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I have some nonsense to ramble a bit about but nowhere to say it and nothing developed enough to warrant its own thread.


what are the benefits to how threads are set up on imageboards compared to other formats? i was thinking about this and came up with some ideas
-they present all the information in one place without the need to click to navigate anywhere
-they're ordered by oldest to newest so you conversation can (and you can observe conversation) evolve over time in a single thread


at the same time i was wondering why irc's that tend to be quieter sometimes tend to have conversation explode out of nowhere, and i was thinking that maybe it's because of how instantaneously irc lets people know when there is new content, so people only click on a channel when they see there is new content and are almost never disappointed. meanwhile on imageboards it seems that people may expect activity in regular intervals. sharing with the user when there is new content isn't really a problem with 4chan or really fast boards since it's almost guaranteed that there'll be something new when they refresh the page. however with smaller chans/imageboards it's harder to garner that same amount of attention to the site that 4chan does since there isn't always regularly a post per every everything, and there are some real dead hours that don't really get any activity in them.


i dont know where i can make blog threads


you can answer to a lot of unrelated posts at the same time (unlike mailing list style forums like hacker news), and you can fit a whole thread in a single page (unlike phpbb forums)

I think discourse is the software that holds up the best against imageboards, although I don't really like how it looks.


Things keep moving forward yet I've been stuck in this early 2010ish mental state. The more I hope for things to go back to the way they used to be the more alienated I become.

I might just drop it all altogether.


i think that anywhere works, but the board where people seem most receptive to blogs is still /qa/


I think that with a lot of people they're just trying to find a way to make the best out of what's to come, since nowhere on the net really harbors that mental state anymore.


The site is your blog


File:thread forms.png (6.59 KB,779x214)

You could say there's "continuous" and "branching" thread forms, where forums, imageboards and chat rooms (where the OP is the creation of the channel) are mostly the former while the latter is Reddit, Twitter and a handful of other forums. There's also the hybrid of YouTube and Slack, continuous primary replies in a channel which each can become a continuous thread for secondary replies without further branching. I tried making an illustration.
I like continuous more because it typically lets you reply to multiple posts at the same time, which isn't normal in branching formats. I also like what you've listed, though if I had to note something is that cont. formats seem to have a stronger "current" than branching ones. Although there can be multiple different reply chains in a single thread, I feel the tone is more strongly driven in a particular direction than in a branching thread. Derailment of a branch doesn't affect the entire thing like it commonly happens in cont. threads.
I guess a benefit of continuous threads is effectively giving users more reach by not forcing them to make multiple individual replies, which is not something everyone is comfortable with. I also find it easier to read.
>and you can fit a whole thread in a single page (unlike phpbb forums)
I would say that's a separate feature from the structure of threads, it doesn't break the continuity. Technically you could have a traditional forum with ten thousand run-on posts and imageboards with pages ("show last 50 replies" is not a rare feature) and it'd have less impact than a feature like quotelinks, it's just that neither pages nor a lack of them are popular in its "opposite" clade.


realized the problem with trying to have civil discussion is that trying to keep nice is no fun, better to just funpost crap to death than feed into it


You know, I was thinking back to a argument I got into once on /qa/ about how somebody was saying that discord was a necessity. Obviously I was on the opposing end saying that communities don't need off-platform chats for people to congregate to survive, but now I've started to wonder if there was actually some validity to those claims. Not to say that a discord server or big active place where posters chat off-site is a necessity, but rather that some type of community chat may be somewhat important in this day and age of imageboards. Like how with /qa/ people were able to migrate off of 4/qa/ to here with relative ease because of places like sageru/rizon #qa, and maybe steam, containing a good portion of the userbase, and through those people were able to coordinate a migration effort to here. While on the other hand if you look at places like 8kun or julay those places are a mess right now with the killed boards scrambling and splintering off to all sorts of places. Not to say that there would be no trouble even if they had an irc or other, but maybe it could've helped.


imageboards are in a shitty situation since everything on 4chan is shit and yet 4chan is the place which gets all the random passerbys that generate unique threads that you don't really find elsewhere


I like that the linear/continuous thread view of imageboards allows conversations to veer back and forth very naturally between focused discussion, tangents and stream-of-consciousness banter. Reddit-style branching thread views segregate posters early on, which means each clique takes the topic in a different direction and then often doesn't read the other branches when they've run out of things to talk about. That works for highly technical discussions, formal debates or Q&A sessions, but not so much for freeform conversation.

>I would say that's a separate feature from the structure of threads, it doesn't break the continuity.
In my experience, pages do break continuity a bit. Users who join a phpBB-style thread later will usually not click through 100 pages to catch up before posting, and even long-time participants will often not remember everything that was said (and will have a harder time finding it without quotelinks and hovercards), so conversation tends to start repeating itself after a certain point. With hybrid views like YouTube, subthreads often fall silent after they leave the first page.

You could also argue that Twitter-style threads whose branches can be cross-linked ad hoc with @mentions and hashtags are a fourth form, because that kind of "context collapse as a feature" strongly influences the flow of conversation, and can even retroactively create a sense of continuity where there was none.


What I mean by continuity is the core of how replies and threads are handled. There's a bazillion features you can add that will affect how conversation plays out, of course. Take the examples of YouTube and Slack, I say they're both hybrid, but they're clearly very different. Slack is a messaging application where users can create and join workspaces, hubs that are then divided into rooms: channels and private conversations. Messages are displayed chronologically and can be "reacted to", adding an emoji beneath it, though these do grant a post priority, it's still all displayed chronologically. YouTube is a video hosting website, where a user can create a channel and upload a video, and this video will have a comments section attached beneath. Comments are shown not chronologically but instead have different priorities depending on age, number of replies and likes. And there's loads of other differences. But the key common feature is that in both of their respective spaces there is a set of primary replies which each can become a sub-thread, but cannot branch further than that. That's the core of the thread form, and that alone does not mean the two platforms' conversations are going to be alike.
So yes, features do affect the development of conversation, but those features are not the form of the thread. I'm being, like, autistically specific.
On Twitter, I do not believe pinging or links make it a fourth form. Notifying another user of the post made is not the same as replying to multiple posts, it's still appended to a single previous post. Nor do cross-links change the form of threads, I can link >>2301, but we both know this is one thread and that's another one, you may use the link to visit the other thread but they remain two separate entities. What could be a fourth form is that format based exclusively on tags I've heard about a couple of times, without channels, threads or direct replies. But I don't know anything about it.


I have a buncha definitions I've been working on.
- Platform: a website or application used for communication (broadcasting or interaction).
- Format: a platform's characteristics which determine the content whose upload is supported and its distribution.
- Content: all material uploaded by users to a platform for the purpose of showcasing or interaction. [this sounds circular, might need to change it or elaborate]
- User: someone who has contact with a platform. [doesn't need to be a regular, may just be a lurker, this is relevant in the case of broadcasting where the communication is one-way]
- Thread: a space where users can post, write messages. [many dictionaries refer to a thread's posts as being related to each other, but in principle this is not necessarily the case {might actually be though}]
- Chain: a series of connected replies within a thread.
- Thread-reply core/thread form: the base structure through which posts can be made in relation to each other. [see chain above]
- Presentation: the form in which posts are distributed and displayed. [displayed: as a whole, segmented, hidden past a certain point, etc.]
- Post priority: the sum of parameters a platform uses to determine where and how a post should be shown, how posts should be distributed. [as in earliest to latest, most points to least points, etc.]
- Post visibility: the impact of platform features in the attention a post garners. [size of a post, usage of an image, amount of backlinks, priority, and mmmmaybe also stuff that isn't dependent on the platform like inflammability. not sure]
- Culture: a commonality of memes.


i think that probably a pretty important part of imageboards isn't necessarily a lot of activity, but rather constant activity, so that there are no dead or lull periods for people to get bored, not sure how many regulars that requires though


File:e4cfcc80d0590e8fce0c97e7e4….jpg (454.42 KB,969x1200)

Why are /a/tards so annoying


I've reconsidered culture. Calling it just a commonality is cutting it short.
With >>>4/qa/2813504 sort of in mind, one can observe that a culture shift does not require the introduction of "whole" new memes, only that users acknowledge the culture of each other and base new activity on it.
For example, maybe there's a bunch of metalheads in a novel discussion forum who don't know they're all metalheads. One day a music thread is made for whatever reason and they found out they're all into metal. In that scenario it would be extremely likely that metaphors, comparisons, jokes and the like involving metal would become more common. The culture would shift, not because any new people were introduced, but simply because the already existing regulars found out about a greater commonality.
This means it's necessary to differentiate between individual and communal culture, where individual remains simply all the memes one carries, silently or not, while communal is that expressed through feedback loops in a group. There's no ethereal hive mind or whatever, there's information that is widespread because loops of interaction keep them present, activity is based on and disseminates identical information. So when loops are introduced or wither away, communal culture changes.
I think the real bottleneck is not the amount of people but instead how their activity is distributed. You could in theory have hundreds who only become active late at night, and don't post at other times for different reasons. Prime time versus graveyard slots.
At some point, yes, having enough people will guarantee constant activity, but a chain of folks with overlapping active hours throughout the day and the willingness to post might be more "efficient". No idea what either of those numbers would be, though. Former might be in the hundreds.


