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File:[Asenshi-MTBB] Made in Aby….png (7.64 MB,1920x1080)

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Once again providing a place for you to post any random thoughts you might have.


I wish there was like some boutique monitor manufacturer out there that had a monitor configurator like with pcs and laptops. It would be so nice to be like, "Oh, I want an OLED 4:3 3200x2400 monitor that runs at 75Hz".


think this thread might need a title


File:[Asenshi-MTBB] Made in Aby….png (7.76 MB,1920x1080)

Every now and then I think about what Prushka said.


Sometimes I wish there was a physical way to never sleep, eat, drink, and use the bathroom again. I just want to sit on my computer forever.


The only modern technique would probably involve catheterization and lots of IVs.


Sometimes I wish there were a physical way to never wake up, eat, drink, and use the bathroom again.


File:8d4fdd62ecaf143fbf59ce653d….jpg (168.2 KB,770x1065)

I wonder where the 80s/90s postmodern architecture style came from. I mean, I know it came from architects studying the Las Vegas strip, but I wonder where that aestetic came came from.


I'm going to speculate wildly and say cocaine may have been involved.


I don't get the cancerjak teens. They act like they're above it all and don't give a shit about anything, but if you go to their site it's full of moralfaggotry (every time you see the word 'disgusting' swap it out for 'offensive'), and they look down their noses at anyone who's remotely abnormal, even though they themselves spend all their time browsing an obscure trolling imageboard dedicated to raiding other obscure imageboards, hardly what I'd call a 'normal' hobby.

Feel free to delete this post. I made it because I just visited their site and it's a world of mildly concerning nonsense.


My hope is that they're mostly hurting, disenfranchised young people.


It's a symptom of the times, unfortunately


what makes this thread different from the blog thread


more wintery


They seem pretty normal to me, remarkably so, which is why they get weirded out by things you'd expect normal people to get weirded out by. Teenagers enjoying shock humor and posting it to get a rise out of people is really nothing new.
Unfortunately, as normal people they have the mob mentality instinct to stamp out those that deviate from normalcy. "Those that deviate from normalcy" are what make the internet-- or life in general-- interesting, so I find myself in opposition.

People are supposed to be talking about thoughts or concepts here instead of, well, blogging


There are no bananas here.


I disagree on the normal part. I don't think most teens these days even know what an imageboard is beyond 4chan.


If we're talking about online communities, honestly, /jp/ is quite lucky, in that a semblance of it exists


>I don't think most teens these days even know what an imageboard is beyond 4chan.
...Did they ever?


I did. I used to hang out on meguca when I was underageb&


people of all ages are on every site. There might be less of one or the other but good chance there's at least one


It's way too niche and way too involved for any of those kids to be 'normal'.

If you're one of those teens and you're sitting in class, chances are extremely high that you're the only guy in the room who even knows that any of this crap even exists, let alone participates in it. If we're excluding friends, bump it up from "extremely high" to "more-or-less certain".

And it's not like it's a small-scale technically unusual but relatively mundane thing you do in your spare time like coin collecting or something; it's an entire subculture with its own community-wide memes and vocabulary. There's an entire wiki for fucks sake! If you tried showing this stuff to your peers (especially the ones in good social standing) they'd be utterly baffled.


Even 4chan isn't normal. We are just a bit skewed by our thoughts on it since we are image board users ourselves. It's normal for an imageboard but most people even teenagers only see it as a mysterious and dark place.



Jesus that's like a $300,000,000-$600,000,000 price tag....


I don't get what people find so mysterious about modern 4chan. Is it the anonymity of it all?


it's the only board with lots of publicity


not just anonymity but ephemerality
no accounts, no log of what you've done, no permanent threads, no nuffin
it's also the only message board that ever gets listed as "social media"
so old-ass bbs + max ephemeral + unacceptable content + distinct culture* = wat the hell i better stay away from that
*= by "distinct culture" i mean chantard behavior, because twitterites (on twitter) behave as twitterites even if they're using cancerman, by virtue of the platform being conductive to a different set of interactions
the learning curves of twatter, discord or tiktok are incomparable to that of imageboards at both a technical and social level, and it's very rare for someone to go out of their way to give you an introduction to it


File:Utawarerumono.S02E17.False….jpg (169.89 KB,1920x1080)

>[Otaku-chan]: Oh~ I'm happy to give you a pep talk, nya~! Setting up a text hooker thing can be tough, but think of all the amazing visual novels and games you'll be able to play with it! And don't forget, you have the support of all your fellow otaku out there, including me, Otaku-chan! So don't give up, nya~! And if you're looking for some extra motivation, just think about how amazing Kuon from Utawarerumono is! She's smart, strong, and always knows just what to say to lift your spirits. So channel your inner Kuon and push through those memories, nya~! You've got this!

