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File:1629669876904.gif (127.81 KB,80x80)


Hello, I just foubd out about this image board. I'd like to know if there are any informations I should know before starting to post (getting to know the culture & other cringe).

Also, do you guys like Vtubers?


>>>/rules/ for things to know
>>>/faq/ for how the site works


I don't really care for them... what do you even talk about with vtubers, just discuss upcoming streams?


Thanks! I will take a look at /faq/

Upcoming streams, things that happened on streams, memes and others... Almost the same way people discuss cars, artists and others


i think Vermin (the admin/Verny) talks about vtubers and another poster or two
but the reception to vtubers will range from constructive discussion to open hostility there's not much talking about them recently but you can talk about them and maybe people will join
also pictures of cute anime girls are always welcome no matter who they are


Korone was cool for a few months when she played games popular in North America. Pekora is a natural born comedian. I don't know many others


File:E9d-jc-UUAILugD.jpeg (1.95 MB,2374x2230)

I only like vechoober art.


I like vtuber art, but personally I prefer vegans to vtubers.


I hardly ever see anyone here talk about Vtubers or use gay social media terms like "cringe".


>social media
This word doesn't mean anything,
just say you don't like young people.


Sorry, my mom told me not to talk to tripfags.


no, I actually had a big think about what the word social media means and I concluded that the only things that are social media are Facebook 50% of the time and Linkedin.

Reddit, Twitter and Imageboards share similar mechanisms as media, but the feature set attracts different groups of people.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (173.73 KB,1280x720)

Hello and welcome! It's a pretty laid back board, though some things can be serious at times and you're welcome to be stupid or smart when you want to be. /jp/ is meant to host the bulk of the stupid threads while /qa/ is meant to be a little more serious, but there's nothing set in stone.
I am personally not a fan of vtubers, but I keep my opinion to myself unless someone makes a thread asking for it. There's definitely some fans of them here, but I'm not sure how busy the threads would be.

I think the defining trait of social media is that one's real life identity is paramount to everything and all real life baggage associated with it is brought about or even magnified. I don't consider reddit to be social media, which is probably why it consumed all the old forums. The way most people user twitter qualifies it as social media I think, including artists who make 200 blog updates between art posts.


File:1629670171265.jpg (244.21 KB,2048x1229)

OP here a little late


They are roo cute


Thank you bro

I'm really excited to be part of this imageboard


File:the definative guide to qa.gif (595.54 KB,800x600)

Here's a guide to /qa/ posting.


What happens the other 50% of the time.... Dark Facebook


Please don't bump year-old threads for no good reason. This discussion is long over now, and there's nothing gained from reviving it.


File:C-1660449839287.png (822.82 KB,2594x881)

If you've got a problem with this person(or the topic)'s opinion then maybe it would be better to directly voice your own opinion instead of being a standin mod against a feature that exists on the site for this purpose.


>/qa/ was never /q/


I have no problem with that person's opinion, nor do I have any issue with bumping old threads on principal. I just don't see how this particular thread could be continued, and the guy bumping it made no effort to. If it was a response that could've lead to another lengthy discussion, then great! But his post was just a joke. If I hadn't replied, I guarantee this thread would be slowly drifting back down the catalog right now.


Yeah well, now you look like the villain because you didn't have the ability to state an opinion and instead pretended to be a mod. Do it again and I'm going to consider you a possible threat to the reputation of moderation on kissu


I wasn't trying to pretend to be a mod. If it came across that way I'm sorry. I was just stating a meta opinion; that you should only bump a thread if you either think you have something worth saying that didn't get said, or you want to continue the discussion. I can definitely see how this can come across as backseat moderation though, so, again, I'm sorry.


no problem, I don't like that guy either


Since you obviously have such strong feelings about proper behavior you should be either on rizon's #kissu or be PMing me on Steam.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (92.92 KB,1280x720)



I don't, really, I was just offering an opinion.


Next time you want a mod to act on something, please consider an alternate channel. All I have to say... I will leave this thread to descend for another year...


File:1383024879371.jpg (150.4 KB,551x551)



I didn't want a mod to act on anything though!


yeah, next time


Oh, okay. Sorry.


For the amount you care, you don't do your point of view enough justice.
// End


whats going on in this thread


mental note to bump this thread every year

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