Actually, taking the board into account as a thread itself you end up with message boards having the hybrid form being the most widespread. At least a mix of hybrid top with continuous or branching subforms.


I feel that there's got to be a better way of addressing people starting to get political than just banning or deleting their posts, while still discouraging them from posting more of the same...


do you need a 4th active thread for this discussion...


no im just thinking of things that work better for discouraging posting other than bans/deletions/autosage/move


realized when you constantly try to make better threads today than you did yesterday you eventually burn out and can't do anything. seems like having slow days every once in a while isn't so bad since it lets people cool off


File:1538265863094.png (359.37 KB,2205x1785)

I think there's two general types of content: dynamic and static.
Static would be that which is self contained, a comic, fanart, a gondola.
Dynamic that which is reliant on context, a reaction pic for example.
There's a difference in execution I haven't nailed down. The static isn't affected very much by its environment, whatever it's supposed to do it does by itself. The dynamic does rely on external factors, you can't plop it down wherever. It needs a cue and its execution is much more closely related to how it fits in than the static.
Regardless of whether that's correct, I'm left wondering what to do with exploitables and games like pic. It's sort of static, but the point is to interact, to play the game, cook something up. That's lost when you present the finished product.


We should make one of these images again..


File:1549051942652.png (1.25 MB,5624x2056)

No, the games and exploitables are definitely static. The development of content is common to both types, it's not a defining trait.
I promise to make one when Vern finishes his work and more people get on board. I've already got a neat idea or two.
PS: did anyone like horse Australia? I found it hilarious.


Fairly interesting instance of memetic evolution.


I hate that word, but good video


Bart sang the song in the very first episode. Youtube experts...


And it appeared in the Batman Animated series too, but that's besides the point. It's mostly about the different existing variants, and later about that one moment's influence.


File:Screenshot_2020-07-11 jp ….png (193.96 KB,1879x606)

sasuga ota


Anyone who values their sanity shouldn't post or even browser that place.


not sure that should even count as activity it's so kuso...


I hope any good posters found a home somewhere else. I'm a bit worried that the hostility of the ota thread that was made on kissu painted an inaccurate picture of kissu, like the rage some had for the tripped one. Oh well, they knew we're here and there's places like what and nen still.


stopped counting posts recently, been feeling like activity is good now and the posts are as nice as they've ever been


File:tel.png (298.67 KB,2205x1785)

Oh hey I could make up another map soon if anyone wants to do that! I have an even better color-scheme too!


gotta love how teenmin deleted the guro spam to help facilitate more politics discussion


I think there's by and large three types of platform, the forum, the chat room and the blog. The key difference in each is where posts go.
The room is the most basic, and at a fundamental level would appear to be identical to the forum. But a forum's threads affect the visibility of each other, taking up slots, moving around, getting buried and all that, none of which occurs with chat rooms. I believe that's what it comes down to when differentiating between a chat room and a forum.
The blog is the most peculiar, because instead of a user posting into a common space, the space is the user's profile itself and no one but him can post on it. Unlike forums, threads do not exist separate of profiles and other users can only reply to each other's posts but never start a thread on someone's profile like one could on a board. There's also news sites, which you could say are made up of one profile with multiple users (the staff) and the readers who lack a complete profile.


why does this sound so familiar


It is a mystery.


making an ib must be tough work... all the things to fix


File:6e28f01825.png (17.36 KB,839x253)



after a long as shit week these new banners are pretty nice to look at
starting to feel like i should join in to make some so i can hopefully get it all behind me


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (230.53 KB,1920x1080)

I've been waiting for the perfect Mewkledreamy screenshot to make a banner for it, but I might just go ahead and make one with someone I have. Better to do it soon than after the show is over in a year


File:6cd5f76189.png (145.87 KB,876x316)

Who's to say there can only be one?


I think I really like /ec/, maybe even more than /megu/. For no matter how many posts I made on /megu/ I never actually jo'd to it outside of one time in the animation thread. On the other hand /ec/ gives me a nice and warm feeling, and doesn't just spur me to load up ex.


File:8b6c764f43ced7ce381b8e8271….jpg (131.17 KB,626x885)

eropics just don't have the same level of detail as ecchi or cute


boards feel slower again and schools just started up...
guess it's not really a coincidence


Indeed. Feels like there's been quite the slump in activity for the past week or so. Ah, well. Not like there's anything we can do about it anyways.


I felt kissu was slower one or two months ago, right now not so much. The issue is that few threads are being made.


Hm, true, maybe I'm just not so used to being relaxed after last month and it's making me feel as though things are going slower. Looking at an unchecked /all/ tab after a day or two still shows there's a healthy amount of activity


File:mpv-shot0012.jpg (209.76 KB,1440x1080)

/start rant
On a typical forum, replying to a thread will bump it, bringing it to the top of the board and making it more visible. This is a bannable offense. Luckily for Anonymous, most imageboards have the peculiar option of using sage, the option to not make the thread more visible when replying.
Outside of habit, there are two reasons to do so: because the reply does not warrant bumping or because the thread does not deserve to be bumped.
The former is a polite sage, generally used for double posts or any post its author does not believe contributes much to the thread. It's not as common as it used to be, but I do see it here and there. Let's call the latter impolite sage, although it is not necessarily rude. When does a user find a thread undeserving of a bump? Sometimes it's because a thread would not need it for activity, if it's in say page 1 or 2, maybe there's a lack of interest in bumping it, or maybe the user does not like the thread and thinks bumping it is bad. I am not sure where to put the mythical Japanese sage.

The last impolite type is very well known, to say the least. Given Anonymous lacks a feature to decrease a thread's visibility, this violent sage is typically coupled with an attempt to null bumps, either by trying to convince others to use sage or by spamming the thread into bump limit or unusability, ol' sagebombing. It's also said to be a downvote. As an attempt to lower the visibility of someone else's post, the comparison is only logical, though not quite there. It's not a feature of the platform like negative internet points are, it's more of a technique.
The fatal flaw of the violent sage is that counteracting it is very simple. A bump or a new thread are trivial things to post, and if a foe is determined enough then there isn't much of a point in sagebombing it. That much /qa/ knows. It also requires at least minimal conscious effort and implies butthurt, which is easy to spin against the sage-ee.
/end rant


I somewhat agree with this, seeing some posts it seems like school starting up is actually affecting here (and from the looks of it other boards) more than one would've thought. However despite this decreased activity the boards still feel alive in a sense that there's a breadth of posters replying to different topics. Looking at /poll/ somewhat confirms my suspicions with a whole lot more responses to questions asked than there used to be.

Now all that's left to get kissu into the big time is to get more NEET posters that won't be inhibited by school...


neets. I guess it's no surprise why so many schizos are attracted to /qa/


I don't understand...


the neet demographic is going to be using imageboards as an outlet for their boredom and this is either a positive or negative depending on who gets removed and who doesn't.


File:[Asenshi] Brand New Animal….jpg (96.04 KB,1280x720)

Sometimes I wonder if "standards" may get in the way of funposting. If people are capable of handling topics deemed unsavory while maintaining a good atmosphere around a thread, is the thread still kuso, or did the posters elevate it to something of value.


>Sometimes I wonder if "standards" may get in the way of funposting
Are you referring to moderation or users avoiding those topics themselves? If the former then yes, a cost of efficiently running a public forum I think


The former of course.


I think any topic is welcome.
Any topic is welcome as long as the person is willing to listen as much as they want to be heard


On the internet, the general rule is that everyone is a confrontational asshole who makes everything an argument, and if you take issue with it you're just a thin-skinned [buzzword]. This is in sharp contrast to real life, where picking fights about video games with random passerbys will get you labeled as weirdo autist that everyone goes out of their way to avoid.

I personally blame 4chan for this sort of thing. 4chan was at its most influential in the mid 2000s through the early 2010s, right when the internet was becoming mainstream.


I wouldn't blame 4chan. I think a common reason for the aggression is getting upset from seeing opinions one doesn't agree with, which happens with way higher frequency in the internet than IRL.


feel like reading a book about ancient egypt or some other stuff that happened 5000 years ago


I'm concerned about KYM becoming a reputable source on internet culture.


It probably will be, and maybe already is, seen as such by a fair share of people like ED was...


By reputable source I mean quoted by wikipedia and journals, it tries to appear rigorous and people are latching onto them as "the serious meme people".


