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With all these crypto explosions and stock market bull runs, I always say to myself "Dang, sucks that I missed out, guess that was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity". However, as I look around more I see that these just keep on happening left and right, and it makes me wonder, do I just need to be more perceptive so that I can catch these trends early instead of accepting things as they go? It really seems like the key to getting rich is more about paying attention to trends more than getting lucky.


File:1522594661799.jpg (197.45 KB,1920x1080)

Although trend-chasing itself requires motivation, so I guess since I'm a lazy bum I may never be cash money.


File:[ShiggEz] Read or Die - 12….png (2.94 MB,960x720)

As with the stock market, as with crypto, the key to getting rich is tricking other people into buying your shit.


I don't think there's a good way to enter these fields, you need connections that are simply sealed to the common man. As for this stuff itself, well...
There are few things I loathe more than the concept of the money juggling professions and their extremely lucrative results for the self which not only create zero value for society, but often taken away from it. It's like politics; you can't actually be a good person and excel at it. You need to be cutthroat and see people as obstacles.


File:70865cda9ab123735f0b0931a8….png (1.11 MB,1228x868)

My philosophy on crypto is that it's like a morphable lottery ticket. I've put $20 into it and haven't really touched it much, aside from changing around what I have it in and such. If I make money from it, that's nice. If not, I'm only out $20 so it's not much. I think people putting their life savings into these highly risky gambles is dumb and I'd rather take it easy than have to worry about living on the street because my investment went poorly.


crypto is more of a random topic than 2D/meta


why even do invest when you can keep money in the bank and have it grow


Because it won't grow as much.


The interest is you earn is lower than inflation. Investing will at least keep pace with it.


I've thought about it, and investing in investing is probably one of the more worthwhile things a somewhat knowledgeable NEET could do. Since if you become good at it, you won't have to go out and search for work or even need to really interact with others all too much. It's the nicest 'job' I could think of doing, aside from the fact you risk losing money instead of making it.

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