jellous of the main male






Harems are their own justification.


File:GuP Miho and Maho 012.png (1.28 MB,1117x1429)

Love should only be between one girl and another girl.


I won't believe your lies, Satan!!!


cocks are weird. fleshy blood balloons. yuck.


File:ZZY 0539.jpg (862.43 KB,1598x2000)

Satan? There is nothing against love between girls in the bible.


I've been checking what the earnings are for artists on dlsite every now and then, and it makes me kind of sad seeing just how little most end up making. Now that I'm thinking about it... the main reason why artists stop making stuff is probably because they can't survive off of their art and give up on their dreams, is it?... ;_;


Yeah, I often see japanese artists talking about their financial troubles on twitter. Only a few of them can make more than livable wage.


I think the majority do it as a hobby or a bit of extra income and don't expect to live off it. I'm not even sure if ZUN lives on it.


I wonder what's going to happen to all the people who become youtubers, twitch streamers, and esports players once their channels die, or they get too old to play games at a high level.


How many people on Kissu are pro artist and novelist with good knowledge of RPGMaker/GameMaker/engine-of-choice? Truth is that to make games you need a team and money needs to be given to the people around you in exchange for their services. Only a slim number of people even have those small amount of skills, then if you actually want to make a GAME and not a walking simulator you also have to have great knowledge of your favourite engine and an idea of how to balance and test them.

People nay say culture they don't like because it doesn't appeal to them, but I think if they put in a little bit of effort into actually trying to make something of value they'll realize just how small they are in the face of the content-creators they hate.


but thinking about it perhaps that's why they complain about content creators. They've washed up on the shores so hard that they feel bitter and can only resort to going onto imageboards to hate the communities and creators of things they will never meassure up to


File:40f38fd5842fa14b66d3677eab….png (1.46 MB,1600x2400)

Going to be honest I have no idea what you mean by this




Here I was thinking this was a thread for carefree thoughts. Little did I know it was an inquisition.


thinking about eating a banana


File:13e601eaa7a412bd87dc026e25….jpg (433.87 KB,2481x2884)

Gold ship's butt


our opinions don't matter so we might as well say what we want


speak for yourself


In the English language, not getting to the top 3 of players of a game has another consequence than not being allowed on the winner's podium, one also has to share the same suffix with the other losers.


we say what want


If you go in assuming people want to start shit with you, it's going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


File:[Dekinai] ~ARIA~ The Natur….png (862.66 KB,960x720)


Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something crucial needed for living whole, and all my current pressing problems can probably all be linked back to this missing piece of the puzzle. I really want to figure out what it is I'm lacking.


Fat bastards are gross. I don't understand the appeal. Must be for Americans to self-insert, I guess.


File:95841925_p0.jpg (3.66 MB,2171x2940)

Pirates in the US are responsible for what Japanese artists draw and sell in their insular doujin circles? I'll try sending a long distance psychic message to a few artists so there's more idolmaster content at the next futaket. But I'm going to request they have American flags on their panties so you're too upset to masturbate


>American flags on their panties so you're too upset to masturbate
Heresy! Stripes are the definitive pantsu design!


It's so ugly and disgusting men in general can self insert or feel like if a girl likes a fat ugly disgusting man she might like a thin ugly disgusting man too.


I don't buy this rationale.


Well put it this way. If you were ugly or defective in some way and the male character in a doujin was handsome and fit you would probably think something like 'ohh well, he is handsome and fit and I'm not this could never happen to me'. But if you were ugly or even simply average and the male character was hideous and fat you would think 'hay, I'm actually as ugly or more attractive than this guy, that could be me'.


No, I understand that's what you think, but I mean I don't think that's the only reason. I'm sort of making a thread on this topic, but there's a lot of numbers to crunch.


i think there is just an inherent appeal to contrasts and the ugly ojisan highlights just how beautiful the joshi is


>I'm sort of making a thread on this topic
Not trying to be mean, but this really isn't topic that warrants its own thread.


absolutely make the thread


This is the reason for non-NTR. The effect is really pronounced in lolicon. Imageboards I think are too focused on "self-inserting" when porn is usually too short form to really do that.

In NTR its to make you hate the guy and humiliate the woman for cheating. Its the same reason xration doujins often have birth and physical corruption. Regardless im surprised to see 2D chitchat on a seasonal board.

I probably hate blonde tanned ikemen though.


While yes you could make the argument that some people would see it that way, many would not, many would see it as tarnishing the girl and would see the fat man as visually repulsive and so they would see the doujin as repulsive. Inherent is a strong word in this case and I think seeing it as repulsive is actually more likely so actually closer to being inherent.


>as tarnishing the girl
Thats the point in a lot of cases yes


Yes, and if anything that is inherently unappealing not appealing. Sure some people like it but I would wager most people don't.


File:Sabre 018.jpg (959.13 KB,800x1280)

I hate how modern society has ruined the Norse, they are pretty much a joke now. People make fun of depictions of vikings with horned helmets and say that is inaccurate but they don't seem to bat an eyelid at the tattoed, mowhawked, face pierced, weird leather outfit wearing modern depiction. We know what the Norse wore and it was not that, and the only discription of them with tatoos is a vague description of what might be tattoos or paint on the Rus(not the Norse themselves). But really if the Norse were tattoed we would know about it, the Saxons would have made sure of it as not only would it be unusual and noteworthy, tattos are shunned in the bible, they would have used that as ammunition against the Norse.

And also I hate how they larp as Norse Pagans now, they don't even know anything about the religion or people they claim to be adherents of. My brother is one such person, I asked him what the runes on his tattoo said, he had no idea, I asked him if he had read any of the sagas, he had not. It makes me not want to read about them more or anything like that because of the association they have with idiots now and because of how they have been ruined.


I don't think you know what "inherently" means.


File:donthink.png (1.26 MB,1920x1080)

>lost, carefree thoughts


Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's been a weird increase in conservative posts on kissu as of late. Like, just today I've seen at least two direct mentions of the bible.

It's not like it's unbearable or anything; it's still relatively infrequent, and compared to the stuff you see on other imageboards it's pretty mild. It's just kind of weird to see it on kissu, since people here usually try to avoid that sort of thing.

Or maybe I'm just crazy I don't know.


>Full Definition of inherent

>involved in the constitution or essential character of something
>belonging by nature or habit

I don't think you do...