There is also the fact that in the internet you can lash out with negligible consequences compared to irl, that's gotta contribute as well.


Used to think the 1% of posters responsible for 90% of the content were just posters who made threads and posts in large quantities while also making lots of OC for the board. Thinking about it now though, creating original content can be pretty time consuming, and those who tend to spend all their time posting on the board probably won't also be the ones with the most time to create (usually). So the 1% of content creators would probably be split into two categories of discussion creators and media creators.


wish there were an easy solution to dead hours


I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but I can't fucking stand wojacks.

It's a complete mystery to me why they caught on. I can understand something like Pepe; it might be annoying now, but that's mostly from the way it's been used and abused. At its core there's nothing wrong with it. Wojacks are different; they're inherently fucking repulsive. They're literally the ugliest things on earth, and not in a funny way like older MS paint art image macros; they're just plain hideous. Yet somehow they're fucking everywhere. On top of that, people keep making new variations of them, each being uglier than the last.

I don't get it.


cant stand woja"c"ks


wojak is the NTR of memes.


realized that board activity makes no sense and i just may as well accept its random and mysterious ways


Thinking back on this, it's interesting that the japs called it sageru, since it doesn't actually lower a thread. I feel its very name implies impoliteness.


from 4chan or elsewhere?


i'm starting to think that kissu /qa/ was my home imageboard all this time


File:Len.(Tsukihime).full.10214….jpg (208.29 KB,640x481)

I think that if kissu were to be as active as it is on average during active hours all the time it'd definitely be a contender for the top 5 english altboards. Now to just figure out a way to have it always be in prime time...


Track down every last Kissu poster and forcefully inject them with caffeine and adrenaline to keep them awake


I'll be waiting with sweets in hand~


there's a list for that?


There's not but people have been known to track other alt-imageboards before, and having seen some decrease in activity that would've been in the top 10 I can say that kissu definitely is at least a contender for the top 15 right now, if not higher.


at some point there was a site which tracked important gets on multiple imageboards and maybe the pph too, but I don't remember the address and it's probably not up to date


Unpopular opinion, but I'm glad forums died. Most of them were super cliquey, with a small handful senior users whose opinions mattered, and then everyone else who either sucked their dicks or got bullied off the site. Anonymous text/imageboards are better because it's easier for newcomers to blend in and start contributing. Who you are matters less than what you post.


>Unpopular opinion
I'm fairly sure that sentiment about forums isn't that unpopular, otherwise imageboards probably wouldn't have taken off as well as they did. It's not like it's even that unpopular now, with the same complaints being levied against reddit. Although I'd say that reddit is a bit better in regards to histories since they aren't blatantly in your face like a forum would be with the total posts of everyone being in plain sight.


I decided to give the forum experience another try recently, hoping that the advent of new and better avenues of instant social gratification would have made the cliquey type of poster leave the medium. I was astounded at how, despite the forum being at a juncture where it was clear the community's survival was at stake (it eventually shut down), there was still a "resident troll" figure being overly offensive and picking fights all over, specially with new users, while other important members or moderators watched silently or even flung their own quip. How come no-one sets these people aside and tell them to behave or fuck off?


>How come no-one sets these people aside and tell them to behave or fuck off?
They have more dignity than Anonymous.


there was a slow period during and after election day, seems to have subsided a bit now


find it amusing how even despite all the meta crap yesterday and today kissu still kept on running and even outperformed the activity from the couple of days prior
think its a nice indication of how kissu's userbase has grown from the times that all activity would be consumed by a singular meta thread


i would say it's funny how despite the meta on /jp/ it did better than normal on the non-meta front... but i think this might be developing into a pattern...


Shhhh, pshh, shhhhhhh. Shush.


just testing a thing


pretty amazing how fast I can masturbate since I got a router. The wifi signal in my room is about ten times stronger


Decided to compare kissu's activity in the past 30 days to its activity in the past 30 days from around the same time last year. I was able to see that there were approximately 6000+ posts that still exist on the site from the past 30 days, and this leaves out any posts in threads that may have expired or disappeared since then. So it's probably safe to put kissu on the high end of 6000, and then here's where kissu was last year around the same time.

>4114 https://kissu.moe/
A pretty good increase if you ask me, and I had thought kissu fairly fast already back then.


To add onto this. I didn't really think about this until now, but having looked at the RSS feed for a while I've noticed that there haven't actually been any extended periods of no activity at any times unlike how it used to be. Even if it's slow getting a steady influx of post(s) every hour or so was always the bar I set for self-sustainability. Nice to see that it's finally been reached.


Did we have this much eli'tism before? Feels like it's ramped up recently.




Wherever there's namecalling, really.


Think it's just the natural progression of things as more people come to the board. I think there was also a fair amount of elitism on 4/qa/, and if activity increasing has been a result of more people finally migrating then they may be some of the holdovers that didn't want to post yet. Which makes sense considering that they'd probably be the ones waiting for kissu to prove itself before posting more.


>Think it's just the natural progression of things as more people come to the board.
Well, I don't like it one bit! My friends are supposed to be here, not dastardly critics and name-calling fiends...


I don't see it


Check ur glasses.


This thread >>>/qa/61841


File:[nonA] Sayonara Zetsubou S….jpg (70.82 KB,1024x576)

Elitist friends are just more aggressive and passionate friends. They've got a bit of the 'tism, please be patient


Well it's Evangelion.. par for the course



File:82557136_p0.png (5.56 MB,1650x2508)

Evangelion is the Problem, not the people. Some were deceived, while others are too eager to lift the deception.

I See more a problem of negativity. There might be too much talk about what is bad, and not enough talk about what is Good. If we are to weed out the garden, we must make sure to plant and water the flowers afterwards.


No, the problem is definitely the people. First there was a shitpost, then there was a derailment based on the word the shitpost used, its proper meaning and whatever. It was only tangentially about Eva.


I think we can all blame the people that took the shidboast too seriously


Could be that there will need to be more separation between boards next year. Not everyone wants shidboats and buzzwords.


You'll never be able to make everyone completely satisfied, or able to stand each other. That much should be obvious from experience. What's better is to try and get people to coexist.


The goal isn't satisfaction, it's breathing room.




The idea of the imageboard übermensch at both the individual and community levels is fueled entirely by anonymity.
The single poster can always jump out of the blue and respond to something as if he had all the answers, and when he doesn't he can simply stay by the sideline or start again. The individual does not have a long-term penalty for not acting like a superman, which makes the approach much more competitive.
When the community is attacked, for example "/board/ is full of newfags", those who do fit the attack can keep out of sight while those who don't can with no deceit testify against it. It happens a lot.
On the opposite side of things, there actually is a long-term penalty for the community. Seeing bravado turn out to be retarded time and time again erodes trust and you end up with a lot of people proclaiming that /board/ is retarded, /board/ has shit opinions and that you should never listen to /board/. But it's hardly ever the majority opinion, and these fellas too only jump out when it's convenient.


Lots of sage around these parts.


all me


While cleaning up my old accounts, I came across stuff I had written separate from my usual notes. It's intuitive stuff but I wanted to write it down.


I have no way of confirming this, but I feel like the imageboard happenings thread attracts a different set of users than the rest of Kissu. You tend to see a slightly cruder, more aggressive, occasionally "meme-ey" type of humor than you'd see elsewhere on the site, with more overt references to social issues and politics, and (obviously) more talk of imageboard drama


Unlike in 4/qa/, there is too little activity in our happenings thread for a subgroup to hole up in there.
ps some of that was me get owned nerd


That's to be expected and accepted, to make the imageboard happenings thread a thread truly about imageboards at large.
Assuming that posters in the happening thread are different than posters for the whole site; you'd want there to be posters that represent a wide cross-section of imageboard users so that you can aggregate a comprehensive list of happenings. If it was just kissu posters (excluding the happening posters) in the happening thread then you'd only hear news about boards that kissu users are most likely to use. I think it's more likely that when talking about other imageboards you naturally invoke the language/culture of those boards and I think it's safe to assume that imageboards as a whole have a cruder, meme-ier culture than kissu.


I know by making this post I'm playing into it, but I'm tired of the sheer amount of negativity on the web nowadays. Everywhere you go someone's complaining about something. If someone does talk positively of something, chances are good they're using it as a weapon to attack something else, stuff along the lines of "I like company a, fuck company b". If someone truly does like something without hating something else, they become a subject of mockery for the rest of the web.


Imageboard users will look down on normalfags but their consumer choices in anime, software, consumer technology, preferred websites to waste time on, all become part of their identity that they religiously proselytize and take up in some holy war. It's like that slide from that presentation about making consumers into brand evangelists. This is the goal of every big company, and people on the internet (I say people, but it really only affects men, women couldnt care less it seems) completely adopt this frame of thinking and engage in brand jihad. It's bizarre. Get a real personality.