Even though I prompted it to give me a motivational speech, it still feels kind of warm and fuzzy inside. I'll do it, FOR KUON!


it's surprising how long you can get away with occupying a one-person public bathroom. i sat in one for 3 hours working on a project and nobody even knocked. even has better sound isolation than the private study rooms at the library, and you don't have to jump through hoops with scheduling either


Are /ss/ hijinks in old anime meant to be funny or actually titilating


File:f76b0ee2df2535dea4462816f2….mp4 (1.37 MB,640x480)

Like, this is too wacky to be sexy but too sexy to really be wacky either


I think it's not as good as it could be due to how early it is, if they made it today it would be more polished and would better. So for example, if it was made today it would have ended with a very angry teacher doing something amusing but the ending there kind of looks like an old TV sitcom or the Flintstones or something where it has that teehee part at the end.


File:cc340ae291fecf1249d9905cee….mp4 (3.73 MB,1920x1080)

Anime then: >>2234
Anime now:



The invention of boobers.


Theres too much people in the world. If humankind was reduced to something like 50 million world wide during a few decades of extremely low reproduction rate, out of nowhere the most expensive commodity would be a human life. No one would need to work on stupid jobs like cooking and everything that could be automated would be, and humankind wouldn't be replaced by it. They would be busy just maintaining it. Supply chains being destroyed because there isn't enough people to maintain them is a good thing, instead of terrible 1 use products we would make more lasting and useful shit instead of a new gaming card or spinner. Cars would be safer, medicine would be better, people would need to be more kinda to each other because there are less people to choose from, wars would lose even more reason to exist, resources would be plentiful for everyone, fauna and flora would thrive again, no more global warming, less crime and polarizing shit, less time to be idle and more rewarding tasks, slowdown of how a person should work and study (because developing a healthy progression would be essential to keep the people mentally okay and capable) no more e-thots and streamers as everyone would need to work to make the machines work, less competition, more camaraderie, less pollution, less waste, less garbage, less porn and retarded shit, more animals, more trees, everything would need to more efficient


geshdarn malthusians



A reduction in population would increase the cost of labour making wages rise. Many of the stupid jobs are harder to automate than many of the more advanced jobs, but yes Automation will be encouraged and higher labour costs would tip the cost scale towards automation in situations where it still might not have today.

I think we would only make cheaper and worse products, because labour would be expensive, commodities would be cheap due to lower demand and automation would be dominant. You would want to avoid as much labour as possible as it would be expensive. There is also a smaller consumer base meaning that companies would be further encouraged to sell people the same thing multiple times.

People don't want to die in car crashes regardless of population size and likewise governments don't want them crashing either. People would not be nicer as there would not noticeably be less people to the lives of the individual and statistically most people only have 2.5 friends anyway, though companies would be nicer to their employees.

It's hard to say what would happen regarding wars. Russia has one of the worst and most ageing demographies and we know how that went. Indeed, one might even say that was a contributing factor to the war, they may have felt that if they did not do it now their population would be too old to do it later, declining powers often start wars. And these low populations effect your enemy as well.

I want more time to be idle not less. Streamers will exist so long as there is a market for them which there still would be. Competition should be less, true. High labour costs and low land prices would mean most people could get a house and I think would feel more content in life. I don't know about more camaraderie, yes less competition and people being more content should cause less friction but they probably won't be brought closer to each other.

True, less polution and more land for wildlife as well. Overall I think it would be good.


