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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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Have you watched anything neat on youtube or similar sites lately? Don't just link it, mention why you like it!
This is a re-enactment of the American Psycho dubs man scene with Weird Al and Huey Lewis. There's some very nice attention to detail and the humor is great. Somehow it's 7 years old and I never saw it.


Been watching cute cosplay girls doing instrumental covers of various songs. I like it because
a) cute girls
b) they do some pretty damn good cover work


also have been watching some non-girls as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot5zRrEYbps


I recently found this old video of Japanese dudes doing the Haruhi dance for a school festival. This video fills me with inexplicable happiness for some reason. I think seeing them do the dance with such passion and hearing the entire audience cheer them on makes this video more enjoyable for me than other ones.


I found this pretty cute.


She's great, really got into the flow of that watching her fingers dance everywhere


Today on Petit tube
dancing teenagers



What is this? Random youtube videos? Or is it the ones with default camera filenames?


It pulls up videos with zero views. Or somtimes like 7 views if it can't catch up to reality.


it's out


I was looking up Rumi stuff, and wild YwO appeared. I never knew of this.


>One of the earliest developer notes for Final Fantasy 7
>Make a story that's relatively quick to finish
yeah, okay


File:sanerk_bam.png (261.95 KB,494x421)

Curiously, they did pretty much what I've been hoping for Sonic Adventures and 06 remake to be like, perfect to tone and exactly to a t. Fingers crossed.


Interesting interview to see what valve had been doing for all this time


I like to check people's profiles on YouTube every so often, one time I looked at some wrasslefag and found this very odd playlist dedicated to hearts beating: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBcEY3rgM2iHnoLhp5jRzm0yxRkqQ-QiL
Strangest fetish I've come across in a while, do read the comments.

Also very recently found some WTC stuff.
Freshly translated Umi songs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa6OtL7Yo6LUa3sZvyx4DqtyznmLEpHrm
Side story preluding Ciconia: https://haworthia.home.blog/links/ (I found the videos first and then looked it up, I'm pasting this 'cause it has the booklet)


I've posted this channel before, but it gets a new video every week and I still love it. It's all about microbes and bacteria and other very tiny forms of life. The video is really good and it's almost soothing to watch even if you were to mute the sound.


Been listening to the philosophical, theological, and socio-political ramblings of a guy that likes to grill for a while. He's been making quite a bit of sense when it comes to certain topics and has brought forth some ideas that I had never considered. Albeit, no matter how right I find his points, it's somewhat a shame how fringe they are. Definitely interesting to listen to, but I think he's kinda way too beyond the pail for /qa/, especially given the frequent and overt political rhetoric.


Like this channel for the relaxing meal reviews, and variety of MREs


I like this channel because he talks about how things evolve and such.


Videos like these are really surreal. It's absolutely fascinating being able to essentially look back in time. Honestly, though, stuff like this makes me wonder how various societies would have turned out had they simply modernized instead of also westernizing.


When I'm too tired for any real paying attention I just put on videos about neat history things. This video has been nice for that purpose so far.


This has been on my watch later playlist since it came out 2 years ago, I used to speedrun vanilla smw so this is really entertaining to me, definitely prefer this kind of commentary without donations or fake hype like GDQ


Looking at the change that happened as westernization is false. It is so much so that your own sentence proves it.
Nations change as time goes on, affected by others or not. For example, if you look at the streets of new york in late meiji, you can see that they look so far from what we have today that it would be believable to the ignorant that it is from a different country altogether.
There is a very good reason why I mentioned that this is late meiji. Even though you consider this to be the epitome of japanese culture, to the people who lived in this time period, japan at that time just finished going from japanese to completely western, the japan that you usually hear about and think of as classical is edo japan which would be completely different from this.
I think, especially considering just how much japan has kept of its roots, that what we are seeing in japan isn't westernization, but simple evolution. I can't think of any contry other than japan that kept so much of its roots without staying stuck in time like the amish, the bhutan, and dprk
Besides, I'm fine with giving up samurais for anime


You misunderstand. I did not mean to idolatrize Japanese culture or history, but rather posit how different various societies would look were they to modernize without Western influence. For instance, it could hardly be claimed that the dominant, modern architectural style is not inherently Western. What then might the architecture of a modernized Aztec society look like, for instance?

