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Was reading about how Florida's getting another hurricane and it made me go on my bi-annual weather mini-research session. Mother nature is truly terrifying.


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¥saging your own opening post

That aside, if you were in the American Midwest last Summer, you may remember a bit of wind in August. Apparently that was the ``costliest severe thunderstorm event in United States history''. There's a great interactive summary of events at https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/f98352e2153b4865b99ba53b86021b65 . I wasn't anywhere near hit by the brunt of it, just lost a power line with a replacement installed within 48 hours.


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I live in Tornado Valley, or rather I used to. The tornadoes seem to be decreasing here and increasing elsewhere, possibly related to global temperature trends or maybe just a long shift that's been happening for a while. I think this red blob is moving North and East, but it's just my own speculation and has nothing to do with science or charts and stuff


File:tornado-counts-0112-2011.png (482.35 KB,780x616)

Maybe. It seems like the number of tornado sightings has actually been increasing year over year for quite some time. Granted, it wouldn't surprise me if the over all number of tornadoes is actually fairly consistent, just that detection has improved over the years.

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