>I say people, but it really only affects men, women couldnt care less it seems

When was the last time you interacted with a woman that wasn't a family member or a clerk? A real interaction, with a woman that allows herself to speak candidly with you?


I just realized... is having "P" at the end of some vocaloid artist's name an [email protected] reference that eventually became a naming tradition


I always thought it meant "producer" and had no connection to imas but I see what you mean, specially since both franchises established themselves at around the same time.


English is stupid and I hate it. Why the HECK is it "ceiling" and not "cieling"?? It's a covering from the sky! Le ciel!!!!


i before e except after c, or when sounding like a as in neighbor or weigh


Just realized how much stuff has been added to Minecraft, and they're still updating it and new stuff. Can't wait for ten years from now when Minecraft has a dynamic quest system, a sky dimension, has natural GPT3-esque conversational skills and is an isekai VRMMO and I'm able to have a wife and kids and live out my life as a farmer selling grain to the big city before being enlisted to fight off an invasion spawned from a nether portal mishap, releasing hell mobs into the overworld.


I see people getting bothered by it and I don't know why. Minecraft is built in such a way that you don't have to interact with something if you don't want to.


I can't wait for twitter to stop being the hub of the internet. It's like someone put /v/, tumblr, and the youtube comments section in a blender. It's the most depressing website in the world and I hate how it's managed to trickle down to even the websites I like.


The interesting thing about anime is that, even to this day, it's based very heavily in limited animation.

Early TV anime was made on really tight budgets, so they utilized this kind of moving manga style, where it was all about having a small number of good looking keys that you could keep on screen for as long as possible without it looking boring and minimal inbetweens to smooth them out. And things really haven't changed much since then, at least in regards to how things move. Modern anime generally has more keyframes, and they've come up with more clever ways to connect them, but the underlying philosophy is the same; getting from one good looking key to another.

It leads to a much more "direct" style of movement than traditional western animation. There's a lot less squash and stretch, overlapping action, etc. because those don't look good in held keys.


Wish medical terminology was less obscured from normal speech. Only found out a few days ago that "hepa-" is the prefix for liver, thus "hepatitis" refers to liver disease. Education is one thing, but there's not a person in the world who'd bother saying "so and so had a miyocardial infarction" rather than that they had a heart attack, for instance. I think such an endeavor to "de-academize" language would have a lot of positive effects. Most obviously, I think it would probably help people understand the severity of certain conditions rather than wondering what the name means. I'm sure there are many people who've been diagnosed with certain conditions but shrugged them off because the name made no sense to them. "Subcranial ischemia with the potential for necrosis? What the hell is that?" "Oh shit I have 'reduced blood brain flow which could lead to brain rotting'"


File:7ed6517646ec9588797da629f2….jpg (601.35 KB,600x800)

The accuracy of a move can be very misleading.
For example, if the accuracy of a move is 90%, it really means that the move will miss 90% of time when you need it to hit.


I'm tired of hearing about how things used to be better. Stop clinging on to the past and appreciate what you have now.


Maybe this is a bit too political, but I think people who want to have porn banned are ridiculous.

From a practical standpoint, we have years of precedence trying to ban similar things to know that it won't work. Piracy, drug trade, prostitution and graffiti are all illegal in either all or most of the US, but they're all still around anyway.

From a philosophical standpoint, it's stupid to want to ban something tons of people derive pleasure from just because a small handful of people can't control themselves. It's akin to wanting to ban sweets.


it's kind of different. Democratic countries give citizens the freedom to go against what the government tells them so if enough people think the government is stupid they overpower them. In a totalitarian country you can ban things because the state has control over your life. People who opt to restrict various freedoms are often also in favour of removing mechanisms of democracies to strengthen their position that a substance should be restricted even if the majority doesn't want it.

Of course it's not black and white and people who opt to prohibit things also use existing systems of persuasion and public trust such as religion, celebrities or major companies.


Personally I think porn should be investigated for sex trafficing crimes and all that shit.
It's really fucking scummy.
But hentai is always kosher because it ain't real lmao.


I agree with you in theory, but in practice I can easily see stronger regulation gradually turning into an outright ban. You can already see it happening with loli in a lot of countries.


I'm not talking about regulations, I'm talking about just having the fucking sex-traffickers film directors investigated and seeing how much scummy shit they have.
There's a massive fucking web of illegal shit going on man.




I fucking hated forums and I'm glad that they're dead. They were such nasty, cliquey places.


reddit's basically a big collection of internet forums isn't it


I'm tired of everyone online being a fucking psycho. I wish people would stop talking in nonsense made up words and insults and start acting like human beings again.


Been watching Star Trek and I heard a good quote:
"Now will never come again" - Isekai'd Cpt. Picard.


I'm glad FNF brought a bunch of young kids to Newgrounds. Maybe it's because I was still in my tweens when started using it, but growing up, Newgrounds always felt like the site for older kids and younger adults; people who were too old for Neopets, but still young enough to be passionately into kids games and shonen anime. Seeing shit content made by kids could easily be seen as annoying, but I don't care. I'm just glad to see a new generation getting to experience the magic of making their own thing and having it be seen by an audience.


In a sense, but it has a lot of casual users who just browse the front page and look at the occasional thread so there isn't really a chance for sub-specific cultures or cliques to develop, unlike on stand-alone forums, and there is little IRL and off-topic talk so, with only a few exceptions, individual users don't tend to stick out enough for there to be as much drama either. The real successor to classic forums in that sense would be Discord which has all the old flashpoints but way worse and can rapidly descend into a toxic drama-filled shithole as a result. Hell, on one forum I'm a part of there was an issue at one point in which a group of users started a private Discord server just to shift their clique offsite and so be able to bash the administration and other users as much as they liked without attracting any repercussions, which is a good example of how the relative privacy and ease of running a Discord server makes it an even bigger recipe for misery than most traditional platforms.


In my experience, discord and forums are basically the same thing. It's easy to look back at them with rose tinted glasses, but most forums were horrible, cliquey drama magnets used by smug autists.

I kind of think that identity is a bad fit for web communities in general, or at least ones that are based around discussion. Even the worst imageboards are better than the average forum from back in the day.


I'd argue Arin Hanson leaving to do Game Grumps played a big part in the decline Newgrounds. It's easy to forget now, but he was one of the most influential animators on the entire site, if not the internet as a whole. Him quitting animation to make (imo pretty bland) letsplay videos has left a hole in the site's culture that's never quite been filled.


Getting tired of being exposed to culture war BS. No matter who wins, I lose, so hearing about it just bums me out.


can funpost to my hearts content and make a successful thread without much issue but when it comes to striking up conversation about a piece of media it's always, with rare exception, hard. this wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for how easy it is to strike up a conversation about media in chats, which could last for hours if its interesting enough. wonder what the difference is that makes it so tough on imageboards, because I'd really like to be able to use them for this purpose as well


Insulting something by comparing it to reddit is cheap. The underlying format of reddit makes it very easy to find content that makes people who like/do/think x look bad. Saying something is reddit is to say nothing at all.


But calling someone a redditor on the other hand...


File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (69.15 KB,745x734)

One way in which I feel /qa/ has changed over time is that my posting highs don't seem to overlap with others much anymore. Leading to diminished results whenever I am in the mood to funpost to my hearts content. This is really troubling as before on 4/qa/ I was able to go on for hours off of others who were also on posting sprees. In slightly less jest: Kissu lacks addictiveness, whether for better or worse.


File:09 - There Are Eight-Year-….png (1015.08 KB,1242x706)

It's a natural consequence of the low PPH. Just have to power through it if you like the community. Post with feeling.


That's true, though a big part of the 4/qa/ days were artificial speed to keep bad stuff down. People now can just post when they feel like it and not feel compelled to maintain things


File:firefox_4D0DJP5dkS.png (84.33 KB,377x781)

Starting to get the idea that everyone on kissu goes to bed at the same time...


most people who speak English live in North America and a lesser number in Britain. If a website doesn't have a board for foreign languages then it's going to not have any activity when people sleep.


>most people who speak English live in North America and a lesser number in Britain
You forgot Australia/New Zealand. Also India, which has more population than all Anglo countries combined.
Also people from non-English speaking countries can type English on the Internet too. In fact some of these posters learn most of their English from the Internet, due to English contents dominance.
Just visit a flag board on 4chan that isn't /int/, there are plenty of such posters. Lots of them are from continental Europe.


I suppose that is true, but the bulk of people speaking English are in the Pacific to Eastern zones and most activity on a smaller site will be driven by the easiest to access group.


Thought of something I wanted to post, but I forgot what it was because I read some other posts.

>India, which has more population than all Anglo countries combined.
I'm pretty sure the total population of anglophone countries exceeds the number of english speakers in India. I think it's only like 10% actually speak it as a second language, mainly educated and wealthier people. Obviously it's even lower of a percentage of people who speak it as their main language.


