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File:mississippi-kite_002_fall_….jpg (505.83 KB,2400x1350)


Have you seen any cool wild animals lately? (if you're in a city, maybe there's a cool pigeon or rat or something?)

I saw five, yes FIVE of these guys flying around last week but forgot to make a thread about it. I can hear one of them outside right now and it's pretty nice. They're not as big as a hawk, but there's still a noticeable size difference between them and most birds. I once saw one catch a cicada in the air and land to eat it. Pretty cool.


ants. ANTS EVERYWHERE. every time I destroy their path they find another way


if you cover up all the exits in an anthole... they won't be able to escape!


Oh, that reminds me that I saw a fire ant colony in the yard. They're known for being aggressive jerks with strong stings, but I don't mess with them so I'm not going to do anything about it.
This was about a month ago before we went 40 days without rain so maybe they're already all dead...


File:sustainability-12-10182-g0….png (4.37 MB,3626x2259)

They prefer tropical climates, but are regularly in areas prone to seasonal desert climates


File:1628098041159.png (26.97 KB,215x203)

Yesterday I got attacked by a seagull as it tried snatching my ice cream.


Same but Sri Lankan crows 20 years ago


I've been seeing garter snakes passing the trails I run on lately. I'm afraid I'll step on one.


Ooh I love those little guys, yeah sadly they're so small and blend in a bit TOO well...


File:cat2.jpg (207.71 KB,599x522)

found this cool animal what do you guys think about it


File:1898_113500.webp (10.15 KB,213x320)

Does not compute


File:dachshund.jpg (200.3 KB,1063x1071)

He looks like my dog.


File:[BlurayDesuYo] DanMachi - ….jpg (123.9 KB,1920x1080)

These aren't bunnies...




File:centipede-562036_1920.jpg (910.09 KB,1920x1289)

this summer it came back with a vengeance


read this in a movie trailer voice


prepare for creeps
crawling like never before
they've tried to get rid of them
exterminate them
they're back
...save your food, while you still can...

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