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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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I have some nonsense to ramble a bit about but nowhere to say it and nothing developed enough to warrant its own thread.
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You miss the point. Utopia thinking is about buying into a dream society that someone is selling.
The video above is about poking holes in the philosophy that corruption and government will yield to science. That through stronger adherence to the values of science will society ascend past it's flaws. In the case of Dubai this is not the case where brilliant minds are brought in to mastermind construction projects and what is left is an unsustainable and poorly thought out mess of urban planning.


I found his bashing on Dubai to be redundant or maybe ignorant. I don’t think anyone that watches his videos ever thought Dubai was anything more than a place for rich people to flaunt wealth/play around with their wealth. Dubai is not a city that sustains itself or produces practical goods or anything else a normal city does. It is a city for the rich and powerful by the rich and powerful. Applying typical views of how the general city operates just won’t work on a city that solely exists because some rich Arabs came together and said “We want the most opulent city in the world”.
Also isnt what, that video indirectly advocating for a “stronger adherence to the values of science”? He isn’t so much talking about the philosophy of Utopianism as he is complaining that Gulf Arabs flaunt their wealth around in a manner that is unsustainable.


>as he is complaining that Gulf Arabs flaunt their wealth around in a manner that is unsustainable.

To be fair it almost makes sense to spend it how they are, they have nothing else after the oil money stops, they really need to build a city that the rich will go to for the sake of going to the city itself and that is what the City has been achieving.

The chap in the Video mentions turning it into an Arab theme park and I do agree that would be better for most tourists(maybe, it's still in a desert in the middle of nowhere and the city would be fake) but it won't attract the rich in the same way. The whole thing is probably going to collapse anyway.


(didn't watch the video)
Yeah, they're trying to find a new way to make vast amounts of money to maintain the same quality of life. Dubai's been trying to bill itself as the Las Vegas of the region and it's been having quite a few struggles due to it also trying to maintain some theocracy (on paper at least). It's such an absurd situation to see a country elevated so highly because of dead plant matter underneath them, and thankfully for them it happened after wars of conquest stopped being vogue among the European powers.
Strange coincidence that they're both in deserts, huh. Research into terraforming desert is probably something that will be of great importance in the coming centuries and that's something Dubai could be doing, but I sincerely doubt it is.


The UAE wanted dubai to be another las vegas, also and most importantly as an icon. The UAE is a small country but it want to play a bigger role in the region. To be like what saudi is now and what Egypt was. Without Dubai no one would know about the UEA, it would be like Bahrain. It did somewhat success in being an icon, it known by the world and some Arab might consider it a cool destination to visit if he had money. Tho it becoming hated more and more for a lot of reasons.


Fiat justitia ruat caelum...


Sic semper tyrannis!


these are complementary ideas


Some might even say, to subscribe to one is to subscribe to both.


Don't get why nofap is a thing. I've gone for long stretches without mastubating just because I didn't think to do it. It's not hard to do. And this is coming from someone who has every weird fetish under the sun. You're not a hero for not jerking off, you're a loser for making it a 'thing'.


There was some misinterpreted science behind it where a test on somebody showed an increase in Testosterone due to it, however the increase was temporary and actually returned to normal levels(it could have just been random and unrelated). The rest is just Bro Science. However, for a normal guy with an interest in relationships forcing him to not do it may result in him becoming more motivated to find women and therefore he may feel that he has more energy for that or more success with women. I don't see the appeal either, I don't actually feel that motivated to do it but I find if I forget and don't do it at least once a week all that happens is I get wet dreams.


a large portion of it is people with an actual porn addiction finding out that not jerking off made them more productive and likable because they did stuff other than porn, then they extrapolate that to mean if everyone else stops jerking off then they'll be more productive and likable too- even though in some cases the opposite is true.


A way for those with nothing of worth to prop themselves up.


Somehow cleaning while it's sunny and talking to myself made me feel good.


