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File:Summer 7/11.png (3.84 MB,1449x2051)


Welcome to Summer,
For the rest of us... Welcome to Winter!

Board for the season and events happening within seasons.
Home to the news, girls, and moths

This season, Summer ends on Thursday, September 22


File:09f998a290789f3dddbd982c82….png (10.46 MB,2000x4000)


File:R-1655793691235.png (7.45 MB,2450x1656)


File:7e390d220b6e01a66db1e2f271….png (5.39 MB,2417x3200)

File:Types-of-Moths.jpg (160.49 KB,1136x850)


Does k/sum/ have any insects that don't drive them insane? I really like moths.
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Doesn't mean it won't ever move! Unpredictability is also one thing I hate about insects.


File:IMG_20220814_223645s.jpg (118.88 KB,960x540)

Oh man, you should have seen the rapid, unpredictable way it jumped off the ceiling and onto the table when I was trying to jar it.


Nicely done.


Spiders aren't insects.


Not him, but everyone knows the colloquial usage of insect essentially means "non-crustacean arthropods". Spiders have already been posted multiple times in this thread.

File:4bc9607a043d9bb796a922dd6f….jpg (4.03 MB,5191x2726)


Just came back from my summer exploring.

Today I visited my local graveyard. I was pretty surprised to see that it was built more like a tourist attraction with a section of houses that rich people built for their families, some nice ponds, nice gardens for the jewish people and in the back a nicely built section for WW2 veterans with an old 105mm howitzer on display.

Not sure if I'll visit it again any time soon though, maybe in a few decades.


Dang, a graveyard with artillery in it? That's pretty cool. Graveyards are pretty boring and generic here, as this area wasn't even developed a century ago.
Individual graves always seemed like a waste of space to me, and yes I've gone through multiple deaths in the family so it's not that I don't understand loss. Communal events and places makes much more sense to me.


I've only been to two grave yards, both in the country and both for family funerals. One is tiny and probably has barely more than a dozen graves, the other one is bigger but every fifth surname at least has the same surname of which I am also related, it's kind of weird.

I look at satellite images when looking at houses to see where they are and you can really notice how much space graveyards take even though I am also in a young country. From a practical view point it really is useless and unlike most land use it's really hard to redevelop. I can see this becoming a huge issue in the future, just imagine, in 100 years we are going to have to find plots of land for 7 billion people, then 100 years from then 7 billion more(yes I know these figures are questionable).

But having said that, I still want to be buried not cremated. I want something of me to remain at least.


That's what's nice about the one that I went to, it's pretty close to a park that you can walk around and see interesting gravestones and stuff. It's about the size of a highschool, but it's open for the public.

But it is a richer part of the suburbs so maybe in the deeper parts of cities and stuff it looks rather drab and pointless


File:LakeviewMemorialGdns-002.jpg (493.38 KB,1000x666)

Doesn't feel like wasted space at all when you put some effort into making it seem livable(heh)

File:408256933e275a2757bf3e22c3….jpg (5.76 MB,2280x3647)


Remembered I forgot how to jog
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i can smell the gymnasium feet from here.
i think im gonna be sick


went to bed without showering... feels gross
didn't stretch my calves... calves stiff


hate that feeling can't relax without feeling clean


oh thanks now I can smell them too


Good thing I've never been to the gym so I don't know what that smells like.

File:1629669876904.gif (127.81 KB,80x80)


Hello, I just foubd out about this image board. I'd like to know if there are any informations I should know before starting to post (getting to know the culture & other cringe).

Also, do you guys like Vtubers?
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yeah, next time


Oh, okay. Sorry.


For the amount you care, you don't do your point of view enough justice.
// End


whats going on in this thread


mental note to bump this thread every year

File:__yuuta_kanami_scryed__e43….jpg (151.08 KB,800x1191)


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There won't be any tomato symposium at this rate.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (531.04 KB,1920x1080)

I'd like to buy one Mewkle Tomato please.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (406.52 KB,1920x1080)



File:100243893_p0.jpg (562.87 KB,3000x1619)

Nope, just autumn. I wish we could go back to those 22+C days.


File:summer.png (5.59 KB,126x686)

Oyashiro-sama apparently lurks kissu and read my wish.

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Have you watched anything neat on youtube or similar sites lately? Don't just link it, mention why you like it!
This is a re-enactment of the American Psycho dubs man scene with Weird Al and Huey Lewis. There's some very nice attention to detail and the humor is great. Somehow it's 7 years old and I never saw it.
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you guys watch a lot of garbage


I had about the same number of hours, and I can attest that happened to me as well. The interesting thing is that when I stopped playing for a while, I usually completely stomped after coming back (with scores like 30/1/15 or so), but the more I played, the more the performance started to drop, and I could even point around where I completely switched to automatic and started under-performing hard. I could never consciously bring myself to perform like I did after a break, even if I made effort to do so. If there was a trick to it, I'd really love to learn it.


>The interesting thing is that when I stopped playing for a while, I usually completely stomped after coming back (with scores like 30/1/15 or so), but the more I played, the more the performance started to drop, and I could even point around where I completely switched to automatic and started under-performing hard.
Same! Wonder what's up with that. I went up a thousand MMR in a week or so of playing after a one year long break, then I started to lose it all after a while.