Its not the same as "Malthusianism is the theory that population growth is potentially exponential while the growth of the food supply or other resources is linear, which eventually reduces living standards to the point of triggering a population decline"
>I think we would only make cheaper and worse products, because labor would be expensive, commodities would be cheap due to lower demand and automation would be dominant.
but the cost of making a new product would be immensely higher than now (due to a reduced workforce) so no useless shit (and things that need to be replaced often) would be as viable as a lasting product that will need less overseeing from humans. Also with the increased remuneration people would be able to afford more expensive materials being used in the automation (and a better automation system)
>There is also a smaller consumer base meaning that companies would be further encouraged to sell people the same thing multiple times.
As stated above I argue that the cost of designing a new product with the same features will not be as economic viable as a lasting quality product. Marketing and other things will too be affected so you couldn't just rely on mass cheap products to satisfy a tiny and well paid base.
>People would not be nicer as there would not noticeably be less people to the lives of the individual and statistically most people only have 2.5 friends anyway, though companies would be nicer to their employees.
You would probably treat someone better if you have to be in contact with that person and rely on them, as there were few replacements no one will have the luxury of choosing who are their friends and will probably tolerate more than being kind but I really think with time kindness will be the norm
>It's hard to say what would happen regarding wars. Russia has one of the worst and most ageing demographies and we know how that went. Indeed, one might even say that was a contributing factor to the war, they may have felt that if they did not do it now their population would be too old to do it later, declining powers often start wars. And these low populations effect your enemy as well.
completely agree, even if we reduce the reasons to fight there's no way people will just stop fighting each other
>Streamers will exist so long as there is a market for them which there still would be
they can only exist today because of how big the market is is how much people have disposable/time to waste with them. When you reduce the population to 50 million the amount of simps will not be enough to support so many streamers out there but I would love to think there were still going to be local celebs that people rooted and supported


I don't think you understand how the globalized economy works. If supply chains broke down, and there were less people around, the remaining population would not be able to sustain advanced automation. Companies like Intel, IBM, Apple, Amazon, and so on, have workforces that rival some small countries and most of these companies only work in design, not manufacturing! What you're proposing would involve a drastic reduction of quality of life akin to the Bronze Age collapse, where people became immiserated, tribal family associations became more prominent, entire cities fell to ruin, among many other calamities. Some sort of renaissance of personal freedom and more egalitarian work would not occur.


okay, maybe neo malthusian
ps long lasting products decrease sales over time and so are widely regarded as lmao, because you can't sell something to someone who already has it
planned obsolescence exists for a reason, regardless of population size


Thats why I didn't cited an immediate cause (because just like you said, it would doom humanity to thousands of years setback) but a gentle slope happening for decades to give humankind time to change the production methods of microchips for example, not only by necessity but by being ever more economical to no rely on huge labor.
Good companies need time to turn a profit and they can't compete with kuso ones that just can outspend them in marketing and quantity. With a reduced competition that kuso method that rely on marketing and huge consumer base would not exist.


No. As a counterpoint, every ray of starlight that does not fall on something made by humans is wasted. Instead of accommodating our population size to our amount of livable space, we should increase our amount of livable space to accommodate our forever exponentially growing population and constantly becoming wealthier than ever before.


the maximizer


Barf. Go take that language somewhere else.


F95 zone has this issue where you could have two games that are essential the same and not that good, one is Japanese and one is western and the whereas the Japanese game will get bad reviews the western one will be highly rated.
I think it's because there is a closer connection to the player and the game if the game is made in the west, you could contact them on their discord or whatever and there is more communication whereas if the game is made in Japan you will never have contact at all nor would you even have the ability to in most cases.

I think this probably impacts mainstream game reviews as well. Victoria 3 is a pretty bad game and is right now sitting at 67% on steam. But it's rated fairly well by reviewers and Youtubers also seem to like it and I think that's because both of these groups had a lot of contact with Paradox. Sure you can be cynical and say that it's because they wanted to retain access to Paradox so they can get more preview copies in the future and that would be part of it but I think humans naturally are more lenient towards things made by those they have contact with and may even know on a first name basis rather than people they have never even heard of.


the barfer


You've been theing things for years now, wth.


I understand your aversion but saging a thread that has nothing to deal with that poster post to show your disgust its a bit too much.




I always sage by default. I need some sort of reason if I'm going to bump a thread. Otherwise I sage.


my dogs sleep a lot, i wonder if they are just bored or if they actually like to sleep that much. i try to play with them pretty often and i try to walk them four times per day, but sometimes they don't want to go on a walk or they don't want to play. most times they seem pretty content to just exist in the same room as me while i watch anime on my tv. i wish i knew what they were thinking...