I think it's much more likely you're just reading multiple posts from someone who has a more conservative viewpoint than people's political ideology changing.


Your definition only proved me right though?


That was my post you are referring too probably. I would not even call it a conservative post I was simply pointing out a metric that could be used to discuss what is taboo or not. I made no personal observations on it.


No it doesn't...

If something is believed to be unappealing by most people then clearly it is closer t what would be defined as Inherent(Intrinsic, belong to nature or habit etc) than something believed by a minority.


>This is the reason for non-NTR.
I don't understand what you mean by this.


Close to inherent =/= inherent.

Cancer is inherently bad. An unpopular fetish is merely unpopular.


>Inherent is a strong word in this case and I think seeing it as repulsive is actually more likely so actually closer to being inherent.
>and if anything

.... From the outset I was not making the case that seeing it as repulsive was inherent, only that it was closer to being so.


>Cancer is inherently bad.
Shut up... I like my cancer... cough cough cough.... COUGH COUGH... I'm fine... okay???


I meant in non-NTR, that the contrast is emphasized over humiliation and degradation


File:1451516688963.jpg (41.26 KB,704x398)

Sorry, I'm slow. Are you talking about non-NTR ugly bastard stuff? Otherwise, I really have no idea what you're talking about. If it's just a normal guy, I never give them any mind and just focus on the girl, so there's no point of contrast, at least as I understand it.

I feel I'm beyond my breadth with a lot of this stuff. I just meander through vanilla. All this talk of "contrast" or NTR for the sake of enjoying humiliation or corruption just comes across as a post-hoc rationalization for disgusting male chauvinism or woman hate to me.


Time to write post: a few minutes
Time to find the right image: hours


File:aec8d0f4890e143106f3415eaf….jpg (635.67 KB,1049x1571)

Yes, I was talking about non-NTR ugly bastard.

>All this talk of "contrast" or NTR for the sake of enjoying humiliation or corruption just comes across as a post-hoc rationalization for disgusting male chauvinism or woman hate to me.

I mean, I guess you could look at it like that, it really depends on how you look at the morality of more perverse pornography overall. It gets muddied morally with 2D because it's complete fiction rather than degrading a real woman but it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of fetishes based around negative emotions and perhaps more abstract ones were the results of psychological damage. I enjoy a lot of stuff that could be related to my "mommy issues" including contrast so it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of people who enjoy this sort of thing have issues with women.

It's interesting to think about.


Don't feel like this is always the case. Oftentimes I'll find myself with the idea for a post and then I'll think on it for a few days before the right wording comes to mind for it, since poor word choice can kill a post.


File:1468828857357.jpg (123.78 KB,683x501)


the grossness IS the appeal, gross things are also a little bit arousing.


Not to mention, when you're aroused your threshold for grossness goes up hence acts like rimming


Eugh yuck. Freaks...


I still find a lot of them deeply unpleasant, but I'm kind of warming up to invertebrates, specifically arthropods after learning about bees and larger spiders


My name sounds like a few others that I get mixed up with.


hey baby


I have an extremely common name, probably one of the most common where I live, so I hear people calling my name constantly, only for it to turn out that they're calling someone else with the same name.




File:[SallySubs] Aria the Origi….png (2.92 MB,1920x1080)

i want to take what i've learned and imbue it that much sooner


Always odd how when you think about it some of the biggest influences on young people's worldview and opinions come from streamers or social media figures. Wonder how that'll work out in the future.


Probably better than kids aspiring to be a coked up actor or celebrity or having self esteem issues from reading teen magazines.


People sure are negative around January. Some people are really prone to seasonal depression in the dormant season of winter and then it combines with the post-holiday depression that many people feel. It makes me think that the Western world really needs some kind of major holiday around this time of year


I wonder, at what point does maintaining an identity become pointless? what is the recourse for exposal?


I don't know what you mean. I don't try to maintain a false identity at all.


Also an easy time of year to be broke. Hourly workers have an income dip from days businesses are closed, people just spent money on presents and travel (in normal years, at least), and health insurance deductibles get reset.


So you go by your real name online?... I dunno that's too much for me. Every few years I swap online identities.


I thought you meant on Imageboards and were talking about a fake persona or something. I don't really have an online presence outside of imageboards, my Youtube is my real name but it's youtube, that's annoying but does not bother me too much as I don't make videos or anything. I don't have social media and even on Steam I don't have friends or anything(but of course I don't use my real name on steam).

Sometimes I think about creating a fake email and youtube account but I just have no reason too.


File:fe21449cfb8b81244c57397d70….jpg (143.67 KB,1158x1638)

2D really is magical. Girls who smoke are one of the ugliest things in the world, but when you make it 2D, it can look pretty cute. It gives them a laid back onee-san aura in way.


File:1545691110436.png (72.75 KB,328x404)

Does Vinland Saga count as a norse saga?


absolutely fiction that a cute girl smokes. They all look like hags by the time they're 30


I have multiple fake identities out of privacy concerns and paranoia. I sometimes wonder if the authorities think I'm doing illegal activities because of that and my common VPN usage. Not full investigations, but like on a watchlist.


No but I actually do like the costumes and artstyle, it's fairly good and true to what it should be in that regard, well there are some issues like steel limbed crossbows but they really quite minor. And of course it's media so they have people with two daggers and such, but visually, it's fine.

Having said that I still don't think the anime itself is that great but that's due to the protagonist.


There's something about this post that puts me off, but I'm not quite sure what it is.


don't worry, vpn is common to norms now with tons of youtubers take sponsorship from vpn companies, evading geoblock is a common non-privacy usage


When you find out what it is, please keep it to yourself.


I think about this a lot.


File:Kindle_2022-02-02_21-36-57.png (1.05 MB,833x1246)

aria makes you reflect.


offline statuses are kind of bothersome. sure, it's nice to avoid people, but at the same time it makes places seem dead even if every single person is in actuality still active but not participatory.


>but at the same time it makes places seem dead even if every single person is in actuality still active but not participatory
The reverse is a bigger issue, I'd say. For the most part, a community without new posts is dead regardless of how many people are technically 'active'. You see that a lot, for instance, with Discord servers, where a hundred members may be online but there never be any posts because none of them actually bother participating with that particular server.