Obviously history is a story of contact between groups and societies, so it's foolish to wonder what the product of one society might look like without recognizing that the instruments and knowledge necessary to create anything have always come from across the world and not just one country or culture. Nevertheless, I still wonder what such an isolated society might produce and how different they might look from our own.


Interesting video that breaks down the methods of which states are represented federally in the US.


I really like this channel. It's kinda nice to just space out and watch and listen to this guy diagnose problems with vintage electronics. Vintage electronics in general just have a lot more character to them by virtue of being analog-based, I think. Unlike with discrete electronics, analog stuff has a lot more in the way of varying behavior, whereas with discrete stuff it tends to just be a matter of "it works" or "it doesn't work."


Really like listening to astronomical stuff, it's amazing how things operate completely out of our expectations outside of earth.


This is blowing up on Japanese youtube right now thanks to the algorithm. I don't get it, but it seems like a dumb instagram meme from some years ago that's resurfacing. The comments are all panicking about exposing this sort of stupidity to the world, but of course it's only being recommended to Japanese region accounts which is fairly clear. Pretty funny altogether


Japanese gangsta rap. Didn't know it existed, but now that I know, I can't stop listening to it (just ANARCHY though)






That's pretty funny.


Remember the short manga about loan shark /qa/ shared back then?
Now it has an English dub!


File:waterfox_KuY7aZfA2Q.png (28.33 KB,340x107)

Okay, now I'm scared. I've cleared cookies a few times but google still knows I love this song so much.



I love this manga, this is a very cute dub


brings back memories
fuck the cheating cpu


File:Hover Menu.png (16.2 KB,232x255)

Clearing your cookies doesn't do much. Even if you don't have an account, Google makes IP-based shadow accounts for serving ads and recommendations. If it's really bothering you, you can use the three dots to the side and then click "Not interested." That should remove that video from appearing in your recommended feed anymore. You can also do the same thing for channels you don't like too. If you're going to use that feature, I'd recommend doing so in moderation, since you can "over-train" the algorithm and start getting weird recommendations.


'Not interested' never shows up for me, I think you need an account for it. I was pretty much joking, I actually do love the duck song


Happy gator fren.




Never really thought about cleaning my earpads until now


A neat fact I heard once is that the probability for two randomly chosen integers to be relatively prime is 6/π². While learning about why that's the case, I found this video which explains a very lovely of seeing that

1/1² + 1/2² + 1/3² + 1/4² + 1/5² + ... = π²/6.

(Euler's original derivation is also quite nice.)


Video showing the differences between Quebec and France.

I heard that French people make fun of Québécois due to the way they speak, and indeed, that woman has a weird intonation to her accent while the man sounds more fluid despite not being a native speaker of the language. That's probably why she made the comment about French people being arrogant too.



I finally gave this MRE guy reviewer a shot and I do see the appeal. It's pretty relaxing and it's interesting to see how various things are prepared. I kind of wish I had food like this..


Voice's of the Past is a great channel, good place for english translations of primary sources.


new core a gaming video, its high quality stuff


Very cool video showing off Nvidia's GauGAN.


this video seems pretty boson, but i'm not sure


Comfy deep sea SoL.


This channel is interesting, but their art style kind of disturbs me.


Linguistics is neat. Kinda funny how people in England tend to claim ownership of the language when the speech patterns of the Southern US and Appalachia is closest to the English of yore.


Rewatching the entire Madness Combat series there. Good memories.


I can't remember if I've posted about this on kissu or not, but this is a channel dedicated to videos of trucks failing to respect the clearance of an overpass nicknamed "the can opener". They actually raised the height last year and it's still happening. There's a short documentary about it here: https://vimeo.com/271945574 (I can't figure out how to embed vimeo, if it's possible)


I don't know how the Youtube algorithm picked this up.


Sorry, I only watch anime.


They raised it? I thought they couldn't raise it due to the railroad tracks.


File:read nigga, read!.png (567.45 KB,684x467)

Also, it's pretty sad that the bridge has not only a blinking sign warning that tall trucks must turn, but an orange safety bumper installed as well as the two fairly large clearance signs to either side.


