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File:Types-of-Moths.jpg (160.49 KB,1136x850)


Does k/sum/ have any insects that don't drive them insane? I really like moths.


But moths are especially annoying at night.

Anyway, I despise all bugs except bees and ladybugs. The latter I even let overwinter in my room.


File:EK-4AQNUwAEyPsM.jpg (121.86 KB,1024x685)

The cutest bug.


File:049Venomoth.png (363.74 KB,869x869)

The best moth


Moths and butterflies aren't bad, I guess. Uhh.... dragonflies are okay.
I can't say I'm a fan of bugs. It would truly be a nightmare existence if they weren't so small.


File:hawk_dragonfly_human_dinos….gif (15.56 KB,550x273)

good thing you weren't around 300 million years ago


it's just not possible for bugs to maintain bodies of that size in this temperate... mammal prosperous climate...


but I was


I think the temperature is less important. I recall that it was the oxygen-rich atmosphere, richer proportionally than it is now, that allowed large insects to prosper.


Oxygen and no evil birds to prey on them


File:__faputa_made_in_abyss_dra….jpg (185.94 KB,1000x1176)

THE best moth


was fupata really based on moths?


looks a tad silk moth inspired


yeah, i guess so. She has 6 appendages but the claws confuse me


File:20210815_224826.jpg (811.99 KB,2438x2063)

They do look cute but why is it on my bathroom?


Where else is it supposed to shower, would you rather have a stinky one?


File:E9257vYVgAAlcNi.jpeg (1.28 MB,1723x2001)



File:Eve_render2.webp (62.43 KB,460x537)

so is it a moth or is it a bird?


It's (Magia S2 episode 5 spoiler) Jesus


Moths and butterflies, but they are related. I don't think we get that many interesting variates like in that OP image here. Probably the most interesting I have found is the Rain Moth which can be quite big but they are also vary rare and only seem to come out maybe once a year after allot of rain. Lady bugs are alright too


I like insects in general. The only ones that bother me are the ones that bite and sting, and even then I still kind of respect them in a weird way.


File:B0B71AAA-71DB-4874-998A-6….jpeg (148.38 KB,990x743)

I like spiders and centipedes. The spiders that weave funnels are particularly cool.




I really like dragonflies. They come in a beautiful assortment of metallic colors. Lately, I've seen green, yellow, blue, and black ones. I saw a video on them recently and apparently they also come in red, which is pretty cool, though I don't think I've ever seen any like that. The fact that they could even be yellow surprised me.

All I can think when seeing that spider is "Mai Hommu"


File:artworks-f98k5qdmSYULQjv5-….jpg (111.88 KB,500x500)


They're so cute and harmless they have their own theme song.


File:IMG_20210831_015539.jpg (1.07 MB,2976x3968)

Moth or fly...


File:136432413_m_1_large?v=1581….jpg (19.11 KB,480x320)

I think it's a North American version of Indianmeal moths. Pantry Moths...

I can't find a classification


Bumping important thread


I like ants, as long as they stay out of the kitchen.


I like tiny spiders. I get a few babies now and then in my apartment, I always try to catch them and release them outside.
Anything bigger than a dime can fuck off though


what do you think of this one


I don't see any birds!


It gives me mild discomfort
I've dealt with worse though, I've had a wolf spider in my kitchen once as big as the palm of my hand. That thing was fast. I still managed to catch it and release it in the woods.


birds are NOT important


Eww yuck, I don't even know that I'm going to watch this one.



i'm fine with insects that don't jumpscare me. i hate the unpredictable ones


I love looking at insects, but sadly they tend to make rapid movements which I absolutely hate.


File:IMG_20220814_210200s.jpg (106.92 KB,960x540)

Don't worry. This spider hasn't moved for a couple of hours.


Doesn't mean it won't ever move! Unpredictability is also one thing I hate about insects.


File:IMG_20220814_223645s.jpg (118.88 KB,960x540)

Oh man, you should have seen the rapid, unpredictable way it jumped off the ceiling and onto the table when I was trying to jar it.


Nicely done.


Spiders aren't insects.


Not him, but everyone knows the colloquial usage of insect essentially means "non-crustacean arthropods". Spiders have already been posted multiple times in this thread.


When you think about it, that makes insectivore an incorrect term.


Oh, I guess that means >>1974 and >>1975 aren't afraid of spiders then.

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