The same could be said about just about any ancient culture - just look at how inaccurate any pop culture depiction of the Romans is, for instance. Pop culture aims to entertain people, not to educate them, and technical inaccuracies only affect enjoyment when people are aware of them. At any rate, it is easier to forgive with the Norse given just how damn little even historians know about them - for instance, as I understand, all the Norse mythology we have was only written down centuries after the religion died out so is heavily warped by the lens of Christianity, and is primarily from peripheral regions like Iceland even then, so what the average Norse person believed is anyone's guess now.


Yes but Pop Culture Romans actually look reasonably like Romans, it would be more like if a game about Rome had legionaries wearing leather tank tops, no shields and all wielding katanas, it would look wrong and break any semblance of immersion, you would know they are not Romans.

We actually do know what the Norse looked like to a reasonable degree, we know what they wore and what weapons and armour they used. We can be reasonably sure they did not have tattoos as well, as I said it's not mentioned and in this case it really would have been.

That part about religion is true, it was written by Snorri Sturluson who was born in 1179, Iceland was Christianised in 1000. So it's not completely removed but it is to a degree, his works are not that bastardised by Christianity either(some other Poems and such that you might hear about are though, like the one about Freya and the Dwarves). But yes, it's one guy writing after the fact and in one location. But it's the best we will ever have to go on.


I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't look like much, but in terms of culture 179 years is a pretty long time. To put it into reference, 179 years ago from today we were in the early Victorian era. You also have to remember that the sort of bookkeeping we have didn't really exist back then, so it was a lot easier for information to slip through the cracks.

Also, stop capitalizing random nouns. It's weird.


>Also, stop capitalizing random nouns. It's weird.
Maybe he's an Emily Dickinson fan?


That's just when Christianity became the religion of Iceland the nation, paganism didn't instantly die at that point and even many Christians still knew of these stories and even believed them. It's usually agreed by scholars that they do date from older times as well, because the poems themselves have many archaisms that don't make sense for a poem that came from the date they were written, like some poems have words that start with an R when in an older form they would have been VR until the V was dropped, yet the poems still treat it as if the words start with a V and rhyme based on that even though it no longer rhymes. There are other things like that that indicate that it was based on poems dated earlier than it was written.

So as I said, he is writing it after the fact but it's not completely made up or anything and it still is all there is to go on with things like that.


File:Touhou Yoshika 007.jpg (388.38 KB,1200x900)

I don't like the way pop culture treats zombies either, not that I like them I don't they are just lazy particularly in the way they are used.

But, they are frequently place in a modern setting and treated as something scientific. The problem is they are far from scientific, they are an affront to biochemistry and biology in general. If something is dead, it is dead, it cannot move or do anything. If the heart is not functioning it cannot supply oxygen to the brain or muscles, if the brain cannot get oxygen it cannot function, if the muscles cannot get oxygen they cannot function either, so how does the non functioning brain get the non functioning muscles to perform any action? It's not possible and the only way to explain that is with magic. There lies the nature of zombies, they are magical beings, they cannot be created by a virus or anything like that they can only be made through magic. So then if zombies exist then magic exist, all zombie media should be supernatural in nature but when it is set in the present it's not.


Science is indistinguishable from magic to most people.


Maybe, it could be that science is not real in the first place. 'Scientists' will tell us that Oxygen exist but have you ever actually seen Oxygen before?


File:Hydrophobia_in_rabies.web….webm (Spoiler Image,4.04 MB,640x480)

a behavior altering virus which makes the infected more aggressive and bite other animals/people and spread it further does exist

when you think about it rabies really sounds like a horrifying disease straight out of a horror movie, even if i can't find any instances of humans passing the disease by biting

it's also 100% fatal once symptoms start, thankfully cases are virtually nonexistent at least in the west


The problem with something like that is is requires the victim to survive, the victim can react to it and the person that bit them(he could kill them, alert authorities, isolate himself, etc), somebody with that virus would also target anybody else with hat virus so they cannot work in groups and they still require food to survive. So the disease would be difficult to spread, easy to react to, there would be no horde and anybody with it would die in not long anyway.


My biggest problem with the idea of a zombie outbreak is that they really wouldn't last forever. Far from it. In every depiction of zombies, the zombies only eat the non-infected and even if they are "undead" they still require food to survive, so all you'd have to do to survive an outbreak would be too wait in some same place for a few weeks until the zombies die if starvation. In my opinion, a story like that with self-limiting outbreaks would be much more interesting. It could set up a world where outbreaks are common, but not disastrous for humanity at large. Maybe humanity would develop into a nomadic society to prevent outbreaks by abandoning the infected and leaving them to themselves and so on. Modern zombie narratives are just as lifeless and repetitive as zombies are themselves I guess.


True, there are many practical considerations like that as well. I don't actually think they would be that difficult to put down, most countries have militaries after all. They would probably not be hard to defend against even without a military, zombies would almost be a civil engineering problem rather than a martial one. It would just involve strengthening ground level doors and building ditches and canals and walls. Even actually killing them might be done in a construction like manor with road rollers and bulldozers.


Reading about rabies horrified me the first time I truly comprehended the words I was seeing.
I would go up and touch and interact with so many random animals as a kid I'm lucky I never got punished for my ignorance.

It's eradication would be one of the most noble goals humanity could ever unite for.


Read a saying about the gulags that made me chuckle:
"Three inmates meet inside a gulag.

The first one says: “I’m here for supporting comrade Kuznetsov.”
The second one replies: “That can’t be right: I’m here for opposing comrade Kuznetsov!”
The third one exclaims: “I’m comrade Kuznetsov!”"


I havent checked my pixiv following tabs in a couple days and I know its gonna be like 200 pages.. ugh.


Really feeling this. Every little thing seems to be ticking me off... At the same time there's nothing particularly that's been keeping me preoccupied because my depressive episodes seem to make me disinterested in anything that I would typically enjoy.



File:smokers.webm (2.8 MB,640x360)


worrying about this sort of thing is poisonous. let your content drive interaction and hope others realize the same


Due to annoying and complicated reasons, I have not checked mine in over a year.... Once I move out and get a new PC I am just going to start my collection all over again at this point.


File:94460810_p0.png (1.57 MB,1849x2437)

I think I've made more posts with vtubers in them than most here. But to be honest, almost all my knowledge of them is through osmosis from the boards and IRCs I frequent and I rarely will ever watch a stream from one. If I do I tune in for like 5 minutes before getting bored just to see why someone posted a stream. The art and funny things people create around them is more interesting/entertaining than they are. Also in terms of the reaction people have to them being posted, it's a whole lot more entertaining to see and I can't help myself but poke at it when I can. Although discussing them in-depth is too boring for me to engage in, so I mostly ignore it when I see it. Am I a bad poster, kissu?




