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File:4bc9607a043d9bb796a922dd6f….jpg (4.03 MB,5191x2726)


Just came back from my summer exploring.

Today I visited my local graveyard. I was pretty surprised to see that it was built more like a tourist attraction with a section of houses that rich people built for their families, some nice ponds, nice gardens for the jewish people and in the back a nicely built section for WW2 veterans with an old 105mm howitzer on display.

Not sure if I'll visit it again any time soon though, maybe in a few decades.


Dang, a graveyard with artillery in it? That's pretty cool. Graveyards are pretty boring and generic here, as this area wasn't even developed a century ago.
Individual graves always seemed like a waste of space to me, and yes I've gone through multiple deaths in the family so it's not that I don't understand loss. Communal events and places makes much more sense to me.


I've only been to two grave yards, both in the country and both for family funerals. One is tiny and probably has barely more than a dozen graves, the other one is bigger but every fifth surname at least has the same surname of which I am also related, it's kind of weird.

I look at satellite images when looking at houses to see where they are and you can really notice how much space graveyards take even though I am also in a young country. From a practical view point it really is useless and unlike most land use it's really hard to redevelop. I can see this becoming a huge issue in the future, just imagine, in 100 years we are going to have to find plots of land for 7 billion people, then 100 years from then 7 billion more(yes I know these figures are questionable).

But having said that, I still want to be buried not cremated. I want something of me to remain at least.


That's what's nice about the one that I went to, it's pretty close to a park that you can walk around and see interesting gravestones and stuff. It's about the size of a highschool, but it's open for the public.

But it is a richer part of the suburbs so maybe in the deeper parts of cities and stuff it looks rather drab and pointless


File:LakeviewMemorialGdns-002.jpg (493.38 KB,1000x666)

Doesn't feel like wasted space at all when you put some effort into making it seem livable(heh)


>Dang, a graveyard with artillery in it?
likely operated by a skeleton crew


File:[SubsPlease] Tokyo Mew Mew….jpg (173.85 KB,1280x720)

. . .


i laffed

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