If you're making this distinction, I would also exclude Hispanics from United States as first language English speakers, which is a considerable amount.
Also the 10% you quoted are more like speaking English in a fashion of first language. The few persons I know all speak English more fluently than most of second language speakers, and can switch between English and Hindi seamlessly in a conversation when talking with each other.


With all the extra time on my hands from not posting every minute I've found I've been able to get the hang of image/video editing to the point I can make satisfactory (to myself) edits. I think the non-constant stream is nice


Briefly remembered what I was going to post, and promptly forgot it again...

Co-dominant languages are a bit rare in the grand scheme of things. That said, I think it's rather easy to see on the internet that there are also a great many Europeans who are fluent in English and their native language thanks to early schooling in foreign languages. You are right, however, there is definitely a large population of non-native English speakers in the US. That's also true of England, and Canada, and a bit less so when it comes to Australia and New Zealand, I believe. Regardless, my reply was mainly aimed at "Also India, which has more population than all Anglo countries combined." Obviously when it's only a fraction of Indians who do speak English, it's unfair to talk as if the whole continent speaks it.


Realized one of the downsides to ephermality is that when I once found really good software for editing gifs, I've restored and seemingly lost it and now I can't look back in whichever kissu thread the name was in. Need to put those important things somewhere...


Just remembered that I read a message on project's discord server and they called discord "IRC 2.0". I mean... They're not entirely wrong, but it kind of sucks that, well, it's discord.


Discord's similarities to IRC are mostly superficial. At its heart it's an instant messaging client.


>At its heart it's an instant messaging client.
I don't understand how this is a departure from IRC in any meaningful way. If you mean to imply the ability to send and receive videos and images in messages makes Discord in a league of its own, I'd have to disagree. In IRC, although it doesn't take up many lines of space, the fact that people do attempt to do the same thing with third-party file hosts means that the underlying need and want of users is the same, and only Discord is delivering on the front by having file uploads built-in. Ignoring the centralized nature of Discord, the feature set it boasts makes it a significant upgrade over IRC. If there is to be a direct successor to IRC, starting with copying Discord's (positive) features would make for a good client.


I wonder if the Korean superstition that leaving a fan on will use up the oxygen in a room is a cultural memory of when gas fixture lighting was common, which could genuinely use up all the oxygen in a room, from the time between switching to electric lighting, people just naively assumed the same would be true of electric lights, and thus electric devices as well.

That or it's just something disappointing like "but what if the fan blows all the air out of the room?"


Does it bother anyone else when watching "affordable projects" when the person busts out a $500 3D printer, or $1000 laser cutter? Because it really bothers me. "Ah, yes, for today's $20 project, you'll just $1500 in hardware, ez."

Also, do people really use Raspberry Pis as servers and NAS's? They seem woefully underpowered.


It probably is assuming that you have the hardware available, in which case it's advertising how much money you can save once you've acquired said hardware.


I suppose, but the point I'm more so trying to make is that it seems very pretentious for a person be doing supposedly DIY projects when the upfront cost is more than 10 times the cost of the required parts to begin with. If it's just someone showing, "Hey, here's a thing I made, and here's how I made it," but the video isn't implicitly designed as an instructional video, I could care less. What bothers me is that supposedly "budget-oriented" builds often do require these very expensive tools, and what I find more condescending is when they suggest, "If you don't have these tools available near you, find a makerspace near you," as if everyone has the luxury of living in some nice bougie area to have free access to parts and tools. "Oh, right, I'm trying to make something on the cheap. Let me just spend an hour driving somewhere so I can get stumped over tools I don't know how to use and then drive an hour back home." It's ridiculously privileged. I would much rather they have the basic courtesy to not label their projects as being "budget friendly", and have the decency to show, "If you don't have access to these tools, here's a shop I'd recommend, and here's a price estimate for the cost of those required parts."

If it was the case I was watching some wood-working video, I would be a lot more forgiving. At the very least, when it comes to wood-working, power tools aren't strictly necessary, but do speed up the process greatly. Or, better yet, machining. I don't think anyone has any misconceptions that a lathe, drill press, or welding tools are exactly "budget friendly" tools, and so those videos typically just show their own progress on making something.


It's unfortunate that schizos flock to anti-censorship and privacy technology. It gives those principals a bad look.


that's just the nature of anti-censorship, privacy, free speech, ect...
they are all concepts utilized only by dissidents you don't need them if you aren't dissenting
and schizos often have many things to dissent against


Maybe. I'm not a dissenter, but I still want censorship resistant technology. In the long term it benefits everyone. I think if these sorts of things weren't associated with raging lunatics, we'd see way more people in support of them.


Dunno what you're talking about. Can't remember where I read it, but on iOS, something like only 17% of users opted-in to extended data collection on Facebook. Regular people do care about privacy, they just aren't as vocal about it, but when given the option, they'll typically choose privacy over no privacy.



>if these sorts of things weren't associated with raging lunatics
where? i'm not aware anyone significantly vocal openly disdains privacy. even tech companies won't do that for their pr. at worst some people are ignorant of it and think it's not a big deal.


was thinking about how /qa/ is a bit slow lately in comparison to /jp/ wonder if it's because the new anime season just started or if there's not many /qa/ thoughts on peoples mind


Social media's biggest sin was getting norms into things like politics and philosophy. Every moron with a youtube account fancies himself an intellectual now, shoving the truly knowledgeable to the back of the bus.


Isn't it because /qa/ is the no fun zone?


would be really neat if imageboards supported LaTeX


>if imageboards supported LaTeX
It's not impossible, e.g.\ 4/sci/ does. I don't think it makes sense outside a narrower board, since any implementation is going to slow down the page.


was trying to look for existing libraries that will do this for you, but the easy to find results are all paid products. Sounds like something that would take a long time to get right.




It was the first thing that came up


But it's not paid, is it? Thought it was open source.


Use the tools for mundane things and tell your friends/family about them. For example, I use Tor so I can SSH into my computer remotely even behind NAT. OnionShare is another example of a mundane use of Tor although I haven't used it much myself.


oh, i got confused by the wording on the website that made it sound like they have a premium product



It looks pretty nice(for the few people who know how to use LaTex)
it creates a ton of HTML elements though


I hope neurological research improves a lot in our lifetimes. Being able to eliminate specific mental issues, or at least mitigate them through understanding of the actual underlying processes rather than blanket medication would be nice.

Also every now and then I think about a throw-away conversation in an episode of Star Trek. It went something like this:
"Are you alright, Jean-Luc?"
"Oh, I'm fine, just a little headache is all."
"A headache? That's nothing to ignore. Those have been treatable for years since our understanding of the mind improved."
"I'm sure I'll be fine."
"Headaches are a very serious thing, you know."
"Really, Dr. Crusher, I'm fine. It's nothing to worry about."


File:SmartSelect_20210719-04040….jpg (64.03 KB,1175x376)

It'd be nice if every condition was like this.


what's your condition?


I remember reading that the first New Super Mario Bros was originally intended as a new entry in the Super Mario Advance series, but I didn't really know what they meant like that until I played Mario Advance 4 via the Wii-U. The first NSMB game is basically that game's world-e expanded into a standalone game.


I wonder how much global surface temperatures are affected by buildings themselves. Roads are pretty universally made of black asphalt, and a lot of roofing uses dark colored shingles. From what I understand, glaciers were protected from receding for a long time because the white color of the snow and ice reflected away a lot of the thermal energy, but in places where they've receded such as in Greenland, the exposed dark rocks have accelerated the recession of glaciers by virtue of absorbing more heat.

Not that it really matters... Countries are barely switching to electric cars let alone greater urbanization and public transit... I doubt the world could get together and tear up roads and replace roof shingles.


File:901e9738f1573eb07ef34d6d05….jpg (50.71 KB,480x661)

Statistically speaking, there are more dumb people on the internet now than decades ago.


Thankfully that is balanced out by the bots having gotten smarter.


Turns out the point of lurking was not to educate yourself but just to wait until everyone else was dumber than you.


every day, as access to the internet gets easier for anyone through mobile devices or easier access in developing countries, the average intelligence of a computer user trends towards the global average


cloud computing is going to let even more online.


you'd need access to some kind of hardware to start with to make use of that, and browsing the internet has ridiculously low requirements to start with. I don't think cloud computing is really gonna make a difference for this kinda thing.


just you wait. you might laugh at all the third worlders and norms who talk about "mobile gaming", one day they'll be lauding their cloud pc over you.


there are already people that try to do that, although they're all head-in-the-cloud silicon valley types. is there even any third world place that will ever have good enough internet for that?


looking back on this made me realize that image edits, at least the vast majority on the outer web, kinda suck today


actually maybe this is biased since the only edits i remember from outside /qa/ were the reddit ones spammed on it


File:Practical Effects.jpg (67.68 KB,638x480)

It's kind of weird how little animals are really used in movies or tv shows anymore.