Well you don't actually watch it, so then I don't think you are.


That's a textbook definition of trolling.


Same, minus the part about posting them to get a reaction out of people. I'm guessing the same is probably true about Azur Lane, Blue Origin, and other gacha as well in that people like the designs and really don't care about the source material. I know I'm that way. I definitely don't feel like I'm losing out for being a "secondary" for gacha of all things, and neither really for vtubers. Most streams are honestly pretty boring. If I wanted to watch someone play something I would watch someone I find entertaining (and more competent at the games they play).


I think the hostility towards vtubers and certain gacha is from a negative reputation their followers have and aside from the big stuff like Naruto and SAO it is unfashionable to admit this anymore so people make up reasons to dislike things they're indifferent towards.
Like have you noticed if its not FGO or Azur Lane nobody really has an issue with it. But they shit on the medium to not come off as hypocrite.
I will never play gacha because I get addicted to games of chance easily but Blue Archive almost grabbed me by the dick to do so


For me at least that has nothing to do with it, I hated them long before I saw much about the fanbase at all, indeed I still don't interact with them much, I don't use 4chan. But also how a fanbase acts or how big it is does not affect my opinion of the media itself, I actually don't mind Naruto(It has it's problems but it's not actually that bad) and I used to play FGO.


File:82c2bd39bff6f67bb6a6c96c0a….jpg (2.85 MB,991x1500)

I will never forgive the diabolical people who decided that bytes need to be in units of 1000 like metric. They must pay.


Why is that a bad thing? Metric is the best way to do things.


File:5690b09f6a064bdd040d1da8b0….jpg (486.93 KB,1254x1565)

Metric is based on the power of 10 counting for the use of base 10 system, which is nothing special except that human beings have 10 fingers. The number of divisors on the other hand doesn't depend on the number base and is actually beneficial.
Bases with high amount of divisors arrive naturally in cultures because they're more convenient for dividing numbers in different ways. 2, 6, 12, 60, 120, 360 are mathematically the numbers with most divisor compared to their size (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superior_highly_composite_number). If we are used to these bases instead, there is only gain and no loss compared to base 10.


Because computer systems are base 2, so naturally the units should be in units of 1024, instead of 1000 as with metric. Marketers especially are guilty of redefining <prefix>bytes as being metric instead of binary and so sell less storage capacity than they otherwise should. Likewise, marketers equate bits and bytes to their advantage as well, which is similarly dishonest seeing as a bit is one eight of a byte.


Don't worry, this isn't the first time a vtuber poster admits to being a malicious low-tier troll with no interest in discussion. Thanks for helping make this site more and more like 4chan.


I think you are misintepreting what they're saying.
Also, your image of 4chan is outdated.


Nah, I'm pretty sure posting things you don't care about with the sole intent to make others mad is the most low-effort kind of trolling. And then of course someone inevitably tells me to ignore things I don't like, as if every imageboard should be like 4chan where you need to wade through a sea of shit, and you should be afraid of expressing negative opinions because that's just going to lead to more trolling. Am I asking for too much when I just expect people to post in good faith? I guess I am.


Posting things you don't care about with the sole intent to make others mad can be very, very high-effort. Derailing-ten-threads-at-once levels of effort.
>you should be afraid of expressing negative opinions because that's just going to lead to more trolling.
Where'd this come from? I mean, I know from where, but you really seem to be mixing things up. There's two previous replies that are very clearly negative and nobody has any problem with them.


is it just me or is the person who's making the site more like 4chan, the person who's trying to drag is into a tribal "we're against this thing because we're angry that X exists"


>Where'd this come from?
Literally from the post I quoted, where he says his motivation for posting vtubers is seeing the reactions and he doesn't care about discussing them?


Nobody said anything about not posting negative opinions.


fuck negative opinions. the internet has enough of them


It's the underlying message behind "don't feed the troll".


Not vtuber Anon, but I did not enjoy the higurashi spam and yet said nothing. it continued everyday until they got bored. this mentality is unsustainable.


Nobody said that either, though.
Okay, >>929 did say to not post negative opinions.
ps: I'm not the guy that said you misunderstood it, 'cause you didn't.


am I missunderstanding, but do you think that anyone who posts about a topic you don't like(perhaps using language don't like) is trolling and trying to make you angry?


If the above is true, then I would have to say that you are actually the 4chan poster here and the others are simply doing what they like. Imagining demons out of snowmen is rather petty.


I like making the pop noise


You're misunderstanding because I don't need to assume intentions when they admit it themselves, as in >>882 or >>>/secret/1496. Does this mean all vtuber posters are like that? Of course not, but it's the only specific topic for which there is good reason to believe at least some of the posts are made in bad faith.


So you want me to ban everyone who talks about vtubers because you're not able to tell the difference between sincerity and irony?


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (74.94 KB,1280x720)

The carefree thought rate of this thread is about 10%.
You guys gotta take it easy


>>937 (cont)
Frankly it would be much easier to deal with vtubers if your irk were removed because then the peolpe who genuinely like the topic would be able to quickly oust the people they see as fakers and we'd have a much more efficient system, but I gotta cater to people who would rather live in their tribe of "we hate 3d girl using 2d avatar"


Where exactly did I say any of that? Are you talking out of your ass again? I'm just lamenting the fact that there's more and more of these shitty trolls. I don't want anyone to do anything about it, except maybe get them to reflect a bit on their behavior and realize they're not much different from those retards we had at 4/qa/.


I'm telling you to learn to tell the difference sincerity and irony or fuck off


Trolling and irony are not the same thing. Learn English.


last warning


You're an idiot. >>>/qa/83684 was derailed by people complaining about vtubers. It had nothing to do with making a thread for the express purpose of starting a flame war.


But they said they liked the designs and even partake in the ribbing of it themselves.

I used to be strongly against vtubers because of the English speaking fans of hololive, but then I remembered that I was a part of disliked followings back in the day with things like Cookie☆Kiss (dismissed as secondary cancer), Mecha (dismissed as a toy commercial), Idols (pretty similar to the ire vtubers face, actually, seen as a plastic ad for 3D and other media with a cancerous following, it took Cinderella Girls being a really good anime to become somewhat accepted.)

