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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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Have you watched anything neat on youtube or similar sites lately? Don't just link it, mention why you like it!
This is a re-enactment of the American Psycho dubs man scene with Weird Al and Huey Lewis. There's some very nice attention to detail and the humor is great. Somehow it's 7 years old and I never saw it.
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fabfilter eqs are really good. I'm really missing them on linux


NEET math


Came across this video which caught my interest while surfing youtube.


Oh, Tantacrul is very good channel if you are into music production! I like the ones where he breaks down DAWs and other production software, really liked the Sibelius video.


>It's ridiculously complicated. It's a partition problem: How many ways can you add up numbers to get to 20? ... So I ran a script on Python to calculate some of this. It got to 22 by running over a weekend, and I couldn't get it to go any further.

The trick to calculating this efficiently is to instead think about the expected end-of-turn score given that you have reached some current score. Suppose your strategy is to stop at 20. If you reach a score of 20, you will stop, so your expected end-of-turn score given your current score is 20. Simiarly, if you reach a score of 21, your expected end-of-turn score given your current score is 21, and so on. If you reach a score of 19, we can calculate your expected end-of-turn score given your current score by averaging the expected outcomes of your next die roll. If you roll a 1, you get 0. If you roll a 2, we have to look up the expected end-of-turn score given a current score of 19+2=21, which we already know is 21. And so on for 3 through 6. Using this method, we can calculate the expected end-of-turn score for lower and lower current scores until we finally reach what we want, the expected end-of-turn score given a current score of zero, as you have when you start your turn.

Letting expectation(score, stopping_point) be the expected end-of-turn score given a current score of "score" using a strategy where you stop at a score of "stopping_point", we can calculate as follows:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from fractions import Fraction
from functools import cache

def expectation(score, stopping_point):
    if score >= stopping_point:
        return score
        return Fraction(1, 6) * sum(expectation(score + roll, stopping_point) for roll in range(2, 7))

for n in range(41):
    print(n, float(expectation(0, n)), expectation(0, n))

Runs in a fraction of a second.

This trick is very useful for solving otherwise hard probability problems.


nice game dev video


Very nice mini documentary on an old piece of rail technology: barcodes for keeping track of rail cars.


Innovation gets passed around. Rarely does a good idea ever stay in the same place


This is a channel has some airplane crash animation recreations taken from TV.
This video in particular is well well made animation-wise and the music goes well, too. It's practically theatrical, but something that happened in real life.
Experts are confident almost everyone died in the initial explosion and hopefully the others were incapacitated, really don't want to think about being conscious during this...


I saw a commercial for a mini air conditioner which seemed to promise way too much (I.E a scam) and googled it and eventually found this guy's channel that goes into technical detail about home appliances like air conditioning, telephones and such.


tard sex



This is genuinely one of the coolest and most informative demonstrations I've ever seen. The see through model perfectly encapsulates the operation of a carburetor, and the slow motions shots they got of it in action are seriously phenomenal. Most slow motion videos are typically really gimmicky and you can't really learn anything from them, but this really did teach me how carburetors work.


hate how long these videos are


there's a link to an extended cut version in the description :P



neat, someone with a good voice and microphone reviewed this disaster





With all that goes into archery just imagine how this'd work for guns. And if some engineer in his garage is doing this I bet the US Government sure has.


Holy fuck that is so COOL. Made me wonder what the fuck I'm doing with my life pausing my openCV learning, a huge boost of motivation.


the strength of robotics is something that hasn't been televised/sensationalized much aside from Boston Dynamics, but it's quite amazing what modern sensors can do.


Guns and missiles are just point and shoot. Aircraft have had targeting for decades, missile launch systems are completely computerized, heck computer-operated flak batteries were even a thing back in WWII on the German side.

I remember watching a military documentary from either the 90s or early 20s on "smart guns". It's been a long while since I watched it, but I think the gist was that the aiming sight was computerized and would give aiming information to the operator, and then the bullets themselves would somehow course correct mid-flight to ensure contact with the target. Ultimately the documentary revealed that the project was canceled, likely due to cost and the end of the Cold War, but also as a pragmatic decision; if you're only going to be fighting farmers with AKs, it scarcely makes sense to invest in a new weapon when the current one works fine. If the new Cold War with China heats up, though, I wouldn't be surprised if that project gets taken off ice and we start seeing crazy auto-targeting rifles in actual combat usage.

Unfortunately, wars are a great impetus for progress.


bleh. "Early 2000s", not early 20s.


Saw some diving in Love Live so I went to watch some high dives and I have to wonder how it is to jump from this high into water with no safety. Looks terrifying.


I'll never get used to seeing real life people doing the voices they do in cartoons. This is Dan Castellaneta on an old Conan episode. It's just so... so... man how does he do that?


It's one of those crazy talents some people have.


An interesting video on human ingenuity...


Back in the day hacking meant something


currently interested in revealing IRL sad video about homeless people and drugs.


Feel free on this board


Press ctrl+windows+shift+b


wrong video...


Glad YouTube poops never died, even if there's only a few people making them.


It hid my bookmarks bar, is that it?


do they browse imageboard?




Really, really nice lecture.


I give to you early 2000's style machinima done with the ID Software engine.


These videos are pointless, but I like them


Wonder which animals we'll be watching videos in the future of that have gone extinct


Whoa he did SotN and it just came out!


how many species have gone extinct in the past decade?


A lot, but most of them have been insects rather than mammalian species IIRC.



Been kinda half-watching this on second screen and it's really a shame how bad this game is since I loved the real Lunar games. Entertaining to watch in a marathon setting, but what a bad game otherwise



have you ever parried a shark?


This makes me happy

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