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Fucking bastards are trying to infect us all with chinese flu >:[

KEEP SCHOOLS CLOSED and go to hell greedy political swine


The whole coronavirus situation has been so mismanaged in the US that it feels like there's a very real possibility that the country is edging towards collapse. At the very least, it feels like a "Justinian's Plague" level event, where the US could be left feeling the after effects thereof for decades to come. Either way, seeing how everything's turned out, unless things change drastically for the better in short order, I genuinely don't wouldn't want to raise kids here in the future. Much less live out the rest of my life here.


The pattern from even before I was alive seems to go that we elect someone that knows what they're doing generally and idiots label him an elitist, so they elect a complete retard. Then the complete retard screws things up and people elect another version of the first guy to try and fix things, but things never fully recover before a new retard starts the process again.
Unfortunately, we got a pandemic during the retard times, but I think we still have the means to fix it provided the election's results are reasonable


File:81555285_p0.png (814.58 KB,1250x1133)

Given the political situation of the US, I think shit's fucked. At least our overwhelming military superiority strength will probably keep the country from facing complete collapse.

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