Basically, live and let live, nobody is forcing you to interact with vtuber threads.


But Cinderella Girls was a huge disappointment compared to the original [email protected] anime.


For [email protected] fans. The general audience seemed to like CG more than 765.


I would consider myself part of the "general audience". CG characters just felt really flat. At least there were some good designs.


File:1538938294887.png (66.51 KB,571x312)


File:1636889231928.jpg (131.22 KB,1280x720)



File:1617174290714.jpg (270.51 KB,1318x2039)

Make no mistake, I do care about vtuber art, as it can be very high quality or the images spawned off them can serve many purposes. But simply having knowledge of the source of the character in the image sends some people into a rage, and it's quite annoying when you're not even talking about them yet people go off on a tangent because you posted a nice image that happened to contain them. When confronted with that kind of turbo-autism, I can't help myself but poke at it since it's an annoyance to myself, but a source of entertainment if I was intentionally trying to get a rise out of another.


I hate secondaries of all kinds, even secondaries of things I hate.


File:1635867223958.jpg (39.35 KB,618x386)

You are silly.


File:94459896.gif (156.27 KB,400x400)

What do you suggest I do about it then, watch vtubers?


File:Kagura 059.jpg (41.86 KB,640x480)

I'm not silly, you are. How could I complain about secondaries of things I like if I don't complain about secondaries of things I don't like as well? I would be a hypocrite.

Either watch them or don't post them.


File:1617404247008.jpg (235.07 KB,1285x1500)

And if I were to refuse? Would you take up arms to defend the honor of vtubers?


File:164391705968.png (1.34 MB,990x1400)

Does anyone else find it weird/disrespectful/morbid that Pharaohs dead bodies are in museums, publicly displayed? It doesnt feel right to me


Yes. It's kind of the opposite of what they would have wanted when they were being buried really. I can understand the need to analyse them for archaeological purposes but they don't need to be displayed for that.

Something else that I find weird is how some Christian churches have bits of skeletons in altars that they worship. If archaeologists looking at them 3000 years in the future could only go on material relics and not written ones they would probably think that Christians were a death cult, wearing the object that your prophet was killed on around your necks does not help with this either.


would much rather see mokoubutt displayed publicly in a museum


>If archaeologists looking at them 3000 years in the future
What's weirder to me is to contemplate just got much information from now will be lost 3000 years from now. Digital information is going to be especially vulnerable to loss as compared to physical records. On the other hand, "digital archeologist" is a pretty cool title.


File:St._Yves.JPG (99.35 KB,964x810)

they're called relics, and it's mainly a catholic/orthodox tradition

I think they're pretty cool from a mystical point of view, wish my local church had relics of a saint so I could get a +5 to divine protection after attending mass

also you don't worship them you venerate them


Waking up past noon feels really bad for some reason


>it's mainly a catholic/orthodox tradition
I curious if it's actually a Roman or more broadly an Indo-European thing. It doesn't really strike me as Semitic tradition, I don't think Jews or more specifically Muslims/Near-Eastern Traditions really have practices of this sort, do they?
It's remarkable how much of the Church traditions and practices, especially on the local level would have pagan roots.


I don't see why relic veneration specifically would have pagan roots.

Veneration of items associated with Christ such as the true cross are old as the church itself and this is basically an extension of this.


> are old as the church itself
That's sorta related to what I'm saying. The early Church more or less operated as one of the many mystery cults that were spread across the Roman Empire. And as a consequence of it's history with Rome, many Church traditions have pagan origins. Despite technically being a theological off shoot of the Judaism it's often useful to see Christianity as one of the many cults that were present in Rome that just so happened to be particular insistent about there being only one god.


Did not consider that, probably because whenever I think of pagan influences I always think of germanic/slavic/celtic folk traditions that were incorporated into Christianity later on


Wonder if the famous "Jill Sandwich" line in the first Resident Evil means it has more vore art than average. Not going to look it up


It's kind of weird how phones stop getting updates after a years, whereas you could have the most piece of crap PC from 2007 and it'd somehow still be getting driver updates with Windows. Just weird to think about how disposable we treat phones yet PCs follow a completely different standard.


I don't think firmware for devices changes radically. I would be expensive to keep remaking the controller behind a programmable clock radio so everything gets reused


Because large and often important enterprises dont typically use the same phones for 15+ years.


pretty sure older hardware doesn't get driver updates, i believe what you're thinking of is how you can theoretically still have a modern OS that's up to date and not a security liability on a decade+ old hardware while android devices stop getting OS updates on average after like two years

as far as my limited understanding goes the technical reason for this lies in the CPU architecture, a x86 OS is capable of being booted off any x86 CPU while ARM architecture requires the OS to be specifically tailored to the specific device in question meaning you're entirely on depended on hardware manufacturers and it's obviously not in their financial interest to keep pushing new updates for "older" devices


Also people who develop the *nix OSes tend to be running toasters themselves


No, I'm pretty sure I've seen stuff like Ethernet and wifi cards that are like 10+ years old having recent driver updates. Obviously something like a mouse won't really be getting any because it's a one and done deal. So, it depends what it is.


don't think that really factors into anything you can run windows 10 on a pentium 4 and the reason why you can do that is the x86 architecture and not because the windows devs specifically made it compatible with pentium 4 or anything, wish someone more knowledgeable would explain why x86 is "one size fits all" like that while ARM isn't

drivers are usually provided by the hardware manufacturers, there's really no incentive for them to release new drivers for old hardware


>there's really no incentive for them to release new drivers for old hardware
It's not as if they're releasing updates every month it something. It's usually like an update every 3-5 years randomly.


I like to ride my car at 2000 rpm


File:1644555219527.jpg (121.19 KB,1280x720)

You know what?

I'm just going to pretend I got isekai'd. I'm going to pretend my life already ended, that I was a salaryman or college student or something and got hit by a truck. My original world was a foreign and completely different, alien even. So it doesn't matter what I do or how I do it, this is already the afterlife and game over. I don't owe anything to anyone since this isn't my world anyways. Yep.


There is that thought experiment called Boltzmann brain which says that we might not have actually previously existed in this world and that we might have appearer in this moment with the memories that we have that cause us to think we have lived the life we have. So according to this we could have been isekai'd into this world at any moment and just think that we were born here.


it's hard to learn if you forget!


