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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:Screenshot_20200904-000101….jpg (386.2 KB,720x1520)


Chapter 1: Turn of a new day
Dead at night is when I woke up.
It was as the clock stroke 12, the turning of a new day, my wake came about. Woken up from yet another bad dream, I stepped to the kitchen to freshen up and grab a bite.
I warmed up in a pan some of yesterday's leftover ground beef, the crispyness of the pan recooking made it pretty delicious.
I mostly watched youtube, chatted, and try to take my mind off the dreams and the drowsieness.
My windows, now closed for over a day since a heatwave left the apartment hot and filled with CO2. After some more relaxation, I fell asleep again.


File:20200904_060408.jpg (2 MB,4160x3120)

Chapter 2: a visitor
I woke up again, this time it is around 5 am.
I always loved nightmares, I can fight cool monsters and do crazy stuff, the thing I hate the most are bad dreams. Dreams that strip the world of its beauty and love, dream where the bad guys win...
I woke up frim another trashy dream like that. At this point it was already so hot that I could choke.
Bees tend to enter the house when I leave the windows open at night, but it was an hour till day break, and I neede oxygen, fast.
Half an hour in and my predictions came true. I fon't know the exact species, but this was much larger than a bee, easily 3 or 4 times the size.
It flew in and violently smacked into a glass panel and two light bulbs.
I moved to the oitchen to watch it fly around, I didn't want to be in the way while it felt confused and trapped.
It settled on the wire the light bulb hung from. After the light fatigue passed me, I could see it clearly.
Black with yellow markings, its abdomen palpatated at over 150 bpm.
I figured it would leave on irs own at daybreak.
With only 15 minutes left, I decided to keep track on it while returning to my desk.
After a few more minutes something made it jump., this time, it landed on the door frame.
I thought it might have felt the cool hallway air so I slowly reached towards the noisy lock.
I turned the mechanism slowly, I made as little noise as possible, put on a towel to cover my neather, and opened the door.
It stayed in place.
I decided to keep the door open. Ibwantes to give it as many openings as possible. At this point, I could have guided it out with a piece of paper or cardboard, but I was fascinated by the creature.
Realizing it is now calm, I approached it with my phone camera.
It sad calmly like a model as a giant and a strange device stood less than 5 inches from it. It was still pretty small, I had to try quite a few times to get focused, I jad to get pretty close for a good phito too. But I didn't mind.
After a few minutes of filming the visitor, it started very slowly moving a single leg.
Realizing it could't go anywhere with me hovering over, I shared a second of mutual aggrement with the visitor, and went back to my seat.
Soon after it flew through the window.
I closed my front door.


File:20200904_071758.jpg (4 MB,4160x3120)

Chapter 3:a journey through the waking dreamscape
For the first time in my life, I had my dick sucked, but it wasm't pleasent, norbdid it feel like anything at the moment, I just felt the bote like an itch that won't go away once my euphoria wore off.
As I was entranced by my new creature friend, I failed to notice the mosquitos around me, drinking away my blood.
After my new friend left, the itching dawned on my, I was scratching like a madman... and then I felt it. I never heard of somebody stung in the member, and after a minute I realized the it really happened.
Itching like hell, annoyed , and mad I put on shorts and ledt the house for the wilderness to get my mind off it.
The weather was refreshing, the early morning summer feel, not too hot, breeze in my sails. Hours before the zombies of the city start mixing the smell with their cigarettes and perfumes.
The fog made it look like everything was a floating on a cloud, while the gentle sun kissed my skin.
I climbed a peak and yelled into the vallies: ゼロツ愛してる. I then just yelled, I took out any anger or feeling inside and cleaned my head. I felt joy as my voice brushed the treetop and twirled around the dreamy peaks.
I no longer felt itchi, I felt as light as a feather, and as I took in the views of nature, the melancholy dawned on me.
Such a beautiful place, yet everybody wants to ruin it and then go somewhere else.
Right now, a stadium is being built on this peak. It will be filled with the trashy local music at night, and junk by day, and you could only get in with a ticket.
They alreafy started barb witing the hills I used to climb so freely on.
I live in this beautiful world, looking at a view that my city is slowly destroying to make the place more marketable... Why can I not find people who just enjoy life, or share said beauty?
I already know the answer, and I'm already working to be in a better place, but for now, I looked at the blanked of clouds over the nova mountains and was brushed with the calm and power to take on the world. I yelled once more into the valley and went on my way back.


File:20200904_072816[1].jpg (4 MB,4160x3120)


File:20200904_071800[1].jpg (4 MB,4160x3120)


File:20200904_060326_1[1].jpg (2 MB,4160x3120)


File:20200904_071217[1].jpg (4 MB,4160x3120)


File:1596824942112.png (152.89 KB,253x362)

I enjoyed reading that. I identify with your feelings about nature in chapter three. And too bad it wasn't the good kind of dick sucking! I had that happen to me once too, really made me uncomfortable. Thank you for sharing.

Looks a little scary. Like a fusion of a cicada and a bumblebee. Really feels huge.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. It's good to know I'm not alone in getting stung like that.
I'm realizing now that I made a lot of typos writing on my phone.
I think I meant to say:
>For the first time in my life, I had my dick sucked, but it wasn't pleasant, nor did it feel like anything at the moment. I just felt the bite like an itch that won't go away once my euphoria wore off.
It won't feel good to get stung by something like that, but they are probably the most afraid in this situation, they just got into a foreign place, bumped into invisible walls (glass), and got confused by lights and a giant. Once you let them calm down they should be friendly.


I'm envious, sounds like a very peaceful, zen day. I wish those would come more often for myself, but they're always memorable when they occur. Did you ever figure out what that bee-like insect you encountered was?

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