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Summer EXTREME biking


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (200.14 KB,1280x720)

Why does it seem like some people were born without a self-preservation instinct? When you look at animals with simple brains (compared to us) they follow very strict instinctual "logic" despite not having the level of consciousness to understand it.
Meanwhile, it really seems like some humans use their intelligence to cancel it out.


That doesn't look too dangerous. Not like the people that rock climb with no ropes.

I have two theories behind this. One they are just stupid and don't think of the things that could go wrong.
And two, they do know and think about the things that could go wrong and that is why they do it. They want to risk death.


So now does that guy have to trek all the way back up that to get to his vehicle?

some people don't want to live life on easy modo


right, some SAFE biking on sanctioned trail area with protection of water and soil...
nothing serious if you don't actually put your life at risk


Risky but notice he has a tendency to shift his weight to the right side, as a way to mitigate total catastrophe just in case.


Mitigating risks? He's not a true thrill seaker.


I don't understand this mentality.
Trusting your skills is one thing, but what if one of his tires pops, or the chain gets stuck or comes off, or the seat unexpectedly drops, the brakes get stuck, or anything else mechanical happens to his bike?
One loose screw could kill him


Not only that but however skilled you are you will still mess up occasionally, people trip over their own feet and they have been walking all their life.

But the other issue here is chance, let's say that 99% of the time he can do something like that and not make a mistake(or get hit by a bird or something). If he does something like that 100 times then he will die. I think people like this will all die sooner or later.


It's interetsing because in >>1795 the OP he looks at something and says "This isn't solo material". So I wonder if this stunt was done with safety precautions such as people walking along the side and he has a rope around him or something.


I've probably done that trail, definitely done other ones on his channel really you're just confident in your ability to not get too hurt.


you some sort of crazy thrill seeker?


Oldie but goodie. It's not a recreational thing, but a paid job that's required to maintain things. It's safer than the stuff in the thread, but it doesn't feel that way to me.


Oh wait, I forgot he didn't use safety stuff. Yeah, it's really not safer at all. If you mess up you die


climbing ladders is a bit different. The obstacle isn't skill, but maintaining concentration and staying calm.
He uses saftey clips there when he's not moving, which is where anything could break or go wrong.


File:nitta.jpg (199.95 KB,845x878)

I'd rather be a sewer worker than this, Jesus Christ.


Nope just grew up where a lot of people mountain bike.


pretty scenic course


how fast is that bike going at some points? Like 65kph?


hard to tell by camera. Less fast than this. I don't think >50kmph


As far as I'm concerned, all biking is extreme biking.


indoor Xtreme mountain biking!


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