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File:303BA803-308C-41A8-97C0-4….jpeg (479.69 KB,1242x866)




Le crowned RNA.


what's with india


What about it? It's a highly urbanized, but poor country.


>Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has Covid-19 symptoms, including a 38 degree fever, according to CNN Brazil.


File:[heponeko] Nurse Witch Kom….jpg (44.21 KB,313x265)

Some people... you really can't help but think that they had it coming


File:092F5AD8-B64E-412B-B89A-0….jpeg (780.57 KB,1736x1142)

This just in: Yesterday


File:1505274166223.jpg (105.8 KB,346x347)

Brazil's going for the world record


It's now officially a stand out thing to wear a mask.
How's India ending up in the records I wonder.




How much current and future prophets do you think that coronavirus has generated for the government in tax? Almost all restaurants have implemented card payment even if they used to be cash only so now there's much less ability for them to lie a bit about yearly profits.


Not much I would imagine. I've heard some of them have switched to giving waiters/barkeeps a wage instead of relying on tips, which is definitely better for the workers but the food industry already works on tight margins unless you're one of ritzy places that has a 5000% markup for rich people or a franchise that has cardboard food.
The flipside is that places that sell meals or boxes of meal ingredients and ship to homes have really taken off.


>places that sell meals or boxes of meal ingredients and ship to homes have really taken off
Yeah, also everywhere now has somewhere you can either order online for takeout or pickup even if they didn't before. Which is pretty convenient for those few places I really like but didn't feel like going out to.


File:ad722e5bdf8fe9c7a92b2cd1c6….jpg (174.21 KB,675x469)

I swear it's a scheme by the Silicon Valley tech companies to increase their dominance over everyone's life, this time by controlling food delivery.
It's funny how they make the West more and more like China, where tech companies control every aspect of life and are sponsored by the government for spying and thought control. Such delivery system is already commonplace there several years ago and lots of the companies that make the foods don't even have any restaurant locations.


My family did this for my birthday this year a few months ago. The place previously didn't have anything like it, so it's definitely a brand new expansion to the way restaurants are run now. I like it.

It's nothing that grand. Companies and their politicians spent the past 80 years dismantling the regulations that gave the US its golden age, so tech monopolies are completely unchallenged. I don't think they have any desire to control people as much as it's a desire to have even more money.


Governments do want to control people and tech companies help them to do that, so they have mutual interests. It's a State-Tech complex.
Refer to China again, where tech companies are required by law to collect ID for all users and all services. The west is becoming like that, and they are lobbying to prevent any sense of privacy entering the public.


It's more of an alignment of interest than a conscious decision to be malicious, I think. The whole marketing industry is based around the premise that if as much data can be gathered on an individual as possible, then purchase recommendations will be much more prescient and therefore more likely for a person to buy whatever is being advertised to them. The fact that the government can then swoop in and subpoena information that they otherwise wouldn't be able to collect legally is something of a happy accident in their favor. To my knowledge, there are no companies directly in favor of working with the government in providing them information on people. After all, it's not like there's any profit involved when the government can just subpoena information rather than needing to purchase it.


>Tokyo’s COVID-19 infections surged to a six-month high Wednesday with the Olympic host city logging 1,832 new cases just two days before the Games open.
>Tokyo is currently under its fourth state of emergency, which will last until Aug. 22, covering the entire duration of the Olympics that start Friday and end Aug. 8. Fans are banned from all venues in the Tokyo area, with limited audiences at a few outlying sites.
>About 23% of Japanese are fully vaccinated, still way short of the levels believed to have any meaningful effect to reduce risks on the general population.

God, people are retarded and greedy. There's people in the athlete village with it, there's people working at the games with it, and of course there's the general population that has it. But let's go! Sports, yeah! SPORTS!


With the criticism befalling the IOC these Olympics to the next being held in the least popular country on earth, I think sports are in for a tough time going forwards.


Killing Obaa-chan so I can watch a random foreigner throw a discus!!


Stop saying "the west" like it's a singular country. Can't stand when people do that.


"The territories encompassing the successor states of the Roman Empire, and those states which represent a continuity in culture and governance from their respective founders, most commonly including the states of the former British Empire, denoted by their status as being part of the core Anglosphere and represent a continuation of European-descended culture and governance, and which continue to associate themselves with that of modern Europe" seems a little long-winded.


Are you disputing some aspect of what their intended meaning is, or just shouting at clouds?


You're missing the point.

"The west" is every country that's descended from the roman empire. Saying "the west" is doing x is like saying imageboards are doing x.