I hope humanity doesn't destroy the ecosystems that chimps and monkeys live in. I really want them to be able to exit the stone age so humans can have monkey friends.


Fat chance. The whole idea of capitalism is to consume until there are no resources left. All kind of monkeys, including humans, are doomed and there is no way out


honestly hope the planet will be fubar by the time I'm old, I don't mind dying if everyone else suffers


I don't know how old are you, but you probably will. Climate change is real, BOE is real, and nobody doing anything to prevent it. I was expecting humans to learn something about exponential curves from that Corona accident, but everybody still thinks in linear.


>BOE is real
wtf is "BOE"


File:arctic-death-spiral.png (327.28 KB,1024x960)

Blue Ocean Event, an "ice-free" Arctic Ocean. It's a major tipping point in climate change because it activates additional feedbacks and whole system will change toward new equilibrium.


File:F O E.png (642.1 KB,680x383)


I don't think it's going to be a cataclysm in our lifetimes, at least for those of us outside of the third world and its exploding population numbers. Resource wars are going to greatly intensify and life will worsen for everyone on the planet, but the relative bubble of the West will still barely hold up.


Can't wait to move to Antarctica, then.


>I was expecting humans to learn something about exponential curves from that Corona accident, but everybody still thinks in linear.


I unironically read porn for the plot. I don't even fap to it a lot of the time. I think sexuality is an incredibly compelling topic, and it saddens me that people are so prudish about it.


Towako has really nice stories that I read multiple times over just because I like them. The lewd lolibabas are nice too, though.


I don't think that's too unusual. There's a fair amount of people that have set out to make an erotic story and ended up worldbuilding to an extent that it can stand on its own, whether it's a short doujin or eroge.
I'm someone that really needs translation even if it's something really simple and nonsensical, too, so there's definitely importance just in something like that, too.


Same but I think people should actually be more prudish about it, it's what separates us from animals. It also makes much better stories.


Climate change should increase the area they can survive in, they tend to like equatorial environments. I think it's more likely they will have their habitats removed by encroaching human populations though, particularly over the time span you are thinking off.

I think saying that nobody is doing anything about it is a bit harsh. A great many people are, it's not a simple issue to solve.


The hubris of human beings is astounding. They think that they're powerful enough to cause climate change, while being completely unable to prevent natural disasters such as earthquake, tornado, volcanic eruption, and tsunami from happening.
Hell, they can't even accurately predict the weather tomorrow, do you expect they can predict the climate change caused by their actions?



actually modern weather predictions have become very accurate, especially for less than 3 day forecasts.

so unless you're one to believe that 100% accuracy is the only acceptable standard (which is silly), your statement about forecasts breaks your entire argument



the hubris of a single individual who thinks they know better than thousands of others is honestly more astounding


Where do I post things about utopia realism


assuming you live in a first world/developed nation you’re arguably already living in a realistic utopia
it’s the perspective of being born in an utopia that prevents you from saying you live in one


That may be true for some of us here but quite a few live in the US.


You miss the point. Utopia thinking is about buying into a dream society that someone is selling.
The video above is about poking holes in the philosophy that corruption and government will yield to science. That through stronger adherence to the values of science will society ascend past it's flaws. In the case of Dubai this is not the case where brilliant minds are brought in to mastermind construction projects and what is left is an unsustainable and poorly thought out mess of urban planning.


I found his bashing on Dubai to be redundant or maybe ignorant. I don’t think anyone that watches his videos ever thought Dubai was anything more than a place for rich people to flaunt wealth/play around with their wealth. Dubai is not a city that sustains itself or produces practical goods or anything else a normal city does. It is a city for the rich and powerful by the rich and powerful. Applying typical views of how the general city operates just won’t work on a city that solely exists because some rich Arabs came together and said “We want the most opulent city in the world”.
Also isnt what, that video indirectly advocating for a “stronger adherence to the values of science”? He isn’t so much talking about the philosophy of Utopianism as he is complaining that Gulf Arabs flaunt their wealth around in a manner that is unsustainable.


>as he is complaining that Gulf Arabs flaunt their wealth around in a manner that is unsustainable.

To be fair it almost makes sense to spend it how they are, they have nothing else after the oil money stops, they really need to build a city that the rich will go to for the sake of going to the city itself and that is what the City has been achieving.

The chap in the Video mentions turning it into an Arab theme park and I do agree that would be better for most tourists(maybe, it's still in a desert in the middle of nowhere and the city would be fake) but it won't attract the rich in the same way. The whole thing is probably going to collapse anyway.


(didn't watch the video)
Yeah, they're trying to find a new way to make vast amounts of money to maintain the same quality of life. Dubai's been trying to bill itself as the Las Vegas of the region and it's been having quite a few struggles due to it also trying to maintain some theocracy (on paper at least). It's such an absurd situation to see a country elevated so highly because of dead plant matter underneath them, and thankfully for them it happened after wars of conquest stopped being vogue among the European powers.
Strange coincidence that they're both in deserts, huh. Research into terraforming desert is probably something that will be of great importance in the coming centuries and that's something Dubai could be doing, but I sincerely doubt it is.


The UAE wanted dubai to be another las vegas, also and most importantly as an icon. The UAE is a small country but it want to play a bigger role in the region. To be like what saudi is now and what Egypt was. Without Dubai no one would know about the UEA, it would be like Bahrain. It did somewhat success in being an icon, it known by the world and some Arab might consider it a cool destination to visit if he had money. Tho it becoming hated more and more for a lot of reasons.


Fiat justitia ruat caelum...


Sic semper tyrannis!


these are complementary ideas


Some might even say, to subscribe to one is to subscribe to both.


Don't get why nofap is a thing. I've gone for long stretches without mastubating just because I didn't think to do it. It's not hard to do. And this is coming from someone who has every weird fetish under the sun. You're not a hero for not jerking off, you're a loser for making it a 'thing'.


There was some misinterpreted science behind it where a test on somebody showed an increase in Testosterone due to it, however the increase was temporary and actually returned to normal levels(it could have just been random and unrelated). The rest is just Bro Science. However, for a normal guy with an interest in relationships forcing him to not do it may result in him becoming more motivated to find women and therefore he may feel that he has more energy for that or more success with women. I don't see the appeal either, I don't actually feel that motivated to do it but I find if I forget and don't do it at least once a week all that happens is I get wet dreams.


a large portion of it is people with an actual porn addiction finding out that not jerking off made them more productive and likable because they did stuff other than porn, then they extrapolate that to mean if everyone else stops jerking off then they'll be more productive and likable too- even though in some cases the opposite is true.


A way for those with nothing of worth to prop themselves up.


Somehow cleaning while it's sunny and talking to myself made me feel good.


Images had resolutions of 300x200 back then, it's not a fair comparison.


watch stuff like this and think to myself, wow it'd be nice to be a food expert to pull of a dish this well. and when i try it i fail epicly


I really like these videos, but there's the obvious problem of using them as recipe guides in that they often omit steps, or fail to mention prepping certain parts in advance. They're very much made for watching, not for trying yourself. If you were going to make it, you'd definitely want to watch the whole video first and try writing the steps afterwards.


File:1582118791885.png (682.67 KB,885x813)

My inability to develop my current frustration into a fit of rage or something more productive and stimulating to the brain has left me more bitter than I can possibly explain. I don't know how this happens, I should be furious but I just can't get worked up.


try masturbating?


Too tired to even do that... Maybe that's my issue actually but I don't want to sleep just yet.


Looking at the time makes my emotions feel uncomfortable even though time is an abstract concept rather than a physical pressure, foreign to my sentiments and untracable other than in amount of sunlight and seasonal characteristics, a second-hand feeling mostly. I played games where I could defeat the endboss within one or two weeks but it was unpleasant to view how many hours the game showed me for playing it; when replaying the game for the fifth time, I got a result of only 9:30h which is fast (I assume; and I should be more thankful when it comes to comparing to the magnitudes others have invested in other games) when the TAS is at 6h due to lots of manipulation. I have no clock in my room and disabled it on the taskbar. I started a private project a year ago(September) but feel better when telling myself I seriously got into the project in December or January. I assume this time-consciousness is what leads many persons to bad conscience and diminuished enjoyment of entertainment media.