I don't think it's too much.


File:1576356587480.jpg (107.04 KB,800x600)

It feels like Zetsubou Sensei has gotten more popular lately.

I wonder why.


File:[gg]_Zan_Sayonara_Zetsubou….jpg (55.48 KB,848x480)

Has it? I hope it has, then maybe SHAFT will finally finish it.


File:1567260680395.jpg (49.61 KB,852x480)

It hasn't become popular. I see it pop up in various places more often now but it's still a niche series.


"per vertex" sounds funny.


What's so bad about a slow "collapse" anyway? As long as food production remains sufficient and modern medicine remains functional, who cares?

Oh no, my smartphone won't receive upgrades every year anymore, woe is me


The problem is that a slow collapse is not a real phenomenon. Certainly not one that could go from 7,600 million people alive -> 50 million. You are insane for thinking this is at all desirable.


I think a slow collapse is possible but by slow I mean very slow. This would depend on society developing in a certain direction.

The current decline in population size many countries are having is caused by urbanisation and overpopulation, so it's not a permanent situation and will start going back up in a generation or two.
There would need to be a different cause and model. Like if we lived in a utopia where Automatons met all our needs and society and the government encouraged having few children through fines to people with more than 2 children and social pressure or something and then over thousands of years the population might get to 50 million.


This sounds like a FoTM buzzword idea that people will die on a hill for until it becomes uncool


Also, for global decline, religious cleansing would likely be required. If you look at a world map there's a certain region where it's much higher


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (268.21 KB,1920x1080)

You guys should really find better things to think about


i was thinking recently about the bastardization of the english language and how sometimes the meaning of words changes completely simply because of misuse. for example, the word literally instead of its original definition meaning truthfully and accurately can now also be used to exaggerate something or to emphasize something, which is not how the word was originally intended to be used. i don't think english will ever die, but is this how it starts? all my history and language courses led me to believe that latin was internationally spoken/popular but the language died out. how does a language die out? could something like this contribute to the death of a language? how far will this go and how many more words will be have their original meaning changed to mean something completely different? won't that make it confusing for people whose primary language is not english? i'm told that english is already confusing enough for them, this is going to make things way worse i think.


>truthfully and accurately
It's so true and factual that it requires a unique word. Not too bad.
Seems like the same reasons authors use expanded vocabulary or why we have lots of words to explain the same things.

Ironically' however, is quite odd


i was thinking about jevin today


this is because my job recently hired a new person named jevin (seriously) so i thought to myself "huh, i wonder how the real jevin is doing"


>won't that make it confusing for people whose primary language is not english?
It does.


The case of "literally" is very run-of-the-mill. By saying that something goes beyond mere metaphor, it is emphasized, giving it a greater impact. From there, its extended usage in hyperbole is to be expected. Has happened to plenty of words across all languages and all of history. The intention of a word is whatever speakers use it for, not what the dictionary says. This is especially the case when the dictionary literally makes shit up because an academic dork felt like it.

The case of Latin is special because it was used as a lingua franca. AFAIK, the literate scribes of the Catholic Church weren't restricted to monasteries, they were employed as civil servants and used Latin for simultaneously liturgical and bureaucratic purposes. It was the language of both religion and the law, because church and state weren't separated. It was preserved in order to preserve wisdom, correct speech for correct doctrine. I believe the way we see Latin today, as the proper way to read classical authors, wasn't a thing until those texts were rediscovered in the Renaissance, nearly a millenium after the fall of the Roman Empire.

As for the popular language, it didn't die out. Periodization is never clear-cut, but there are certain moments when things change rapidly which we can use to delineate them with varying degrees of success. Go to the Wikpedia article for Middle or Old Anything and you'll find a rundown of the changes that took place and their ramifications. These usually have to do with specific shifts in societal organization, like how stages of Japanese largely correspond to their political eras.