>"The west" is every country that's descended from the roman empire. Saying "the west" is doing x is like saying imageboards are doing x.
Okay. Are you going to actually engage with the points made by the people you initially responded to, or are you not interested in the actual topic and just complaining? I really don't see what your goal is here.


>Are you going to actually engage with the points made by the people you initially responded to
No, that wasn't my intent.


Saying "First World Countries", or "Countries within the American sphere of influence" is more confusing because it deliberately includes countries which are fundamentally not "The West" such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. Likewise, it brings into question the shifting definition of "First World" form drawing a distinction between American and Soviet spheres of influence to more broadly mean "industrialized, and developed countries", which raises questions such as "Is China a 'First World Country?'" These definitions are too broad. Regardless, there is definitely a concise and widely understood meaning in saying, "The West," which is why it is used instead...


That's fair.


Many western states don't descend form the Roman Empire though. In fact you could argue than none of them actually descend from it.


but... my ancient roman mysticism...


File:eagles-cry-carol-cavalaris.jpg (114.54 KB,743x900)

USA is back in the #1 spot! USA! USA! USA!
The CDC released guidelines that everyone should be wearing masks now again as well, including the vaccinated. I think I read somewhere that it's because so many people have lied about being vaccinated and gone maskless, so to play it safe even the responsible people need to wear masks.
living in a country of retards is really bad sometimes


File:Screenshot 2021-07-29 2215….png (16.75 KB,549x595)

Mask stuff is all politics now. Although cases are up, deaths are not because a large number of Americans are vaccinated. Maintaining restrictions for vaccinated to protect the now slim majority of people who are dying of COVID doesn't really make sense, considering those people predominantly are of old age, or have underlying health conditions like obesity or diabetes.


Bleh, one of those people. No, wearing masks to prevent the spread of a virus is not "politics". You can't let a virus simply run its course because it's already had mutations and it will continue to mutate to resist inoculation.
We live in buildings designed by architects and drink water delivered by pipes laid by city planners and have a computer powered by electricity thanks to electrical engineers and we eat food grown by farmers and so on and so on. One of the foundations of civilization is specialization and we defer to experts to function for even a full minute as a society.
But infectious disease in 2020+? Well, this youtuber said....


I'm pretty sure the vaccine has been proven to protects against mutations and also you have a next to 0, if not 0% chance of death should you contract Covid with the vaccine.


That wasn't what I was trying to say at all. I'm not anti-vax nor do I think masks don't work. My point was basically what >>819 said. For all intents and purposes, if you're vaccinated, COVID gets reduced to a weak or mild flu at worst, and has basically 0% chance of leading to death. At that point, when there's a sizable chunk of the population vaccinated, and there's no longer the elderly or regular people dying by the thousands daily, it simply doesn't make sense to reconsider stuff like mask mandates and lockdowns when those same measures lead to so many people going broke and or close to homeless thanks to the nightmare that is the American unemployment system. There was actually an article about that that came out a little while ago; at the height of the pandemic during the lockdowns, something like only 40% of the people who applied for unemployment benefits actually even got them, not to mention the paltry one-time-only checks people got compared to places like France where unemployed people got, "up to €6,927 per month" for the duration of the pandemic. [1]

[1] https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/coronavirus-support-workers-comparison


So far, yeah, but there's no telling what the future holds. The fear that governments are having is that some mutation will eventually be resistant to the vaccine or bypass it entirely.

I guess that's fair then. I have a retarded pregnant cousin in the hospital with other retarded covid retards because she's retarded so my tolerance for this kind of thing is a bit short so I may have jumped to conclusions. Sorry. I'm in a town filled with retards in a state filled with retards and so on. Sometimes I forget there's still sentient people out there that can't be outsmarted by a quasi-organism.
Anyway, we still don't know the long-term effects of covid, so I don't see the harm in masks coming back due to retards. Well, I mean, it sucks of course but it seems like an inevitability in a society that celebrates retardation.
Unfortunately, it's a situation borne from the idiots and the responsible people need to sacrifice again to avoid carrying it to the morons that may incubate a dangerous mutation. If the vaccinated people just died instantly and didn't spread it then things would be different, but unfortunately they're walking petri dishes that could contribute to our downfall so kid gloves are back on.