Images had resolutions of 300x200 back then, it's not a fair comparison.


watch stuff like this and think to myself, wow it'd be nice to be a food expert to pull of a dish this well. and when i try it i fail epicly


I really like these videos, but there's the obvious problem of using them as recipe guides in that they often omit steps, or fail to mention prepping certain parts in advance. They're very much made for watching, not for trying yourself. If you were going to make it, you'd definitely want to watch the whole video first and try writing the steps afterwards.


File:1582118791885.png (682.67 KB,885x813)

My inability to develop my current frustration into a fit of rage or something more productive and stimulating to the brain has left me more bitter than I can possibly explain. I don't know how this happens, I should be furious but I just can't get worked up.


try masturbating?


Too tired to even do that... Maybe that's my issue actually but I don't want to sleep just yet.


Looking at the time makes my emotions feel uncomfortable even though time is an abstract concept rather than a physical pressure, foreign to my sentiments and untracable other than in amount of sunlight and seasonal characteristics, a second-hand feeling mostly. I played games where I could defeat the endboss within one or two weeks but it was unpleasant to view how many hours the game showed me for playing it; when replaying the game for the fifth time, I got a result of only 9:30h which is fast (I assume; and I should be more thankful when it comes to comparing to the magnitudes others have invested in other games) when the TAS is at 6h due to lots of manipulation. I have no clock in my room and disabled it on the taskbar. I started a private project a year ago(September) but feel better when telling myself I seriously got into the project in December or January. I assume this time-consciousness is what leads many persons to bad conscience and diminuished enjoyment of entertainment media.


File:EE0DB1AF-A6BA-4CDC-AB86-1A….png (239.77 KB,510x363)

so I have a group of friends who I like to hang out with. only thing is they never ask to hang so I’m the one always doing the asking. we hung like a month ago but the last couple of times I asked, they couldn’t make it.

there’s a couple of guys in the circle who I have known for years on a surface level. they’re “buddy” and “acquaintance”. I’d like to close the gap but they haven’t shown any interest even though they’re super cool with me when we hang.

so I ask the acquaintance if he’s free to hang this weekend with the buddy (a group of 3). since he lives with one of my friends, that friend can easily jump in if he felt like it, and I say as such (for a group of 4). and he fucking ghosts me.

now I’ve tried to hang with that friend prior to our last group hangout but he’s got a personal problem that’s keeping him pinned down. but the last time I asked to hang (before I knew his circumstances): he ghosts me too.

I guess I’m in the wrong. fuck me for wanting to do something on the weekend on a beautiful fucking day. I don’t feel “lonely” or anything. In fact, I’ve never understood what people meant by that. I’m just bored as fuck and it’s really shitty.


ww as if I have any experience with friend gatherings.


I can't imagine actually having friends. It seems boring.


b-but what about your /qa/ friends?


But I don't actually 'hang out' with them and in real life I would hate them.


File:1574970023318.jpg (140.15 KB,1280x720)

Having genuine otaku friends who aren't too socially autistic to discuss anime and whatnot with and maybe play board games with sounds nice. I like board games but I don't have anyone to play with.


What kind of board games?


We could always play tabletop simulator


File:455C8506-D705-45FA-BC05-0….jpeg (144.97 KB,1920x1080)

I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to blog/bitch so kindly direct me to the right place if it’s not. I apologize in advance for the rant.

I am fucking TIRED of footfags. They are fucking EVERYWHERE.
>go to board A; footfag thread
It’s either a blatant footfag thread or a leg/thigh thread with footfags trying to blend in.
>go to general B; footfags are spamming foot pics
I won’t name the general but they have it pretty bad. It’s literally every thread.
>go to board C; footfags have their own general
Don’t ask me why but they started appearing on non-kissu /qa/ of all places.
>go to general D; there’s a lone footfag starting a foot-revolution
There’s no escaping these mentally-ill freaks. No other fetishists can even compete with their tenacity. They’re like fucking cockroaches except obnoxiously vocal and feed on attention. I just want out.