That bridge has a higher k/d than most shooters. Very cool.


probably because you listen to anime and/or vocaloid music. not really that much of an algorithm oddity, I got recommended it months ago when I was listening to a lot of kuragep songs.


cute birbs
I can't imagine having birds this colorful just hanging around outside my house, it must be amazing.


bird get!


when my parents first moved to Australia from the UK and saw rainbow lorikeets they thought they must have escaped from the zoo
there's certainly no shortage of interesting birdlife around


This put a genuine smile on my face for the first time in a while.
It warms me to see that youtubepoop style continues on in some form even today buried under the an infinite algorithm decided roulette of trivia and reaction personalities.


With Source 2 out I won't be surprised if old style meme-ing came back but now in 4K


I really like these art animations.


This AMV is pretty good



Probably all around one of my favorite channels


Speaking of favorite channels..
I noticed this video has 5x the views as some other ones he's done in the past, and in only after two months. I guess fighting game stuff on youtube is pretty popular.


The future is looking brighter


Wonderful little video on analysis. And Vermin shouldn't watch it because I know he'll take one of the lines spoken and run miles with it...


HATE this niwaka and his generation of early 2010s youtube link spammers.


hate pretentious youtube videos about something stupid like videogames


These cow outfits keep getting more erotic


I can't believe it broccoli isn't even real it's all lies...


hope my sense of humor never matures


This dude is pretty interesting. I watched this video and his train hopping one. Felt like I was watching a playthough of a horror game. I also learned some interesting things about the island.


I still remember seeing Mario 64 for the first time at a playable demo thing at Toys'R'Us and really do love that game, but sometimes I think people are too obsessed with it to the point that there's now a blindfold speedrunning category thing for it.


Blindfolding is nothing compared to A Button Challenge, anon...


I never played Final Fantasy 11 and don't have a desire to even if I could go back in time (UO forever!), but the atmosphere of this area combined with Uematsu's music seems really nice. It was a rule of mine to never listen to a video game's music before playing it so I never listened to FFIX's, but I know now I never will so I should probably start listening to it all since Uematsu is a god.


A short and fun informative video about sounds. I like how the videos are edited so well. The end joke is kind of shitty though




Watched some Leonard Bernstein videos recently. I like the way he explains music concepts.


just kissu~ ♫
just kissu~ ♪


Disney is... fairly powerful


Don't mess with the mouse. Sucka.


speedrunners are engineers


I really love old films like these. Film of Japan in particular is particularly striking. It's amazing to consider just how far they had come when only two decades prior millions were left homeless and the majority of buildings were destroyed due to firebombings. I wonder what the rebels and student activists of that era think of their actions looking back? Do they still think they were justified, or do they think their actions were quaint compared to the endless and monotone conformity of their coming future? Its hard to imagine living during a time of such transformation. In many ways, the Japan of then seems very similar to the China of now. I wonder, then, what will Chinese counter-culture look like? Student activists on the other hand, don't seem so likely...


speedrunners are fucking gross...


Starting to feel like learning some geometry...






it's a strange feeling seeing something good coming from marketing material



fabfilter eqs are really good. I'm really missing them on linux


NEET math


Came across this video which caught my interest while surfing youtube.


Oh, Tantacrul is very good channel if you are into music production! I like the ones where he breaks down DAWs and other production software, really liked the Sibelius video.


>It's ridiculously complicated. It's a partition problem: How many ways can you add up numbers to get to 20? ... So I ran a script on Python to calculate some of this. It got to 22 by running over a weekend, and I couldn't get it to go any further.

The trick to calculating this efficiently is to instead think about the expected end-of-turn score given that you have reached some current score. Suppose your strategy is to stop at 20. If you reach a score of 20, you will stop, so your expected end-of-turn score given your current score is 20. Simiarly, if you reach a score of 21, your expected end-of-turn score given your current score is 21, and so on. If you reach a score of 19, we can calculate your expected end-of-turn score given your current score by averaging the expected outcomes of your next die roll. If you roll a 1, you get 0. If you roll a 2, we have to look up the expected end-of-turn score given a current score of 19+2=21, which we already know is 21. And so on for 3 through 6. Using this method, we can calculate the expected end-of-turn score for lower and lower current scores until we finally reach what we want, the expected end-of-turn score given a current score of zero, as you have when you start your turn.