File:EE0DB1AF-A6BA-4CDC-AB86-1A….png (239.77 KB,510x363)

so I have a group of friends who I like to hang out with. only thing is they never ask to hang so I’m the one always doing the asking. we hung like a month ago but the last couple of times I asked, they couldn’t make it.

there’s a couple of guys in the circle who I have known for years on a surface level. they’re “buddy” and “acquaintance”. I’d like to close the gap but they haven’t shown any interest even though they’re super cool with me when we hang.

so I ask the acquaintance if he’s free to hang this weekend with the buddy (a group of 3). since he lives with one of my friends, that friend can easily jump in if he felt like it, and I say as such (for a group of 4). and he fucking ghosts me.

now I’ve tried to hang with that friend prior to our last group hangout but he’s got a personal problem that’s keeping him pinned down. but the last time I asked to hang (before I knew his circumstances): he ghosts me too.

I guess I’m in the wrong. fuck me for wanting to do something on the weekend on a beautiful fucking day. I don’t feel “lonely” or anything. In fact, I’ve never understood what people meant by that. I’m just bored as fuck and it’s really shitty.


ww as if I have any experience with friend gatherings.


I can't imagine actually having friends. It seems boring.


b-but what about your /qa/ friends?


But I don't actually 'hang out' with them and in real life I would hate them.


File:1574970023318.jpg (140.15 KB,1280x720)

Having genuine otaku friends who aren't too socially autistic to discuss anime and whatnot with and maybe play board games with sounds nice. I like board games but I don't have anyone to play with.


What kind of board games?


We could always play tabletop simulator


File:455C8506-D705-45FA-BC05-0….jpeg (144.97 KB,1920x1080)

I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to blog/bitch so kindly direct me to the right place if it’s not. I apologize in advance for the rant.

I am fucking TIRED of footfags. They are fucking EVERYWHERE.
>go to board A; footfag thread
It’s either a blatant footfag thread or a leg/thigh thread with footfags trying to blend in.
>go to general B; footfags are spamming foot pics
I won’t name the general but they have it pretty bad. It’s literally every thread.
>go to board C; footfags have their own general
Don’t ask me why but they started appearing on non-kissu /qa/ of all places.
>go to general D; there’s a lone footfag starting a foot-revolution
There’s no escaping these mentally-ill freaks. No other fetishists can even compete with their tenacity. They’re like fucking cockroaches except obnoxiously vocal and feed on attention. I just want out.

The worst thing is without a doubt their obsessive personalities. They don’t want you to just know they have a foot fetish: they want to brainwash you into memorizing it for the rest of your fucking life. Every fucking thread, it’s the same people spamming the same pictures. I try to go to a different board to take shelter but lo-and-behold: a footfag thread with over 80 posts (pretty large by that board’s standards since most threads die with their posts in the single digits). Oh, and if I tell them to fuck off: they of course reply by posting more foot pics. There’s just no escape.

They always resort to the same tricks too when you call them out for posting “stealth” footfag pics (pics with tits and/or ass but the feet are fully exposed and are the focal point).
>“I-I didn’t know that pic has feet haha I guess you’re the REAL footfag!”
Who the fuck do you think you’re fooling?
>“I, uh… I like that pic for the bondage...”
Yeah, and totally not for the bare feet that’s the focal point of the drawing.
>“A-Actually, I’m a leg-man….”
Utter bullshit. He later admitted to liking feet. I didn’t buy it for a second.

I probably sound like a paranoid schizophrenic who’s forgotten to take his meds but I swear it’s all true. I don’t understand why they come up with these transparent lies. If you’re gonna lie, at least come up with something decent. And don’t even get me started on the ones obsessed with “feet stink”. I hate them so goddamn much.



File:__nakabeni_yua_miru_tights….jpg (144.96 KB,850x1189)

Chill out broski.


>non-kissu /qa/
I assume the boards you're talking about are 4chan and if that's the case I found your problem


Yeah, on 4chan there's a large amount of people that are posting only to try and get a negative reaction.
And, well...
>non-kissu /qa/
That place is entirely those people.


I was so confused, I've never seen foot fetish thread on kissu. But then
>non-kissu /qa/


Board games are boring.


I feel mixed towards feet. I don't hate them but also they are probably the most disgusting part of the human body. Because you walk on them so they are always going to be dirty.


fuck you


wtf. i've read all these posts before. have i really been on kissu for a year already


File:1655797495924.jpg (949.29 KB,962x1300)

1 year later and I'm still postan' feet.


Wamy feet...


can a mod please test out the new keeping-reply-links-when-moving-posts feature by splitting off the conversation about feet into a new thread


this thread shouldn't even exist in the first place


File:6c91edaad36931dc265090068f….jpg (6.18 MB,5833x6328)

There are about 2000 people playing Age of Empires III on Steam right now but there are about 2300 playing Total War Medieval II, Age of Empires III got new content last month, it got two new nations(Italy and Malta) and it got some new game modes and maps and stuff. Total War Medieval II has not had new content for, well it's been a long time. So more people play it yet it gets less(or no) new content. Interesting.


aoe3 is on eternal life support


File:what.png (5.36 KB,307x59)

my thoughts on that


Medieval 2 has a large variety in overhaul mods with the LOTR mod being the most popular one. And with the devs only making kusoge nowadays, people go back to playing modded M2 set in whatever historical time period or universe they like instead.

That's my guess at least.


File:C-1655998442484.png (1.15 MB,800x600)

why would people play that when BFME-2 exists


maybe i should get some people to pirate this.
It was pretty fun to play with the most toxic friend I ever had


Probably, it's a good game. 1700 were playing Shogun 2 as well. But what I found interesting about it is that some games get content made for them and others are dead in that regard even when there are similar numbers actually playing them. But I guess that just comes down to how these companies are run and what their goals are.

It was okay, but it's different to TW.


It's a bit of a pain to get running, i have the anthology pack with 1,2 and RotWK but I don't have a disk drive anymore so I had to go with the cracked copies to play it. And there was/is some shenanigans with mounting disk drives and iso images that I remeber taking me forever to figure out how to do.
I hope the fan project BFME reforged (https://bfmereforged.org/) is able to get in a playable state one day as they've been making slow but seemingly steady progress over the years and having a shinier version of BFME2 would be nice.


Is endless scrolling a dark pattern?
I think so


it's power comes from the belief that a page will end



You're weird.


I feel like social media as we know it is going to collapse sooner or later. We're getting to the point where everyone is starting to hate it, not just 4chan-type undesirables. The only thing keeping it alive is the lack of viable alternatives (and no, "alternative" social media doesn't count because it's still social media and also not viable). It's "too big to fail", so everyone feels stuck. But history shows that nothing is too big to fail. Once the technology to support something better comes along, it'll all crumble.


I agree, and also the shift will probably be amplified by the fact that social media only promotes really a minority of voices.


youtube's going to collapse. got it


also 4chan is dead next year


As we know it probably, but the so does everything. Social media is always going to exist though. That change might also come from the companies dominating the market now anyway, like Facebook and the Metaverse.


File:1650743309211.jpg (1.42 MB,3264x1616)

I wish they sold olive oil in smaller bottles. There is no way I can use up 500ml of condiment oil before it goes off.


looks like a funny face


File:9ab0227312974aecb3bd43c676….jpg (543.91 KB,707x1000)


wtf. olive oil takes forever to go off. fry some eggs


Wish I could close my ears like I can close my eyes.


I'll occasionally visit reddit for tech support and the like, and every time I do it pisses me off!




Use old reddit redirect to not kill your ram


I personally just use a user script for redirects.
// ==UserScript==
// @name        Redirects
// @namespace   Violentmonkey Scripts
// @run-at      document-start
// @include     https://www.reddit.com/*
// @include     https://www.youtube.com/*
// @include     https://imgur.com/*
// @grant       none
// @version     1.0
// @author      -
// @description Redirect certain URLs to better alternatives
// ==/UserScript==

const mykeys = [
const myvalues = [
var currentURL = window.document.location.toString();
for(var i = 0; i < mykeys.length; ++i) {
    if(currentURL.includes(mykeys[i])) {
        var newURL = currentURL.replace(mykeys[i], myvalues[i]);

To add new ones, you need to put in an @include at the top for full URL to match, part of the portion to replace in mykeys, and what to replace it with in myvalues (they need to be added at the same index in both).

As for reddit, I don't have any special feelings for it. It's just something that comes up sometimes when I search for information. But I can imagine how it could be annoying if you were to engage in conversation there.


Why do I visit or why does it annoy me?

The former is because it comes up in search results. The latter is because it has a userbase of 4chan-reject memer weirdos.


Ginger and malt are very underrated flavours in confectionery.


Sometimes I wonder if I don't like imageboards all together. They just seem to be the least bad option, not that I know anything else.


I feel that way too, though it's not just imageboards but Youtube and everything else as well. I just don't like people I guess.
I don't like how meme oriented society is now, I also dislike the general abrasive and base nature of society. I think much of that could be attributed to the nature of the internet in general though. In general(but not always) people from lower socio-economic backgrounds are more abrasive and base and of course there are far more of them. So on a platform like the internet the voices of these gruff folk will far outnumber those of more gentle people, in addition to the numbers people with higher levels of education tend to devote more of their energy to their interests and hobbies than poorer people do.