The worst thing is without a doubt their obsessive personalities. They don’t want you to just know they have a foot fetish: they want to brainwash you into memorizing it for the rest of your fucking life. Every fucking thread, it’s the same people spamming the same pictures. I try to go to a different board to take shelter but lo-and-behold: a footfag thread with over 80 posts (pretty large by that board’s standards since most threads die with their posts in the single digits). Oh, and if I tell them to fuck off: they of course reply by posting more foot pics. There’s just no escape.

They always resort to the same tricks too when you call them out for posting “stealth” footfag pics (pics with tits and/or ass but the feet are fully exposed and are the focal point).
>“I-I didn’t know that pic has feet haha I guess you’re the REAL footfag!”
Who the fuck do you think you’re fooling?
>“I, uh… I like that pic for the bondage...”
Yeah, and totally not for the bare feet that’s the focal point of the drawing.
>“A-Actually, I’m a leg-man….”
Utter bullshit. He later admitted to liking feet. I didn’t buy it for a second.

I probably sound like a paranoid schizophrenic who’s forgotten to take his meds but I swear it’s all true. I don’t understand why they come up with these transparent lies. If you’re gonna lie, at least come up with something decent. And don’t even get me started on the ones obsessed with “feet stink”. I hate them so goddamn much.



File:__nakabeni_yua_miru_tights….jpg (144.96 KB,850x1189)

Chill out broski.


>non-kissu /qa/
I assume the boards you're talking about are 4chan and if that's the case I found your problem


Yeah, on 4chan there's a large amount of people that are posting only to try and get a negative reaction.
And, well...
>non-kissu /qa/
That place is entirely those people.


I was so confused, I've never seen foot fetish thread on kissu. But then
>non-kissu /qa/


Board games are boring.


I feel mixed towards feet. I don't hate them but also they are probably the most disgusting part of the human body. Because you walk on them so they are always going to be dirty.


fuck you


wtf. i've read all these posts before. have i really been on kissu for a year already


File:1655797495924.jpg (949.29 KB,962x1300)

1 year later and I'm still postan' feet.


Wamy feet...


can a mod please test out the new keeping-reply-links-when-moving-posts feature by splitting off the conversation about feet into a new thread


this thread shouldn't even exist in the first place


File:6c91edaad36931dc265090068f….jpg (6.18 MB,5833x6328)

There are about 2000 people playing Age of Empires III on Steam right now but there are about 2300 playing Total War Medieval II, Age of Empires III got new content last month, it got two new nations(Italy and Malta) and it got some new game modes and maps and stuff. Total War Medieval II has not had new content for, well it's been a long time. So more people play it yet it gets less(or no) new content. Interesting.


aoe3 is on eternal life support


File:what.png (5.36 KB,307x59)

my thoughts on that


Medieval 2 has a large variety in overhaul mods with the LOTR mod being the most popular one. And with the devs only making kusoge nowadays, people go back to playing modded M2 set in whatever historical time period or universe they like instead.

That's my guess at least.


File:C-1655998442484.png (1.15 MB,800x600)

why would people play that when BFME-2 exists


maybe i should get some people to pirate this.
It was pretty fun to play with the most toxic friend I ever had


Probably, it's a good game. 1700 were playing Shogun 2 as well. But what I found interesting about it is that some games get content made for them and others are dead in that regard even when there are similar numbers actually playing them. But I guess that just comes down to how these companies are run and what their goals are.

It was okay, but it's different to TW.


It's a bit of a pain to get running, i have the anthology pack with 1,2 and RotWK but I don't have a disk drive anymore so I had to go with the cracked copies to play it. And there was/is some shenanigans with mounting disk drives and iso images that I remeber taking me forever to figure out how to do.
I hope the fan project BFME reforged (https://bfmereforged.org/) is able to get in a playable state one day as they've been making slow but seemingly steady progress over the years and having a shinier version of BFME2 would be nice.

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