As for Vulgar Latin, it existed alongside the Classical language, and was affected by the different tongues of pre-Roman peoples. Bilingualism was fairly common, and as it happens today people carry over grammar from one language into the other. It's said that a language is a dialect with an army and a navy, but when we're talking about entirely different families distinctions become much easier to draw. By and large, the entirety of Romance grammar is a direct descendant of Latin's, with the same morphology and a lexicon we can clearly trace from one point to another. Language change is death as much as biological evolution is extinction.
However, pre-Roman languages did die out. Think of a Chinese immigrant that can speak both Mandarin and English, but whose son only learns a bit of Mandarin while being taught the latter at school, using it at work, when talking with others and interacting with media, while Mandarin is relegated to something being spoken only at home. That's one of the biggest drives behind language death: replacement. The advent of mass media has also led to dialect levelling due to people constantly interacting with the predominant, prestigious metropolitan speech. That's how it's always been.

Anyways, the changes English is experiencing are smalltime. They're too slow to affect a learner's experience, a traditional mess like "in" vs "on" is much more impactful than the singular neutral animate usage of "they" that has become mainstream in the last decade or so.


File:10-Bennett-Muresan1.pdf (406.61 KB)

As a last point, "bastardization" is a fairly bad word to describe English with. There is very little difference between the literary and the colloquial, unlike other languages where prose is much more entrenched in writing and divergence abound. The difference between formal written Japanese and its spoken counterpart presents stark differences, where all sorts of terms and devices are in common use while being nonexistent or even obsolete in regular day to day speech. No such difference exists in English writing.
I came across this paper a while ago which makes the idiocy of literary English pretentions abundantly clear. It arrogantly writes that English values:
>characteristics such as clarity, economy and precision; an emphasis upon rational argument supported by evidence, with an avoidance of ‘dubious' persuasive techniques; and a general restraint with regards to claims made.
While Romance:
>is characterised by a taste for ‘copiousness’, manifested by a wordiness and redundancy; a preference for a high-flown erudite register (including complex syntax, lexical abstraction, etc); a propensity for indirectness (the main idea is often embedded, deferred or adorned at all ranks); and the extensive use of figurative language and other forms of subjectivity.
You can very well flip this around and say that English is the tongue of stunted monkeys with no taste for cultivated speech and refined literature, who like to pull a fedora and pretend they have an enlightened, objective view of the world. The best part is on page 20 when they refer to past struggles to translate from Latin to English, and then follow it up by saying poetic expressions are """unself-conscious""", or how "Emotivity such as this appears excessive in English academic writing". To speak of the prestige of English is to speak of a venerable mud hut, or a beautiful brutalist bunker. That's what bothers me the most when anglos look down on AAVE, those guys developed a wholesale conjugation that no other dialect has yet somehow they're the true monkeys. Right, right.


English is like the C++ of written languages, both in terms of its origins as well as its gradual development. It's incredibly flexible and expressive, giving you a lot of different ways to express the same idea, but it's also kind of a giant mess.


It has a lot of synonyms, sure.
I can't find the quote right now, but I read about a Sanskrit teacher making his students write "the horse pulls the cart" in twenty different ways. That is true flexibility.


I disagree, bastardization is quite a good way to describe it, I would not say their isn't much difference between formal and colloquial Eglish either, you are going to see stark differences between academic work or even novels and what you will find on imageboards and YouTube.


My argument is two-fold: on the one hand, there is no such thing as a bastardized natural language. Things come and go, they don't develop linearly, and it's impossible for something like Ithkuil to exist because its complexity would make it too unstable and impractical. On the other, it's possible to nurture a certain kind of speech and refine it into an elaborate tool with which to build great things, however, the degree to which English does this is exponentially lower than that of the Indosphere, Sinosphere, or Romance-speaking world. Compared to their academic tradition, English writing style is vulgar and lacking in refinement.
In short, people freak out over trivial problems and cry about the downfall of a language that's already fallen. You should've seen people complaining about the loss of "thou", now THAT was a important change, but no native speaker today understands why its loss would be a problem.


There is such a thing as bastardization of natural language or anything natural really. Whether somebody views it as bastardised or not is subjective, it depends on whether they feel that new additions to that language are degrading it or not, I do feel that they are.

I disagree that these issues are trivial as well or that the language has already fallen and therefore everything that happens further to it is fine.