I think it's possible that the more you burden your automatic side, the less responsive it is, therefore when you really need it, for reacting to things you didn't expect, it reacts slower.
And the more actions you perform automatically, the more you enter a dream-like state, becoming less rational and engaged in the activity. Fatigue probably also matters, further pushing you into the unconscious side. You can usually tell you are tired when you are getting irrationally angry at things, albeit if you are a big gamer it might be a pathological normal for you.


>Fatigue probably also matters, further pushing you into the unconscious side. You can usually tell you are tired when you are getting irrationally angry at things
I did notice that I was more irritable in the last few games I played (before I stopped playing again), than the first games I played after the hiatus. By the end I was just flaming people left and right, so I stopped playing it again. I guess this goes to show how important mental health/stability is when it comes to this game. Maybe I'll go up another thousand MMR next year when I inevitably come back to it.

File:konbini cat.jpg (93.81 KB,756x1008)


Japanese konbini cat
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Looks like a kitten to me.


File:wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.jpg (1011.66 KB,1108x1036)

thanks munch munch


NOOOO!!! KORURI YOU CAN'T EAT THE CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File:1657788673014.jpeg (91.34 KB,811x1200)


I don't know, the fur looks unusually smooth to me. Look at the hair between the eyes, that looks immaculate

Oh maybe that's it, although I thought kittens were more messy looking?

File:b743635e5273bab49cdaaccf2e….jpg (390.94 KB,550x733)

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What are some interesting news articles you've read lately /qa/?

I was surprised after reading this that of all companies Apple implemented a privacy measure that lost them money.
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File:68ffbeae44.png (436.05 KB,2378x1189)

The second thing seems a bit overblown, but the kind of thing which would be posted on Twitter by people who want to start eFights


I'd firmly place that into the "being an ass" category.


Looks like a single statement with multiple levels of interpretation of what was said.


it's multiple things he's said in different contexts


He should not swear. The third statement is probably right though.

File:71Yv5RqdmxL._AC_UX679_.jpg (57.26 KB,679x849)


50% off to keep you warm during summer!
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I'll buy one next summer.


I remember a thing on discovery channel or science channel back when it was learning focused and they had a sniper in freezing temperatures in shorts and a heated vest (or something). Since the torso was kept warm the body never sacrificed heat in the extremities so he kept his dexterity and everything. It was pretty cool


Must've still felt pretty frigid regardless I'm sure.


It's probably something to do with being able to keep the torso warm enough so that the blood that the heart pumps through the rest of the body is war and that warms the rest.

The opposite can happen too, in cold winter whether some animals will go into a more lethargic state where the body does not pump blood through the body as much in order to save energy. If something then spooks the animal and it has to run blood circulation speeds up again and the cold blood from the extremities floods the system and can actually kill the animal through shock.


These seem like a gimmick, massive overkill, needing to keep a power supply on you somehow, and I don't trust them not to burn me.

File:mississippi-kite_002_fall_….jpg (505.83 KB,2400x1350)


Have you seen any cool wild animals lately? (if you're in a city, maybe there's a cool pigeon or rat or something?)

I saw five, yes FIVE of these guys flying around last week but forgot to make a thread about it. I can hear one of them outside right now and it's pretty nice. They're not as big as a hawk, but there's still a noticeable size difference between them and most birds. I once saw one catch a cicada in the air and land to eat it. Pretty cool.
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File:[BlurayDesuYo] DanMachi - ….jpg (123.9 KB,1920x1080)

These aren't bunnies...




File:centipede-562036_1920.jpg (910.09 KB,1920x1289)

this summer it came back with a vengeance


read this in a movie trailer voice


prepare for creeps
crawling like never before
they've tried to get rid of them
exterminate them
they're back
...save your food, while you still can...

File:b6622e19c9c1b3f0555d3f0c86….jpg (91.21 KB,748x1000)


It's too hot... why can't it be cooler...
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File:b73840fac14a29f4383823f68f….jpg (55.5 KB,864x600)

Ah! It's so freaking hot!! It's been consistently 42C (108F) each day for the last week!!


A way to beat the heat has been found!


Please, do not abuse your local Ice Fairy...


File:83289890_p0.jpg (1.05 MB,4093x2894)

Pretty great animation. I guess if there's one good thing about the planet being converted into a fireball it's the themed art about it


Daiyousei ;_;

File:coconut.jpg (2.05 MB,2000x1375)


The summer nut!


File:1628034608826.png (1.39 MB,1518x1075)

the summer gut


File:27c9be40e442d21b15bf2bf53c….jpg (284.65 KB,848x1200)

the summer rut

File:1643994830090.gif (1.25 MB,360x240)


do you like this
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wish mom would sleep next to me


Yes but I have mommy issues




File:1503775303277.jpg (373.44 KB,1280x1835)

i am a proud mamacon so i find this gif most intriguing


cute mother

File:maxresdefault (3).jpg (82.67 KB,1280x720)




this was the last thread on the board until i made this post

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