Letting expectation(score, stopping_point) be the expected end-of-turn score given a current score of "score" using a strategy where you stop at a score of "stopping_point", we can calculate as follows:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from fractions import Fraction
from functools import cache

def expectation(score, stopping_point):
    if score >= stopping_point:
        return score
        return Fraction(1, 6) * sum(expectation(score + roll, stopping_point) for roll in range(2, 7))

for n in range(41):
    print(n, float(expectation(0, n)), expectation(0, n))

Runs in a fraction of a second.

This trick is very useful for solving otherwise hard probability problems.


nice game dev video


Very nice mini documentary on an old piece of rail technology: barcodes for keeping track of rail cars.


Innovation gets passed around. Rarely does a good idea ever stay in the same place


This is a channel has some airplane crash animation recreations taken from TV.
This video in particular is well well made animation-wise and the music goes well, too. It's practically theatrical, but something that happened in real life.
Experts are confident almost everyone died in the initial explosion and hopefully the others were incapacitated, really don't want to think about being conscious during this...


I saw a commercial for a mini air conditioner which seemed to promise way too much (I.E a scam) and googled it and eventually found this guy's channel that goes into technical detail about home appliances like air conditioning, telephones and such.


tard sex



This is genuinely one of the coolest and most informative demonstrations I've ever seen. The see through model perfectly encapsulates the operation of a carburetor, and the slow motions shots they got of it in action are seriously phenomenal. Most slow motion videos are typically really gimmicky and you can't really learn anything from them, but this really did teach me how carburetors work.


hate how long these videos are


there's a link to an extended cut version in the description :P



neat, someone with a good voice and microphone reviewed this disaster





With all that goes into archery just imagine how this'd work for guns. And if some engineer in his garage is doing this I bet the US Government sure has.


Holy fuck that is so COOL. Made me wonder what the fuck I'm doing with my life pausing my openCV learning, a huge boost of motivation.


the strength of robotics is something that hasn't been televised/sensationalized much aside from Boston Dynamics, but it's quite amazing what modern sensors can do.


Guns and missiles are just point and shoot. Aircraft have had targeting for decades, missile launch systems are completely computerized, heck computer-operated flak batteries were even a thing back in WWII on the German side.

I remember watching a military documentary from either the 90s or early 20s on "smart guns". It's been a long while since I watched it, but I think the gist was that the aiming sight was computerized and would give aiming information to the operator, and then the bullets themselves would somehow course correct mid-flight to ensure contact with the target. Ultimately the documentary revealed that the project was canceled, likely due to cost and the end of the Cold War, but also as a pragmatic decision; if you're only going to be fighting farmers with AKs, it scarcely makes sense to invest in a new weapon when the current one works fine. If the new Cold War with China heats up, though, I wouldn't be surprised if that project gets taken off ice and we start seeing crazy auto-targeting rifles in actual combat usage.

Unfortunately, wars are a great impetus for progress.


bleh. "Early 2000s", not early 20s.


Saw some diving in Love Live so I went to watch some high dives and I have to wonder how it is to jump from this high into water with no safety. Looks terrifying.


I'll never get used to seeing real life people doing the voices they do in cartoons. This is Dan Castellaneta on an old Conan episode. It's just so... so... man how does he do that?


It's one of those crazy talents some people have.


An interesting video on human ingenuity...


Back in the day hacking meant something


currently interested in revealing IRL sad video about homeless people and drugs.


Feel free on this board


Press ctrl+windows+shift+b


wrong video...


Glad YouTube poops never died, even if there's only a few people making them.


It hid my bookmarks bar, is that it?


do they browse imageboard?




Really, really nice lecture.


I give to you early 2000's style machinima done with the ID Software engine.


These videos are pointless, but I like them


Wonder which animals we'll be watching videos in the future of that have gone extinct


Whoa he did SotN and it just came out!


how many species have gone extinct in the past decade?


A lot, but most of them have been insects rather than mammalian species IIRC.



Been kinda half-watching this on second screen and it's really a shame how bad this game is since I loved the real Lunar games. Entertaining to watch in a marathon setting, but what a bad game otherwise



have you ever parried a shark?


This makes me happy


It's really cool seeing old planes like this fly. It's a bit sad that planes like these won't be able to be preserved forever in flight-worthy condition.

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