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They're getting better!!! They're getting better!!!

Just a few more years and the killer bots will be doing drug raids!!


Surely in a few years such archaic practices will be gone, right...?


It doesn't have the speed to do anything more than construction work.

Even then the skeptic in me says there are other things the video doesn't show such as how well the machinery ages and how it stands up to conditions such as high salt air or lots of sediment/sand.


what more do we need for drug raid (or any raid) than a regular ol' drone with a bomb strapped to it?


>It doesn't have the speed to do anything more than construction work.
In what world would a robot designed for construction need to know how to jump over waist high baracades?


File:61qmDhaaJCL._AC_SL1310_.jpg (58.59 KB,1125x764)

To advertise their robotics as a tool that can do anything. Even if I were to take a more literal approach to the video, I'd still believe the ad is only half of the story.
They want people to imagine the possibility and give them funding for projects such as potentially a last resort for firefighters in extremely dangerous situations.

But then this kind of asks other questions that make me doubt the validity of this project such as is a bipedal design really the most versatile and stable? Why do they emphasize giving it a humanoid form and not a spider walker?

See.... it's a scam that's trying to get people to bite onto tech optimism and feed into an industry of tech ideas rather than tech practicality.


This is about the Spot model that Boston Dynamics issued to some police teams:

>Contrary to popular belief, Boston Dynamics’ robots are not powered by artificial intelligence; many of its mechanical commands, while extremely sophisticated by modern robotic standards, must be initiated and guided by human operators. This means that when the bot fails to do what you want it to, it often involves heavy troubleshooting and human intervention.

Most of what gets hyped up about these things isn't real


File:576bd51678094ae11281177f59….jpg (169.1 KB,1280x867)

They're making humanoid bots for a reason. Once they perfect bipedal androids you know exactly what engineering nerds going to do with them...


What? You don't think anyone's stuck their dick in a spiderbot before?


File:(clipboard)1629431965035.png (684.17 KB,617x900)

Would 100% fuck a spiderbot.


Human fit through door. Spider bot does not fit through door.


then just make a smaller spider wtf



File:bd-fails.mp4 (7.28 MB,640x360)

what a shitty player.


Interesting and creepy, lole

I sure hope so, bro..

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