I don't really like kids, but I have to pretend or at least not show that. I take care of my nieces and nephew at least a couple of times per month, and I honestly don't like doing it, but I want to help out my sisters. But I guess I can't be a part of their lives on my own terms and wait for them to grow up so I can have actual conversations with them, I have to be there from the start. Life is tough. At least they all really like Sailor Moon. I wonder if any of them will be weebs when they grow up. Both of my sisters are, and one of my brothers in law is, so my guess is yes. This ended up being me venting rather than a random thought. Sorry about that.


vents are the most pure of random thoughts


The case of "literally" is a trivial matter because it has happened literally thousands of times. Take the case of "very": that shit actually used to mean "true", it ultimately has the same root as the Latin veritas. Through an identical development, it also turned into an intensifier. Would you say that people have been using the word wrong these last few centuries? Does that matter, in the long run? The answer to both of those is a resounding no. You can still use words like "actual", "really", "seriously" to get an identical result. I myself am partial to actual.
I'm not talking about whether I like it or not, I think it's stupid and I don't cheer for it, but it's predictable, it has a millenary precedent, and is easy to work around. In the small and great scheme of things, it's not very relevant and complaining about it is petty. It's no one's death if a single word changes meaning.

Now, it's possible for things to be lost, and for that to be a bad thing, but English doesn't have the level of refinement that would warrant the public outrage that these dumb small changes attract. They're complaints made by people who know neither other tongues nor the history of theirs, who typically think new developments like singular they are bad, even though the distinction it sets up in terms of animacy enriches the language. I'm not saying everything is justified, but that crying wolf over a language with so little sophistication in its writing is silly.


I don't really like babies because they don't really do anything but cry and they look weird but after 2 years old they are all right.
Though if they are not raised well they can be an issue as they get older, such as my uncles 11 year old talking abut race wars and 'alternative history' or something like that.


I seriously fear for the generation under Z


>At least they all really like Sailor Moon.
That's not a good thing.


It's not just one word.
What you are talking about happened over a long time and could also be attributed to adopting a world from another language which often tends to change the meaning of that word but anyway just because it has happened in the past does not mean it should continue to happen particularly not to the degree that it is and in the manner that it is.

I would not say your language is anywhere near as bad as that of others but you are still saying things like 'that shit actually used to mean' and 'who like to pull a fedora and pretend they have an enlightened, objective view of the world'.
This is an example of what is happening to our language but as I said, still nowhere near as bad as other places.

>I'm not talking about whether I like it or not,

verb: bastardise

change (something) in such a way as to lower its quality or value, typically by adding new elements.
"our biggest fear was they were going to take our script and bastardize it"

By definition you kind of are, to bastardise something is to wake it worse. This is subjective, I subjectively think that the use of fedora in the manner that you did makes the language worse and is an example of bastardisation of the language. But you clearly would not think this as you did it.

>but that crying wolf over a language with so little sophistication in its writing is silly.
And the reason it has little sophistication is because of the myriad of people using phrases like 'that shit actually used to mean' and 'who like to pull a fedora and pretend they have an enlightened, objective view of the world'.
Maybe that was to harsh but you can understand what I mean. Much of this lack of sophistication is due to the manner in which the language is used and the changes that are happening to it only make this worse.


Weirdly enough, I would rather hang out with a baby over a toddler or an infant or whatever that age group is. If they're a baby, I can at least do some arbitrary thing that will keep the baby from crying at least (hopefully). For my dislike of kids, it's most certainly a personal problem, I just don't know how to relate to kids. I'm trying to think back to the stuff I liked at their age to show them or interact with them, but they don't care about it. Also, I don't want to just tell them to watch TV or whatever when they are full of energy, so I try to play with them. But on the same token, it's boring for me because I don't really give a shit to see the same Hot Wheels car go on the same track for the 30th time. I just suck it up and pretend it's cool every time they do it. I know they aren't my kids, but I try to at least show them my hobbies to see if they will like them. One of my nephews seems to really like messing around with my guitars, but then the other one started using it as part of car track because it makes noise when the car hits the strings. Part of me is annoyed when it happens, but I know I can just replace the strings, and not the time I spend with my nephews.
Why's that? Sailor Moon is a classic.


File:C-1678764741576.png (1.31 MB,1280x720)

>11 year old talking abut race wars and 'alternative history'
That's a good thing! They're getting through that phase as kids instead of falling into the trap as adults! Society will be saved as they memory-hole politics into the dark corners of their mind as an embarassing phase they went through as early as their teenaged years now!


