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File:digging a tunnel to your h….mp4 (3.88 MB,640x360)



oh that's the guy that does those slutty skyrim mod reviews
I never would have guessed he was asian


it's kinda of weird to think that mxr actually was able to get together with a voice actor/modder for skyrim too. MXR is a lucky guy.

File:1598128389982.mp4 (2.4 MB,480x270)


File:6C5EF579-5A22-4D5F-9A15-5….jpeg (192.44 KB,1920x1080)


eatin som food:D


Wait, is this that one barking girl-dog thing?




slut bitch whores aren't 2d


gross and not cute

File:527346.png (722.62 KB,842x595)


When's Fall coming back? I can't take this heat


File:[HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (193.99 KB,1280x720)

Probably Spring, Winter earliest

File:fire.png (353.4 KB,520x562)


state caught fire again


It has a knack for that


Damn Otaku and their smoking habits.

File:rick-oyukuluk-narwhal.jpg (1 MB,2000x1500)


presenting my summer catch
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legendary painted fish




It's actually real. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOvpyNGhKuA

The sea is an odd place.


It's like a rare item from a lootbox


>fishing gang
what incredible times we live in

File:EWAcgO3UMAEiQnF.jpg (271.39 KB,1316x1754)


How come McDonalds is the only fast food place that gets fast food fries right?
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are you implying image is not an girls arm feeding an anime a fry?


I'm lovin it


File:[a-s]_inuyasha_-_038__rs2_….jpg (80.08 KB,640x480)

Crap. I need to get some now as a result of this thread

Are they really? That would make some sense, but I really can't detect any of it. Have you guys ever had homemade fries? You just fry sliced potatoes and it's pretty simple if you have the means to deep fry or whatever. My mom used to make them, but she'd say how annoying it was to clean up afterwards and store the grease




Found out that KFC has fries now, and they're damn good

File:1484827913014.gif (547.3 KB,900x767)



File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (236.3 KB,1920x1080)

Wasn't this the endgoal the entire time? Everyone knew it was going to be directly integrated with facebook, hence the group disappointment when it was announced it was sold to it.
Not unexpected in the least, but still depressing in a way.


It's not surprising, Oculus is theirs and this will net them more data. And considering that the Intel Management Engine and AMD Platform Security Processor exist, even the hardware part isn't anything crazy.

File:7AA28474-EC6C-484F-A87E-0….jpeg (67.31 KB,1280x720)


Hey *snickers* /qa/ what's your *holds in laugh* favorite scary movie?


File:ash-boomstick.jpg (518.12 KB,1158x600)

I don't think I like any scary movies. The parodies of them are good, though.


I don't really watch scary movies, but if I had to pick, I'd say Alien. I'm pretty sure that's more of an action thriller than it is a straight horror movie, though.


A nightmare on Elm street because Freddy Krueger is a total troll of a villain and I love the premise of dream demons.

File:1596933075327.jpg (3.85 MB,2069x3012)


peko peko


the literal dumbass


good choice of board


Holy hell, that was huge. Did really on 78 die, or was that just confirmed at the time?


The explosion was large, but not as large as it appears. It formed a large sonic boom (the giant cloud expanding out, destroying windows) which made it seem much larger. Besides that, the sort of mushroom cloud it formed -- as with all mushroom clouds -- was made up of mostly dirt and dust picked up and thrown into the air as opposed to ash from fire.


More deaths have been confirmed since.


imagine if you were right next to a pile of inflammable explosives and suddenly get the urge to light a cigarette haha

File:Regimbartia_attenuata.jpg (4.05 MB,5472x3072)


>Here, I report active escape of the aquatic beetle Regimbartia attenuata (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) from the vents of five frog species via the digestive tract. Although adult beetles were easily eaten by frogs, 90% of swallowed beetles were excreted within 6 h (0.1–6.0 h) after being eaten and, surprisingly, were still alive. When beetle legs were experimentally fixed with wax, all of the treated beetles were killed in the frogs’ digestive system and finally excreted >24 h (38.3–150.3 h) after consumption. Therefore, swallowed beetles likely used their legs to move through the digestive tract toward the frog vent, hastening their escape. This study is the first to document active prey escape from the vent of a predator and to show that prey may promote predator defecation to hasten escape from inside the predator’s body.


File:7ee3494de05767c2c47b031be8….jpg (1.18 MB,1400x1300)

are you shitting me


>>When beetle legs were experimentally fixed with wax, all of the treated beetles were killed in the frogs’ digestive system
Imagine the despair of the little fellas.


File:__kemomimi_chan_original_d….jpg (644.95 KB,1500x1100)

this is a nice artist

File:1499543513717.jpg (61.21 KB,462x554)


What are some good ways to ensure a long night's sleep


1. Forcibly wake up early (6-7 a.m.)
2. Forbid yourself from using bright electronics(laptop, phone) after 9 p.m.
Cold or contrast shower before sleep.
First night or two drink sleep pills.
No horny before sleep.


Consistency of sleep pattern is the most important factor, I think.


Getting off helps me fall asleep.


Don't let the succubus steal your essence at night.

File:Palouse_Patchwork-RodSchwa….jpg (807.7 KB,1232x816)


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