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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:image.jpeg (207.33 KB,600x849)


Have you been staying in shape this summer? Remember your body is always working for you even when you don't want to for it! Make sure to drink water and stay away from energy drinks or soda. Take it easy and move slow if need be! Your body will thank you, keep it up long enough and maybe someone special will attract to you...


I have never been in shape in my life
not fat or anything, I just don't exercise


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (231.64 KB,1920x1080)

I'm doing pretty good, better than the past few years probably


I do some push ups sit ups and jogging



a little boy could beat me up


What's your height and weight?


File:EZH8P0XUMAAzvJm.png (422.26 KB,531x655)

I can overhead press an average woman or a small man with a sense of confidence and ease.
Swerve, twinks.


Do you go around throwing women as proof of your strength


How did you grow the horns?


Found your channel


File:36177ba4d716cd2a9ba9dc1754….png (191.91 KB,849x1421)

Gallon of milk a day.


I want to shoot my goo in that oni.


Guys with big muscles really turn me on!




File:96225000_p5.jpg (886.42 KB,1358x1920)

Just gained 2kg.


wish i had the power to direct where my fat goes


where would you direct it


all to my gut




File:1444239505948.gif (778.07 KB,500x720)

Little girls too, if you don't step up soon.


File:[mudabone] Hidamari Sketch….jpg (31.55 KB,83x184)

I want Yuno to knock me out with a quick one-two punch.


almost every day I do a short 50 meter jog. It's definitely been helpful for my dog I think. He's getting a bit older so it's important for him to stay active. Myself on the other hand... I think I need to do more substantial exercise.


She's too weak.


File:16e09e095ced0daa2b22ba3d45….jpg (127.31 KB,1020x1234)

once or twice a week I run some 5k. I also do strength training. need to work on my core and calves though...


Scared of running


I injured my leg earlier this year. It's nothing severe, but it's limiting. It's been hard to get back into it. Usually I'll just go on a long walk here and there.
Part of me just doesn't care as much. My only drive to exercise is my autistic fantasies of fighting.


running is boring

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