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File:408256933e275a2757bf3e22c3….jpg (5.76 MB,2280x3647)


Remembered I forgot how to jog


File:[SubsPlease] Teppen - 06 (….jpg (167.03 KB,1280x720)

HATE jogging
if my feet don't hurt it's my shins, and if it's not my shins it's my knees, and if it's not my knees it's my feet
I sometimes wonder what it would be like to not have that, but it quickly passes


walks are easy for people to get some exercise, but sometimes you don't want to be outside as long so you get time advantage and need to move less distance.

Well, this assumes you actually have a nice environment to go outside in


Jogging is scary and boring its more nice to play video games and sometimes lay on a picnic blanket in the sun


File:1660131641419.png (177.46 KB,445x442)

jogged some salami and cream cheese in my tummy


File:runners high.png (3.94 MB,1920x2101)

went jogging yesterday, still have a bit of a cold but it was alright. gotta get back into it


the show your image is from is really good


Its one of the few times the anime's better than the manga


your body will adapt to jogging if you'll do it regularly


how is it scary AND boring?


absolutely, i have to watch it again now


i can smell the gymnasium feet from here.
i think im gonna be sick


went to bed without showering... feels gross
didn't stretch my calves... calves stiff


hate that feeling can't relax without feeling clean


oh thanks now I can smell them too


Good thing I've never been to the gym so I don't know what that smells like.

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