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Boy howdy these computers I tell you I can't wait to see what they bring in fact I bought one! You should see my kid on this thing I'm tellin' you he's going to build rockets some day. Oh don't tell the misses but I snuck on one night after my son got that World of webs working and something amazing God dang boobs.com I'm tellin' ya man.


Did he just say that computer has a whole 32 megahertz? These computer things are getting really advanced nowadays.


File:sailor_moon.jpg (55.67 KB,531x702)

sure, I can play doom with you, just let me load up my four floppy disks and spend several hours installing it first.


It's kinda funny how this could still apply today since girls could be addicted to their smartphones and may have rarely ever touched a computer in their lives.


Images take precedence, you fool.


funny you should bring that up, it actually is true that tablets and smartphones replacing computer use has made the average child less computer literate than a milennial typically is.
I swear I read that somewhere else before but all I can find right now is this BBC article.


ignoring the poster's disgusting political outlook and stereotypes... people know less about cars because mechanics exist and few people know or care how to repair shoes when you can just buy a new one.

Knowing how to use computers for functional purposes such as research can be done on a tablet just as well as a desktop. If you're talking about automation then few people know how to do that anyways.


I mean stuff like touch typing or using a mouse- stuff that you'd definitely do on a computer, but never on a tablet or smartphone. I guess it ultimately doesn't matter (but then, what does?) I just think it's fun to think about stuff like that.
people didn't know much about computers in general even back when everyone was using them, there was just more of people pestering their grandsons or someone to do everything for them than there is now, really.


My cousin's daughter started using a smartphone before age 2. I mean, she plays games on it and probably watches videos. I told her that it's a bad idea because brain development still isn't understood very well and the early ages are very important. Then there's stuff like depth perception and I wonder what else can go wrong when she isn't interacting with her physical environment when everything is getting wired and rewired at that age.
Humans were definitely not meant for these things...


It's fine. It can't be worse for your mental state than when your eldest brother died at childbirth and your youngest sister died of pneumonia.


My uncle used to talk about how bad these were for children and how even Bill Gates did not allow it and sent his children to a school where they did not use computers along with other rich people but then he had children and ended up letting them play with smartphones to keep them quiet anyway, it's just the lazy option. But he also talks about nutrition but doesn't follow what he says and he also thinks society is collapsing and plans to take his children with him on a boat which he will use to sail between island delivering computer parts for money. So take that how you will.

That's just character building.


I don't need to take what he's taking... he might need to take more of it


It still blows my mind that there's parents who do that kind of thing. Giving your kid a smartphone before they're in middle school is child abuse.

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