Unless there's a fallout-like apocalypse I dont think there's gonna be another dark age situation. The good part of the current geopolitical situation is that countries and cultures more or less have a safety net.


>I always think of germanic/slavic/celtic folk traditions that were incorporated into Christianity later onwere incorporated into Christianity later on
Just came across this video today and while he isn't covering Roman traditions and their influence on Christianity, he is making an argument, that if true, could be used to show how European Pagan religious beliefs influenced the Christian conception of the Holy Trinity.
This is tangential to what we're talking specifically talking about but does help to show how intertwined Christianity is with European Pagan beliefs even on a theological level.


I'm starting to get sick of seeing so many video embeds >:(


what’s wrong with videos?


Given >>856 it seems more plausible that in this particular instance the influence was the other way around, with our knowledge of Norse religion being distorted by Christian influences.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (418.9 KB,1920x1080)

I'm not that guy, but I think part of the reason is when it's a narrator guy giving his opinion while people here are more interested in hearing the opinions of people here. It could also be a basic culture clash where people used to reading articles or .edu blogs struggle to adapt to youtubers (this is me).
Free thoughts thread, so I have a free thought. Sometimes I feel annoyed by video (including anime) because I'm forced to receive information at the rate the person is speaking. When it's text I can absorb information at my desired pace, but with videos I'm stuck following theirs. This has always been a huge plus to me in video games. This can make a 40 hour VN seem faster paced to me than 3 hour anime series.


File:d90c605e65f53863af9b75e786….jpg (294.65 KB,1000x1000)

I've generally found videos, particularly ones made by "youtubers" to be often a lot clearer and less dense in their message than most written texts. This may detract from some of the details but the meaning is often more clear when forced in audio/video form and molded by the pressures of the market. I'm personally adverse to writing and like when i can supplement my opinions with more "human" elements, whether it be through voice or visuals.
Also my opinions, especially from topics outside my focus, on more academic subjects are mostly formed through others work and I prefer to present their work over just my opinions on it. It's often too hard to rummage through my lecture notes and equally as hard to find the right articles as those often require more specific knowledge of not just the subject but who wrote about the subject. Videos especially from youtube are often the most readily accessible and quality solution.


>I'm not that guy, but I think part of the reason is when it's a narrator guy giving his opinion while people here are more interested in hearing the opinions of people here.
Basically this. I feel like there's only four sites that matter anymore: Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. Everything else is just reposting and commenting on content from them. I don't even dislike any of those sites that much (besides Twitter), I just wish that other websites would be willing to have their own cultures again.

You're confusing accessibility and marketability with informativeness and quality. Being
>forced in audio/video form and molded by the pressures of the market
encourages the writer to put entertainment value first and content second. It also allows them to get lazy, falling back on the voiceover and editing to distract from the fact that they aren't actually saying anything of much value.

Don't get me wrong, I like YouTube opinion pieces. But if I want to get informed on a topic, I'm usually going to opt for something written like a blog or a book.


File:[Commie] Bishounen Tanteid….jpg (641.42 KB,1920x1080)

Had a normal sleep and woke up at a normal time for normal people today while my sleep schedule bounces around and despite having been told that having a normal sleep schedule leads to a healthy life all the time, I woke up and even to now I feel extremely aggravated and unwilling to do anything or be social at all. I wish there were a way to avoid these kinds of days where I'm just going to be in a bad mood no matter what. How does kissu deal with things when having one of these days?


I agree.

Maybe, the problem I have with Youtube is that you really have to take everything with a grain of salt, because they really are just the opinions of random people so there is a lot of misinformation on the platform. They also love clickbait and will make misleading videos to cater towards a broad(but ignorant) market rather than to tell truths or educate.


File:d324ed325089715169008ca38a….jpg (1.44 MB,1600x1407)

flaxseed oil is overpoweringly nutty for my japanese noodle

they removed dislikes which made it much harder to find good contents unless you already know the good channels beforehand. nevertheless it's still better than other major platforms which formats are totally unfit to convey anything meaningful


File:98876f6a3ff1d6582bc182ff47….jpg (86.47 KB,1280x720)

I rarely feel bad about what I do in video games but like the legion endgame in New Vegas where you're talking to the NCR General, or like Civ when you are warmongering and talking to the leader before conquering their last city, really gives me a bad feeling.

A man facing the inevitability of defeat and death but still trying to fight or bargain anyway is a truly hideous situation to witness.


File:DRXZ2524.PNG.png (784.32 KB,1280x720)

I like how Twitter has become extremely polemic just by existing, the reactions to it and people who use it kinda remind me how deeply /b/ used to be hated.


Is it just me, or have kissu posts been getting longer as of late?


File:1444382411719.png (293.68 KB,480x480)

Soon we'll be able to fill entire journals with individual kissu posts. All according to plan.


and that's a bad thing


File:96225078_p9.jpg (947.43 KB,1118x1980)

I think it's a little strange that so many people limit their interest to just a single body type. I personally love flat chested lolis, plump milfs, and everything in between. Even androgynous boys.


File:0b694f1275178e06b8716502c0….png (482.62 KB,739x989)

>I think it's a little strange that so many people limit their interest to just a single body type.


very sexy woman


I think one of my problems with youtube embeds is that youtube thumbnails are cancer.


wish medicine could be like tums or lactaid and just not taste horrible.


File:1520555362343.png (49.46 KB,243x113)

a certain online chatroom is a veritable treasure trove for awful words, phrases and people. It's giving me quite the ample source for finding words to filter as well as a deserving population to pester.

also, people like to say that english doesn't have a good enough variety of offensive words, but I think that place provides an ample number on a regular basis. to that end, it's also clearly true that the words themselves don't matter as much as how unlikeable the person saying them is being.


File:88631b8020816ce15d6179c595….jpg (374.68 KB,1024x768)

Hate cars. Hate driving. Hate other people on the road. Hate car infrastructure. Hate suburbanization. Hate unwalkable cities because of cars and wide streets. Hate how anxiety inducing it all is.

But, you know what? Driving at night with a good album playing is pretty fun.


Yeah, I know exactly how you feel friend. My town is very pedestrian hostile and disquieting from all the traffic as well.

Driving is a bit like being a tourist; it's only really fun when not too many other people are around you doing it.


Every time I see a 1:1 image, I think to myself, "isn't that a little too tall to be square?" I guess having looked at so much 4:3 stuff has solidified 4:3 as being more square than a square to me!