File:raas-system.png (163.33 KB,1200x937)

>If the vaccinated people just died instantly and didn't spread it then things would be different, but unfortunately they're walking petri dishes that could contribute to our downfall so kid gloves are back on.
Personally, I'm more worried about long-term health effects of COVID and potentially the vaccine. The way the coronavirus gains access into cells to infect them is via the ACE2 receptors on certain cells. To use the lock-and-key analogy of protein binding, the spike proteins on the surface of coronavirus basically act as like the key to get into the lock that is the ACE2 receptor. Without expounding too much on molecular biology, the ACE2 receptor is chiefly involved in mediating inflammation, and blood pressure. In the case of COVID long-haulers, and some of the more publicized side-effects people have had with the vaccines, the issues people are having generally seem to be related to those two things: cardiovascular damage (myocarditis, pericarditis, clotting), and inflammatory response (particularly in the brain), notwithstanding people who have been infected that have issues arising from the lung-scarring that severe COVID can inflict. In rare cases, it seems very likely to me that one of two things could be happening: it's been shown that the spike proteins tend to linger in monocytes [1], and because the spike protein engage with the ACE2 receptor, either they disrupt normal angiotensin from being able to bind with cells (possibly similar to carbon monoxide blocking oxygen?), or causes inappropriate expression places where it otherwise wouldn't, such as causing inflammation in the brain when looking at COVID long-haulers and people who experience post-viral fatigue [2]. The other possibility in my view, could be that if the structural similarity between the angiotensin protein and spike protein isn't merely superficial and coincidental, perhaps the immune system in-effect develops into an auto-immune disorder in rare circumstances wherein immune cells begin "collecting" angiotensin proteins and treating it like a foreign antigen, again disrupting their normal function.

Frankly, it really quite worries me that the major vaccines deployed in the United States are entirely based around the coronavirus spike protein, since that frankly seems to me to be the most risky venture imaginable, and for very little pay off in terms of public trust if there's potential for unforeseen health consequences due to the vaccines targeting the "wrong" thing for the immune system to identify, in turn causing public mistrust in vaccines over all, rather than on certain vaccines in particular.

[1] https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.06.25.449905v1.full.pdf
[2] https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/the-tragedy-of-the-post-covid-long-haulers-202010152479


It's less likely, given how a random person on the internet knows this, that governments and industry of all the developed nations purposely were destroying the productivity and taxable income of their workforce when some other countries... mostly the totalitarian ones... aren't

Everything I've read says all covid vaccines do the same protein construction, but the method of transmitting the instructions to produce a virus differ


I'm just a layman who has an interest in reading, but if Harvard Medical School[1] corroborates my hypotheses on COVID long-haulers in identifying the potential causes as being:
>an ongoing low level of inflammation in the brain;
>an autoimmune condition in which the body makes antibodies that attack the brain;
>decreased blood flow to the brain, due to abnormalities of the autonomic nervous system;
>difficulty making enough energy molecules to satisfy the needs of the brain and body.

I think it's probably safe to assume I'm at least fairly close to the mark... Likewise, if that's the case, I see no reason not to assume that if its possible for COVID to cause these symptoms, likely as a result of the same spike protein, then it shouldn't be outside of the realm of possibility that in very rare cases, that the spike protein-based vaccines induce the same symptoms in some people.

[1] https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/the-tragedy-of-the-post-covid-long-haulers-202010152479


Are you saying that the small chunk of protein, known as the spike of the covid virus, are causing people to die or have long term damage to their functions?

You know that SARS virus' take control over the immune system by rewritting their function through injecting genetic code into them, they do this through the spike protein and that's why the vaccines train your body to detect them.


>are causing people to die
>have long term damage to their functions
In very rare circumstances: possibly.

>that's why the vaccines train your body to detect them.
This is why I brought up the possibility for auto-immune disorders developing. If the spike protein is similar enough to angiotensin protein (the protein that would otherwise be entering cells), then it seems possible that the immune system could mis-identify angiotensin proteins as spike proteins and disrupt their normal function within the body.


my first attempt to look up what you mentioned about vaccines/immune system missfiring took me to a wordpress blog using your terminology/concepts and talking about how the mRNA vaccines are biowepons in disguise


Abstract: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32660650/
Full Article: https://ccforum.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13054-020-03120-0

I don't expect you to take me at my word, but you could at least bother to read my own sources rather than trying to pigeon hole me as a lunatic...


because you are literally spouting doomsday theories and telling me that
1) I've poisonned myself and my entire family is going to die from vaccines
2) If I don't get a vaccine then I will die anyways


>perhaps the immune system in-effect develops into an auto-immune disorder in rare circumstances
I have an uncle with this I think. His bones are aching a bit, but he's temporarily on a steroid that fully treats it. I don't think he or his doctor consider it anything major, though.


You're not listening to what I'm saying at all...

