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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:9DA63FF3-B15F-4550-A6CF-A….jpeg (309.02 KB,1200x1200)




I refuse medication. I rather become homeless


But OPs were always fags from the start phone poster-kun


bored and tired



File:1499561264115.png (419.51 KB,832x868)



File:waterfox_3pGKsH2Jyu.png (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB,1196x701)

I love these guys. They're usually about a quarter of that size, but they're so hyperactive and can jump ridiculous distances. Probably the most common spider around my house (inside and out) and they actually manage to have a cute face when most spider faces range from grotesque to scary, but jumping spiders are overall very cute in all their various varieties.
You should google "jumping spider" and see how cute they are yo


not sure how that "yo" got there at the end...


Hehe. Spider said "gib camera"

File:A4D90BFC-DB74-4AA1-96A8-2….jpeg (100.82 KB,403x604)


i like wearing hoodies in the colder months


that image is kinda gross..


wanting to try something out in no mans sky

I want to:
build a base in creative mode
travel to said base in normal, survival, permadeath

then BAM!!
free monies :)

I can explain further if this is hard to understand
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Last time /qa/ played minecraft it didn't last that long. I wonder if it'll generate more interest if we use some kitchen sink modpack with power/magic/exploration etc. Not sure how heavily modded the last server was.


Buildings in image:
Mob Commie Block
Iron mine
Tree farm
Regular farm
Storage Center
automation is fun. Working is not fun


Did /qa/ ever play minecraft together? I remember playing it with people that posted on /qa/, but can't remember if it was actually a /qa/ server...


i like playing kitchen sinks but can never find a good mix of magic and tech for me


Modded minecraft is better in all honesty.

File:1806de5c7a629c2eab755537c….webm (10.89 MB,1280x720)


Welcome to summer,
The season of wind, rain and heat.

This year, summer ends on September 22
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Mine ends on September 14, that's when I have to start going back to uni :'(


File:sunflowers.jpg (377.03 KB,2048x1536)

Went to see some Sunflowers a few days ago. They are one of the few things about Summer that I enjoy and look forward to.


File:20200905_154645.jpg (4.04 MB,4032x2268)

Nice Summer's day.


File:20200905_154652.jpg (9.85 MB,4608x2592)

Seeing planes is nice too.


File:792511.jpg (4.17 MB,6101x4293)

cold again,
hard to focus when it's cold


it's that time of the year again

File:815e78e90d58bbcd7b7be4f4f2….png (1006.43 KB,910x1280)


How'd she do it?! This ice fairy beat the summer heat!


File:30ee2f2443b503ed2c102b063d….jpg (85.49 KB,686x900)

don't know, but I want one


Reimu: aah, suzushii~!
⑨: chottou...!!


Cirno is bringing snow down on California!


Really? I thought it was on fire


File:1599632928433.gif (83.8 KB,500x350)

Of course the strongest fairy can handle the sun better than a bunch of imageboard nerds.

File:Screenshot_20200904-000101….jpg (386.2 KB,720x1520)


Chapter 1: Turn of a new day
Dead at night is when I woke up.
It was as the clock stroke 12, the turning of a new day, my wake came about. Woken up from yet another bad dream, I stepped to the kitchen to freshen up and grab a bite.
I warmed up in a pan some of yesterday's leftover ground beef, the crispyness of the pan recooking made it pretty delicious.
I mostly watched youtube, chatted, and try to take my mind off the dreams and the drowsieness.
My windows, now closed for over a day since a heatwave left the apartment hot and filled with CO2. After some more relaxation, I fell asleep again.
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File:20200904_060326_1[1].jpg (2 MB,4160x3120)


File:20200904_071217[1].jpg (4 MB,4160x3120)


File:1596824942112.png (152.89 KB,253x362)

I enjoyed reading that. I identify with your feelings about nature in chapter three. And too bad it wasn't the good kind of dick sucking! I had that happen to me once too, really made me uncomfortable. Thank you for sharing.

Looks a little scary. Like a fusion of a cicada and a bumblebee. Really feels huge.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. It's good to know I'm not alone in getting stung like that.
I'm realizing now that I made a lot of typos writing on my phone.
I think I meant to say:
>For the first time in my life, I had my dick sucked, but it wasn't pleasant, nor did it feel like anything at the moment. I just felt the bite like an itch that won't go away once my euphoria wore off.
It won't feel good to get stung by something like that, but they are probably the most afraid in this situation, they just got into a foreign place, bumped into invisible walls (glass), and got confused by lights and a giant. Once you let them calm down they should be friendly.


I'm envious, sounds like a very peaceful, zen day. I wish those would come more often for myself, but they're always memorable when they occur. Did you ever figure out what that bee-like insect you encountered was?



File:1537050525327.gif (60.21 KB,300x351)


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I thought he went to Yasukuni a few times? Don't the netouyo love that sort of thing?


Is that the war criminal thing? I thought they all did that


Are they enemies of the PTA, if so then maybe I'd be happy if whoever they support won.


File:EfVScLQU4AAZFQe.jpg (78.61 KB,1200x675)

sway the ptay


File:067df160db829214985b8a5bb4….jpg (960.45 KB,3000x3978)


As if religions weren't bad enough. Now they're flocking to the internet


new age religions are the worst


when are we going to get all the politicnorms to move out of imageboards


as soon as you kick them out

File:6ed5885f92a9eeac2f4f1a81bb….png (1.26 MB,950x1414)


... Did I miss the summer party?


duck feeding the fishe


quack quack



File:08a881b2ef70eb70c2fa117cf3….jpg (330.84 KB,1280x1024)


summer is almost over...

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