Same, but I would rather drive than live in a city.


I like the city :(


Well I don't! It's loud, ugly, cramped and full of people, many of whom are poor. I don't see anything good about them. Well maybe Zoos and historical buildings and museums.


I think it looks pretty. And there's always lots of stuff to do.


I like Nanachi, even the versions of Nanachi with a dick and huge fuzzy balls.


I think "just get over it" is kind of lousy advice. Nothing ever gets done that way.


it's hard to tell where the line between navel gazing and reflection lies at times.


I didn't know that women died their hair until I was 16 or 17. It seems silly but I always thought that the girls in my class naturally had the hair colour they did but then one day a girl talked about how she had just been to the hair dresser to re dye it and I remember being horrified, like I had been lied to my whole life and that these girls were fake. And then it only got worse when they got fake tans for formal. I never talked to them again after that, I'm still scared I think.


File:03108321_zi.jpg (179.81 KB,1760x2040)

I had only ever seen these from afar and didn't realize what they were. I thought this thing was for cutting eyelashes or something. Turns out it's to curl them. Beauty and fashion stuff sure is weird.


It's kind of neat how although no one works language exists, each language implements punctuation largely the same way every other language does.


>no one works
This is true, but I don't know how your employment status relates to written language


Sigh... Meant to type "world".


I feel like a good chunk of the people who say they like RMS only know him as a /g/ meme. Not to get political, I don't think most of the guys who signed the RMS support letter would have done so if they knew how progressive his views are.


On a similar note, Terry Davis was a programming savant and rightfully hated federal agents but because he was a fucking boomer he called them "niggers" and this is what he's mostly known for. Tragic.


Progressive in the literal sense. He wants radical change to the way businesses operate. I would not call him a person who seeks for individuals to have power over business, he still strongly opts for them to thrive, just with his set of beliefs.

Not that he matters anymore in the academic sphere anyways. Defending him is "soft" defending sex trafficking.

Linus is more interesting as a philosopher/group-organizer

Hoe lee, you can call him a savant but he was very mentally ill and his point of view


There is no such thing as progressive in a literal sense as the very notion of progress is subjective.


You can disagree with people on some things and agree on others. I have had this discussion about RMS and this is usually the outcome


well, I mean that as in the literal sense that an American news watcher/political person would read it. Progressive to them would mean a anarchist with left economic principles, but Stalman is a right libertarian. This is why /g/ goes for him, because they believe that by forcing everything to be open source it will solve the problems of them not making enough money.


Cont) Basically, Stallman's talk about government spies and non-free software is more of an attack on large entities than it is about creating a society where marginalized will not be preyed upon by industry


I miss playing illusion games


>but Stalman is a right libertarian
A quick visit to his personal site will prove you quite wrong.


I'm not going on that poorly designed website though so if you want to continue you'd have to provide me with some proof of your claim like what I did in my post which started this chain


If you can't be bothered to acquire information when told exactly where to find it, I'm not going to be bothered to spoonfeed it to you.

Aside from that, I don't want to bring up overtly political content directly on kissu.


no, you're missunderstanding how argumentation works. You make a claim and you back it up with something factual. We can't just claim things without statement. I stated that Stalman's beliefs are more close to a person who looks for economic freedom and pointed out his discussion on IoT as lacking any major statement about government regulation of software, a very economic libertarian position.


I had always assumed that and the Steam man were the same person.

Right and left is almost meaningless at this point particularly in the way it's used. For example, if you were to use that common chart with up being authoritarian, bottom being lawless, right being free market and left being market control, then the Nazi party and the Soviets would fall into the exact same place, top left.


I'm using it not in reference to the political meme compass, but a way to express a certain common set of political beliefs held by entrepreneurial Americans


Dont be so cynical. A lot of /g/ and related communities strongly believe in the cause of freedom


As the poster who commented on me stated out that my idea of progressive was subjective, the idea of freedom is subjective.


File:[SubsPlease] Show by Rock!….jpg (175.46 KB,1280x720)

I don't get it. OP asked for "carefree thoughts" and you guys can't shut up about religion and politics- the most non-carefree things in the known universe


If Stallman was actually smart he would be a youtube video essayist making videos about how deep childrens cartoons are


They have not made a good game sense Battle Rapper 2.


I really like dairy stuff (aside from milk itself, which I find gross), but I'm lactose intolerant. It's not fair...


Sometimes I think of old posts of mine that are relevant but never post them because I don't have the temperament to endorse myself in that way.


Why the HELL does youtube decide to pause while I'm listening to a music playlist just because I haven't looked at the tab in a while. Yes, I want to keep listening, no I don't want you fucking asking.


Noticed this happening too. How annoying.


File:74c71f2cf345899bbb0919aafb….png (709.63 KB,601x676)

Wish I was good at cooking.


I cant believe im nostalgic for playing 3DCG2 and Rapperlay and downloading mods from Hongfire.

And some of their newer stuff is OK with a shitload of mods, they're the Bethesda of H-Games


sometimes I put my bluetooth headphones on and wear them for half an hour or more without realizing I need to turn them on because I haven't tried listening to anything.


I find it weird that people associate postironic humor with gen-z. I've always seen it more as an edgy right-wing millennial thing. A lot of it came out of trolls in the late 2000s and early 2010s (Sam Hyde is probably the most famous example) before spreading elsewhere.


I wonder why some Japanese porn artists go out of their way to censor more than the bare minimum that is required to avoid getting caught by the m*nko police.


File:[HorribleSubs] Slow Start ….jpg (77.41 KB,441x578)

Sometimes I dislike having the memory of an elephant because I will always remember the inconsequential stuff that annoys me no matter what.


Cats do this thing where they seemingly state at nothing. What do they see?


File:__wakasagihime_touhou_draw….jpg (3.66 MB,2700x3600)

The local sushi chain used to have an anime girl mascot, but at some point they stopped using her and now their restaurants look like your average western "omakase" place.

I think the mascot made them stand out in a good way, but I guess people are not ready yet to eat cream cheese spicy mayo crab stick avocado rolls while sitting next to a huge 2000's anime girl mural.


How complex or "good" is music you hear in your dreams, and how skilled are you with music? I wonder how strong the correlation is.


