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What if instead of there being trillions of very tiny bugs it was like Pokemon and there was the same amount of mass, but spread across much larger bodies? In many ways it would be terrifying that they existed, but I bet we wouldn't been


oh I forgot to remove the second sentence I started... uhh ignore that


File:77080960_p0.png (1.47 MB,1508x1849)

The same amount of mass? But do you mean also similar volume? If the Pokemon were about as large as they're supposed to be in their world it'd be really odd to have a bunch of Groudons that weigh as much as a bag of spiders.


Err... yeah I guess what I mean is the same amount of volume and mass or something? Same amount of bio mass, but they're the size of Pokemon now so there's far fewer of them


I like pokemon


They would not be able to full fill their ecological niches and also the oxygen level is not high enough to support such large insects.

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