>I've poisonned myself and my entire family is going to die from vaccines
No. If you've taken the vaccine and you don't feel any lingering side effects, for all intents and purpose, you're likely completely fine and will have no ill effects. But, as is the point I've continuously been trying to make, in rare circumstances it seems possible that some people may in fact develop lingering side effects. Again, rare. I'll say it again: rare. Rare. Rare. Rare. Rare. Rare! I'm not saying people shouldn't get vaccinated, they should! I'm saying that particular vaccines possibly have the potential for long-term side effects due to the way they work. Look, it's already widely known and reported on that the J&J vaccine, in rare circumstances, can cause brain blood clotting in women[1], and in young males, the mRNA vaccines seem to cause myocarditis[2] in in rare circumstances

>If I don't get a vaccine then I will die anyways
If you're older or have a pre-existing health condition that puts you at risk of higher mortality: maybe.

The point I'm trying to make is this: at present, the vaccines seem about as safe as taking aspirin. In the overwhelming majority of cases, there's basically zero ill effects, but in rare circumstances, there might in fact be side effects. Most people should not worry at all because the chance of developing any issues are very rare, but it does no good to paint every concern as mindless conspiracy mongering. Think about it this way, when you look at the warnings on an aspirin bottle you don't think to yourself, "This is an assault on medical science and is baseless fear-mongering if only in extremely rare circumstances do children develop Guillain-Barré Syndrome!!" No, instead you probably think, "Wow, it's good to know that, I'll look out and make sure I don't use it that way."




mother turned into a dumb anti-mask person after getting vaccinated. she went to a 4 day "event" for some multi-level marketing scheme thing, and now that she's back home she keeps coughing. told ya so~, but of course she won't listen or learn.


stay safe so she doesn't give it to you too


sounds like one of the people who are "vaccinated"


What do you mean? Everyone I know who got vaccinated is fine.


>mother turned into a dumb anti-mask person after getting vaccinated.
That sentence means that she got vaccinated


No, she got vaccinated. For a few weeks after getting it she had a headache so went to the doctor for some medicine. she's fine now. other than the coughing, but that's unrelated.


That's good.
Covid has made a bunch of people disposed to cult like behaviour buy into scams, I hope it's temporary.



I have typical motivation complaints about the war mongering side of US politics.
They've been more interested in chasing unprovable theories or denying pieces of evidence to craft election a slogans


Feeling vaguely ill. Hopefully it's not COVID and it's just a cold.


probably just a generic illness, and if it's a breakthrough variant then oh well.


I am taking the vaccine in minutes, will I die kissu?


2nd or first?


the booster after 4-8 wk seems like it adds in probably 3x the quantity and I'm in bed with a more annoying than anything headache




your arm just hurts for 12 hours. Taking off a shirt being a pain is like the worst.


that did not feel like anything.


good for you


could be covid, but as long as you're vaccinated you won't experience any severe symtpoms


Getting a COVID test just to be safe.

Am NEET. Haven't had the chance to get it done.


results say I'm negative. hooray.


maybe you should try and get vaccinated though, they should be handing them out like candy in america to my knowledge


hi kissu, is in your country have a announcement when someone died in your area?. well lately i heard it like one or two people died every day.


Not outside of newspaper obituaries?


There's a chance it'd be on a local news station in a small town, but the local news station near me is too big to cover that stuff, so I don't think I'd see anything about that.


Maybe? I really wouldn't be checking, and well, in the US some people are avoiding attributing deaths to covid to maintain their conspiracy theories/political worldview...


>Logan vaccine clinic promises 5 lbs of free beef for anyone getting a shot Saturday or Monday
Can't believe I got vaccinated for free...


Hooray Olympics!

Wonder if this outcome is going to result in the Japanese becoming even more xenophobic than before. I'm sure this outbreak didn't paint foreigners in a positive light for them.


You know that Japan is closed for tourists and the Olympics took place with no spectators, right?


Japan's covid response has been pretty poor overall from what I can remember, and I think the decision to go ahead with the Olympics was just a further continuation of it. The thing is, the Olympics lose money for the host country every time, right, and that's when it goes perfect in a normal year. I think the Japanese government wanted to minimize the financial hole and decided the sacrifices were worth it. The Olympics itself is also a business with profits in mind so they probably added some pressure, but not enough that a strong country like Japan couldn't refuse.
Will they be more xenophobic? I doubt it. I think the pandemic and its lack of tourism for the Olympics spared it from the usual stuff that increases such things.


File:firefox_m1VqBz4vEt.jpg (60.6 KB,525x262)

Yeah, but the spike still came eerily close to when the Olympics started, maybe for other reasons possibly.


the olympics have always been a scam that doesn't care for the people living in the host country


wonder when I should take down my coronavirus banner.


doubt it'll be gone anytime soon, from the looks of it maybe 2022


File:p1020598.jpg (71.21 KB,640x480)

vaccinate the birds


VERY important work

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