Zero and zero.


i have found myself a precognitive genius in my dreams


I don't play any instruments, but I've dreamed complete songs with a verse/chorus structure, creative key changes, and lyrics I could remember when I woke up. The melodies are usually pretty straightforward, but very atmospheric. Makes me wish I knew music notation to write them down.
It happens more often when I've been listening to music a lot, but there seems to be no correlation between the style of the dream songs and the music I listened to.


As a complete non-musician, I can't recall ever having heard music in my dreams before at all (and that's despite often having had quite vivid dreams), and searching through my old dream log with >500 recorded doesn't look to return any results either. I could imagine myself having had a dream involving an instrument, or where there was a band in it or something like that, but even if I have I don't expect there was any proper music as such beyond maybe a brief moment of focus on that aspect. All that being said though, there have been a few times that I have woken up with a song stuck in my head (particularly one I had listened to before going to sleep) and had the impression that my preceding dream had in some way been inspired by the song, but still not in the sense of my dream self having actually heard it as such.


I think this has nothing to do with whether you can play instruments, more likely it's the ability to playback and create music in your head.
I can always improvise new songs with full arrangement in my head but I think the ones from when fully or half asleep are more creative than anything created awake


It's incredibly strange to think that germ theory wasn't thought up until the mid 1800s. Obviously people understood that illnesses could pass between people and things like that, but it just seems strange that concepts like sanitation just... didn't exist, outside of the obvious things like a natural desire not to be covered in dirt and grime.


its way cooler if you pretend the thoughts are carefree


What a lame excuse.


File:[Pizza] Do it Yourself!! -….jpg (419.24 KB,1920x1080)

I'm not saying this out of bitterness or resentment towards people younger than me, but as I look at the custom AI stuff people are making I am overwhelmed by the number of gacha and vtubers. There really is a generational change in the girls that interest dorks and it's a strange feeling. It also really makes me feel my age.
It goes like:
anime character from 10-30 years ago (these guys are cool)
video game character
recent anime character


File:desune.png (502.53 KB,825x791)


Gacha games and V tubers are always relevant and always receiving new content so they retain discussion and interest in them. Fate Grand Order has been getting huge amounts or art made for it for a long time.


I meant huge amounts of art not or art.


Check your pixels for rectangularness.


So... was Do It Yourself about childhood depression?


File:1671586374950991.png (820.66 KB,842x736)

I'm always alone, but I don't feel lonely.


fumos with fingers are cursed


I get irrationally emotional about ridiculous things, it seems to come in waves as well. I think it has something to do with my OCD which is heavily effected by emotion and how I am feeling so if I am in a bad mood something ridiculous gets me emotional and that starts a negative feedback loop.

But today that ridiculous thing was Youtube videos where people say that Avatar the Last Airbender is well written or does x the best. It gets me incredibly angry for some reason and I feel they are wrong and that somebody needs to say they are wrong and I need to make a lengthy post in the comment section and then I feel that would not be enough so I would have to reply to other peoples posts that agree with him and say they are wrong but then they were made years ago and I think it's silly to bother people who made those posts years ago and it would not even do anything and I don't know why I care so much anyway people can like what they like.
It's frustrating.


>seems to come in waves as well.
like... once a month? tehe <*;P


File:c101 franchises chart 1671….jpg (293.32 KB,624x687)

It's not just custom AI stuff, there are similar trends in Japan if you look at Comiket, Twitter, Pixiv...

Personally I find it sad. Otaku culture used to be more grassroots, doujin franchises like Touhou or R07's works tended to occupy a more prominent place... but nowadays the popularity of corporate gacha and vtubers eclipse everything else.


To be fair, most of it is just porn. The music and non-h doujin crowd is still fairly spread out between IPs. As is some of the more out there fetish stuff


I've never understood how people fail at things like diets. Just don't do the thing you said you wouldn't.


Diets and trying to abstain from physical things like that are failed because of addiction


Been up for 2 and a half days
I wonder if I'm having a bipolar episode


eating disorders go beyond habbit and are often coping mechanisms for trauma. So someone will say they want to diet because they have a bad body image, but when they start to diet they lose their coping mechanism for dealing with the stress of having a bad body image.


"Oh, you think this infantile thing is for kids? Well here are some inappropriate moments or hidden references in it to prove its maturity, I'm not missing the point here about it having no depth or thought at all guys, IT'S NOT FOR KIDS GUYS EVEN IF THE CREATORS SAID IT IS!!!!!!!!!"


I wish criticizing something as being "for kids" wasn't synonymous with lack of depth or thought. It conflates criticism of the context of the experience with criticism of its quality which misses the point, and it sucks that things aimed at kids are expected to be lower quality. They deserve better. Maybe I'm just being semantic.


hate it when you find a video about a complicated topic you're interested in, but the discussion is all introductory history and why the topic is important in society.


I think it's a sign of overall ageism, which is a really big problem in the West, especially in the English speaking world. We think of kids as braindead retards, confusing ignorance and immaturity for idiocy, and our children's media reflects that.


I think the idea is that depth is wasted on children


It doesn't matter, children dont want to watch age appropiate stuff


I think part of it is because many of those shows are aired on state broadcasting channels and many are also funded in part by government organisations. So they have that Government media feeling. As opposed to anime which starts as a Manga written by an individual and published in a magazine as a commercial product and is then made into an anime that is also a commercial product.

I think some western cartoons do this too, like the comic book hero ones.


>Factorio raises prices but will never offer rebates
> Game promising never DLC puts out DLC
heckin love the gaym industry


File:1541902544376.jpg (8.57 KB,321x157)

>Who are you quoting?


File:60992656_p0.png (1.8 MB,1440x1440)

Tipping is considered extremely rude in Japan. So I find it weird that Skeb made it so that you can't give artists feedback without also tipping them a minimum of 50 yen.


If Pikmin were a real organism, would the different colors be considered seperate species or subspecies?


it would be a sentient plant


My gut instinct is different species in the same genus, but it's kind of hard to say. Part of what confuses things is that they reproduce asexually, but in a way that, to my knowledge, no species on earth does, so a lot of the typical distinctions people use don't really apply.


My sister can read Japanese, and I'm jealous of her. Growing up she was serious about it in a way that I just wasn't, and now the distance between us is really daunting.


You could start learning and maybe ask her to help


I'm not so sure they're asexual, the onions have a flower on top. The onions could be like ant queens and reproduce sexually and just store the other onion's pollen for a long time.

How are new onions created?

Sorry if I missed some lore, I only played the first two games.




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