I get what you mean. I live with my 2 year old nephew but I don't look after him so I don't have to entertain him, he'll bring a ball or a car to me sometimes and I will play with him but I don't have to do it for long and I would get quite bored if I did.
I think there are just some people that like that kind of repetitive thing, like people that enjoy kicking footballs to each other. I can't understand how that is fun even though I used to play soccer and I liked playing it but I get bored of just kicking a ball to another person back and forth quite quickly.

Somehow I don't think that will happen... I think he would have to have a falling out with his father and find friends that were against those views but I don't see it happening.


Listen, if you're interested in learning about language change, then I recommend reading pic. It's one of the first linguistics texts I ever read and it's very approachable, fun even. I don't remember what it exactly covers, but I do remember that it's great stuff. I seriously, seriously recommend it.


It could be interesting but I find it hard to read lengthy texts on screens. It's available on Book Depository though so I will add it to the other books I have to get through.


>but I get bored of just kicking a ball to another person back and forth quite quickly.
They're just trying to get better at passing and footwork, its not really for fun


File:[Exiled-Destiny]_Comic_Par….png (150.68 KB,247x383)

Static content on Nyaa refuses to load on some Nordic ISPs now (mine included).


That's why I have a proxy. Australia blocked Nyaa completely.


There's also the qBit search plugin:
It's not as good, but it gets the job done.


I have a VPN so it's not much of a problem for me, just a minor inconvenience.

What I find weird is that if this is the ISPs trying to screw us over, then why didn't they block the whole site? Nyaa does eventually load with plain text, and Sukebei is unaffacted.


File:Toho Remilia 124.png (637.39 KB,642x832)

Sometimes I have ideas that seem quite simple yet revolutionary at the same time and I wonder if I should patent them. But that's probably too hard and these ideas have surely been patented or tried out already I just don't know about it. Maybe I should email the military and ask them if they know about it but then they will steal my ideas and won;t pay me for it.


i got a new humidifier today


what if there was a sports anime set in Japan with one important cultural difference, which is that at the beginning of a match, all the girls take their mouthguards from a communal bucket and at the end of the match they spit their mouthguards back into the bucket for the next team to use


do the mouthguards get washed between uses?



File:1677802988517343.gif (207.96 KB,305x323)

i-i-i-i-indirect k-k-kissu?!?!


You are supposed to mould mouth guards to the individual so it would not work.


i visited my cousin today and his dog has no hair on his back for some reason, but his legs, neck, head, and butt area all have hair. what's with that? i thought it was weird. he is a good dog though, but he looks ridiculous lol


no not that kind of mould!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hate reality getting in the way


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (271.47 KB,1920x1080)

Please use this thread for thinking thoughts and not blogging!


hatehatehatehate it when good songs are way too short.


I don't know why so many architects take themselves so seriously. Like you'll see them talk about it as if it's this grand philosophical thing, when really it's just a freaking building. And a lot of them are really ideological about it too, where if it were up to them, every building on earth would be built according to what they consider the "correct" way of doing things.

I feel like I sound like a lunatic complaining about this, because if you don't actively follow architecture you probably don't even know any of this nonsense exists. But I do follow architecture, and I can tell you this stuff is way more of a thing than it should be.


I understand what you are talking about.

I think a large part of it is done to justify what they are doing in the first place, given how damaging the industry is to the environment.
But yes, I think it silly. Not only that but they are often spending millions of dollars on a permanent structure yet the architects are chasing temporary fads that are probably going to become unfashionable at best and unusable at worst in the near future. Like Apples giant circle headquarters, it was build with open office spaces which the more technical departments hated and could not concentrate in so they had to build a new structure nearby of a standard office layout anyway. This open, market square, flow of ideas, mingling of people design idea seems to be common in many places these days.


And also another issue would be the standard mentality that plagues modern art and would have a crossover into architecture.


I've seen it with modern classical people too, so it's not just a modern art thing...

...Actually, maybe it is. The new traditional movement is in part a spinoff of the postmodern movement, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's where they got their mindeset from. I can't imagine revivalists of the past having such a bad attitude.


I just can't accept that anyone is really named jevin
stop messing with me man


that granite countertop really throws a lot of pink into the space


Indeed. The built environment has a greater sense of wholeness as a result.

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