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This is definitely not good. There's going to be some severe damage from high winds and intense flooding. I read that this could be the strongest hurricane to hit the area in a century, so it's going to be a major test of any improvements made to infrastructure since Katrina.


File:merlin_193863891_2071b333-….jpg (87.77 KB,1024x683)

Nice selfie, idiot


Wasn't Katrina a cat 5? Don't get how that'd make this one the strongest in a century...


Katrina luckily weakened to a 3 before it made landfall


After glancing over wikipedia, it seems it weakened to 3 before hitting the US. Islands get screwed over by full strength stuff I guess, so it's still correct to say it could be stronger in the area.


Let's see if this works with live streams


oh, clever guy disabled it on other websites


i was told there would be death and destruction, but all I see is rain



apparently one of the levees broke, but that's just what the guys I posted above said


>More than 150 people in 'immenent danger' after levees overtop in Lafitte
guess that isn't a break?


Some people REALLY underestimate the sheer weight of water.


Hurricane? It's nothing. Just hide behind something sturdy


The hell, is there a timeskip in this or did it really just go from 0 to 10 in less than the blink of an eye


Damn. I think I'm starting to realize just how terrifying it must have been to be a sailor prior to satellite radar weather tracking. Imagine trying to sail to the new world in a dinky wooden hulled ship only to be battered by high wind speeds, and water the lashes like a whip.


I think it's a well done edit


The big story is that the levees held. New Orleans did lose power, but the levees held to prevent massive flooding. There was a major project after Katrina to build things up. Apparently they built higher and stronger than recommended and that's what saved it. Basically this will become more routine as global warming intensifies weather events like this. We're so fucked.


You think that's scary? You should read up on rouge waves! Though I'm unsure if those are global warming related.


Reads like it's some sort of strange resonance. Doesn't happen often right?


File:image.jpeg (148.21 KB,600x848)

That's indeterminable due to how utterly random they are in fact the amount that has been recorded outside of eyewitnes accounts can be counted on one hand. The most we know is that the highest recorded so far was 100 feet or 30 meters in height and the biggest threat they pose is against shipping container vessels, yes the waves can capsize those and flip them over. It is rare that they hit land though and the waves tend to hit more northern areas like Newfoundland or Scotland.

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