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File:waterfox_nSpQ7dN4en.png (53 KB,1040x164)


Ouch, is this true? This is on kemomo party


It's true, but easily evaded via Tor or VPN. Also I think it's probably got something to do with people abusing IPs to DDoS verizon or something and getting a range blocked that included these sites, and not something intentional as TPB and other major torrent sites still work.


nyaa is hosted on some dodgy russian provider I think


It’s some routing error to ddos-guard which is the service that all these websites use. Sub domains aren’t affected (sukebei still works). They don’t bother to fix it for some reason, probably because they would gain or lose nothing even if they fixed that, other than the very few who switches ISP because of this.


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (146.37 KB,1280x720)

Hm, so it's not intentional? Well, that's a relief (not that I use Verizon). It seemed strange that they would pick something so niche and not pirate bay or something.
Now that I think about, I wonder what the percentage of people pirate these days compared to like 10-20 years ago. I bet it's a lot lower, especially if you exclude poorer countries that wouldn't be buying stuff in the first place.


Some stuffs simply can’t be obtained legally because they are never released in some regions, or not available in a DRM-free form.


Has to be much lower, with all those subscription-based streaming services. Most casual users would much rather have a limited selection of content readily available on any device than learn how to pirate (since it's not really common knowledge anymore) and risk getting a notice from their ISP. Remember all those news articles when NGE came to a certain streaming platform? I couldn't for the life of me understand how that was news-worthy in any way, but it seems I was in the minority.

Like 15 years ago, my father used to ask me to download music for him, because he didn't know how to use soulseek, torrents, search blogs, etc. Now he just uses that one music streaming service.


funny you should bring that up, piracy rates are actually on the rise again because of all the fragmenting that's been going on. turns out people are more likely to pirate than pay three seperate subscriptions to watch the one show that interests them on each platform.


Monopolies are good!


Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. It seems to have been coupled with a general decline in tech knowledge, like how many people even know what torrenting is today. I had to download and burn CDs for my family, too, but not these days..

That also makes sense. Just for Western anime stuff there's Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon, Netflix and probably others I can't name offhand.


I have a question not unrelated to this; if a torrent site gets taken down, will the magnet links obtained from that site stop working?


Yes and no. You'll still be able to load the torrent, you'll just have a lot more trouble finding seeders and peers because that's what a tracker communicates to the client.


>decline in tech knowledge
I think it's more that tech-illiterate types have greater access to technology. The people who use streaming services aren't the sort of people who would've learned to use torrents and burn CDs. They're the people who got all their movies from Blockbuster.


File:467497039e82fb266a6c0dbc5f….png (4.78 MB,3439x3527)

I wonder why there aren't more torrent sites on tor. It seems to be the perfect place for that because they are only directories and don't transfer large data so tor's speed isn't a problem, plus it is a lot more resistant to takedown, where a lot more highly illegal websites continue to exist.

>you'll just have a lot more trouble finding seeders and peers because that's what a tracker communicates to the client.
Torrent site is different from torrent trackers.


>Torrent site is different from torrent trackers.
I'm aware...

Per Wikipedia:
"The 'tracker' server keeps track of where file copies reside on peer machines, which ones are available at time of the client request, and helps coordinate efficient transmission and reassembly of the copied file.

"Since the creation of the distributed hash table (DHT) method for 'trackerless' torrents, BitTorrent trackers have largely become redundant; however, they are still often included with torrents to improve the speed of peer discovery."

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