I wouldn't know about the rest. I've never really touched other things without a specific goal in mind. They seem to lean more into what I dislike.
"meme culture" is a drain. It's part of why I never really bothered with friends. It's a bit alienating when you don't consume all the same stuff. Spouting the same thing again and again just isn't funny either. Even my awful jokes saved by deadpan delivery are better.


File:[SubsPlease] Aharen-san wa….jpg (227.83 KB,1280x720)

Huh. Such a brazen "rich people are better than poor people" post that I don't know how to react. I didn't think this kind of opinion could exist on the internet while we look at the art, play the games, watch the videos and laugh at the comments of the people firmly in the bottom strata.
But, I guess that's how opinions are. One man's "base nature" is another man's "sincerity".


Well to that firstly I would point out that Japan is separate form the west, they don't have as much of a bogan, CHAV, gopnik or whatever culture so poor people from Japan aren't that bad. But having said that, many of the people that create the games, art, videos etc, are not from poor backgrounds.


I'm with >>1733. I've met plenty of kind people who were poor and plenty of rich people who were jerks; enough that I can say with confidence that they're not just exceptions.


File:[GJM] Ascendance of a Book….jpg (313.58 KB,1920x1080)

Well, I've been on the internet long enough to know that certain opinions can never be changed without life-altering events, and empathy towards a lower economic class from the upper is one of them.
It's such an ingrained disdain that stuff like Bookworm makes prominent use of it in the story, and everyone can relate to it for better or worse.


Well in my case it was the opposite. I never even used to think in terms of class, it was only through my dealings with people from lower socio-economic backgrounds that I began to see them for what they were and that I began to think in such terms.

As for that trope. Well, not all are bad(just most) but it's also more of a western thing as mentioned before but also more of a modern thing, most old poor people are fine(though as time goes on that generation is dying), that kind of culture I mentioned before also didn't really exist before.
But that trope is also used for other reasons. The majority of the people watching any media are not going to be oligarchs so it would make little financial sense to cater your media towards them. You will cater it towards the masses instead. And also underdog stories tend to work better in many ways anyway and it's easy to create underdog stories using people form poorer background.


File:9780671792251.jpg (15.32 KB,261x400)

Read this book on class, it's fascinating.


I feel like I'm in the minority here (at least on the web), but I'm way more tolerant of stupid kids than I am stupid adults. Kids have the potential to grow up and become smart. But the vast majority of dumb adults are going to be morons for the rest of their lives.


File:[-__-'] Utawarerumono 08 [….jpg (279.94 KB,1920x1080)

I feel the same way, really. It's why I try to be more encouraging of welcoming newfrens rather than rejecting them altogether, since you can mold them into being better posters. While with obnoxious oldfags they've been around long enough to not feel any pressure to change, or they have a midlife crisis or something and then there post quality falls off the deep end.


File:163be14dec2fa498abb9642e07….jpg (1.69 MB,2507x3325)

Hate swimming


Stupid people on the internet or in real life?
It doesn't matter really, it's true for both.


RTS Gamers


I'm sick of seeing people complaining about social media sites while also spending all day on them. If you hate it so much why are you using it? And even don't get me started on youtubers who complain about youtube.


I don't get it, complaining about youtube being crap is perfectly reasonable. Unless you expect someone else to magically secure the popularity, algorithms, history, and funding youtube has. Which just won't happen.


Too many seasonal threads @[email protected]


Two of them are probably getting deleted


Nuclear Gandhi makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The cycle of reincarnation is broken when everyone and everything is dead.


File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….png (1.58 MB,1920x1080)

Yeah first and third are mine and relate to the seasonal stream. They're both temporary. First will be getting deleted in less than six hours and third will be next week at some point.
Threads exist to be made, though, and if people feel like making 30 more seasonal threads they can and should. Will they all succeed? Nope, but that's how it works.


It's kind of funny how Indians speaking English will say "sir". I wonder if they'll ever go through de-Anglicization like a lot of colonized countries have. Although I guess India is in a unique position where they would lack a lingua franca to communicate with other than just keeping English around to deal with communicating with all the various Indian languages.


File:Astolfo 010.jpg (64.95 KB,850x700)

There is this game I am playing called Total War: Warhammer 2.
I don't like Warhammer it seems to be a parody/crude imitation of various other things. There is not much creativity there.

What bothered me most recently was the faction called Tomb Kings. If I were to ask you to list three things you associate with Ancient Egypt what would you say? You would probably say, Pharaohs, Mummies and Pyramids(don't say Cleopatra). So then Tomb Kings is.. Well you can guess.
Everything about it is very bland and uninspired, and that is a shame. I think that people that make games and other kinds of Media often forget that the only reason we think of them as mummies is because they are dead now and that was what has been left behind. It may surprise some people but they did actually used to live at one point.

And then Another Faction that bothers me(well they all do but this is just the one annoying me now) is Brettonia.
This time, if I were to ask you to list three things you associate with Medieval France what would you say? Probably Chivalric knights, grubby peasants and castles. And again that's what Bretonnia is...
But more annoying about that is how they did it. We associate chivalry with King Arthur and that is fair enough, most of us come from English speaking backgrounds and even if we don't English is the lingua Franca. And the King Arthur tales are England's Chivalric literature. But France has her own Chivalric literature. If you are making a medieval French faction it should be based on the legends of Charlemagne and his Paladins not on king Arthur and his friends.

These people are incompetent.


>Warhammer it seems to be a parody/crude imitation of various other things
but that's kinda the point of the whole setting, the campiness of it all is part of the charm
the empire is just fantasy HRE too, pretty much all the human factions are just fantasy X


also while brettonnia does take things from medieval france, it is also modeled after post norman conquest england as well, it's kinda rubbed in hard given that the knightly units speak with french accents while the peasant/lowborn units speak with british accents, hence the arthurain legend


Well I don't like it.

That's something else that bothers me about it, how they senselessly mix things. The High Elves for example take words from Tolkien like Alarille from Galadrielle or Lothern from Lothlorien. But whereas Tolkein actually put thought into what he was doing they are just chopping things up to make up their own words and then they mix it with other names that don't even make sense or come from Tolkein anyway. They just think 'well that sounds elf like that will do'.


As Anonymous said before, the allure is both Warhammers is in great part due to their coolness, the settings being so over the top, and their funny combinations such as cathedral mechas and dinosaur-mounted solar artillery.
If you go on any kind of Warhammer thread, that's what you'll see: people roleplaying as characters, coming up with even wackier scenarios, exaggerating already existing things even more, or fooling around with stuff like pic or Khemri TV. If you're looking for hard tolkienesque worldbuilding, WH is just not the best place to do so.


Now that I think about it, does GAR apply to Warham?


File:rome-total-war-20040604021….jpg (38.2 KB,440x330)

That's why you play Rome 1. You can play as ancient Bronze Age Egyptians... in 270 BC.

Jokes aside, Rome 1 is a really good game and you should give it a try if you feel that Warhammer is lacking in the RTS department.


It's somewhat interesting how most RTS communities still use specialized forums over Reddit.
They do use discord because they need a chat program to organize games(again reinforcing the case that kissu might need one built in), but RTS gamers are just mentally built different than others


I would not say it's cool.

??? The fish?

It makes some sense, it adds character to what otherwise is just a Greek. They did that with Germania as well, making them pop culture Viking type people(well Pop Culture for the time, now of course Pop culture Vikings have tattoos and weird hair).


>I would not
Alas, nobody is perfect.


Kissu doesn't need a fucking discord server, we have the irc (two irc channels for fuck sake) and discord breeds degenerate shit.


File:39318857_p0.jpg (419.93 KB,1447x2039)

I wonder what Creative Assembly is going to do once the hype around Total War Warhammer dies. They tried and failed at getting the Warhammer fans interested in "historic" TWs with Three Kingdoms and Troy, and they can't exactly go back to pandering to the old fans either because they seem to have forgotten how to make strategy games that aren't just purely stat based.


He didn't say it needs a discord server, he said it needs a chat built-in (probably on the website itself, sort of like what some forums have).


kissu dicksword...


They will be able to milk this for a while and then there is 40k which they might try making a game about and there is Lord of the Rings as well though they would be held to a higher standard for that.

But I don't think it matters at this point, whether we like it or not, there is no alternative on the market. If they make a TW ME 3 then people will still play it simply because there isn't anything else coming out like that.

But I do wonder how this will play out, because there will be a huge split between what the TW Warhammer fans want and the rest and they are going to have to decide how they will deal with that going forward.


File:1595805511505.jpg (95.23 KB,640x640)

I really want to go to Hokkaido winter next year but I don't have any travel buddies.


Just go by yourself.... I can't imagine travelling with others and don't think it would improve the experience at all.

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